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gatherletters and hold events to help keep Paula’s memory alive in the hearts and minds of Pearl River residents.

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Their efforts have been successful in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017.

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With another round of hearings just months away, there’s a renewed pressure to keep LaBarbera and McCain behind bars. Paula Bohovesky killers have served nearly four decades and have never accepted blame for her death, each instead claiming that the other is solely responsible. Neither man seems able to keep their story straight; McCain, who was arrested days after the murder, has repeatedly given differing accounts of when he left Pearl River and how he got to his family’s home in Arkansas. LaBarbera has continuously changed his account of where he “watched” McCain assault Paula. Over the years he has claimed that he was close enough to see she was alive, no closer than 10-15 yards away, and one year said he went nowhere near the scene. 845.544.9060

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Parole officials have credited “strong community opposition” as a key factor in the decisions to keep them locked away from society. The Pearl River community has been steadfast in their refusal to forget or forgive the savagery of their crimes. Follow Petition for Paula’s Facebook page @petitionforpaula for the latest information. 845.480.1739

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Rivertown Magazine, April 2019  

Rivertown Magazine, April 2019

Rivertown Magazine, April 2019  

Rivertown Magazine, April 2019