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Love is all there is. The key to life and living is love. We can get lost in our dramas. We can use our imagination to create a world that fits our biases and prejudices. Or, we can love the t ruth and choose to embrace the t r uth in each and every moment. The t ruth is love. Fear is the illusion. We set appropriate spiritual boundar ies by choosing to experience love. I t doesn’t matter what other people thin k, say or do. We live on a free will planet and can choose the shorter or longer path to enlightenment. When we go into judgment, we magnetically attract fear into our lives and must deal w ith the consequence of grounding that fear. Our fears radiate backwa rds and forwards on the time line. As it reaches into the past, prior loving moments can become fearful ones. What we feel today radiates into our futu re moments and will be re-lived by us in about th ree months. The more we are a love finder and a love maker, the higher our love quotient r ises and the more we experience love. When we love every being and entity as “God in me greets God in you”, we become beacons of love and work with Gaia. I t’s important to come to a knowing of whether we are moving in the di rection that Gaia is going or have veered off t ract. Gaia is moving towards the Golden Age of enlightenment, serenity, equality and mutual interdependence. She is choosing to create a world of ha rmony and unity where men and women, where peoples of all races, creeds, nationalities, religions and ethnicity , walk hand-in-hand as equals. The more we work w ith Gaia, the more we experience joy. The more we oppose her, the more we suffer. How can we help Gaia? We can hold the Vision of the Golden Age and feel the cur rently conflicted energies on Ea r th being ha rmonized. We can find innovative ways to synthesize and honor differences within the sameness of those groups in conflict. To take this action, we must be fully present in our physical bodies, aligned, centered and connected to the planet.

We are on a journey, both individually and collectively. We can choose to respect everyone else’s journey and set our boundaries to be all about love. I f anyone assertively uses thei r energy to oppose us being love, we can courageously choose to exclude them from our lives. Others who neither oppose nor support our path of love may teach us th rough negative lea rning experiences. These relationships show us what not to do. We recognize, “That’s not love, that’s fear” and affi rm not to do that! Th rough a process of elimination we move closer and closer to love. Th rough the process of osmosis, the 5 or 6 most important people in our lives are who we are going to become. I f we focus on people who are t rying to push us off center and openly stop us from doing what makes our hearts’ sing, we are going to become more like them. Since our thoughts create our reality, we must choose our core group with wisdom and foresight. There is a God flame in all of us, an aspect of divinity which is t rue. We also have our own understanding of who we are and where we are at. This understanding is often entangled with layers of illusion and glamour. We create stories to make us feel special, while the God within thinks, knows and feels us to be more wondrous than we do. How can we come to a t rue knowing of ourselves? We can begin by integrating the sacred quality of humility. To experience humility, which is knowing exactly where one is in the ascension process, we must not overestimate or underestimate ourselves. We can overestimate ourselves by falsely believing that some great master or archangel is our soul mate. We can underestimate ourselves by deciding we are somehow lacking and unworthy of love. Why do we delude ourselves? Maybe we are afraid of failu re or success or both. Perhaps we’re lazy and want to bathe in the energies of the Masters without taking some responsibility for car rying out the plan of creation on Ea rth. We come to Ea r th to integrate courage and joy. We are here to ground and express love. The only thing that matters at the end of a life is whether

there is more love on the planet because of our presence than when we a r r ived. So let’s be willing to be humiliated within the context of knowing the t r uth as it exists in the mind of God. H umility includes a complete absence of the desire for recognition, and encompasses a willingness to do what needs to be done, in of and for love in service to all that is, in any moment. False modesty is a ba r r ie r to experiencing t rue humility. There are aspects of us which are great and polished. When we fully express these aspects or gifts, we can make a real difference. We don’t serve humanity or Gaia by playing small and hiding our light, we only limit and condition ourselves. Ignoring or minimizing our weak areas prevents us from experiencing t r ue humility as well. We want to believe that it doesn’t matter if we smoke or d rink alcoholic beverages or coffee. I n order to fully embrace mastery and immerse ourselves in the culture of love, we must remove all addictions from our lives. Cigarettes tu r n our emotional body into a mush-like substance. They significantly reduce our ability to feel and process emotions or to t ransmute fear into love. Coffee attacks our adrenal glands and severs our contact with the higher spiritual bodies, keeping us mi red in feelings of separation and fear-based consciousness. Alcohol is a preservative. I f we really want to change and be love, we cannot consume even a glass of w ine or beer socially. When we ingest alcohol or d rugs (including ma rijuana), negative and imbalanced energies can attach themselves to our bodies and render us ineffective and unclear channels for spirit. We can damage our physical, etheric/emotional, mental and spiritual bodies beyond repair in any given lifetime by indulging in even small quantities of addictive substances or behaviors, like casual sex. The great advertising campaigns on this planet tell you other wise. The t r uth is the t r uth no matter how much propaganda is projected into the planeta ry psyche. I f we don’t have the t ruth, we have nothing and our life is a lie.

I f we work with the God Within and Beings of unconditional love and above who support us on our jou rney of evolution, stay aligned and centered to Universal Source Consciousness and engage in daily clearing and protection, we can often clear our bodies of lower vibrational energies and heal our bodies, thus reversing the adverse effects incu r red du r ing our unconsciousness moments. Let’s choose to be that humble servant of the God Within, Gaia and humanity. Let’s choose to BE love and to BE in love. As we choose to be a living source of love, filled w ith love and radiating love, so do we embrace our mastery and help humanity and Gaia move as One into our highest, brightest possible future.

I n love and light,

Arlene Cohen M iller


Love is all there is. The key to life and living is love. We can get lost in our dramas. We can use our imagination to create a world that f...