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CENTRE FOR DEVELOPMENT HOW TO APPLY NEW AGREEMENT TEMPLATE TO OTHER DOCUMENTS Currently there is one "Agreement Template" which should be you used throughout the firm, saved in Legal Correspondence Template folder in Tamimi Templates folder in P: drive, this is the approved House Styles for Legal documents: 1. Open “Agreement template� wherever applicable from any of these folders

For this example I will use the one in DIFC folder. Save with any file name in your local computer working on documents saved in the network slows down applying formats.

CENTRE FOR DEVELOPMENT 2. Open old document which follows a different formatting, in this exercise it is the word file “MCD formatted” saved in Tamimi Templates/sample documents for exercises. 3. You need to be able to view both documents on your screen at one time (side by side).

4. Right click on empty space on the taskbar and choose “Tile Windows Vertically”, if you have many windows minimized in your taskbar, it might be best to close them and leave just these 2 word files for “Tile Windows Vertically” to work properly. Otherwise you can resize the windows according to your preference by dragging the sides of the window.

5. Go to “MCD formatted” document select everything from 3rd page till end of the document, in menu bar select Format, Styles & Formatting “clear formatting”.


6. Then copy and go to your saved document, select the line which says [Insert body of the agreement] and paste special “Unformatted text”.


Note : This is how it looks when you paste the unformatted text 7. Now close “MCD formatted” when prompted to save choose “No” (anyhow it’s read-only), open the “MCD formatted” document again. 8. You need to check this document to know what levels to apply on your saved document.

CENTRE FOR DEVELOPMENT 9. Apply the styles according to the levels of your “MCD formatted.” Note: You have 3 set of styles you can choose from.

HOW TO CREATE DEFINITION IF NEEDS TO LOOK LIKE THEY ARE SEPARATED IN TWO COLUMNS 1. Select the text in your saved document that needs to be formatted similar to “MCD formatted” sample, in the Menu Bar click on Format, Paragraph, under Indentation, Special: choose “hanging” and key in 3” or 3.5” depending on your preference.


This is how it looks when you click “OK”

HOW TO CREATE A CROSS REFERENCE 1. If you finished, formatting the document, In this example you will notice that 1.2 (g) refers to clause 4.3 now select only 4.3.

CENTRE FOR DEVELOPMENT 2. In the Menu bar select Insert, Reference, Cross-reference

Note: This dialogue box opens 3. In Reference Type: keep it as “Numbered item”, on the Insert reference to: Paragraph number (full context) and look for 4.3, which is in this example “Alienation” then click on “Insert”. 4. To test your cross reference, put your cursor on 4.3, press [CTRL] on your keyboard and left click, it should automatically take you to 4.3 of the document.

CENTRE FOR DEVELOPMENT SCHEDULES – APPLYING SOFT SPACE Ideally when we create the Table of Contents we want the Schedule to appear along with it’s title in one line, like 1st example:



1. Go the page where the Schedule is placed, put your cursor after 1 and press [Shift] + [ENTER] on your keyboard to create the soft space, replace {TYPE THE SCHEDULE TITLE}, with your title, make sure that the style applied to both is : Schedule 1


CREATING TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Go to page 2 place your cursor just below “Clause” of the box.

2. On the Menu bar select Insert – Reference – Index and Tables.

3. This dialogue box opens, select “Table of Contents” tab, leave everything as is, except for “Use of hyperlinks instead of page numbers”, it should be unchecked.

CENTRE FOR DEVELOPMENT 4. In show levels this is up to your lawyer, whether they want to show to 1 or 2 levels. In this example will choose Show levels “1” 5. Then click on “Options…” 6. Make sure that the style you used as Heading 1 and Appendix are the only ones with Number “1” at the side of it, scroll down check others and delete the numbers next to it.

7. Once you click “OK”, your table of contents should look like this:

8. Before printing or sending your document always remember to SELECT ALL (CTRL+A or go to Menu bar Edit, Select All) and press F9 (function key) to update all your cross-reference and Table of Contents.


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