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This person has The bodily kinesthetic intelligence, because he can do what ever he wants in his strong point , that is the basket , he has the ability to play basket very well , and that is why I say that is good in this intelligence.


This person has intrapersonal intelligence because he understand people , he supervise his life and takes them to a good life. His is doing a social change , and to do that you have to have the intrapersonal intelligence.


This person has naturalist intelligence because is a naturalist and a naturalist studies plants , animals , medicine ... I say that this man has this intelligence because he have discover fossils of animals that have extinct for example.


This person has the linguistic intelligence because is a writer and a writer has this intelligence , because to write books , she had learn much since she was a child.

This girl express his brains thoughts to the audience , and understand all that he have learn in his life.

Personal Look 1. In which of Gardner’s intelligences do you believe that you excel? What evi

dence can you show? I can show that I am good in Bodily kinesthetic intelligence and intrapersonal intelligence , because I am very expressive person with my body ; talking , dancing.. and in intrapersonal intelligence because I understand people like they are , also seeing what a person does , I know what type of person is.

2. How does this affect the way you currently approach learning and school as

signments? This affects me in some subjects , because if I dont have some of does intelligences , in some subjects I am wrong than in others that I am best because I have this two intelligences. 3. How might the theory of multiple intelligences affect your thinking about yo

ur future? This affects me in that I like to be in the motor worl , in motorbikes , autos.. and to study and pass all my life in this , this two intelligences dont help me in nothing. OTHER QUESTIONS OF INTELLIGENCE

What does it mean to be intelligent in our society ? To be intelligent in our society you have to have one of the eight intelligences that Howard say , you can be intelligent in more tan one , but if you arent good in any intelligence , you arent intelligent.

What abilities do schools value and promote ?

In the normal schools , they value the exams results and that is not a good idea , beacuse a person can be value from other things like ; personal work , group work , self evaluation … How do we measure a person´s intelligence ? If in class answer the questions that says the teacher , if he is a wise person , if a person a good experience of life. Read the descriptions of different intelligences. Which of these intelligences you think are most valued by schools and society. Is it possible for an individual to have more than one intelligence? For school are more important , Linguistic intelligence and naturalist intelligence because this two intelligences predomine much of the subjects that we learn. We can have more than one intelligence , but always we are going to be more intelligent in one than in others. Read through the biographies and determine the types of intelligences manifested by each person. If you have trouble, consider what value the intelligences of these people have in society. You might also consider how these intelligences match traditional ideas about intelligence.

naturalist intelligence, linguistic intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence and bodily kinesthetic intelligence. This intelligences are very important for our society , has an important value because to be a right person this is what is value and if our society will have this intelligences , we will have a better society. Do these people fit the traditional definition of intelligence? Point out that Gardner's multiple intelligences do not necessarily fit those traditional definitions.Think about of any other people that you consider intelligent who do not fit the traditional definition. Finally think if you have changed your ideas about intelligence. If so, how? My dad is very intelligent but in what he wants , he don’t have logical – mathematical intelligence , but it is very intelligent , because in his work he have to go to streets that are in Vitoria , and he knows the number of each street and where it is. If schools recognized multiple intelligences, how might the following activities be revised? a. activities in the classroom

* Traditionally, people have defined someone who is intelligent as an individual who can solve problems, use logic to answer questions, and think critically. But psychologist Howard Gardner has a much broader definition of intelligence. Compare the traditional idea about intelligence with Gardner's. How have his ideas changed the way we assess the strengths and weaknesses of people? His teory is good , to be conscience in what intelligences we are best o wrong , for my point of view a person that use his mind to answer any question is more intelligent. Why are linguistic intelligence, emphasizing sensitivity to the meaning and order of words, and logical-mathematical intelligence, stressing ability in mathematics and other complex logical systems, more valued than other intelligences? Are they really more important forms of intelligence? I don’t know why this is more value , for some things , will be more value and more practical , but from other things is more logical to use other type of intelligence. One criticism of Gardner's theory is that he classifies talents as a type of intelligence. Critics might say that a talented dancer or chess player is not necessarily smart. How would you reply to this criticism? Its not necessarily to be smart because you can be very tall and be a good dancer or chess player , for example I meet the other day a friend of a friend that is a Bumping dancer and is very tall.

* Does it matter if we call special abilities "talents" or "intelligences"? No , doesnt matter , because if you are good in any abilitie you are intelligent in that or you have a talent to do that.

How does an understanding of multiple intelligences change how you view your own abilities? I change in what types of things will I done better and what things I will done more wrong , it is good to know your intelligences to study what you are good at , and to have apart other intelligences to study.


Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences has been evolving since 1983, when he proposed it. Have you research how his theory has evolved since then. For example, have the number of intelligences changed? Have Gardner's ideas about how to implement his ideas in educational settings evolved? Yes , the number of intelligences changed , because know there are more types of intelligences because Howard said it , In educational settings , Howard have changed it , because for example in my school in Nanclares , this intelligences have been practise. Design a New School My new school , will be very popular because subjects will be different like they are , because for example Biology will be out of the classroom , to identify well the environment. To learn mathematics I will put more practise and not teory‌ for example.

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Multiple intelligences