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Arlantz Pérez de Nanclares & Marcos Nuñez


Dublin is the capital of Ireland , it has 1.004.614 habitants in his streets and in the middle of the Dublin area , it is situated the Liffey River. This city is in the top five of the Europe biggest cities , it´s in the number 5.

We have choose this city because our teacher has chosen it for us , we are going to do a trip here , because we like to improve more English and do as well as we can and to know new cities.

We visit this city to improve our English , to study more English and to see interesting places and things of the country.

- The responsable for the activities we are going to be Marcos and Arlantz. Apart for us , we are going to choose two teachers to come with us and to help with the activities.

- This Hotel is very expensive because you also pay for one night twenty Euro , and you can spend there 5 days that you only pay 100€ , and in other places you pay more than 60 Euro a night. Suddenly, is near the city center and is very beautiful because it has sauna , sport places , a bar , restaurant , and a lot of types of rooms , couple rooms , 6 beds rooms , suite room ... , it is situated in the store street . TURISTIC PLACES

- We can visit this building in Dublin , for us are so interesting , because we like to see what was Dublin in the past , a beautiful Temple Bar , the national museum of Ireland that is in Dublin , San Patrick Cathedral , and the Guinness museum that will be very funny and estrange things and record that we haven't see never. temple bar , Irish national museum , San Patrick Cathedral , Guinness museum and Dublin castle are places that we can visit and that we are interested in.

GRAFTON STREET Is the most pedestrian street in Dublin, is the more visited one, because apart from his shops, walking in this street is very comfortable, there are many coffee shops, restaurants, luxurious shops, bakeryś etc. Many people visit this street because the houses are like Ireland villages houses, are very traditional and many of them are of the 15nd century. When you walk in this street, at the end it is the symbol of this city that is Molly Malone, The Woman that shelled in the past mussels and cockles, is very famous in this city.

HAPPENY BRIDGE This bridge is very famous, is in the middle of the river of Dublin, it is a pedestrian bridge, where every day many tourist came and see it. It crosses the river Liffey, this river first name wasn't Hapenny bridge, was Wellington Bridge in honor to the Duke of Wellington. In 2001 daily many people across this river by the Hapenny bridge , in total 21000 people daily.

RDS MIND ARENA , rugby club - And finally we like to see a match of Bohemian football club, because we like football so much. Is interesting to see football styles of another places, is interesting, because the don't play football like the Spanish teams, their football is so estrange, more technical.

- And finally we like to see a match of Bohemian football club, because we like football so much. Is interesting to see football styles of another places, is interesting, because the don't play football like the Spanish teams, their football is so estrange, more technical.

THE LETTER Hello parents ; We have organized a school trip for five days, we are going to Dublin the capital city of Ireland. This trip will be done, to improve our English and to have a good time out our country. Some children are not going to come because we have decided that they are going to be at school studying what they haven't passed. But if you don't like or your soon don't like to come, we propose you some advices;

To stay at home and study o do the wrong things that it have in the subject that he or she has failed.

To come to school for help in the subject that he or she needs help.

The minors always have to be accompanied by monitors, and in some moment a student go away with out permission, the minor will go to his locality in the first plane that goes to the Barajas Airport of Madrid, and then in Bus to Bilbao or Vitoria with the expenses of your pockets. The minors cant carry drugs, alcohol, tobacco or something else that harms himself. In this trip we are going to visit some beautiful places that we have decided, some of them don't have any cost, but the others that have a budget are not very expensive, so yours sons have to carry some money apart from the budget of airplane travel and the hotel budget. You can give to your sons the money what ever you want, but obligatorily your sons have to carry 85 Euro for the touristic places. In this budget it is added the transport.

LAWS -You must not carry drugs with you, any kind of drugs that aren't legalized in Ireland or in your Country . –

You must be 18 if you like to buy alcohol or tobacco and to enter into a pub. –

You cant carry weapons or arms with you.

If you are minor you have to be escort by an adult or a responsible of you , like a tutor or a teacher.

- You can't go r example to a street, to a restaurant .. with out permission of the tutor or teacher because you are in his response.


Be quiet on your way home at night , because Irish people speak more lowly than us, because our language is different than their language.

If you do anything wrong like steal in a shop , you will go to your country by your own, and if you disappear or you are lost is your problem.

take care of the streets, because if you are in your country and a tourist don't respect your space and dirt's your streets you will be angry, so respect other people spaces.

Take your mobile phone always in your pocket , you can lost and then to localize you we have to be communicate , because if you can call us , how can we localize you?

Take money because we are going to lunch and have dinner every day in different restaurants or fast food shops.


Take in your pocket your documents like passport , documents cards .. because is very useful if you lost.


Install in your mobile phone a GPS program to know more of the city and to be oriented , or if you cant install take a map or a GPS portable.

- Practice more English because you are going to speak with every people that you have to speak , in English , because you are in another country and it isn't like in Spain.


Journey planing