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of SCARLET and SCARLET+, this coupled with a strong team ethic enabling stakeholders to buy into the long-term vision. It is hoped that the legacy from these small projects will be to inspire others to undertake similar work and display the student led benefits AR can offer. AR opens up huge possibilities for creating immersive learning activities. It is particularly effective in explaining abstract concepts visually; allowing active based learners to better absorb the transfer of knowledge. While it may not be suitable for all students and situations, when em-

Matt ramirez

ployed well it can capture the attention like few

Matt ramirez is currently working on the

other technological mediums.

technical development and support of the jisc funded scarlet+ augmented

further information:

reality project, this follows on from

his involvement in the award winning

references 1.

scarlet project. He has over 15 years experience in web design and e-learning content development for a variety of

2011 HORIZON report, section on

subject areas including medicine, it,

augmented reality:

science, special collections


and business. these have used multi-



media content authoring tools such as


SCARLET team are joint second in

Flex, Flash, Blender, Unity to name a

learning and teaching awards, 13th

few. Matt's role is also concerned with

September 2012: http://teamscarlet.

the research and development of new

technologies (e.g. ibook/mobile/multi-


media development projects and haptics)


with the Manchester Medical and dental

Education Innovation 2013:

schools. this aims to improve the stu-

dent experience by embracing innova-

SCARLET Toolkit: http://scarlet.mimas.

tive learning methods and providing cut-

ting edge support materials. read more

Special Collections at the university of

about Matt’s work at http://teamscarlet.

Sussex: and @team_scarlet.

4. 5. 6.

specialcollections 7.

Crafts Study Centre at the university for the Creative Arts:


Manchester Medical School:


Landmap: 61

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