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NRECA Spotlight on Excellence Award of Merit for Best Application of Electronic Communication

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NNeeww FFeeaattuurree -- AAppppllyy oonnlliinnee Applying for the 2014 Washington Youth Tour has never been easier! Applicants have two methods of entering this year! For the first time, AVECC is accepting video entries. A short video on “Why I Would Be a Good Youth Tour Representative” may be submitted to the co-op. Entries should be submitted via disc/flash drive. Applicants must approve the use of these videos to be used on the MyEnergyAVECC YouTube channel. Creativity and originality will be a big plus! Applicants also have the option of submitting an essay of 250 words or less on the topic: “Why I Would Be a Good Youth Tour Representative.” Both methods of entry have equal chances of winning. Deadline for entries is 5 p.m., Friday, April 4, 2014. Another new option for entrants this year is the availability to submit their essay online! Click here, or logo below, to fill out the short application, write your essay in the space provided, and then click submit. That’s it, you’re done! So, what are you waiting for? Go online and submit your essay or break out that video camera, phone, or tablet and record your video TODAY!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day From Your Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative! Monday, March 17th

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“It’s that time of year again. Test and/or replace smoke and CO2 detector batteries!”

Willie’s World PPoowweerriinngg UUpp AAfftteerr aa SSttoorrmm Lights out? Thirty-one percent of power outages are triggered by the weather. Line workers must battle the elements to find problem areas and restore service as quickly and safely as possible. We know our members want to know why the lights are out and when they’re coming back. First we must find the problems. Then we follow a series of steps to bring the lights back on. Efforts are made to restore power to the largest number of members as quickly as possible. Then crews fix problems impacting smaller groups of members. Restoring power When an outage occurs, line crews work to pinpoint problems. They start with high-voltage transmission lines. Transmission towers and cables that supply power to thousands of consumers rarely fail. But when damage occurs, these facilities must be repaired before other parts of the system can operate. Next, crews check distribution substations. Each substation serves hundreds or thousands of members. When a major outage occurs, line crews inspect substations to discover if problems stem from transmission lines feeding into the substation, the substation itself, or if problems exist down the line. If the problem cannot be isolated at a distribution substation, distribution lines are checked. These lines carry power to large groups of members in communities or housing developments. If local outages persist, supply lines (also called tap lines) are inspected. These lines deliver power to transformers, either mounted on poles or placed on pads for underground service, outside businesses, schools, and homes. If your home remains without power, the service line between a transformer and your home may need to be repaired. Always call Arkansas Valley Electric (AVECC) at 1-866-862-8322 to report an outage or report online at This helps crews isolate local issues. Stay in the Know Members can watch AVECC restore power by following us on Facebook at MyEnergyAVECC or on Twitter @MyEnergyAVECC. An outage map at shows which areas were impacted by the storm. AVECC members can also sign up for outage email alerts and restoration updates by texting MyEnergyAVECC to 22828. Outage Safety Tips Follow these safety steps at home during a power outage:  Before calling AVECC to report an outage, first check to see if your home’s circuit panel or fuse box hasn’t tripped or blown a fuse. This can also cause a power failure. If tripped, reset the breaker or replace the blown fuse. 

If the power is out in your entire neighborhood, call 1-866-862-8322 to report the outage or report online.

Turn off and unplug all unnecessary appliances and electrical equipment. When power is restored, turn on items one at a time.

Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed. An unopened refrigerator keeps food cold for about 4 hours. A full freezer keeps food cool for about 48 hours.

Individual households may receive special attention if loss of electricity affects life support systems or poses another immediate danger. If you or a family member depends on life support, call AVECC at 1-800-468-2176 before a power outage happens. By B. Denise Hawkins, NRECA

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These days, it may be easier to trim your refrigerator’s energy use than it is to trim your waistline. Consider this energy-saving and maintenance regimen to keep your refrigerator in shape. Set the refrigerator temperature above 37 degrees F. Make sure the door seals are in place and are snug when closed. And keep outside coils unobstructed and clean; dirty ones could overwork the unit’s compressor. Source:


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Willie's World  

March 2014 Issue

Willie's World  

March 2014 Issue