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Arksego Nigeria Limited - Complete Security Solutions Arksego Nigeria Limited offers its clients a complete security solution that combines human and electronic systems. It all comes from a single provider, thus ensuring the complete integration and management of the systems. The company's main clients are in the oil and gas business, banking, telecommunications and commercial sectors, as well as in government organizations. With the company's help, its clients are able to better understand, manage, and minimize risks.

Arksego Nigeria Limited - Four Main Offices

Arksego Nigeria Limited was founded in 1980 and has grown into a leading security services company, with four main offices and five regional offices. The security company also has project deployments in all states of the Federation of Nigeria. In addition to its security services, the company sells and services armored vehicles, metal detectors, body scanners, pepper spray, and other security-related products.

Arksego Nigeria Limited - Fair Contracts and Training Arksego Nigeria Limited provides security services to businesses and individuals in Nigeria. They say that their most important asset is its people, and are always looking to recruit the best and most qualified candidates to its staff. They have a well-defined structure in place, and is committed to providing each of its employees with a fair contract, correct and prompt pay, all the necessary training, and the right management, supervision and guidance.

Arksego Nigeria Limited - All Levels of Security Arksego Nigeria Limited has been providing security services to individuals and businesses in Nigeria since 1980. Their principal clients include those in the oil and gas industry, and banking and telecommunications. They provide qualified and experienced personnel for all levels of security and project management, as well as risk and threat analysis, and recommendations for appropriate counter-measures to limit client exposure.

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Arksego nigeria limited complete security solutions  

Arksego Nigeria provides security services to businesses and individuals

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