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Top Online Casino Gaming Licenses To Look For

According to some casino experts says that for an online casino to be legal, it should be licensed in the country where it or its' web servers physically reside in, and have to report to the local government to some extent. Casino player who are looking for a reputable online casino sites and thus needs to check many casinos before choosing the one that suits you best. With a ever-growing industry superiority of online gambling, it seems that nowadays it is possible to get confused by a large number of top online casinos which can seem quite trustworthy at first sight and offer variety of casino games, best casino bonus and other amazing promotions and freebies. Below are the top online casino gaming licenses that you should check to each and every online casino that to choose to play: Gibraltar Gibraltar is a self-governing British Crown Dependency, UK is responsible solely for the external relations and foreign affairs of the territory. Gibraltar is a full member of European Union and it retains complete independency from the UK in the matters of taxation. The tax rate for fixed-odds and betting exchange operations is 1% of turnover with the gaming tax capped at GPB 425,000 per year. For every online casino, the gaming tax is at 1% of the gross product with the same maximum cap as fixedodds betting. Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda provides for 2 kinds of gambling and betting licenses: •

interactive gaming

interactive wagering

The annual license fee for interactive gaming is $75,000 and the annual license fee for interactive wagering is $50,000. The key person licenses are USD $1,000 the first year, and USD $250 in renewal years. There is an annual $5,000 renewal application fee for online casino and sports betting licenses, with additional charges if investigation fees exceed that amount. Netherland Antilles Netherland Antilles Jurisdiction is a master license licenses the e-gaming company itself, and in addition opens the possibility to sub-license third parties subject to the responsibility and covenants under the master license. A sub-license is under a master license which offers an equal possibilities to performing e-gaming business legitimately, however without the possibility to further sub-license. Isle of Man The Isle of Man Government actively encourages the development of gambling and e-gaming business on the island. It remains committed to delivering a stable government and strong regulatory environment, supported by a wide range of attractive business benefits. The licensing application fee is £1,000. The annual license fee for a betting site is £35,000. There is a 1.5% tax on gross gaming yield up to £20,000,000. Yields over that amount are taxed at a reduced rate. Alderney The Alderney licensees are by law permitted to take advantage of the modern hosting facilities and excellent telecommunication networks on both Alderney and Guernsey. For international network links, Alderney and Guernsey's telecommunication network offers reliable and high capacity links to the UK, Europe, the USA and Asia. The great thing about Alderney is that there is no VAT or other Sales tax applicable and there is no tax or other duties payable on gambling operations. Reputable online casinos also consider their customers safety and secured when in terms of money transactions. Putting up an legal online casino license is a great way to determine if you are playing in a legal and safe online casino site.

Top Online Casino Gaming Licenses To Look For  
Top Online Casino Gaming Licenses To Look For  

According to some casino experts says that for an online casino to be legal, it should be licensed in the country where it or its' web serv...