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Think of it this way: the Junior Police Academy is that thing that happens when cops and kids come together. What is that thing and why are cops & kids such a powerful combination? To me the answer is obvious – young people and police officers truly need one another.

For those of you just starting out, take heart, you are not alone. An extraordinary group of police officers are dedicated to your success. Over the past 20 years, officers from across the country have lent their time and talent to this organization and the development of this program.

Kids need a jolt of reality and someone to look up to, and cops need something untarnished by the world that's still worth fighting for.

They have paved the way for officers like yourself to duplicate their success and make that powerful connection with the youth in your community.

Yes, hosting an educational program for youth is outside the normal duties of a police officer, but that's exactly why the program yields such dramatic results.

On behalf of everyone at the Junior Police Academy, welcome.

A cop in a classroom communicates a simple, powerful message to kids: “I am here because I care, and because you are important to this community."

Phillip LeConte Executive Director

Junior Police Academy  
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