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“Police leaders must understand not only the enormous challenges of managing a police funeral, but also their enormous potential to heal survivors and ennoble the law enforcement profession.� John Cooley

John Cooley Seminars Few individuals better understand the police funeral and its potential power for healing than John Cooley, a 30 year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department. Through his seminar, Healing Power of Ceremony and the Police Funeral, Cooley shares his extensive experience and people-oriented insights. Held across the country, these seminars afford attendees a rare opportunity to focus on sensitive issues that are seldom discussed and often overlooked by agencies amidst a line-of-duty death crisis. The Seminars not only guide participants through the myriad of decisions involved in developing their own comprehensive “Line-of-Duty Death Protocol,” John also motivates participants to take action. “It is vital to develop a Line-of-Duty Death Protocol well in advance of a crisis. Few agency or department administrators have been through a line-of-duty death as active participants, and most funeral homes know even less. But a poorly executed police funeral is an embarrassment to the city, the department, and the officer’s family.”

Each year and Mr Cooley set aside resources to conduct The Healing Power of Ceremony and the Police Funeral Seminars at no cost to law enforcement. John volunteers his time and expertise out of a lifetime commitment to raising the professional standards by which law enforcement lays to rest its fallen heroes. For more information, call: 805-522-4861

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John Cooley Seminars