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APPLICATION COVER LETTER The following generic letter can be customized to your own program.

Dear Applicant: Thank you for your interest in the Junior Police Academy. For nearly ten years, the program has been reaching out to young people, inspiring good citizenship through criminal justice education. Because the program demands the very best from its participants, students must meet the following qualifications: 1. Student must be at the high school level with a minimum “C” grade point average. 2. Not more than two unexcused absence for the semester. 3.Include a letter explaining why the student should be considered for this program, and it must be signed by two faculty members. (Minimum number of words for essay will be determined by the high school instructor). 4. J.P.A. applicants must not have been arrested or referred to juvenile probation for any felony crime, or have any arrest for crimes of moral turpitude. 5. Print all information on application to the best of your knowledge, applicant must sign along with parents signature. 6. Complete release of liability form, signed by student and parent, and return to principal’s office with application and essay. 7. A complete background check will be conducted on each applicant. Selection will be determined upon content of essay, out-come of background, and high school record. If you are up to the standards set by the program, we encourage you to fill out the attached application/liability release form in full and return it to your high school liaison officer by [DATE]. If you are selected, you will receive complete information regarding the academy, including an itinerary and list of things to bring, as well as the code of conduct for the academy. The cost of the academy is [COST]. Several civic organizations have already provided partial scholarships. However, if you are selected to represent your high school and local law enforcement agency you will be asked to participate in the fund raising for your tuition. It is the hope of the academy coordinators that tuition for all students will be met by area civic clubs. If this goal is not met, it will be the responsibility of the selected student to provide not only tuition but transportation costs to [LOCATION] as well. If you or your parent/guardian have any questions, please contact me or your high school police officer. Good luck and thank you for considering this wonderful opportunity! Sincerely, Academy Director

CADET BEHAVIORAL CONTRACT The following form can be customized to your program.


The purpose of this contract is to inform the above named Cadet that he/she must comply with all provisions of the Junior Police Academy and to the specific terms set forth in this contract. The Cadet understands that due to the nature of this academy there will be a zero tolerance rule in effect. Undesirable conduct such as horseplay or a violation of the Cadet conduct code will result in the immediate removal of the Cadet from the academy. This contract is in effect for the safety of all Cadets and instructors. This contract represents an agreement by the Cadet that he/she received a copy of the Code of Conduct and the Cadet agrees to adhere to this Code of Conduct at all times while enrolled in the Junior Police Academy.

Cadet Signature:______________________________


JPA APPLICATION The following form can be customized to your program.


This application and related documents must be filled out completely by a parent and prospective cadet. The filing of this paperwork with the school and police department does not guarantee acceptance into the JPA program. The student listed in following application will be referred to in this application as Cadet Candidate and if accepted a Cadet of the Junior Police Academy. All questions will be answered truthfully; any falsification may be grounds for dismissal from program.

Cadet’s Last Name:________________________________________________________ Middle Name:____________________________________________________________ First Name:______________________________________________________________ Home Address:___________________________________________________________ City:_______________________State:__________________Zip:___________________ Home Phone: (______)_________-_____________________ Cadet’s Date of Birth: ______/______/______ Cadet’s Grade Level:________________ Cadet’s Homeroom Teacher:________________________________________________ Cadet’s Teacher References #1: ____________________________________________ #2: ____________________________________________ Cadet Legal Guardian’s Name: ______________________________________________ Has the listed Cadet ever been convicted of a crime: Yes or No (If yes, list crimes:)

Does the Cadet have a 2.0 grade point average or higher: Yes or No Has the Cadet been expelled, suspended or had more than 3 office referrals this or last semester: Yes or No (If yes explain) _________________________________________________

______________________________________ Cadet Candidate Signature

_______________________________ Date

______________________________________ Parent Signature/Legal Guardian

_______________________________ Date

The signing of this application and related paperwork attests that you, as legal guardian of Cadet, and the Cadet Candidate agree to adhere to all guidelines, requirements, rules of conduct and release the __________________________________, and all of its agents free from liability. **Cadet Candidates will not be excluded due to Race, Sex, National Origin or Religion.

GENERIC PRESS RELEASE The following can be customized and submitted to your local media.

For Immediate Release:

CONTACT: Joe Smith

600 AREA HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS TO ATTEND JUNIOR POLICE ACADEMY CRIMINAL JUSTICE CAREER DAY CITY, STATE - Junior Police Academy will co-sponsor the second annual Criminal Justice Career Day on Monday, October 6 at the Department of Public Safety Training Center (address) The educational event will attract hundreds of high school students in a day-long exploration of criminal justice careers and good citizenship. Events of Special Interest 8:00-9:00 AM Opening Ceremony - Posting of the Color Guard Physical Training Field (Directly behind the motor vehicle registration building) 12:00-1:00 PM Students tour law enforcement displays Physical Training Field 2:30-3:00 PM DPS SWAT Team Demonstration (Officers will repel from helicopter and apprehend suspects in chase recreation.) Physical Training Field Under the leadership of veteran police officers, the Junior Police Academy brings together students and police officers in a safe, drug-free environment to inspire solid values. Education, motivation and recognition for excellence are the foundations of this time-tested program. As the spirit of volunteerism sweeps the country, the Junior Police Academy adds an important voice to those mentoring our young people -- that of America’s law enforcement veterans! In honor of the student participants, Gov. NAME has signed a proclamation proclaiming May “Future Law Enforcers of America Month.

LAST MINUTE CHECKLIST FOR JPA CAREER DAY When conducting a program, provide instructors with a list of last minute reminders.

LAST MINUTE CHECKLIST FOR JPA CAREER DAY PREPARATION Review route and drive time with transportation personnel. Everyone will need to be seated by 9:00. Insure each student knows to bring a sack lunch. A soft drink will be furnished. Ensure each student has a parental consent form signed and turned in to you. Brief all students on the significance of this event and the need for total cooperation. ARRIVAL Upon arrival, _________ will meet your group at the bus park and escort your group to the auditorium. Keep your group together. Upon entering the auditorium, move as far forward as possible. Keep your group together in the auditorium for the opening ceremony. Our opening ceremony is scheduled for ten minutes and will feature __________________. We need maximum respect for these officials. CAREER PATHWAYS Upon conclusion of the opening ceremony each school will be assigned an area in building

____ for career pathways presentations. Insure your students are all in the appropriate area at the correct time.

DEMONSTRATIONS There will be two main demonstration areas. Your school will be assigned to one or the other.

Guest speaker’s will have only 25 minutes for their presentation. Please have students hold questions and comments until the speaker is finished. You will have three - one hour sessions featuring two speakers who will give a twenty-five minute presentation, followed by a ten minute break.

If your group is in the front area of the demonstration have them sit so those in the rear can see. There will be 150 250 per group.

Speakers will rotate, students will remain in assigned area. Monitor students during break period. Ensure restrooms remain clean. Ensure all students are back in your area following the break. A “time out” room will be available for students who do not comply to expectations. LUNCH Lunch will be only 30 minutes. The assigned area for lunch will be inside the drill hall or in the picnic area immediately outside the drill hall. Keep your group intact during lunch. Choose either the inside area or outside area as a group. MONITOR THE TRASH CLOSELY.

STATIC DISPLAYS Keep your group intact as you view the static displays. Some of the equipment may be sensitive. Be sure permission is granted before handling equipment. CONCLUSION At 3:00 PM you will be on your own to move your group back to the bus park and return home. GENERAL GUIDELINES Monitor dress code - hats outside only. Demonstrations will feature drug dogs - make students aware of this. Please help keep facilities clean - facility costs are donated. Please be ready to offer feedback at the conclusion.

FACILITY CHECKLIST The following list was drawn up for JPA Criminal Justice Career Day, however many items have applications for other JPA programs.

Establish registration area for guests Request table/chairs Locate at entrance to auditorium Staff with volunteers Materials: registration book/name tags/writing materials/handouts Establish hospitality room for agencies/guests Determine tables/chairs required and arrangement Thank you sign on the inside Determine requirements for food/drinks/tableware Assign volunteer staff to host Insure all agencies/guests are aware of this area Set up instructional areas Make arrangements to set up rooms theater style Prepare signs to identify each school assigned Determine audio visual requirements for each agency Establish speaker schedule. Speakers should know what room they will be in, who their speaker counterpart will be, and the times they will present Set up of auditorium Insure sound system is functional Insure podium is in place Check speakers’ requirements for audio visual equipment Test lighting system Ice water and glasses for speakers Establish static display location Determine size of space needed by each agency Mark each agency’s location on the ground Point out precise location to each agency Establish demonstration areas Clearly mark demonstration areas Inform agencies of time and location of demonstrations Inquire as to needs of each agency presenting demonstrations

OPTIONAL MEDICAL APPLICATION The following generic letter can be customized to your own program.

JUNIOR POLICE ACADEMY [EVENT] [ADDRESS] [DATE] A written report of a physical examination performed by a qualified physician within the preceding 90 days must accompany the application. Applicant shall also have current protection against diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, measles and rubella, or a statement from a physician that immunization is in progress. Name of Applicant:__________________________________________________ Physical condition of Applicant:

( ) Satisfactory ( ) Unsatisfactory The following signature is required indicating that the Applicant is capable of strenuous physical exercise.

Physician:_____________________________________________________ ___ Address:______________________________________________________ ____ List below any unusual physical condition the Academy Director should know about: _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ ____________ I understand that first aid will be available at the academy; that the students will be closely supervised and that hospital care will be given at the expense of the parent/guardian. I further understand that in case of serious injury or illness, I will be notified. If it is impossible to reach me in a timely manner, I hereby given my permission for emergency treatment or surgery as recommended by the attending physician. Signature of Parent/Guardian:__________________________________________

JUNIOR POLICE ACADEMY ACCEPTANCE LETTER The following generic letter can be customized to your own program.


Dear [CADET], Congratulations on your acceptance into the Junior Police Academy. We have some exciting things planned for you and are looking forward to seeing you in [MONTH]. I have enclosed a list of Rules and Regulations and a list of things to remember. You will need to report to [PLACE] on [DATE] between [00:00] p.m. and [00:00] p.m. for check in. A map of [PLACE] is enclosed. If you will be driving your own vehicle please make sure you understand the information in the Rules and Regulations. A graduation ceremony will be held on [DATE] at [00:00] p.m. in the [PLACE]. Your parents are invited and encouraged to attend graduation. After graduation you are free to leave with your parents. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me. I look forward to seeing you!!

Sincerely Academy Director

JUNIOR POLICE ACADEMY CODE OF CONDUCT The following generic rules can be customized to your own program.

JUNIOR POLICE ACADEMY CODE OF CONDUCT 1. There will be no use of any tobacco products. 2. Breaks will be limited to fifteen (15) minutes and cadets are required to be in designated places at the time the next class begins. 3. Cadets are required to follow the instructions given by the classroom instructor. 4. Cadets are required to participate in all classroom/lab assignments and will not be excused from any activity without permission. 5. Cadets are reminded of the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics and are expected to keep specifics of academy/law enforcement procedures and or activities to themselves. 6. Cadets are required to obey all signs and orders of the academy and entrance into restricted areas without consent of the instructor is forbidden. 7. Should a cadet become injured during the academy he/she must report the incident to the instructor or director immediately. 8. Cadets are not peace officers and should not attempt to present themselves as peace officers nor should the cadet attempt to enforce any law violations or other legal situations. 9. Absolutely no alcohol or other drugs are allowed on campus. 10. Cadets should avoid obscene, vulgar or profane language at all times. 11. Cadets should conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. DRESS CODE The academy has been developed to give each cadet the best possible learning experience. Therefore, it is necessary that dress and personal hygiene be developed and followed by each of the class members. Cadets must present themselves in a neat and well groomed manner. Cadets should not use excessive cologne or perfume, likewise cadets are expected to shower/bathe regularly and use an effective deodorant. The use of make-up is not prohibited, however, all makeup must be kept to a minimum. Cadets should not wear jewelry, large belt buckles or ear rings while in lab and these should be kept to a minimum in classes.

GENERIC PROCLAMATION FROM THE GOVERNOR The following can be customized and submitted to the Governor’s office for official recognition.

BY THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF ________________________________ A PROCLAMATION Every year, more than 36 million people in America become the victims of crime. Offenders prey on our daughters and sons, sisters and brothers, parents, grandparents, and friends. Violent crime is creating fear and insecurity in communities across our Nation. To ensure justice into the year 2000, a movement is afoot across the state of ______ and the United States to encourage young people to pursue a career in law enforcement. Schools and police departments are increasingly offering law enforcement and criminal justice programs and activities to young people. Rarely, however, are the achievements of these young people recognized. That is why I am proud to announce March 1996 as the first annual “Future Law Enforcers of Month”. I welcome all Americans to join me in paying tribute to the thousands of young people who participate in criminal justice educational activities, in celebrating their achievements, and in envisioning a future with the highest standards of professionalism for police officers. We also recognize the contributions of criminal justice youth instructors. Their tireless leadership opens young peoples' eyes to their personal potential and helps to plant seeds of responsibility that can last a lifetime. While we nonetheless recognize that much remains to be done, I am confident that with continued partnerships between law enforcement, school and private sector programs like the Jr. Police Academy can begin to replace the nightmare of crime with a bright new day of hope. NOW, THEREFORE, I, _____________ _________, Governor of the State of ______, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the state of _________, do hereby proclaim March 1 through March 31, 1996, as "Future Law Enforcers of Month." I urge all Americans to pause and remember the thousands of young people who have made a commitment to serving their communities as law enforcement officers. And to honor those teachers and instructors whose leadership of criminal justice youth programs make our homes and communities safer places in which to live. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this DAY of MONTH, in the year of our Lord ______________. GOVERNOR ___________________________________________________


(Please Print or Type) I, the undersigned,(Parent’s Name)_________________________________________ residing at (Address)_______________________________________, County of Clark, State of US, being the parent or legal guardian of (Participant’s Name)_______________________________, do hereby give my permission for him/her to attend the Junior Police Academy and in consideration of allowing him/her to participate in the above mentioned program. Voluntarily and knowingly release and discharge the Junior Police Academy, City of Cityville, the Cityville Police Department’s employees, agents, successors, assigns and all others who may be liable from all claims, present and future, known or unknown, in any manner arising out of his/her participation in the Junior Police Academy. I also acknowledge that (Participant’s Name)______________________________has no limiting medical conditions and is fully capable of participating in the program. I appoint the Cityville Police Department to act in my place, in the event that (Participant’s Name) ______________________________ should require medical attention while involved in the Junior Police Academy program. This appointment is for the purpose of securing benefits for the health and welfare of (Participant’s Name)______________________________ and expressly includes the authority to sign releases to physicians who may render emergency medical care and services. I promise to assume liability for payment of all such professional services, and to reimburse the City of Cityville for any expense that may be incurred for treatment, care, drugs, and other services for (Participant’s Name)______________________________. In consideration of all above as well as the supervision provided on my behalf and on behalf of (Participant’s Name)______________________________. I hereby agree to hold the Cityville Police Department, City of Cityville’s employees, agents, successors, assigns, its agents and all others who may be liable, harmless for results of any decision it may make in connection with the care and treatment of (Participant’s Name)______________________________. I agree that if the above mentioned participant’s behavior is such that it endangers the welfare of the entire group, the Cityville Police Department has my permission to send him/her home. ____________________________________________ Signature of Parent or Guardian _____________________________________________ ___________________________________ Address _____________________________________________ ____________________________________ City State

___________________ Date

________________________ Zip

Subscribed and sworn to before me this __________ day of 20_____.

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