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Police, Who Needs Them?

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Why do we need police?

Let me ask this‌.what if tomorrow, there were no police in Smithville?

Ask the citizens of Montreal.

Thursday, Oct. 17, 1969 Montreal, Canada

Thursday, Oct. 17, 1969 Montreal, Canada A decision is made that would thrust the city into chaos and answer the age old question: What would happen it there were no police. Earlier this same month, Montreal’s provincial government proposes to effectively cut the benefits of the city's police officers in half while doubling their work load.

Thursday, Oct. 17, 1969, Montreal’s police force, numbering some 4000 officers respond. They will all be taking a day-off to consider the offer.   Metropolitan firefighters join in solidarity. That evening, the citizens of Montreal are told that as of 8:00 A.M the next day, all police services would cease.

Friday, Oct. 18, 1969

Friday, Oct. 18, 1969 8:00 AM. There are no police on duty. To the citizens of Montreal, the morning seemed like any other. Then, it started. By 11:20 A.M. the first bank is robbed. By noon most downtown stores closed because of widespread looting. Shop owners, many of them armed, struggle to fend off looters.

As night falls on the city‌ twelve fires are set. looters brake into several hotels and restaurants. A doctor shoots a burglar in his suburban home. A crowd of disgruntled taxi drivers turns into a violent mob, starting the Murray-Hill Riot, during which plainclothes police corporal Robert Dumas is killed by an unknown sharpshooter.

City authorities finally call in the army and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to restore order. Before it’s over, 108 are arrested, six banks are robbed and more than 100 shops are looted.

The city is in a state of shock after what newspapers call “a night of terror.”

So I ask you to think about that question:

Police, who needs them?