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As spring blossoms, families everywhere are shedding their coats and gloves for short sleeves and outdoor fun. UAMS primary care physician Shreelekha Nallur, M.D. advises, “Whether you are playing baseball, soccer or riding a bike, be sure to take all precautions to make sure you remain safe.” Using the proper gear for your activity – like wearing a helmet and pads for bike riding – is the best way to avoid injury. Taking simple, preventive steps can help ensure your safety so that the focus is on having fun.

Donnie Ferneau, owner of Good Food by Ferneau, is all about the science of food. To create the healthy dishes he offers at his Argenta restaurant, Donnie makes sure every plate is perfectly balanced in the protein, fat and carbohydrate departments. Empty ingredients that just add sugar—like sauces laden with high-fructose corn syrup—are very much off the menu. Donnie’s offerings are gluten-free, organic and locally sourced whenever possible, like eggs from Arkansas’ Killer Tomato Farm and turnips from Barnhill Farms. This avocado egg with pumpkin seeds and sweet potato & turnip hash is Donnie’s go-to for a quick and balanced breakfast. Perfectly portioned with protein (egg and pumpkin seeds), fat (avocado) and carbohydrates (sweet potatoes and turnips), both the eggs and hash can be prepared the night before and easily reheated in the morning. And if you do want a sugar rush in the morning, get it naturally with a plate of fresh fruit. Donnie prepared a selection of mandarin oranges, diced kiwi, pineapple and grapes for a variety of colors and flavors that will even please the kids. C ONT I N UED O N PAGE 22

If a minor injury does occur, the UAMS Center for Primary Care recommends using the R.I.C.E. method: Rest – Rest to prevent further injury. Ice – Apply ice, or a cold pack, to the injured area for 20 minutes, multiple times a day. Compress – Compress or wrap the area with an elastic bandage to help decrease swelling. Elevate – Elevate the injured area on pillows while applying ice, or when sitting or lying down. If you or a family member sustains an injury serious enough to require medical attention, remember UAMS has convenient locations across Little Rock offering primary care for all ages.

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