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Tech Action Summer 2013

Dr. Robert C. Brown, 11th president of Arkansas Tech, announces he will step down in 2014. See pages 6-7.

Tech Action

Come home to Arkansas Tech October 25-26


Tech Action

This issue of Tech Action includes the schedule of events for Homecoming 2013, which will take place Oct. 25-26. As you review the list of gatherings, I hope that you will see several opportunities to connect with your alma mater and discover why Arkansas Tech University has become one of the five largest universities in our state. When Arkansas Tech students arrived on campus for the fall 2013 semester in August, they were greeted with several important changes. M Street Residence Hall is a new five-story student housing facility located just west of Wilson Hall and just east of Hughes Hall (or the Rock Dormitory, as many of us know it). The first group of 290 students has moved into M Street Residence Hall and is in the process of making it their home. There are now almost 3,000 students living on campus at Arkansas Tech, more than triple the number of students who chose to live in university housing just 15 years ago. Chambers Cafeteria underwent a significant renovation over the summer months. As a result, Arkansas Tech students now enjoy a modern dining concept in which much of their food is prepared right in front of them on the dining room floor.


Among the newest additions to the academic program inventory at Arkansas Tech is a Master of Science in Business Administration (MSBA) degree. Debuting this fall, the MSBA program is designed for students who earned their bachelor’s degree in something other than business and want to develop skills in accounting, economics and finance, management and marketing and related fields at the graduate level. You can see evidence of these areas of growth and improvement for yourself during Homecoming 2013. Should you have any questions about the events listed on pages 4-5, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (479) 968-0242 or by e-mail to Feel a renewed sense of pride in Arkansas Tech. Rekindle old friendships and begin new ones. Cheer the Wonder Boys to victory. Join us at Homecoming 2013. Sincerely,

Kelly Davis ‘81 Director of Alumni Relations and the Tech Loyalty Fund

Alumni Association Board of Directors

President: Jim White ‘78

President-Elect: Todd Sweeden ‘76

Katherine Nunn Bowden ‘54 12/13

Jim White ‘78 12/13

Sandy Smith ‘86 12/14

Cody Hill ‘07 12/15

Sue Chiolino ‘68 12/13

Vickie Yates ’79 & ‘89 12/13

Matthew White ‘06 12/14

Sherry Nordin Polsgrove ‘81 12/15

Brenda Metcalf Hipp ‘63 12/13

Jim Higgs ‘73 12/14

Steve Kesner ‘77 12/13

Truman Hill ‘70 12/14

Cara Hammond Witherspoon ‘78 12/14 Dustin Parsons ‘10 12/15 Justin Price ‘01 12/15 Jared Wood ‘97 12/14

Tayler Melton ‘10 12/13

Sarah Beth Phillips ‘06 12/14

Leila Bean Alston ‘77 12/15

Melissa Owens Steeves ‘07 12/15

Todd Sweeden ‘76 12/13

Joshua Ray ‘06 12/14

Susan McIntyre Dunn ‘83 12/15

Kendall Tabor ‘89 & ‘92 12/15 Jimmy Rofkahr, Ozark Campus Rep.

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Homecoming 2013

Summer 2013

Schedule of Events



Homecoming 2013


OCTOBER 25 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Tech Bookstore Open W.O. Young Building 10:30 a.m. Homecoming Golf Classic (3-Person Scramble) Russellville Country Club 10:30: Check-In 11:00: Lunch 11:45: Welcome 12:00: Shotgun Start


12 p.m. Ladies “Champagne Bingo” Luncheon Lake Point Conference Center Dining Room Tech Action

6:30 p.m. Hall of Distinction Reunion Dinner (Invitation Only) Lake Point Conference Center 7:30 p.m. Homecoming Parade on Arkansas Tech Campus 8 p.m. to Midnight Alumni & Friends Reception Lake Point Conference Center

Register Today! ONLINE


TELEPHONE (479) 968-0242

Homecoming 2013


OCTOBER 26 8:30 a.m. Hindsman Players Breakfast Lake Point Conference Center 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Bookstore Open W.O. Young Building 10 a.m. 1950s and 1960s Reunion Tomlinson Hall 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Department of Agriculture Reunion Dean Hall 11 a.m. Alumni Gold Luncheon and Ceremony - Class of 1963 Chambers Cafeteria West Dining Hall Noon-3 p.m. Party at the Plaza Centennial Plaza (Outside Thone Stadium) •Reunion Groups: Alumni Gold Class of 1963, T-Club, Alumni Chapters, Young Alumni (2003-2013), 1950s and 1960s Alumni, College of Business, Department of Parks, Recreation and Hospitality Administration, Department of Agriculture 1 p.m. Alumni T-Club Meeting Hull Building Letterman’s Lounge 1:30 p.m. Stadium Bookstore Opens Thone Stadium at Buerkle Field 2:30 p.m. Pre-Game Activities Crowning of Homecoming Queen Thone Stadium at Buerkle Field 3 p.m. Arkansas Tech Wonder Boys vs. Ouachita Baptist Great American Conference Football Thone Stadium at Buerkle Field

Summer 2013


Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Brown


Dr. Brown announces 2013-14 will be his final year as president Dr. Robert C. Brown, whose leadership as president over the past two decades transformed Arkansas Tech University from a small college to one of five universities in the state with more than 10,000 students, has announced that the 2013-14 academic year will be his last as active president at Arkansas Tech. Brown made the announcement during the annual fall semester opening session with faculty and staff at the Ross Pendergraft Library and Technology Center on Aug. 23. “This is the right time to make this decision,” said Brown while standing beside his wife of 45 years, Jill Brown, and speaking to the faculty and staff. “I and my family are in good health. There is nothing wrong, and that is what makes this the right time. We have the opportunity to step aside at the zenith of Arkansas Tech, and I owe that privilege to each of you.”


Tech Action

Brown, who also holds the rank of professor of economics, said that he expects to maintain an association with Arkansas Tech once his tenure as president is complete. President at Arkansas Tech since July 1, 1993, Brown has the longest tenure at his present institution among all four-year college and university presidents and chancellors in Arkansas. More than 400 presidents and chancellors from around the United States belong to the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU).

Learn More About Our Progress To view the complete 2013 President’s Report, visit:

Among those more than 400 chief executive officers, only 12 current presidents or chancellors have served more than 20 years at their current institution. Brown is among those dozen steadfast leaders. He is in the midst of his 21st academic session at Arkansas Tech — and his 51st consecutive year in higher education dating back to his freshman year as a student at Northwestern State University (La.). Brown is now the second-longest serving president in Arkansas Tech history. Only J.W. Hull, president at Arkansas Tech from 1932-67, had a longer tenure among the 11 individuals who have held that office.

When Brown was elected president by the Arkansas Tech Board of Trustees on May 19, 1993, enrollment was 4,730 students, 850 of which lived on campus. The annual institutional budget was $31.6 million, there were 180 full-time faculty members, Arkansas Tech offered 62 programs of academic study and 30 of those programs held accreditations. In the year before Brown arrived, Arkansas Tech conferred 711 degrees. Two decades later, enrollment at Arkansas Tech is 10,950 — including 2,668 who chose to live on campus — the institutional budget is $144.8 million, there are 330 full-time faculty members and Tech offers 123 academic programs of study — 58 of which are nationally or internationally recognized by accrediting bodies. The Arkansas Tech freshman class exceeded the national and state averages on the ACT examination for a 19th consecutive year this fall. During the recently completed 2012-13 academic year, Arkansas Tech conferred 2,617 degrees — the most in a single academic year in the 104-year history of the institution.

Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Brown Among all degrees that Arkansas Tech has awarded during those 104 years, 57 percent have been earned during Brown’s two-decade tenure as its president. In order to provide for its growing and evolving role in education, Arkansas Tech has invested $250 million in its physical plant and instructional equipment since 1995. Among the new facilities that have been constructed are the Pendergraft Library and Technology Center, the Doc Bryan Student Services Center, Norman Hall, Rothwell Hall, Baswell Techionery, Baswell Residence Hall, Nutt Residence Hall, M Street Residence Hall, University Commons apartments, the Chartwells Women’s Sports Complex and Thone Stadium at Buerkle Field. “Arkansas Tech has many tasks that it carries out on a day-to-day basis, but our university has just one mission,” said Brown. “Everything we do is designed to provide students with the tools necessary to persist to graduation and realize the life-changing benefits of a college degree. By maintaining that singular focus, we will continue to provide for the educational needs of our constituents and serve as a driving force in the economic development of our state.” Charles Blanchard of Russellville, chairman of the Arkansas Tech Board of Trustees, spoke at the end of the Aug. 23 faculty and staff meeting. “For 21 years, Bob Brown has been an associate and a friend,” said Blanchard. “We will miss him in the role of president. Just as Dr. Brown is, and we all have a right to be, I am proud of what has occurred at this university over the past two decades. We will carefully and thoughtfully go about the process of selecting the 12th president of Arkansas Tech. Our first job is to establish a selection process by which the Board of Trustees, in discharging our duties, will put forth an inclusive selection process that will include input from people on campus and the communities that this university serves.”

Summer 2013


Today’s Tech

Gemme, Ulsperger, Underwood earn awards Three members of the Arkansas Tech University faculty have been recognized for their contributions to the campus community with a 2013 Faculty Award of Excellence. Dr. Paola Gemme, associate professor of English, is the 2013 Arkansas Tech Faculty Award of Excellence winner in the teaching category. Dr. Jason Ulsperger, associate professor of sociology, won the 2013 Arkansas Tech Faculty Award of Excellence in the scholarship and creative activity category. Dr. Paola Gemme

Dr. Susan Underwood, associate professor of college student personnel, was presented with the 2013 Arkansas Tech Faculty Award of Excellence in the service category. The Arkansas Tech Faculty Awards of Excellence were founded in 1996. To be eligible, a faculty member must be tenured and hold the current rank of associate professor or professor. Gemme joined the Arkansas Tech faculty in 2001. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Genoa and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Penn State University.


Tech Action

Dr. Jason Ulsperger

Ulsperger has been a member of the Arkansas Tech faculty since 2006. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Arkansas, a Master of Arts degree from Arkansas State University and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Oklahoma State University. Underwood joined the Arkansas Tech faculty in 2003. She received her Bachelor of Science degree and her Master of Arts in Education degree from Western Kentucky University. She completed her Doctor of Philosophy degree at New Mexico State University.

Dr. Susan Underwood

Faculty Award of Excellence Recipients Teaching 1996 – David W. Krueger 1997 – Bobby G. Mullen 1998 – Charles H. Pearson 1999 – James T. Willcutt 2000 – Dr. John J. Cadle 2001 – Dr. Earl F. Schrock, Jr. 2002 – Dr. Kenneth A. Rogers 2003 – Dr. Jeff W. Robertson 2004 – Dr. Deborah Wilson 2005 – Dr. Trey Philpotts 2006 – Dr. Cathy Baker 2007 – Dr. Linda C. Bean 2008 – Dr. Peter Dykema 2009 – Dr. Hanna E. Norton 2010 – Dr. V. Carole Smith 2011 – Dr. Scott W. Kirkconnell 2012 – David Mudrinich 2013 – Dr. Paola Gemme

Scholarship 1996 – Dr. Mostafa Hemmati 1997 – Dr. David W. Roach 1998 – Dr. Ronald E. McGaughey 1999 – Dr. Charles J. Gagen 2000 – Paul S. Lake 2001 – Philip D. Parker 2002 – Dr. Thomas A. DeBlack 2003 – Dr. Trey Philpotts 2004 – Dr. Mostafa Hemmati 2005 – David Mudrinich 2006 – Laurie A. Lucas 2007 – Dr. H. Micheal Tarver 2008 – Dr. Anwar A. Bhuiyan 2009 – Dr. Jeffrey R. Woods 2010 – Dr. Shelia Jackson 2011 – Dr. Timothy E. Smith 2012 – Dr. Daniel W. Bullock 2013 – Dr. Jason S. Ulsperger

Service 1996 – Dr. Eldon G. Clary, Jr. 1997 – Bobbie V. Taylor 1998 – John A. Gale 1999 – Rexann Oller 2000 – Kenneth T. Futterer 2001 – Dr. Gwen Morgan 2002 – Dr. Lyman B. Harris 2003 – Dr. James H. Collins 2004 – Dr. Annette Holeyfield 2005 – Dr. Mostafa Hemmati 2006 - Dr. Earl F. Schrock, Jr. 2007 – Marti Wilkerson 2008 – Dr. Penny P. Willmering 2009 – Dr. Linda C. Bean 2010 – Philip D. Parker 2011 – Dr. Carey M. Roberts 2012 – Dr. Richard R. Cohoon 2013 – Dr. Susan J. Underwood

Today’s Tech

Whiteside checking item off “bucket list” Arkansas Tech University Graduate

Whiteside was a member of the

A practicum is part of the

College student John Whiteside has a

famed 1971 Wonder Boys football

curriculum for all college student

piece of advice for anyone, regardless

team that reached the NAIA national

personnel students at Arkansas Tech.

of age, who is thinking about

championship game. He continued

Whiteside’s practicum has provided

continuing his or her education.

his love of athletics and education by

him with an opportunity to work

coaching and teaching in the school

alongside the staff in the Arkansas

“Don’t question yourself; jump

districts at Ozark and Russellville

Tech Office of Alumni Relations.

in and do it,” said Whiteside. “The

before entering private business.

biggest thing that I have found, particularly with the professors in

Whiteside is on pace to earn his Retired from Russellville Glass

Master of Science degree in spring

the Department of College Student

since 2000, Whiteside was inspired

2014. When that day arrives, he will

Personnel, they will bend over

to pursue a Master of Science degree

achieve a goal that he has carried

backwards to help you as a non-

in college student personnel after his

ever since his first graduation from

traditional student. They want you to

wife, Leigh Whiteside, was appointed

Arkansas Tech in 1973.

be successful, and they want you to

to the Arkansas Tech Board of

feel at home. Don’t be afraid. It’s the

Trustees in 2008.

welcoming atmosphere of Arkansas Tech University…no one should be afraid to pursue their dream.” A native of Crossett who moved to

“This was always on my bucket list,” said Whiteside. “When I got out

“I was intrigued by the college

of school and I was teaching, I had

campus,” said Whiteside. “A good

24 hours toward a master’s degree,

friend of mine, Susie Nicholson, had

but then I went into business. As far

gone through the college student

as what’s out there after this…I feel

Russellville at the age of 8, Whiteside

personnel program. I decided I was

like I have another five to 10 good

graduated from Arkansas Tech with

going to look into that, and I found

years in me when I could make a

a bachelor’s degree in sociology and

out, surprisingly, that they would

contribution. We’ll see what comes

psychology in 1973.

accept me. So I got started.”


Summer 2013


Today’s Tech

Major renovation complete at cafeteria An $8.7 million renovation of

The convenience factor begins

Much of the exterior and interior

Chambers Cafeteria at Arkansas Tech

as soon as students step into

of the renovated Chambers Cafeteria

University has yielded a revamped

the dining room. Three cashier

is designed to complement the look

dining space that can accommodate

stations — two more than in the

and feel of the adjacent Baswell

up to 900 students at a time.

previous arrangement of Chambers

Techionery, which opened in 2011.

Cafeteria — are available to swipe The renovation, which was designed by AMR Architects and

identification cards as students with meal plans arrive to eat.

executed by CDI Contractors, required five months to complete. It

the design process,” said Kate East Options include a rotisserie, a hearthstone pizza oven, a Mongolian

us their favorite parts of Baswell

2013 semester.

wok, a soup and salad bar, a grill

Techionery were the views, the high

serving hamburgers and hot dogs, a

ceiling and the bright colors. Our

Students now receive their

stand with fresh-made tortillas for

goals in Chambers Cafeteria were to

food and beverages at one of 11

quesadillas, burritos and wraps, a

brighten, lighten and lift the space.”

preparation and serving stations

sandwich station with Panini press

located on the dining room floor.

and toasting oven and a bakery with

The new concept — known as Chartwells, food service provider at Arkansas Tech. According to the Dining concept “involves active

Chambers Cafeteria was dedicated

cobblers, brownies, cakes, pies and

in February 1966. It is named in


honor of the Chambers family of Danville, which has been represented

Students enjoy the variety of foods at a variety of seating options.

Chartwells web site, the Pulse on Tech Action

of AMR Architects. “Students told

opened at the beginning of the fall

Pulse on Dining — was created by


“We worked with student panels to get their input before we started

on the Arkansas Tech Board of Trustees for three generations — Judge John Ed Chambers (who served

The re-designed Chambers

1925-37, 1939-53 and 1955-63),

participation and interactions from

Cafeteria includes traditional height

John Ed Chambers II (who served

the students and staff which delivers

tables and chairs, counter height

1965-67 and 1987-88) and John Ed

a complete and satisfying experience

tables and chairs and rows of booth-

Chambers III (who served 1994-99

during meal time.”

style soft seating.

and 2007-present).

Today’s Tech

M Street Residence Hall new this fall

M Street Residence Hall, a new five-story housing

“In between the Critz, Hughes, M Street, Wilson and

facility at Arkansas Tech University, is now open and

Tucker residence halls, we have created a green space

home for 290 students during the fall 2013 semester.

for the students to have a place to hang out and do things outdoors,” said Hogan. “It’s a pretty open space

“The first thing I noticed in the building is the size

that all flows together. I think the simple fact that a

of the rooms,” said Aaron Hogan, associate dean for

large percentage of the campus population is going

residence life. “The ceilings are very tall, so it gives the

to be housed in that area will make it a focal point of

building an open feel throughout. I believe that will be

campus life moving forward.”

conducive to student living. One of the other things I really like about the facility is the color we have added throughout. It makes it comfortable and fun.” M Street Residence Hall encompasses 64,170 square feet. Van Horn Construction of Russellville began work

In all, Arkansas Tech now has space to house approximately 3,000 students in university housing. That is more than triple the number of students who lived on campus at Tech just 15 years ago.

on the $10.2 million project on Oct. 21, 2011. AMR Architects of Little Rock designed the facility, which

“We provide our resident directors and resident

houses male students on the first, third and fifth floors

assistants with the tools they need concerning policy

and female students on the second and fourth floors.

and procedure, but of equal importance, we also teach them how to network with the residents in their

The construction of M Street Residence Hall is

different buildings,” said Hogan. “We want them to

a milestone in what has been a multi-year effort to

work to build a community within their residence halls.

revitalize the southwest corner of the Tech campus.

That’s how students create friendships, meet people with similar interests and meet people who are different

Recent renovations to four housing facilities

from them. At the core of what we try to do through our

adjacent to the new M Street Residence Hall — Critz

residence life programming is to be an extension of the

Hall, Hughes Hall, Tucker Hall and Wilson Hall — mean

classroom. We want to provide students with skills that

that beginning this fall there are more than 700 Tech

can affect them in a positive way for the rest of their

students living in that pod of five residence halls.


Summer 2013


Today’s Tech

LIVING THE DREAM Tech student Aly Humphrey enjoys internship at U.S. Capitol Arkansas Tech University student Aly Humphrey was riding on the subway system that lies beneath the U.S. Capitol when she realized she was living one of her dreams. “I looked around at all the history,” said Humphrey, “and how much more I had learned since arriving and just thought, wow, how many other people my age get to have this experience, and in the nation’s capital no less?” Humphrey, a junior political science student at Arkansas Tech, served as an intern in the Washington, D.C., office of Sen. John Boozman during the month of June. She says that she grew up in a family with strong political beliefs. An opportunity to work in the law office of Michael Lamoureux — now president pro tempore of the Arkansas Senate — further sparked her interest in public service.


Tech Action

“I worked there for four years and was involved in his campaigns and other political events that he attended,” said Humphrey. “Little by little, I realized that this wasn’t just a hobby — it was a career and the only one that I wanted.”

“Learning about the political process is one thing, but actually experiencing it is a whole other one,” said Humphrey. “It really helps to connect what you

A native of Russellville, Humphrey began her college career elsewhere before transferring to Arkansas Tech.

have learned with what is going on and you are more understanding of the complexity of the government that keeps our nation running. I have met some new long-time

“Tech offered me everything I needed — scholarships,

friends and possible future co-workers. It is amazing to

proximity to home and helpful staff,” said Humphrey. “The

see the younger generation being so involved in politics

most pleasant surprise from Tech was noticing how they

rather than being apathetic about it.”

treated me as a student. Arkansas Tech is home to a lot of students, yet I still wasn’t just a number. Dr. (Jason)

Among Humphrey’s long-term goals are to attend

Warnick, acting as my advisor, helped me adapt to Tech

law school and seek a career in the international sector

the way he knew I could, not based on someone else’s

of politics. She is particularly interested in the study of

experience and not just treating me like any other student

Russian foreign affairs. But for now, she is back in the

that comes through his office. It has been the same

classroom at Arkansas Tech for the fall 2013 semester.

wonderful experience with every staff member that I have interacted with at Tech.”

“Arkansas Tech has been such a blessing to me as a college student,” said Humphrey. “I can’t imagine

Humphrey’s daily responsibilities as a U.S. Senate

completing my degree anywhere else. They have

intern included leading constituents on tours of the

supported me in many ways throughout this internship,

U.S. Capitol. She also watched closely as the wheels of

and I know that in the future I will be able to re-pay them

government turned all around her.

for the opportunities they have given me.”

Ozark Campus

A Decade of Progress Ozark Campus marks 10 years as part of Arkansas Tech On July 1,

Other off-site

Arkansas Tech

locations include


Morton Hall

Campus reached a

in Russellville,

special milestone

Chaffee Crossing

in the educational

in Fort Smith


and a Morrilton

history — its 10th

training site

anniversary of

for Green Bay

joining the Arkansas


Tech University

Arkansas Kraft



“What the


Ozark Campus has


become over the past 10 years is

over the past Arkansas Tech-Ozark Campus

decade has

truly amazing,” said Bruce Sikes,

is, in short, a different place than it

been the formation of partnerships

chief academic officer and acting

was 10 years ago when the campus

between the campus and area

chancellor. “Since the merger

had an enrollment of around 300

businesses. Last spring, most

with Arkansas Tech, our growth in

students. In 2012, enrollment broke

students who graduated from

enrollment, academic programs and

the 2,000 mark for the first time.

Arkansas Tech-Ozark walked with

business and industry outreach has been significant. “Our faculty and staff take

“green transcripts,” the culmination In 2003, Arkansas Tech-Ozark

of a unique concept to instill

offered 12 Technical Certificates.

sustainability-intensive coursework

Now, students are given the

into every program of study.

pride in the role we play as an

opportunity to enroll in 26 programs

educational institution and as a

and earn one of its 11 Associate of

change agent,” continued Sikes.

Applied Science degrees and/or 15

and certificates, which feature

“We’re excited to celebrate our 10th

Technical Certificates.

a special golden-leaf seal, are

anniversary with our students and educational partners.” Arkansas Tech-Ozark Campus was established in 1965 as Arkansas Valley Vocational Technical School (AVVTS). In 1975, the Arkansas State Board of Education/Vocational Education granted accreditation to

awarded to graduates that have “Our talented faculty, friendly and knowledgeable staff, short length of programs and low cost of attendance have made the Ozark Campus the regional leader for technical and career education,” said Arkansas Tech-Ozark Campus Chief Student Officer Richard Harris.

AVVTS, making it the first school of its kind in the state to receive that

Green transcript diplomas

taken at least 12 credit hours with enhanced environmental principles incorporated into the class material. “Unlike other institutions that have adopted a certificate or associate’s in environmental technology, we understand that every profession has a sustainability aspect,” said Arkansas Tech-

Institute (AVTI). On July 1, 2003,

Along with overseeing the Arkansas Tech Career Center in Russellville — one of the largest secondary career and technical centers in Arkansas – Arkansas Tech also provides adult and continuing

AVTI merged with Arkansas Tech to

education in Franklin, Logan and

graduate a more environmentally

become Arkansas Tech-Ozark.

Johnson counties.

conscious workforce.”

distinction. In 1991, the campus was renamed Arkansas Valley Technical

Ozark Campus Chief Business and Community Outreach Officer Dr. Ken Warden. “With all programs on campus able to award a green transcript, the Ozark Campus can

Summer 2013


Alumni News tech

Tech Night with the Travelers

June 28, 2013

Dustin Parsons, Rachel Backie

DickeyStephens Park

Caleb Pratt, Courtney Farris Pratt Bryan Fisher, Jett Fisher, Phil Fisher


Tech Action

John W. Watson, Trudy Watson

Jan Hill, Truman Hill Al Polsgrove, Sherry Nordin Polsgrove

Alumni News tech

Tech Night with the Naturals

August 2, 2013 Arvest Ballpark

Summer 2013


Amber Coleman, Kao Vang

Lydia Keener, Brad Keener, Matt Berggren, Marla Berggren

Jim Murphy, Ron Anderson, Tom Jones Angela DeWitt Bonds, Grayson Bonds and Dusty Bonds

Kelly Davis, Frank Taylor Paul Strahl, Beverly Stroud Strahl and Family

Alumni News tech

50th Arkansas Tech Band Camp Reunion

July 12, 2013 Lake Point Conference Center

1964 Tech Band Camp Faculty: Robert Casey, Ramey Herren, Jan Shaw, Russell Langston, H.L. Shepherd, Barbara Chenault Shepherd


Tech Action

Jill Cook Chentnik, Tom Chentnik

Etta Jo Robbins, Jessica Hammerle Palmer, James Palmer, Wes Pendergrass, Eric Durham, Rusty Hart Keith Clutts, Gayle Shaver Clutts, H.L. Shepherd

Howard Ritchie, Becky Clark Ritchie, Debbie Bromley Beard, Travis Beard

Wesley Smith, Andy Anders, Roger Wattam

Rico Belotti, Ginny Belotti, Debbie Meeks Meister, Wade Meister, Andy Anders, Wesley Smith

Alumni News

Bill Spainhour, Dick Niven Reading Band Conductors: Travis Beard, Fred Allen (Guest Conductor), Dr. Christopher Anderson, Hal Cooper

July 13, 2013 Witherspoon Auditorium June Long Drain

Alumni and Friends Reading Band

Summer 2013

First Camp Attendees and Faculty: Ramey Herren, Curt Durden, Robert Anderson, Travis Beard, H.L. Shepherd, Barbara Chenault Shepherd, Roger Wattam, Nancy Harlan Sloan, Robert Casey, Laura Wilkins Speer, June Long Drain, Becky Clark Ritchie, Shannon Briggs

July 13, 2013 Lake Point Conference Center

Bill Speer, Julie Nebben Morgan, Bob Sivils, Dee Daniels Sivils, Tom Wazelle

Dr. Christopher Anderson, Julie Nebben Morgan, Dr. Cynthia Hukill

Beth Cooper, Tammy Secrest Sangster, Karen Copeland Endel, Julie Huggins Konzelman, Julia Reynolds

Standing: Davis Ann Henry, Laura Wilkins Speer, Julie Nebben Morgan Seated: Prissy Jones Wattam, Shannon Briggs


Annual Report

To those who give back, two words say it all Thank you. Defined as an expression of one’s gratitude, those two simple words hold a depth of meaning. At times, the phrase seems inadequate to convey the level of gratitude. That is certainly the case when we think of our donors. Your private support impacts Arkansas Tech in a positive way that enhances the educational experience for our students.

Jayne Jones VP for Development

We see it every day. In expressing her gratitude for having received a donor-funded Arkansas Tech Foundation scholarship, one student stated “the Foundation donors have inspired me and motivated me.” She went on to say the scholarship meant to her that “somebody believed in me and that somebody thinks I am worthy.” Your generosity has inspired this student and others to follow your example and give back to Tech...and that’s just one example of the difference you make when you write out your check or go online and give through the Arkansas Tech University Foundation.


Tech Action

The 2012-13 Arkansas Tech Foundation Donor Roll presented in the next few pages pays tribute to our alumni and friends who are invested in the mission of Arkansas Tech University. Their gifts of all sizes fund scholarships, supplement the needs of academic departments and athletics and enable students to broaden their experience by attending regional meetings and competitions. Reserve your place on next year’s donor roll today by making your gift to the Arkansas Tech Foundation. For more information about how to give, call (479) 968-0400 or visit On behalf of our 11,000 students, thank you for your support of our educational mission. Sincerely,

Jayne Jones Vice President for Development

Working on Behalf of Our University: the Arkansas Tech Foundation You may wonder why

We welcomed our

correspondence from the Tech

newest members of the

Loyalty Fund, Green and Gold,

board on July 1, 2013:

the Office of Gift Planning and

Steve Anderson of Hot

the Office of Development ask

Springs, Laurie Bibler of

you to make your gifts payable

Russellville, Anna Kay

to the Arkansas Tech University

Frueauff of Little Rock,


Michael Lamoureux of Dover, Thomas Lastovica

It’s because the

of Rogers, Danny Troutt of

Foundation serves as the

Harrison and Wayne Young

conduit for private gifts made

of Little Rock.

in support of Arkansas Tech. Gifts made payable to the

Board officers are Dan

Arkansas Tech University

Lovelady of Little Rock,

Foundation, formed under

president; Jared Wood of

IRS Code Section 501(c)(3),

Russellville, vice president;

are considered charitable

Melissa Hall of Jackson,

contributions for tax

Tenn., secretary; Judy


Lawton of Little Rock, treasurer; and Benny Harris

The purpose of the

of Russellville, past president.

Foundation is to promote the welfare and future development of Arkansas Tech University, and the organization is led by a Board of Directors.

Visit and click on the Foundation tab to view a complete listing of our board.

Annual Report

2012-13 Roll of Donors J.W. HULL SOCIETY Named in honor of J.W. Hull, who served as the eighth president of Arkansas Tech University from 1932-67, this society celebrates our alumni and friends who have made an impact with cumulative gifts of $50,000 or more during their lifetime. Adams Vines Foundation Travis and Lou Adams Cora Adkins Estate, First State Bank & Trust Co. American Express Financial Advisors AMR Architects Inc Maynard and Amy Anderson Arkansas Community Foundation Bank Of America Heartsill Bartlett Trust Polly Bartlett Trust Carl F. Baswell Baum Estate William and Mary Bowen Bridgestone Americas Robert and Jean Brooks Burris Inc CenterPoint Energy Resources Corp CenturyTel Chambers Bank John Chambers Cogswell Motor Inc Compass Group USA Inc Florence C. Cooper Trust

Donald W Reynolds Foundation, Inc. Bill Donnell, Jr. Golf Tournament Deward and Anne Dopson Entergy Corporation Matching Gift Program Elton and Deanna Epley ExxonMobil Foundation Laura Ferguson Foundation Trust First State Bank Charles A. Frueauff Foundation Nathan G. Gordon Revocable Trust GTE Foundation Bill and Suzanne Harmon Benny and LaVel Harris Gerald and Charlotte Johnston Junior Auxiliary of Russellville Liberty Bank M E Maxwell Trust Powell and Kaye McClellan Lloyd D. McDaniel Millard-Henry Clinic PA Mike and Joy Miller Bob and Sandra Norman Rexann Oller

Richard Perkins Phil and Judy Phillips Regions Bank Ben and Terry Rothwell Dojelo Russell Russellville Kiwanis Club Don and Mary Anne Salmon Shoptaw Labahn and Company PA Robert and Lisa Shoptaw Simmons Bank LeMoyne and Jawanda Smith Sparks Regional Medical Center St. Mary’s Physician Services, LLC Kenneth and Janice Sutton Estate of Norris C. Taylor Stanley and Maysel Teeter Rick and Harriet Thone Tommy and Mary Alice Tomlinson Louise Turner Mike and Teresa Wilkins Ted and Betty Williams Charitable Trust

HERITAGE SOCIETY Contact: Dana Moseley, Director of Gift Planning, (479) 964-0532 or The Heritage Society acknowledges our alumni and friends who have made provisions in their estate plans for gifts to be made to the Arkansas Tech University Foundation. These gifts take many forms: simple bequests by will, gifts of life insurance or life income gifts such as annuities and charitable trusts. Many of these planned gifts offer financial and tax saving benefits to the donor and ensure continued support for future generations at Tech. Travis and Lou Adams Cora Adkins Estate, First State Bank & Trust Co. Andy and Lou Ann Anders Ferne Shinn Anderson Heartsill Bartlett Trust Polly Bartlett Trust Carl F. Baswell Bob Beaver James and Laurie Bibler Irma Boyer Shannon Briggs Robert and Jean Brooks Bill Browning Bill and Emily Callan Cecil Cogburn Florence C. Cooper Trust Opal Cox W F Curtis Jr Revocable Trust William and Virginia Ann Davis Cheryl Denton

Deward and Anne Dopson Laura Ferguson Foundation Trust Charles Fore Sue Frueauff Nathan G. Gordon Revocable Trust Mary Gunter Roger and Mary Gunter Vincent Harder Peggy Hawkins Theresa Herrick Tommy Hindsman James and Linda Holder Lillian Hoover Phil and Linda Jacobs Tom and Jayne Jones John Krohn Shirley Leonard Revocable Trust Patricia Cartwright Mattingly M E Maxwell Trust H. K. and Galena McCaleb

Lloyd D. McDaniel Rick and Harriet Meadows Van and Marilyn Moores David and Dana Moseley Jim Murphy Jacquelin Neal Joie Nutt Rexann Oller Ben and Terry Rothwell The Russel Family Trust Jim Sanchez James and Paula Shinn Nina Sprick Thomas and Maggie Sullivan Barbara A Tate Revocable Trust Tom and Mary Alice Tomlinson Louise Turner Barger and Doris Tygart Martha Williams Ted and Betty Williams Charitable Trust

Summer 2013


Annual Report

Tech Loyalty Fund

Contributions made between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2013 Contact: Kelly Davis, Director of Alumni Relations and the Tech Loyalty Fund, (479) 968-0242 or Named the Tech Loyalty Fund to convey its

The following giving clubs recognize Tech Loyalty

importance, our annual fund program relies on the

Fund (annual) gifts at the designated level:

generosity each year of alumni and friends to help sustain

- Elmo Browning Society: $25,000 or more

a vibrant and dynamic Arkansas Tech.

- Chairman’s Society: $5,000 through $24,999 - President’s Club: $1,000 through $4,999

Every dollar counts. Each gift may be designated to

- Dean’s Club: $500 through $999

the donor’s choice of academic department, program,

- Tech Benefactor: $250 through $499

scholarship or combination of areas.

- Friend Club: $100 through $249 - Tech Honor Roll: Up to $99

Gifts designated for the “University’s Greatest Need” provide resources to address campus needs and new

Despite our best efforts to prevent it, we may have

initiatives. Regardless of designation, each gift makes a

accidentally left off a name (or two). Please contact us

difference for Arkansas Tech students.

with any corrections: Development Office (479) 968-0400.

ELMO BROWNING SOCIETY Arkansas Community Foundation Benny and LaVel Harris

Bob and Sandra Norman Ben and Terry Rothwell

Ted and Betty Williams Charitable Trust



Tech Action

Cora Adkins Estate, First State Bank & Trust Co. Bunting Electric Co Compass Group USA Inc Cheryl Denton Bill Donnell, Jr. Golf Tournament Charles A. Frueauff Foundation

Junior Auxiliary of Russellville Tad and Gayle Lowrey Powell and Kaye McClellan MK Distributors Inc Mobley Construction Co Regions Bank

LeMoyne and Jawanda Smith Thomas and Elizabeth Stinnett Tom and Mary Alice Tomlinson Richard and Hollie Trow

PRESIDENT’S CLUB Verlon Abram Travis and Lou Adams Adkins and Associates Inc American Electric Power Leon and Mary Anderson Leon Anderson Insurance Inc Arvac Inc Asurion Jeffrey Aulgur Toni Bachman Jimmy Bailey Bank of the Ozarks Michael and Linda Benefield Birds AR Properties LLC Andrew Fox and Jo Blondin Arnold and Katherine Bowden Gene and Aida Boyle Sid and Sue Brain A W Bravis Agency Bridgestone Americas Bridgestone/Firestone Trust Fd Shannon Briggs Care Foundation Inc Minnie Lou Casey Robert and Frankie Casey Thomas Casner CenturyTel Chambers Bank ConAgra Frozen Foods Crafton Tull and Associates Inc Kandis Croom Bill Curtis Don and Kelly Desoto Duane and Carol Dipert * Denotes deceased donor.

Thomas Dumas Entergy Corporation Matching Gift Program Elton and Deanna Epley Jeanice Falls Brian and Shirley Faulkner Feltner’s Athlete’s Corner First State Bank Charles Fore Jacqueline Gardner Diane Gleason Craig Goodlett Frank Griffin Oil Co Inc Mary Gunter Johnnie and Carolee Hamilton Hanesbrands Inc Bill and Suzanne Harmon Joan Harper Truman and Jan Hill Chuck and Donna Horne Howard and Micki Houston Lance and Deana Infield International Paper Company Ellen Jenkins Tom and Jayne Jones William Keeton Owen Kelly Julie Kelso Thomas Lastovica Shirley Leonard Lewis Architects Engineers Liberty Bank Eleanor Lipsmeyer James and Jennie Little Kenneth Lucas

M E Maxwell Trust Frank and Sue Merritt Mike and Joy Miller Ray Moll David and Dana Moseley Jim Murphy Martha Newton Old Post Bar BQ Glenn and Jean Parks Richard Perkins Bill and Metta Plegge Pointwise, Inc. Posey Printing & Marketing Inc Steven and Susan Rezin Bryant and Brandi Richardson Bryant Richardson, DDS, PA RMC Consulting, Inc. Russellville Family Clinic, PA Russellville Kiwanis Club Russellville Newspapers Inc Russellville Symphony Guild John and Carol Shoptaw Shoptaw Labahn and Company PA Shinn Funeral Service Simmons Bank Sorrells Body Shop Inc St. Mary’s Physician Services, LLC Sue Stallings Mack and Sherri Streety Micheal Tarver Stanley and Maysel Teeter The Beach Shack Inc Rick and Harriet Thone Ted Tritt

Annual Report

PRESIDENT’S CLUB (Continued) Danny and Twana Troutt University of Arkansas Martha Vance Vaughn Bay Construction Wal-Mart #58 John and Trudy Watson

Wesley United Methodist Church Western Sizzlin’ John and Leigh Whiteside Whitten Hospitality, LLC Nate Wilder Mike and Teresa Wilkins

Ed and Carol Williams Martha Williams John and Becky Womack Robert A. Young, Jr. DDS

DEAN’S CLUB Ross and Rita Adams Ronald and Angie Anderson Arkansas Best Corporation Arkansas River Valley Tri-Peaks Association Inc AT&T Higher Ed/Cultural Matching Gift Program Azzore Veterinary Surgery Ed and Sara Bashaw Bemis Company Foundation Glen and Susan Bishop BKD, LLP, Accounting Education Fund Blackstone Construction, LLC Boys and Girls Christian Home Ministries Inc Brown and Brown of AR Inc Joe and Nan Bull Paul and Regina Burris C & D Drug Store Caddis Fly Fishing Club Clifton and Sherry Caldwell Camelot Cattle Company, LLC Cargill Pork Clarence and Elizabeth Carnahan Michael and Sarah Carter Steve and Sondra Channell Gary and Melissa Clark Linda Clarke Coldwell Banker James R Ford & Associates Pete and Delores Collins Robert and Lawanda Dale Stephen Daniel Bill and Ann Davis David and Shirley Dodd Kevin and Margaret Doleshal Mike and Shauna Donnell Deward and Anne Dopson

David and Tammy Doyel Brent and Christa Drake Robert and Susan Dunn Bill and Sharon Eaton Irene Edgar Bob and Carolyn Edwards Clyde S. Efird, DDS Tommy Estes Farm Credit Services Patrick and Ashley Fields Bryan and Paige Fisher Charles and Crystal Garbe Chuck and Pat Gordon John and Etta Grant Green Bay Packaging Inc Randy Hamilton Quentin and Shellie Hanna Gerald and Carol Harvell Hightower Oil Company Tommy and Shelby Hillman Brenda Hipp Lillian Hoover Thomas and Ladana Inkman Stefanie Jaeger Drs. Johnston & Richardson PLLC Jerry Jones David Keener Jack Kelleher Mike and Patsy King Carolyn Lawence Maxie and Stephanie Mathis Ryan McChesney David Middlebrooks Johnny and Julie Morgan

Ardith Morris MS Wholesale Plumbing Inc Nationwide Insurance Foundation Scott and Carolyn Neel Nishant Inc Julie Norman David Osburn Tommy and Christina Papasan Paul and Veronica Post Stan and Dacie Rau Bobby and Linda Rush Frank and Linda Russenberger Shelter Insurance Chris and Beverly Shively Becky Shopfner SMEI Arkansas Roy and Sandy Smith David and Betty Snellings Sportsworld of Russellville Inc Robert Stark James and Deborah Stein Terra Renewal Felix and Princess Tharp Cliff Underwood Jim Walton Jeffrey M. Ward DDS, PA George and Kathy Warman Stephen and Tracie White Wilkins Brothers Outdoors Bobby and Abigail Willis Robert Wolf

* Denotes deceased donor.

Century Forward Circle The names of the Century Forward Circle members were published in the spring 2013 issue of Tech Action. We again express our appreciation to these generous donors for their commitment to the second century of Arkansas Tech. If you missed that issue, you can view the list of Century Forward Circle members at, or read the entire Tech Action spring 2013 issue online at Would you like to be a part of this unique effort and be invited to a special President’s Report next spring? Contact the Office of Development (479-968-0400) to make your $10,000 pledge or gift to the Century Forward endowment.

Summer 2013


Annual Report



Tech Action

ABF Freight System Lewis Adams Added Space Inc Charles Altemus Andy and Lou Ann Anders An-Pro Company Arkansas Valley Farmers Association Forrest G Bale DDS Michael and Kirsten Banks James and Sherry Bartlett Sydna Barton Bob Baugh B.J. and Kristy Bayer Linda Bean Sarah Beckcom Kenny and Celeste Bell Bonds Family Dentistry Dusty and Angela Bonds Thomas and Chari Bouse Dennis and Linda Boyd Samuel Bradshaw Brian and Casey Brock David and Beth Brooks Jerry and Nancy Burns Mark Burns Dale and Rebecca Burris Gary Burton Butcher Boy Burgers, Inc. Juanita Butler Norman and Linda Carnahan Tim and Pam Carr John Carter Jerry and Lori Caruthers Chambers Memorial Hospital Don Choate, Sr. Donnie and Shannon Choate CLA INC John and Carole Clarke Clarksville Dentistry Inc. Bill and Lorie Clary William Cobb Loretta Cochran Stan Cochran Coffman-Standridge LLC Richard and Mary Cohoon Jeffrey Cook Olin and Millicent Cook Matt Cooper Agency, Inc. Matt and Pam Cooper Cornerstone Construction of Russellville Inc Harley and Patricia Davis Judith Davis Billy and Leotta Davis Tom and Susan DeBlack Kirk and Pamela Dixon Ronnie and Susie Duffield

Delma Dunn Curt and Sue Finley Bob and Debra Fithen Steve Frick G R Realty Inc Robert Gordon Anthony Gower Pete and Nancy Grant Robert Gunter Jeffery A. Hale M.D.P.A. Harps Food Stores Inc Lisa Harris Richard and Lexie Harris Hindsman and Son Inc Gary and Darlene Hodges R.E. and Suzanne Hodges Winford and Gladys Hoover Mike and Sherry Huddleston Debra Hunter Richard Ihde Hank Jacobs James and Jeanette Johnson Donald and Brenda Johnston David and Wendy Jones Ida Ruth Jones John and Linda Jones Jeremy and Amanda Keaster Gene and Jacquie Keeney Vernon and Glenda Kinchen Larry and Sharon LaFevers Thomas and Analee Lanio Edwin and Sharon Leachman Scott Liles James Logsdon Dan and Marsha Lovelady Luxury Pool & Spa Main Street Barbers Marshall and Thelma Martin Maxie and Pam Mathis Don and Pam McAnulty Bruce McConnell Matt McCoy Insurance Agency Inc Keith and Christine McDannold James McKean Douglas and Eugenia McKinney Catherine McMahan Todd and Julie Meimerstorf Metropolitan Life Foundation Ryan Meyers Charles and Melissa Miller John and Barbara Miller Charles Moon Ted and Sandra Motsinger George and Shirley Moye Bert and Annette Mullens Steve and Liz Mullins

Judy Murphy Jacquelin Neal Dan and Susie Nicholson Charlie and Lou Niven Joseph Nixon Wyn and Bridgett Norwood Bill and Ellen Parton Charles and Margaret Pearson Thomas and Amy Pennington Rick and Lalita Perkins Richard and Janis Petronis Jim and Janet Petty Jeff and JoGena Pipkin H.L. and Sherry Polsgrove Rasco Winter Abston Moore & Associates LLP Ron and Donna Reynolds RHS After Prom Howard and Becky Ritchie Doug Roberts Jeff and Jill Robertson Michael Robinson Eddie and Traci Rood Ken Rossi Gary Rowlands Stanley Russ Russellville Animal Clinic Betty Salmeri Phillip and Lisa Shelby Richard and Vicki Shelby Jack and Joyce Shepherd Hugh and Mary Silkensen Harry and Jewel Simcox Cleo Simmons Harlon and Jean Sory Darla Sparacino Richard and Lawana Staggs Paul and Stephanie Stein James and Adelyn Stevenson Sam and Heather Strasner Brian and Jovie Swain Ronald Tackett Earnest and Alison Taylor David Todd Mac and Donna Van Horn Jerry and Susan Vaughn Frank and Rudda Ward Don and Mildred Washington Lyle and Lisa Wheeler Jim and Mechele White Dean and Kathy Wilburn Del Williams Pat Woodson Phil Wright Autoplex Bob Wright Steve and Connie Zimmer

Barron Family Practice Bernard Bartlett David and Nancy Bartlett Kent D. Bartlett, DDS Bob Bartlett Sabra Bartlett Beacon Tire Co. Robin Bean Dennis and Doris Belden Harvey Benson Gary and Robin Berry Beta Sigma Phi Epsilon Upsilon Bibler Brothers Lumber Co Andy and Jennifer Bixler Jim and Martha Black M.J. Blaylock, LLC Matthew and Shelly Blaylock Butch Booher Paul Boone Robert and Cindy Borden Jeffrey and Carey Bosold Donald and Gwen Bowen Jackie Bowman

Glenn Bradford Larry and Cathy Brandt Doug Brecht Scott Breed Elizabeth Brewer Jerry and Linda Bridges Jeffrey Bridgman Christi Brown Broderick Brunson James and Ann Bryan Jack Buell Burris Inc Tommy and Becky Butler Les and Lyndal Byram Cathy Byrum Terry and Erin Callahan Mary Kaye Campbell Bob Carney Chris and Mary Carroll Adam and Kelli Caudle Mona Chadwick Sandra Chandler Ronald and Pam Chastain

FRIEND CLUB Faye Abernathy Access Mini Storage Bunny and Carol Adcock Dwane and Anita Ahrens Philip Alexander Russell Allison American National Insurance AMR Architects Inc Jim and Ramona Andrews Anna’s Attic Arkansas Orthopaedic Institute Arkansas Valley Chiropractic Clinic C.E. and Shirley Askew Deanna Aspel Thomas Aspel Robert and Betty Atkins James Austin Billy Baker Kristyn Baker Deborah Barber Hays and Jean Barnett Tekla Barr Clem and Jamie Barrere * Denotes deceased donor.

Annual Report

FRIEND CLUB (Continued) Jeff and Donna Cheatham Patrick and Connie Christiansen Erin Clair Judith Clark John Coates Sam and Gail Coffman Cheryl Coleman Samuel Collier ConocoPhillips Deborah Cooper Eldean Corley Steve and Theresa Corley Gilbert and Ann Cornwell Kevin Costley Preston and Betty Cowger Denzil and Phyllis Cox Robert Craig Rich and Patti Crooks Joseph Croom Sam and Diane Cummings Kenneth and Carol Cunningham Cunningham Metals Inc D.A. Dahlke George and Esta Dahlke DAK Subway Kelly and Reta Davis Ann Deal DeBlack Eye Care Center Nicolas del Grazia Delta Pest Control John Demarco Bob Dickson Dissinger Reed, LLC Ric and Margo Doss Drilling Enterprises of Conway Co Inc Eugene and Claire Duderstadt B.J. and Claire Dunn Carol Eason Kristy Eastridge Boyd and Carol Elliott Charles and Martha Engelberger David Eshelman Lisa Evans Bob Ewell Howard Faulkner Suzy Ferguson Frances Ferris Robert Ferryman James and Virginia Fields Marcel Finan Phil Fisher Matt and Jennifer Fleming Robert Fleming Jason and Theresa Fontaine George and Shawn Forbes James R. and Jo Ford Miller and Peggy Ford Royann Foreman Rodney Franks Anna Kay Frueauff Sue Frueauff FSG Enterprises Inc Jimmy Fulmer Kenneth and Karen Futterer Carl Gaines Jasper George Jeff and Tracey Geren Leon and Vicki Gershner *Gene Geurian Agnes Gibbs Raymond and Dorothy Goodman Don Goodson Shawn and Sara Gordon Bill and Tonya Gossage Sam and Nina Goza Michael Graves Lewis and Shannon Gray Paul and Elizabeth Gray Randall Gray Jason and Brandie Griffin Robert and Linda Griffin Lee and Barbara Griffith Frances Hager Don and Carolyn Hall

Bruno and Leanah Hampton Jeffrey and Virginia Haney * Jim and Lynn Hardin Lisa Harless Gene Hatfield Trina Hayes Jackie Haynes Robert Haynes Wayne and Sharon Helmer Marion and Joyce Helton Mostafa Hemmati Keith Henderson Bret and Jill Hendricks Cortney Herbst Gary Hickey Ron Higgins Jim and Jean Higgs Donald Hill Hodges Heavy Duty Truck Parts and Service Inc James and Linda Holder Terry Holland-Finley Brenton Holt Jessica Holt Ted Honghiran Houston Procurement & Logistics Intl., Inc. George and Rosanna Hudgens Jay Hudkins Cynthia Hukill Ann Irwin Randal and Patsy Isom JALA 2 LLC DBA Comfort Inn & Suites Janecka Insurance Martha Johansen Dale and Marilyn Johnson Russell and Pamela Johnson Timothy and Amanda Johnson Rickey and Barbara Jones Cora Jones Vance and Cynthia Jones Jamey and Ginny Jones Charles and Elaine Jones James and Jane Jones Robert and Shirley Jones Stephen Jones Todd Jones Jones Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Kelly Joseph-Savoy Sarah Judy Larry and Jackie Keene Melvin and Betty Keener Keeney Trucking Inc Kenneth and Emily Kelton Donna Kendrick Loyce Kennedy Steve and Brenda Kesner Bill and Vicky Kiehl Hays and Marsha Kinslow Cara Knight Joseph Knight Elijah Knudsen and Megan Morris Bill and Christa Kolb Linda Kondrick John Krohn Fritz Kronberger and Sharon Trusty Winston Kuo Lee Lane Lane Physical Therapy Center, Inc. Bernie Lantz Lois Lawrence Jeremy and Andrea Lawson Robert and Phyllis Leavell Carolyn Lee Charles Lee Timothy Leggett Otto Lienhart Inc Alvin and Rhonda Lievsay Joe and Corinne Linam Little John Transportation Services, Inc. Richard and Karen Long Doug Lowrey William and Sue Luce Lowell Lybarger Lybrand Consulting, LLC Clifford and Jane Lyon

Tommy and Sandra Maddox William and Carolyn Maestri Pamela A Magness CPA PA Kristine Markes Michael and Donna Martin Bob and Jane Martin Kevin and Beverly Mason Patricia Cartwright Mattingly Robert McAfee Brad and Lindsey McBride Joyce McCain H. K. and Galena McCaleb Jim and Mollie McCammon Daniel McCaulley Russell McConnell Mike and Sue McCoy Wes and Michelle McGill John and Gerry McGowen Walter and Ruth McKinnon R.E. and Sarah McKnight Roy and Linda McSpadden Bill and Dolores McSpadden Darryl and Martha Melton Dirk and Chris Merle Joshua and Samantha Merritt Sharyl Moffit John and Norma Montgomery James and Janita Moore Larry and Alice Morell Geron Morgan Gary and Myra Morris James and Jackie Morris Martha Morris James and Sandra Morris Walter and Helen Mott James and Mary Mulkey Gary Mullen Tommy Mumert Malcolm Murphy James and Kristen Musser Milton and Linda Neal Mike and Belinda Neal Beverly Nehus New York Life Foundation Holly Nighswonger Jerry and Mary Lou Oday Doyel O’Neal Johnny and Donna Parker Jon Parker Lamont Parsons Jason Patton Rus and Kathy Pearson Scott and Lisa Peek Patrick Pesnell Muriel Peters Marlene Pfeifer Insurance Agency, Inc. Stephen and Marlene Pfeifer Barney and Carolyn Phillips Hershel and Katherine Phillips Steven Pike Kenneth and Kathy Pippin Karen Pittman Arlee Pollard Chip Porter * Jim and Joyce Porter Rick and Trish Powell Ritchie Powers Caleb and Courtney Pratt Larry and Kari Prescott Carole Presley Pressure Trucks Inc Justin Price Joshua Price Davis Pritchett George Ramey Byra Ramsey Johnny Randell Earle and Virginia Raum Frank and Joyce Ray Real Practices, Inc. Harry and Jeanne Reems Paul and Rosalie Revis Don and Sue Rickard Ridout Lumber Company * Denotes deceased donor.

Summer 2013


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Annual Report

FRIEND CLUB (Continued) Polly Riley Steve Ritter River Valley Therapy & Sports Medicine Robert and Kay Roberts Robbie and Kerry Roberts David and Georganne Rollans Mary Ann Rollans Shawna Rose Rosewood Foundation Russellville Steel Co Paul and Susan Rylander Dee and Anna Rylee Paul Scheible Michael Schluterman Frank Scott Nathaniel and Lauren Scott Ralph and Mary Scott Tony and Donna Sherrill Sara Shinn Wilford and Brenda Shoop Shree Ram LLC Rick and Linda Simmons Michael Simmons Thomas and Cheryl Smith Timothy and Kristin Smith Paul Smith Steve and Rebecca Smith Samuel Smith Sandy Smith William and Kathy Smith Jamie and Beth Sorrells Joel and Mittie Southerland June Spann William and Laura Speer Vicky Spurr Trudy Stacy Glenn Stanley Harold Steelman


* Denotes deceased donor.

Tech Action

Melissa Steeves Matt Stephen Jerry and Sue Stephens Joan Stewart John Stiritz Michael and Whitney Stoker Michael and Phyllis Stone Harley Strang Tina Stubbs Antonette Stuckey Truman Pew and Virginia Summers Joseph Swain Barbara Tate Michael and Carla Terry Diann Terry David Russel William and Peggy Thomas Everett and Lee Thompson Darren and Jamie Thornberry Lisa Todd Tourtillott Consulting Inc Scott and Pamm Treece Brandon and Dana Tribble Tulane University Chuck and Keelie Tullis Hilda Turner Tom and Linda Tyler Edward and Martha Ullrich David and Susan Underwood Ursula Royalty LLC Wayne and Betty Van Valkenburgh Thomas Vaughn VEI General Contractors, Inc. Kenneth Vess Bruce and Brenda Vick Thomas Vincent Tony Vinson Martha Waggoner

Kenneth Walker Daniel Wang Jeff Ward Larry Ward Kenneth Warden Wendell and Lee Ann Weatherford Bryan and Felisha Weaver Bruce and Ann Webb Belinda Welch Wells Fargo Foundation Robert Wentz Susan West Ken and Ellen Wester Mike and Patty Wheeler Ross and Maegan White David and Diana Whitlow Rachel Whitman Mark Whitt Uel Wiggins Dave and Christina Wilbers Marcus and Mary Ann Wilkins Michael and Melinda Wilkins Deborah Wilkinson James and Norma Willcutt James Willett Clinta Williams Ricky and Cindy Williams Keith and Suzanne Williams Tyrone Williamson Steve and Jo Wilson Edwin and Shirley Wood Danny and Linda Woody Harold and Gelene Woody Henry and Angela Wooten Susie Yium Dan Yowell Sonny and Gail Zachary

Annual Report

TECH HONOR ROLL Michael Abshure Ed and Marinell Adair Jessie Adams Jerry and Emma Adcock Gabriel Adkins Robert and Alison Ahlert Abdolreza Ahrabli Todd and Nikki Aitken Alla Abdullah Al Jafari Hussain Al Omran Abdullah Alamri All Saint’s Episcopal Church Barton and Angela Allen Mitzi Allen Sarah Alpe Joe and Shelly Alpe Vrege and Marta Amirkhanian Brittany Anderson Christopher Martin Anderson Christopher Michael Anderson Ferne Shinn Anderson James Andrews Stephen Andrews Sabrina Anwar Raymond and Linda Arment Haydon Arnold Linda Arnold Jason Ashley Stephanie Ashley Keli Atwell Scott Axon Enrique Ayala Ronald and Betty Bailey John Bair Sherry Baker Whitley Baldwin Maegan Ballard Kathleen Balloun Roxanne Barker Brandon Barnes Michael Barrett Randy and Nancy Barrick Gary and D’Anne Barrow Joanna Bartlett Kathy Bartlett Mike and Rebecca Bartlett Tanna Bartlett Daniel and Tasha Beam Lindsay Beaton Brooke Beavers Bruce and Deborah Belcher Elaine Bell Rico and Ginny Belotti Callie Bennett Naomi Berry Jonathan Beshears Timothy Beshears Crystal Biggers Sabrina Billey James and Lee Billings Jason and Amber Binz Bruce and Kaye Birkhead Kyle and Sarah Blackburn Billy and Shirley Blalack Harold and Dean Blalock Todd and Brittany Blankenship Marlon Bledsoe Gibert and Donna Bloyed Nicholas Boerjan Mike Bogue Bruce Bolt Brad and Donna Bonnette Christina Borden Ryan Bowlin Colyn Bowman Leo and Michiko Bowman Les Boyum Deonte Bradley Jenna Bradley Rebecca Bradley Luke and Mary Beth Bradshaw Bryan and Rebecca Bramlett Priscilla Branch Jeremy Brandon Ronald Brazell Jennifer Brazil Zachary Breaux Shannon Brents Mallory Brewer Sharon Breyman David Brickley Reginald Brigham

Cathy Bright Stacy Briley Tim and Aimee Brinkley Jessica Brock Ralph Brody Clinton and Kristen Brown Erin Brown Jerry and Wanda Brown Larry Brown Michael Brown Carl and Melissa Brucker Michele Brumley Garrett and Tracy Brummett Edwina Bryant John and Julie Bucher Justina Buck James and Margie Bullock Bart Bump Steve and JaNell Burch Burgess Family Trust Rosemary Burk Vernetta Burks Brad Burl Gregory Burl Lucretia Burns Molly Burns Mary Butzlaff Mary Cabaniss Sharon Cagle Bill and Emily Callan Jonathan Calvin Carol Campbell Heather Campbell Randy and Susan Campbell Michelle Canada Leonel and Rachael Cantu Gus and Lutie Carmack Don and Margaret Carnahan Jeff and Alyssa Carter Larry and Elizabeth Carter Tim and Stacy Carter Jimmy and Bobbie Carter Jon and Tiffany Casey Michele Casteel Douglas Castro Juan Castro Martha Cater Brian and Monica Cauthen Jerry and Frances Cecil Gabe Cerasale Cheryl Chaney Tina Chapman Lyle Charlton Celeste Chavers Stewart and Laura Cheak Larry and Sandy Cheffer Tony Chesshier Adam and Monica Childers Paul and Sue Chiolino Jody Chrisman Jesse Christensen Gary and Wanda Christie Tim and Patricia Chronister Mark and Carla Churchwell Abbey Clark Clint and Kim Clark Danielle Clark Janet Claudio Frederick and Millie Clayton Jon and Barbara Clements Keith and Gayle Clutts Gary R. Cobb Gary W. Cobb Lisa Cochran Richard and Judy Cockrill Michael and Glenda Coker Blake and Ladonna Cole Tracy Cole Jennifer Coleman Jonathan and Brandi Collins James Collins Jimmy Collins William and Ednita Condley Blake Condley Veo Condley Debbie Conner Angela Cook Brandon and Anita Cook Will Cooper Kurt and Ashley Corbin Harold and Paula Cornett Donna Cothren

Ryan Cotton Rene Couture Leonard Cowan Evan and Jenny Cowling Rachel Cowling Ashley Cox Tandi Cox Dalya Crabtree Allen and Becky Crawford Brittany Crawford Debra Creek Doug Crise Johnny and Cara Crocker Patrick and Sheri Crosby Shane and Sarah Cross Greg and Jana Crouch Lyndel and Judy Crouch Lesa Crowell Allen Crum Casey Culver Tim Culver Daniel and Nancy Cummings Jessica Cunningham Tom and Ernestine Cuthbert Robert and Shelly Daily Larry Dale Angela Dalton Jamie Dalton Derell Daniel Ashley Daniels David and Rhonda Dare Jesse Dare Melissa Darnell Karlos Davidson Laura Davidson Chris and Tamara Davidson Abby Davis Derek and Shelly Davis Jerryl Davis JR Orlandra Davis Tracy Dawa David and Janene Dawson Pamela Dawson Steve Deckelman Devin Deislinger Craig Denette Gary and Evelyn Denton Loren and Sybil Denton Kathy Denzer Robert DePriest Maria Diaz Veda Diaz Denise Dipert Janna Marting Linda Dodd Beau Dollar Whitney Terrill Jim Domer Devin Donahou Scherapene Dorris Jerad Dover Alvin and Faye Drittler Drummond Construction LLC Jacqueline Duncan Lonnie Duncan Blake Duncan Joshua Durey Charles Duval Eric Duvall Michael Duvall Donna Dyer Peter Dykema Jamie Earls Islam Ebeid Christopher Edens Debbie Edgin Gary Edwards Pamela Edwards Tracy Eichenberger Kenneth Elliott Kendra Ellis James Ellison Cody Ellison Crystal Elwin Tracy Emery Chris and Amy Engelhoven Ruth Enoch Josue Enriquez Pamela Haynes Shaana Escobar Daniel Eshcol Katie Etris * Denotes deceased donor.

Summer 2013


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Tech Action

Leave your Legacy at Tech Include the Arkansas Tech Foundation in your will or trust.

Andrea Hoelzeman Aaren Evans Jack Evans Nathan Evans Eric Ezell Ronald Fair Loyd Fairless April Fales Lindsey Falkenstein James and Ashley Farrar Nick Fast Patricia Fernandez Sherry Field Tommy and Jill Fields David and Dorothy Fike Ann Filyaw Megan FinCannon Janae Fisher Will and Mollie Fisher Pat and Alice Fitts Jason and Lisa Fleming Molly Fleming Craig and Rhonda Fleming Brady Fletcher Yadira Flores C. David and Mary Floyd Wesley Folds Robert Ford Tori Foreman Nicole Foster Pam Foster Jill Fougerousse Michael and Tanya Franklin Heather Kimmer Joe Free Courtney Freeman Larry and Jo Ann Freeman Kenneth and Missy Freeman Stephanie Freeman Chris and Susan Freeman Ashlee Friend Kenneth and Debra Fritsche Floyd Fryer Charles and Lisha Gagen Aaron and Tara Gamble Aaron Gammill Stephen and Dana Gann Guadalupe Garcia Ashley Trice Michael Garner Kimberly Garrett Cassie Garrison Heather Garrison Jennifer Garrison Barbara Geels Jerry Gentry Annie George Kenneth and Carol George Kay Giardina Doug and Belinda Gibbs James and Mary Gibson Robert and Jessica Gilbreath James Giles Chris and Amy Gipson Dallas Gipson Chris and Beth Giroir Ashley Givens Paul and Mary Godwin Hannah Goetz Jason Golden Anthony Gonzales Chris and Jennifer Goodman Chris Goodwin Brennan Goree Marla Goshien Mark and Laura Gotcher Reginald Govan Rachel Graham Donna Grant Gregory Grant Johnny and Teresa Gravett Richie and Divella Gray Rebecca Gray Sabrina Gray Anthony Green Sue Green Sommer Green Mary Ellen Greenway Gary Greenwood John and Cynthia Greer Jordan Greer Lori Greer * Denotes deceased donor.

Peggy Gregory Laura Griffin Scott and Suzy Griffin David and Pam Grimes Susan Groves Jo Anne Guenther Felix Guerrero Mario Gurule Bradley Gwatney Rebecca Hahn Jenny Hale Kirk and Shannon Hall Sam and Gayle Hall Mary Hall Melissa Hall Tony and Sherry Hall Don and Sally Hallum Hannah Halsell Amanda Hamby Lawana Hamilton Matthew Hamilton R J Hamilton, Inc. Jack and Charlene Hamm Dusty and Sallie Hampton Terry and Joyce Hankton Shelly Hanlon Chad and Shelley Harbison Roderick and Rhonda Harden Justin and Valerie Hardesty * Chrystal Hardin Al and Donna Harpenau Jessica Harris Lyman and Carol Harris Zach and Leslie Harris James and Linda Harrison Melissa Harrison Charles and Clara Hart Seth Haswell Dawn Hawkins Clinton and Ronda Hawkins David and Lezli Hayes Robert and Rayla Hearne Joshua Heckel Luke and Joanne Heffley Keith and Joyce Helm Johnny and Natalie Helmert Sheila Helmert Bill Hemmer Gary Henderson Bobby Henrichs Peter and Linda Jackson Amanda Herman Terry and Debbie Hickerson Billy and Peggy Higgins James and Kristi Higgs Fred Hill Randy and Donna Hillard Fredrick Hillier Milburn Hinds Danny Bill and Donna Hindsman Tommy Hindsman Debra Hines Alan Hines Thad and Tracie Hinkle Hodge Family Dentistry Stephen Hodges Adam Hogan Aaron and Jessie Hogan Cassie Holder Robert and Annette Holeyfield Brandon and Sarah Holland Caitlin Holland Linda Holland Bentley Hollingsworth Greg Holmes Janna Holmes Gurnia Holt Amber Holtz Paul Honnell Marcia Hood Lori Hooten Travis Horn Horn and Son LLC Ralph and Carole Horner Howard Horsman Sarah Hottinger Michael Houston Penny Howard Jake Howe Michelle Howell Rebecca Howell Michael and Debbie Hoyt

Frederick Hoyt Mary Hoyt John and Vera Hubbard Kimberly Hubbard Robert Hudgins Shlynda Hudson Bobby and Lisa Huelle Paige Huffman Timothy Hull Charles Hulsey Stanley Hunt Cleophus Hunter Eric and Monica Hunter Nathaniel Hunter Shabab Hussain Stephen and Lindsey Ingmire Donald and Julia Inman Seth and Tatia Irwin John and Angela Jackson Ronnie and Tina Jackson Cynthia Jacobs Phil and Linda Jacobs James Jakubec Angela Janzen Aqsa Javid Gary and Mary Jefferson Lodema Jensen Josh and Cody Jeter Randy Johns Brenda Johnson Mary Johnson Retha Johnson William Johnson Alan and Tracy Johnston Aaron Jones Amanda Jones Tandy and Athalene Jones Autumn Jones Brandon and Robyn Jones Brittany Jones Buddy and Glenda Jones Cameron Jones Evelyn Jones Jared Jones Jason Jones Josh Jones Laura Jones Quincy and Yvonne Jones Athalene Jones Guy Joubert Jan Kallberg Josh and Stacy Kanady Douglas Karleskint Jennifer Keatts Morgan Keeling Wilson and Betty Kell Josh Kelley Jim and Melanie Kennedy Charles and Patsy Kerley Richard Kerr Richard and Rose Kersh Chester and Nancy Key Robert Key Chelsey King Scott and Mary Kirkconnell Charles and Susan Kitchens Jeffery Kitchens Mindy Klober Logan Knight Julie Knotts Keith and Phyllis Koons Leon and Mary Koziar Jim and Carla Krohn Kevin Krost Kelli Kuhn Randy Kulbeth Wetzel and Betty LaGrone Charlie and Christina Lairamore Chelsea Lairamore Mandy Laird Kyle and Kelli Lamberson Tonya Lambert Paul Lambres Caleb Land William and Peggy Land David and Traci Laseter Steve and Elaine Laux Kenny and June Lawson Brenda Leach Fran League Matt and Heather Leavell Mark and Lori LeBahn

Annual Report

TECH HONOR ROLL (Continued) Anthony Lee Carissa Lee Garry Lee Hollye Lee Van and Julia Lee Seung Suk Lee Van and Julia Lee David Lensing Ester Leonard Virgil Lerew Anthony Lewis Betty Lienhart Amber Light Henry and Mary Limgo Randy and Margaret Link Brenda Lipe Jim Little Randy Loggins Glenna Long Brady and Rachel Loretz Kathy Love Tracie Lovell Larry Lowrey Juanita Luessen Pamela Luker Russell Lutrell Robert and Janie Lybrand Tayler Lynch Joe and Bonnie Magness Darla Mainer Kristy and Rocky Majors Alex and Jennifer Manly Kayla Marcotte Eric Markle Will Marley Grant Marshall Jason Martin Suzanne Martin Donnie and Teresa Martin Juan and Marina Martinez Janna Marting Christian Martins Adam Matejek Todd Mathews Billy and Mary Matthews Ben Maturino Richard Maxwell Tony and Tonya Mays Amanda McAlister Myrna McAnulty Larry and Malynda McCain Alton and Mary McCartney Steven McCaskill Deborah Neumeier Nicholas and Natasha McCoy Jennifer McCrary Lisa McDaniel Wesley McDaniel Kimberly McElroy Albert and Loretta McElroy Ashley McFadden Robert McGaha Grace McGehee Betty McKenney Thayer and Lalena McKinley Ashleigh McKinstry Robbie and Terri McKown Emily McMickle Joshua McMillian Adrianne Hoyt Jonathan McNeely Nancy McNew Roy and Troylynn McSpadden Kristina McSweeney Eddie and Annette Meador Kimberlee Mealy Elizabeth Means Jeff and Norma Meares Andrea Medlock Andru Mefford Edwin Melgar Randal Melton Godo Menjivar Eva Metcalf Teresa Middlebrooks Michael Midyett Larry Miller Linda Miller Matt and Amanda Miller Miller Chick Service Jayson and Cheri Millheim Steve and Donna Milligan

Alexander Mirkovic James Mitchell Raymond and Kimberly Molden Raymond Monica Jamie Monroe Brenda Montgomery Lucas and Aimee Moody Charles Moore Clay Moore Jennifer Moore James and Judi Moore Marion Moore Bob and Betty Moore Omar Morales Ben and Hillary Moreland Eliseo Moreno Wyman and DeLois Morgan Darrell Morris Susan Morris Tommy and Delores Morrison Vernon Morrison Calvin Morrow Samuel Morse David and Gail Morton James Moses Justine Mount Roy and LaJune Mueller Thomas Mueller James Muldoon Courtney Mullen Jim and Jami Mullen Jeffery Mumert Gerald and Helen Murders Michael Murders Charlie Murphy Christopher Murray Reginald Murrill William Naegle Andrew and Tiffany Nance Robert and Criss Narcum Robert Neal Dick and Sue Neelly Casper Nehus Mark and Carla Neihouse Charles and Jessica Nelson Frank Nelson Rachel Nelson Kaylynn Newhard Bob and Geanne Newman Nicholson Corporation Dick and Sue Niven Raymond Nix Jessica Noblett Earl and Kay Nolen Dean Norsworthy Oscar Ochoa Cindy O’Donnell Lacie Oels Silvestre Ojendis Garcia Nathan Oliver Ashley Olson E.C. and Katie O’Neal Yasushi Onodera Boyd and Debbie Osborne Kevin Ott Stan and Marilyn Ott George and Betty Overbey Tiffany Owen Larry Palmer Brett and Katie Papasan Callie Parker Lacey Parker Philip and Kim Parker Edward and Faye Parmer Brittany Parsons Dustin Parsons Robert Parten Gary Parvin Edna Patterson Jeremy Patterson Greta Hittle Jennifer Paul Radmila Pavlova Jackie and Carolyn Paxton Courtney Peachey Jeffrey Pearson Rickey Pearson Kevin and Laura Pennington Stephanie Pepper Betty Perkins Dale Perkins Glenda Perry

Ronda Petray Bob and Reida Phelan Ashley Phillips Christopher and Carrie Phillips Richard and Angie Pierce Dave Pinson Pam Pinto Ashley Pledger Bob and Martha Pledger Dee Pless Sarah Plummer Ed and Erin Poe Lynn Pollack Curtis Poole Gary Poole Anthony and Julia Pope Martin Post Mark and Laura Potter Kelvin and Christy Preis Brock Price Tracy and Rita Price Alvin Prieur III Bob Pruett John Przybysz Mark Pyburn Tiffany Queen Heath and Ashley Rabun William and Elaine Ragland Melanie Ragsdale Jairrion Raino Miriam Ramirez Nelson Ramirez Alexis Rampey Mary Ramsey B.C. and Donna Rankin Dan and Linda Rash Jeffrey Ray Joshua and Sarah Ray Lisa Reading Mitzi Reano Marsha Reaves Mark and Debbie Reavis Derrick Reece Chuck and Dona Reed Clint and Jennifer Reed Crystal May Robert and Ronda Reely Brandley and Crystal Reeves Seth and Rachel Reeves Solon Reid Randy and Debbra Renfro Tony and Angela Reynolds Marissa Reynolds Tom and Laura Reynolds Gary and Tonya Rhodes Randy and Melinda Rhynes William Rice Tommy and Linda Richardson Lettie Rico Karen Riddell Anita Riddley Doug and Shelly Rideout Michael and Brenda Ridgway Timothy Ridings Aubrey Rigsby Deborah Riley Jeff Rion Kyle and Debbie Ristig Jimmy Ritchie Daniel Rivera Kelley and Sonya Roach Mike Roberts Sandra Roberts Spence Roberts Enterprises Inc Dwight and Barbara Robertson Janice Robinson Jennifer Robinson Michele Robinson Cory and Donnelle Rodney Enrique Rodriguez Jimmy and Nancy Rofkahr Kenneth and Donna Rogers Hunter Rogers John G. Rose Cathy Fultz Isaac Ross Robert and Catherine Ross Kale and Laura Rudolph Roman Ruiz Tamee Runion James and Michele Rush Russellville Ladies Golf Association * Denotes deceased donor.

Summer 2013


Did You Know? Your gift to the Arkansas Tech Foundation can be designated for a specific program or scholarship, or it can go to the University’s Greatest Need. (479) 968-0400 givetotech

Annual Report



Tech Action

Luis Salazar Wilson Sanchez Jason Sanders Somphit Sanethvilay Angela Satori Travis Scates Jennifer Schalk Marilyn Schmehl James Schmitt Ludwig Schmitt David and Nancy Schneider Jeremy Schwehm Travion Scott Matthew and Susan Self John Sellers Bobby Sewell Jayne Sewell Brandi Shaffer Jerri Sheffield Sherrie Shelton Shannon Shen Jena Shepherd Mina Shewmake Samantha Shipley Jane Shipman Kyle Shipp Kenneth and Jana Shores Ms. Jenifer Showers Mark Siebenmorgen Gregory and Deanna Simpkins Lewon Simpson Brenda Sims Cat Singleton Leslie and Barbara Skews Nancy Sloan Bobby and Lois Small Brooke Smith Cory Smith Daniel and Denise Smith Heath Smith Jacob Smith Jerry Smith Nancy Smith Nathanael Smith Paige Smith Wayne and Helen Smith Lesley Snider Thomas Snizek David and Amy Snow Thomas Soehner Kevin Solomon Phyllis Sorrells Brooke Southard Steven and Martha Spack Amanda Sparks Rose Sparrow Robert Spearman Deborah Spears Herman and Ann Spicer Laverne Spikes Sally Davenport Spillane Gary and Charlene Standridge Cindy Stanley Charles and Sharon Steele Thomas and Sammie Stephenson Leslie and Judith Stewart-Abernathy Ivan Still Jessie Stillwell Robin Stobaugh Kristy Stokes Valorie Stoll Misty Stout Frances Stovall John and Dean Strickland Lance and Kathryn Strother Martha Stroud

Amber Styles Gregory Sublett John and Revonda Sutton Bruce Swanson Sally Sweeden Sweeden Florist Douglas Sybrant Kendall and Geraldine Tabor James and Libby Talley Edward Taranto Tim Tarbox Erwin and Phyllis Tarkington Ashley Taylor Frank and Shirley Taylor Mark Taylor Phillip Taylor Ryan and Leah Taylor Whitley Taylor James and Marge Teal Bruce and Anice Tedford William and Peggy Land The Smokehouse Deli Joseph Thoma Clinton Thomas Zachary Thomas Alvin Thompson Ray Thompson James Thompson Regina Thompson Don and Mary Betty Thone Kerri Threlkeld Alpha Thurman Peggy Tibbs Patrick Tidwell Robert Tillman Sheryle Tinerella William and Brittany Titsworth Matt Toon Aaron and Sara Tosch Total Assessment Solutions Corp. David Toward Tom and Margrette Townsend Gray Townsend Levi Townsend Mike Traw Curtis and Orene Traylor Daniel Traylor Clint and Lori Trentham Justin Trice Brandi Tripp Mark Tripp Steve and Kim Troboy Stephen Tubbs Jim and Kay Tucker Joe Turner Samantha Turner Verna Turner Amos and Karey Turnipseed Tom Tutt UBS Financial Services Inc. J.B. and Anita Valentine Scott and Pam Van Horn Henry and Dinah Vance Jason and Katherine Vandergrift Bob Veach Phillip and Chrystal Vega Tammy VerKamp Michael and Brenda Verser Jessica Virden Blake Vongphakdy Pawan Kumar Vuppuluri Waldron Veterninary Clinic Jack Walker Juliette Walker Paige Walker Victor Walker

Aaron Wallis Cheyenne Walls Alan Walsh Eileen Walsh Rachel Walters Scott and Alisa Waniewski Brad Ward Dawn Ward Jamie and Michelle Ward Ray Ward Jason and Kyla Warnick Bobby Washington Catherine Waters Gwyn Watson John E. Watson Lakita Watson Maggie Waymack-Cope Paul and Pamella Weathers Blanche West Howard West Kristen Wheeler Addie White Amy White James White Matthew and Adena White Michael Whitkanack Debbie Whitted Louis and Margaret Wilkerson James and Whitney Wilkins Jimmy and Mary Willard Jesse Willcox Brandi Willett Alvin Williams Barbara Williams Gary Williams Leonard Williams Mary Williams Melisa Williams Scott Williams Michael Williams Neatosha Williams Patricia Williams Vanessa Williams Nathan Williamson Alan Wilson Charles Wilson De’Kevious Wilson Elizabeth Wilson Kristi Wilson Rebecca Wilson Annette Wilson Truman Wilson Richard and Lori Wineland Jazlynn Wisener Brooks and Cara Witherspoon Jared and Jeneen Wood Matt Woodam Walter and Lynette Woodie Adrienne Woods Brittany Woods Rex and Linda Woodson Lance and Amanda Woodworth Danny and Kathy Wooten Jackie Wray David and Kristy Wyatt Lianghong Xu Gary and Julie Yarbrough Jerry and Vickie Yates Beverly York Jessica Young Kelly Young-Franklin Wayne and Yvonne Zachary Tito Zarate Jefferey and Angela Zimmerman * Denotes deceased donor.

Loyalty Society and Pacesetters The Arkansas Tech University Loyalty Society was created in 2006 to pay tribute to donors who have made annual (Tech Loyalty Fund) gifts consistently for 10 or more years. That same year, the Loyalty Pacesetters program was started for graduating seniors who make their first gift prior to graduation. We will highlight these two special groups in the next issue of Tech Action.

Annual Report


The Gifts from the following individuals were matched by these organizations AT&T Higher Education/Cultural Matching Gift Program Ronald and Angie Anderson

ConocoPhillips Clem and Jamie Barrere

Metropolitan Life Foundation Cleo Simmons

American Electric Power Craig Goodlett

Dana Corporation Foundation Glenn and Jean Parks

Nationwide Insurance Foundation Leon Anderson Insurance Inc

Arkansas Best Corporation David and Beth Brooks Frank and Rudda Ward

Entergy Corporation Matching Gift Program B.J. and Kristy Bayer Shannon Briggs Gary Burton Jackie Haynes Betty McKenney Frank and Sue Merritt Glenn and Jean Parks

New York Life Foundation Jerry and Nancy Burns

ExxonMobil Foundation Lillian Hoover

State Farm Co Foundation Thomas Casner

IBM Matching Grants Program Bobby and Abigail Willis

Wells Fargo Foundation Shawn and Sara Gordon

BKD, LLP, Accounting Education Fund Don and Kelly Desoto Ken Rossi Bank of America Matching Gifts Program Brad and Lindsey McBride Bridgestone/Firestone Trust Fund Truman and Jan Hill

Rosewood Foundation Sonny and Gail Zachary Ryder System Charitable Foundation, Inc Stan and Dacie Rau

IN MEMORY/HONOR OF (May 1, 2013 through July 31, 2013)

The following individuals made gifts to Tech in memory or in honor of a friend or loved one In Memory of Virginia Bachman Cory Miser

In Honor of Leslie Miller Harris Johnny and Julie Morgan

In Memory of Huie Bird Arkansas River Valley Tri-Peaks Association Inc

In Memory of Savannah Hintze Quincy and Yvonne Jones Wesley United Methodist Church

In Honor of Dr. Jo Blondin Johnny and Julie Morgan In Memory of Margie Burris Roy and Linda McSpadden In Memory of Doug Foreman Royann Foreman

In Memory of Stacey Lee Sharon Breyman In Honor of Jim Murphy Gerald and Carol Harvell In Memory of Helen Jane Pollard Arlee Pollard

In Honor of Ben and Terry Rothwell Harold and Paula Cornett Gerald and Carol Harvell Randy and Donna Hillard Larry and Malynda McCain Johnny and Donna Parker Charles and Sharon Steele Sam and Heather Strasner In Memory of Charles M Shelton Bill and Tracy Shelton

Summer 2013

In Memory of Thomas Tate Barbara A Tate




Ark ansas Tech Univer sity




The Ultimate way to show your Tech spirit is now available. This official Arkansas license plate shows the world where your school spirit is. Get yours for just $35 at any Department of Finance office in Arkansas or visit the link below. For every Tech license plate purchased, $25 goes toward the Arkansas Tech Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.




Class Notes Marriages

Kelly Traylor (NURS ’02) and Nathan Traylor (AH ’13),

Amber Brady (MGMT/MKTG ’99 & ACCT ’04) and

a son, Jase Matthew, June 12, 2013. Jase has one sister,

Scott Cook were married on June 15, 2013. Amber

Lilly (2). They live in Russellville.

is a Certified Public Accountant at Frost, PLLC in Fayetteville. They live in West Fork.

Lisa Sims Ivey (BIOL ’03) and her husband, Brian, a daughter, Leah Ann, May 20, 2013. Leah has one

Lenoria Heimann (COM SCI ’05) and Mark Kroos were married on June 29, 2013.

brother, Hayden (5). They live in Dardanelle. Joshua Panther (ART ’03) and his wife, Jessica, a son,

Laura Beth Brown (ENGL ’08 & M.S. CSP ’10) and Will

Josiah Matthew, June 21, 2013. Josiah has a brother,

Wetzel (ALUM) were married on July 20, 2013.

Joshua, and a sister, Janice. They live in Russellville.

J.R. Davis (JOUR ’08) and Donnally Campbell (ECED

Ryan Ritchie (ECON & MGMT/MKTG ’03) and his wife,

’08) were married on June 22, 2013. J.R. is morning co-

Melanie, a son, Beckham Clark, July 1, 2013. Beckham

anchor for television station KNWA. Donnally teaches

has a brother, Hudson (5), and a sister, Lexi (3). They

in the Rogers School District.

live in Maumelle.

Taylor Quast (ECED ’08) and Guy Marsh were married

Jessie Gunn Stillwell (MGMT/MKTG ’03) and her

on June 29, 2013.

husband, Nathan, a daughter, Ryan Maelynn, Sept. 14, 2012. Ryan has one brother, Noah (3).

Brittany Vanderpool (SPAN ’08 & M.S. CSP ’10) and


Tech Action

Brandon Poyner were married on May 25, 2013.

Alison Isely Wilson (BIOL ’03) and Charles “Chip”

Allison Horn (HIM ’09) and Nick Grote (BIOL ’09) were

two brothers: Cash (6) and Will (4). They live in Springdale.

married on July 20, 2013.

Wilson (HPE ’04), a son, Daniel, Dec. 26, 2012. He has

Erik Enderlin (EAM ’05) and his wife, Tera, a daughter,

Kaitlyn Weindel (HPE ’10) and Jason Litsey were

Emelyn Ann, June 5, 2013. Emelyn has two brothers:

married on May 25, 2013.

Easton (3) and Rylan (2). They live in Kansas City, Mo.

Tyler Vantine (MGMT/MKTG ’11) and Angel Sawyer

Lindsey Shipman Porter (AGBU ’05) and her husband,

(’14) were married on June 22, 2013.

Jessie, a daughter, Autumn Grace, July 20, 2013. Autumn has a sister, Rylee (4). They live in Dover.

Kevin Beirne (MUED ’12) and Nicole Foster (AGRI EDU ’13) were married on June 8, 2013. Kevin is assistant

Brittany Jarnagan Jones (MUED ’06) and her husband,

band director at Camden Fairview High School and

Chase, a daughter, Abigail, Dec. 5, 2012.

Nicole is agriculture teacher at Bismarck High School.

Misty Lewis (ECED ’06 & M.Ed. ’10) and her husband,

Haley M. Larsson (HA ’13) and Justin L. Hopkins were

Lee, a daughter, Brylee Elise, Oct. 3, 2012. Brylee has

married on March 9, 2013. They live in Little Rock.

one sister, Maylee Reese (3).

Alyssa Verkamp (SOC ’13) and Zach Raggio were

Jonathan Snipes (HIST ’06 & M.A. HIST ’09) and

married on May 25, 2013.

Whitney Alexander Snipes (ALUM), a daughter, Ember Ruth, Dec. 26, 2012. They live in Russellville.

Births Kerrye Swicegood (ELED ’94) and her husband, Bobby, a son, Truett Story, Nov. 17, 2012. Truett has a brother, Tal, and a sister, Tynley. Joel McEntyre (COM SCI ’98) and Alexis Styles McEntyre (SPH ’00), a son, Luke David, Feb. 4, 2013. Luke has one brother, Chayce Barrett (3).

Crystal Riley Keech (ECED ’07) and her husband, Ricky, a daughter, Serenity Rose, June 24, 2013. Serenity has one sister, Natalie (8). They live in Russellville. Lindsay Luningham (ECED ’08) and her husband, Scott, a daughter, Sadee Illa, July 10, 2013. Sadee has a brother, Dylan (13), and a sister, Chloe (8). They live in Atkins.

Class Notes Bradley Taylor (RPA ’08) and Stacie Loftin Taylor

Gary Hickey (BUAD ’66) is spending much of his

(ECED ’09), a son, Jeb Robert, July 3, 2013.

retirement exploring the United States. He took a cruise to Alaska in May and a 5,000 mile road trip to

Brittanie Crow Morris (ECED ’09) and her husband,

the northwestern U.S. this summer.

Shawn, a son, Scout Daniel, July 15, 2013. Scout has a sister, Marlee (3). They live in Dover.

Dr. Belva Worthen Prather (MUED ’67) was inducted into the Missouri Bandmasters Hall of Fame during

Tyler Caston (AGBU ’11) and his wife, Lauren, a son,

a ceremony on June 24, 2013. Belva has taught

Case Allen, July 5, 2013.

band for 46 years. She has spent the last 27 years at Missouri State University, where she is professor of

Alicia Chivers Woods (NURS ’11) and her husband,

music and director of the MSU Wind Ensemble.

Benjamin, a daughter, Bella May, June 10, 2013. They live in Russellville. Kenneth Finley (FW ’12) and his wife, Mary, a daughter, Harper Willow, July 1, 2013. Harper has two brothers: Ian (12) and Nathan (10). Kenneth works for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the Galveston, Texas, district. Christopher Duran (ELEC ENGR ’13) and his wife, Chelsey, a son, Noah Lucas, July 3, 2013. Noah has a brother, Bentley Wyatt (1).

1940s A.W. Callan (ENGR ’40) is retired and living in Northwest Arkansas. A.W. served in World War II and Korea. He retired from the service after 26 years and spent 18 years on the aviation management faculty at Auburn University.


1970s Gary Rowlands (RPA ’70), his wife Willette and their family were named 2013 Pope County Farm Family of the Year. Marc Roland (RPA ’75) retired from Arkansas State Parks on June 30, 2013. Marc was superintendent at Woolly Hollow State Park for more than three decades as part of his 37-year career. Charlie Sorrels (HPE ’76) of the Atkins School District was inducted into the Arkansas High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame during a ceremony at the Hot Springs Convention Center in July. Dr. Pam Carr (ACCT ’77 & M.A. ACCT ’84) received the 2013 Dr. Thomas P. Tyler Excellence in Teaching Award from the Arkansas Tech College of Business. Pam has been a member of the faculty since 1991.

Arnold Bowden (EDU ’54) and Katherine Nunn

Steve Wilson (RPA ’78) was promoted to

Bowden (EDU ’54) celebrated their 60th wedding

superintendent at Woolly Hollow State Park in

anniversary on March 30, 2013.

Greenbrier effective July 1, 2013. Steve had served as assistant superintendent at Woolly Hollow since 1979.

Barbara Creecy Tate (BUED ’59) reports that the Caraway Hall/Third Floor Girls from the late 1950s, also known as “The Pink Ladies,” will reunite once again at Homecoming 2013.

1960s William “Nubbin” Boley (HPE ’66) and his wife, Susie, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on July 7, 2013. They live in Dover. Mike Graves (ART ’66 & ART EDU ’68) is serving his fourth term as constable of Big Rock Township in Pulaski County. His third grandchild, Ari, was born May 18, 2013. Mike serves as president of the Little Rock Ski Club (snow).

1980s S. Rena Taylor (ACCT ’80 & M.Ed. ’85) joined Coldwell Banker, James R. Ford and Associates in Russellville, as a sales associate. Dr. Logan Hampton (BIOL ’85) was named interim vice chancellor for educational, student services and student life at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock effective July 1, 2013. Leslie Mackin (HPE ’86 & M.Ed. ’95) was named 2012-13 Russellville High School teacher of the year. She has taught in Russellville schools for 24 years.

Summer 2013


Class Notes Christina Montgomery Rye (HPE & ART ’86) was

Jim Peters (BUAD ’94) was promoted to head boys’

named 2013 girls’ swimming and diving coach of the

track and field coach at Clinton High School (Miss.).

year in the state of Arkansas. Christina coaches the Conway High School swim and dive teams and teaches

Jonathan Gipson (JOUR ’95) was named 2012-13 Scott

art for the Conway School District.

Puryear Heartland Conference Sports Information Director of the Year. Jonathan is beginning his seventh

Lisa Ann Ward (MEDA ’86) accepted a job with

year as sports information director at the University of

Southern Bancorp in West Helena as a loan

Arkansas at Fort Smith.

administrative assistant in mortgage lending. Roger Gunter (FW ’98) retired after 23 years in the U.S. Shawna Rose (’87) is self-employed in the rental

Marines and 14 years in the U.S. Forest Service. Roger

business in Fort Smith. She has two daughters

served in Vietnam and Operation Desert Storm. In

attending Arkansas Tech University.

retirement, he volunteers with the Pope County Office

Mark Gotcher (MUED ’88, M.Ed. EDLD ’01 & Ed.S ’12) was hired as superintendent for the Atkins School District effective July 1, 2013. Dr. Richard Staggs (NURS ’88) earned his Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Western University of Health Science in Pomona, Calif., on June 7, 2013.



Tech Action

of Emergency Management search and rescue team as well as the Dover Rural Fire Department. Henry Wooten (COM SCI ’99 & M.S. INFO TECH ’10) accepted the position of advancement information technology support specialist at the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith effective Aug. 1, 2013.

2000s Kami Taylor Coleman (JOUR ’00) was promoted to vice

Dr. Michele Ballentine-Linch (ELED ’90) is the

president of professional development for the Arkansas

executive director of the Arkansas State Teachers

Bankers Association.

Association, a state affiliate of the Association of American Educators. Michele and her husband, Perry

Julie Ann Hilton (ELEM EDU ’00 & M.Ed. ’05) was

Linch (’91), live in Little Rock and have two children.

named 2012-2013 Russellville School District teacher of the year. Julie teaches at London Elementary School.

Mark Stone (ECON ’90) was appointed to the Cornerstone Bank Board of Directors. He lives in

Ben Montgomery (JOUR ’00) was published in the


recently released book “True Crime: Real Life Stories of Abduction, Addiction, Obsession, Murder, Grave-

Kim Banning-Willhite (ENGL EDU & SPAN ’91) and

Robbing and More.” Ben’s essay is titled “Spectacle:

Greg Willhite (ALUM) live in Ozark with their daughters

The Lynching of Claude Neal.”

Tatum (14) and Kelby (11). Kim teaches Spanish for the Alma School District, while Greg is maintenance

Jason Anderson (’01) was hired as head softball coach

supervisor at the Fitzhugh power plant in Ozark.

at Northwestern Oklahoma State University in Alva.

Ronda Hawkins (BUAD ’92 & M.A. TEACH ’12)

Todd Ezzi (HPE ’03) was promoted to head basketball

received the statewide Rising Star Training Award

coach at Little Rock Catholic High School.

from the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center (ASBTDC). Ronda is training

Jessica Holt (MUED ’05) is beginning her fifth year as

coordinator for the ASBTDC regional office located at

band director at Charleston Middle School. She lives in

Arkansas Tech University.

Fort Smith.

Dr. Cora Jones (MUED ’94) was promoted to team

Brittany Jarnagan Jones (MUED ’06) lives in Memphis,

leader/supervisor in child protective services for the

Tenn., with her husband, Chase, and their two

Tennessee Department of Children’s Services. Cora

daughters: Madison (2) and Abigail (6 months).

works out in Tullahoma, Tenn.

Class Notes Trey Prieur (HPE ’06) was hired as an alternative


learning environment teacher for the Paris School

Jason McGee (MGMT/MKTG ’10) was named branch


manager for the Elmira Avenue location of Arvest Bank in Russellville.

Jennifer Binnie Poteete (HPE ’05 & M.Ed. ‘07) was hired as assistant softball coach, assistant junior

Ashley Andrews (COMM ’12) was hired as executive

high volleyball coach and assistant senior high

director of the Dardanelle Area Chamber of

volleyball coach for the Atkins School District.


Lacie Caughron (SOC ’07) was promoted to

Skot Covert (EAM ’12) was elected national co-chair

consumer loan officer for Arvest Bank in Russellville.

of the College Republican National Committee.

Jennifer Brazil (BIOL ’08) accepted a position as an

Steven Sola (SOC ’12) was selected as a Peace Corps

operator engineer at Arkansas Nuclear One.

volunteer. He will serve as an English education instructor in Indonesia for the next two years.

Ashley Snellenberger (JOUR ’08) was hired by the Russellville School District as communications

Tanner Marsh (ID ’12) signed with the Montreal


Alouettes of the Canadian Football League. He was the starting quarterback at Arkansas Tech in 2012.

Alexis Brown White (MECH ENGR & NUC TECH ’08) received her medical degree from the University of

Lee Boykin (EMER MGMT ’13), Christopher Duran

Arkansas for Medical Sciences and will complete

(ELEC ENGR ’13), Keith McDaniel (HPE ’13) and

her residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the

Allen Underwood (SOC ’13) were commissioned

University of Missouri-Kansas City.

as second lieutenants in the U.S. Army during a ceremony at the Doc Bryan Student Services Center

J. Hunter White (BIOL & NUC TECH ’08) received

at Arkansas Tech University on May 11, 2013.

his medical degree from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and will complete his residency

Adrian Meredith (HPE ’13) has been hired to coach

in emergency medicine at the University of Missouri-

wrestling and teach in the alternative learning

Kansas City.

environment for the Russellville School District.

Summer 2013


Obituaries tech

Friends We’ll Miss

Marynelle Morgan Baker (‘40) died on Nov. 22, 2012. Marynelle lived in San Antonio, Texas. She was 91. Grace Elizabeth Evatt Reed (BUAD ’47) died on July 21, 2013. Grace was retired from a career as an administrative assistant in the central office for the Conway School District. Grace lived in Conway. She was 86. John W. Carter (AGBU ’51) died on June 8, 2013. John served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War and went on to a career as an extension agent for the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service. John lived in Paris. He was 81.


Tech Action

Don Dempsey (HPE ’55 & FMR FACULTY) died on July 29, 2013. Don served in the Korean War. He was named All-America as a center and linebacker after helping the Wonder Boys win the Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference (AIC) football championship in 1954. After four years as head football coach at Mountain Home High School, Don returned to Arkansas Tech as an assistant football coach and physical education instructor in 1959. He was promoted to head football coach in 1967, and the Wonder Boys won three AIC titles (1968, 1970, 1971) in his first five seasons in that role. The 1971 team finished 12-1 overall and was NAIA national runner-up. The 12 wins remain a single-season Tech record. Don continued to coach the football team through 1975 and in his role on the physical education faculty until his retirement in 1996. Don was also head baseball coach at Arkansas Tech from 1959-70. He was inducted into the Arkansas Tech Hall of Distinction in 1995. Don lived in Russellville. He was 83. Theodore Paul “Ted” Helmich (ENGR ’58) died on March 25, 2013. Ted served in the U.S. Army as a mechanic. He went on to a 28-year career with ALCOA. Ted lived in Benton. He was 74. Thomas R. Mason (SCI ‘61) died on April 21, 2013. Thomas served in the U.S. Army. He taught school and was a farmer. Thomas lived in Bradford. He was 76. D. Derrell Davis (ACCT ’62) died on July 28, 2013. Derrell was president of the student council at Arkansas Tech during his senior year. He earned a Juris Doctorate from the University of Arkansas and went on to become the first municipal judge in Bryant. Derrell held that position from 1975-93. He was a past president of the Bryant Chamber of Commerce and the Bryant Lions Club. Derrell lived in Bryant. He was 72.

Annielaura Mixon Jaggers (‘62 & FMR FACULTY) died on Aug. 21, 2013. Annielaura taught humanities at Tech from 1965-89. She was also an author and columnist. Annielaura lived in Dardanelle. She was 94. Janice Bufford Eddleman (HIST/POL SCI ’63) died on June 10, 2013. Janice was a teacher in the Fort Smith School District for 30 years. Her volunteer service included work to benefit the Mount Magazine Girl Scout Council and the Fort Smith National Historic Site. Janice lived in Booneville. She was 71. Richard J. Daye (MUED ’72) died on June 22, 2013. He was a music teacher and band director with the Clinton School District. Richard lived in Clinton. He was 64. Steve “Bubba” Carter (RPA ’73) died on July 24, 2013. Bubba competed as a sprinter in the 1972 U.S. Olympic Trials. He served as an auto salesman for J. Pauley Toyota in Fort Smith, was a volunteer at the Fort Smith Boys and Girls Club as a football and baseball coach and was the front man for the band Mr. Cabbage Head and The Screamin’ Radishes. Bubba lived in Fort Smith. He was 62. Hartsel Gerald Acord (BUAD ’75) died on May 11, 2013. Hartsel served in the U.S. Army and was a veteran of the Vietnam War. He earned the National Defense Service Medal and the Good Conduct Medal. Hartsel had a 23-year career with the Federal Aviation Administration as a maintenance inspector. He also worked for Bell Helicopter and ERA Helicopter. Hartsel lived in Conway. He was 65. R. Chris Parks (HIST ’96) died on May 7, 2013. Chris was an attorney and partner at Ledbetter, Cogbill, Arnold and Harrison, LLP in Fort Smith. He volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, the Arkansas Sheriff’s Association and the United Way. Chris lived in Fort Smith. He was 38. Jonathan Scott Foster Carte (AAS-CSI ’08) died April 5, 2013. He was a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and served in Iraq. Jonathan lived in Ozark. He was 30. Christopher Alan Parker (GT-CCR ’12) died on April 18, 2013. He was employed by Arkansas Poly in Van Buren. Chris lived in Charleston. He was 28. Ruth McWilliams Cisne (FMR STAFF) died on July 15, 2013. She was a former dormitory mother at Arkansas Tech. Ruth lived in Fort Smith. She was 92.

Tech Athletics

Alumni T-Club begins ring program Former student-athletes and coaches at Arkansas Tech University have a new way to display their Wonder Boys and Golden Suns pride. The Arkansas Tech Alumni T-Club has started a ring program for any former student-athlete or coach who wishes to purchase a ring symbolic of his or her participation in intercollegiate athletics at Tech. For more information and an order form, contact the Arkansas Tech Alumni Office at (479) 968-0242 or send e-mail to

2013 Arkansas Tech Football Schedule Thursday, Sept. 5 Saturday, Sept. 14 Saturday, Sept. 21 Saturday, Sept. 28 Saturday, Oct. 5 Saturday, Oct. 12 Saturday, Oct. 19 Saturday, Oct. 26 Saturday, Nov. 2 Saturday, Nov. 9 Saturday, Nov. 16

*at NW Oklahoma State *SW Oklahoma State *at Southern Nazarene at Nicholls State *at Arkansas-Monticello *Southern Arkansas (Family Day) *vs. Henderson State *Ouachita Baptist (Homecoming) *at East Central *SE Oklahoma State *Harding (Senior Day)

Alva, Okla. Russellville, Ark. Bethany, Okla. Thibodaux, La. Monticello, Ark. Russellville, Ark. El Dorado, Ark. Russellville, Ark. Ada, Okla. Russellville, Ark. Russellville, Ark.

7 p.m. 6 p.m. 6 p.m. 6 p.m. 3 p.m. 6 p.m. 3 p.m. 3 p.m. 2 p.m. 2 p.m. 2 p.m.

*Denotes Great American Conference game | Times are Central and are subject to change. | Home games are played at Thone Stadium at Buerkle Field All games broadcast in the Russellville area on KWKK 100.9 FM and around the world at

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Tech Action Arkansas Tech University Alumni Association Alumni House 1313 North Arkansas Ave. Russellville, AR 72801 Arkansas Tech University Alumni Association Volume 49 No. 3


Arkansas Tech earns second consecutive GAC All-Sports Trophy Arkansas Tech University is

Arkansas Tech accumulated

home to the top intercollegiate

64.5 points through its conference

athletics program in the Great

finishes in 10 sports — baseball,

American Conference for a second

men’s basketball, women’s

consecutive year.

basketball, women’s cross country, football, men’s golf, women’s

Arkansas Tech was presented

golf, softball, women’s tennis and

with the 2012-13 GAC All-Sports

volleyball — during the 2012-13

Trophy during the GAC Night

academic year.

of Champions banquet at the Bricktown Events Center in Oklahoma City on Monday, June 17.

Second-place Harding University finished the 2012-13 academic year with 60.5 points.

GAC Commissioner Will Prewitt (photographed, left) presented the

Included in Arkansas Tech’s run

trophy, which was accepted by Arkansas Tech

to the 2012-13 GAC All-Sports Trophy were league titles in men’s

Director of Athletics Steve Mullins (photographed, right).

basketball, women’s basketball, women’s tennis and men’s golf.

Tech Action Summer 2013  

Tech Action Summer 2013