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Tech Action Spring 2010 Dr. Lester P. Monts inducted into Hall of Distinction. See pages 4-5.

Col. Carl Baswell inducted into Hall of Distinction. See pages 4-5.

Tech Action

2009-10: a season for the ages at Tech Arkansas Tech University has never seen an

Two other Tech teams — cross country and men’s

intercollegiate athletics season like 2009-10.

golf — also advanced to NCAA postseason competition.

Baseball and men’s basketball both set new program

It was a special year that brought nationwide acclaim

records for wins in a season.

to our university and made all of us proud to be Wonder Boys and Golden Suns.

All of this success, and the even greater and more

important academic success that our student-athletes

The wins and the championships were made all the

achieve, is made possible in part by our Green and Gold

more memorable by the remarkable outpouring of support

Club. This group of loyal supporters provides our coaches

that our teams received from Tech fans.

and student-athletes with the tools they need to succeed.

A total of 77,379 fans attended our home football and

Please review pages 20-23 of this issue of the Tech

basketball games in 2009-10. Countless others followed

Action. If you are moved by the dedication and the success

the Wonder Boys and the Golden Suns through the

that you read about, please take a moment and become


a member of the Green and Gold Club. It is open to any

person who loves Arkansas Tech.

Our coaches and student-athletes earned the opportunity to host NCAA postseason competition in

There is a Green and Gold membership form on the

three sports — football, men’s basketball and women’s

back cover that you can fill out and return to the Arkansas

basketball — on our campus during the 2009-10 season.

Tech Foundation, 8820 Tech Lane, Russellville, AR 72801. Please call (479) 968-0337 for more information.

That opportunity to bring student-athletes, coaches


and fans from around the region to Russellville not only Tech Action

made a significant impact on our local economy. It also

It was a great year to be a Wonder Boy and a Golden Sun. Thank you for your support, and GO TECH!

spread the name Arkansas Tech far and wide as people from here to North Carolina learned of the hospitable nature of our people and the sportsmanship of our

Steve Mullins


Director of Athletics and Head Football Coach


Alumni Association Board of Directors

President Howard Ritchie ‘70

President-Elect Jim Murphy ‘71

Past President Claude Smith ‘76

Kellye Holley Cannon ‘80 12/10

Donna Cotton Parker ‘73 12/10

Dixie Gossett ‘70 & ‘74 12/11

Leslie Miller Harris ‘08 12/12

Shirley Dodd ‘59 12/10

Chad Weisler ‘92 12/10

Tommy Johnston ‘91 12/11

Ronda Hawkins ‘92 12/12

Randy Joe Hamilton ‘76 12/10

Philip Alexander ‘89 12/11

Raymond Molden ‘96 12/11

Ann Irwin ‘83 12/12

Mike King ‘74 12/10

Doug Brown ‘06 12/11

Cara Hammond Witherspoon ‘78 12/11

Steve Pfeifer ‘71 12/12

Layton Lee ‘92 12/10

Jimmy Cunningham ‘75 12/11

John Carter ‘02 12/12

Kendall Tabor ‘89 & ‘92 12/12

Jim Murphy ‘71 12/10

Robert Ford ‘86 12/11

Molly Fleming ‘09 12/12

Angie Wyatt ‘03 12/12 Brian Bass, Ozark Campus Rep.

catch up with an old friend today

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Homecoming 2010

Join us for Homecoming 2010 Arkansas Tech will host a centennial celebration of its student organizations, past and present, as the focus of Homecoming 2010 on Oct. 15-16. If you were part of an organization during your days as a student at Tech and would like to plan a reunion at Homecoming, call Julie Morgan at (479) 968-0332 or send e-mail to The following reunion groups are already being organized: • Greek organizations • Agricola and Arka Tech staff members • Campus ministries • Ambassadors/PLC • ROTC • Student Senate/SGA • Blue Key and Cardinal Key For more information about Homecoming, call (479) 968-0242.

Spring 2010


Cover Story

Dr. Lester P. Monts Distinguished Alumnus It took courage to grow up in Little Rock with the

Monts is a native of Little Rock. He was a 10-year old

national spotlight shining on a troubled time of social

fourth grader when his neighbor, Carlotta Walls, and eight


other African-American students began attending Central High School in the fall of 1957.

It took courage to become the first African-American student to enroll in the music program and the first to live on campus at Arkansas Tech University.

He was an eyewitness to history, and that defining moment for America became a defining moment for Monts.

It took courage to help prepare a case that

Faculty members such

would be heard by the

as Witherspoon, Bright,

U.S. Supreme Court.

Joan Wainright, John Nelson and Ed Connelly welcomed

It took courage to

Monts to Arkansas Tech

consult Steven Spielberg

and helped him persist to

on a major motion

graduation with a Bachelor


of Science degree in music education in 1970.

And it takes courage to hold a leadership


Tech Action

“That was an era when

position at one of

many of the various

the most prestigious

changes were taking place

institutions of learning in

in our society,” said Monts.

the country.

“The welcoming response I received from Chief

In recognition of a

Witherspoon, who in my

lifetime of courage and

eyes is the greatest mentor

excellence in the field

who ever lived, and Bright

of higher education,

was a significant comfort

Arkansas Tech University

for me. Of course, they

presented Dr. Lester P.

weren’t with me 24 hours

Monts with the highest

a day and there were some

honor it can bestow upon an alumnus — induction into the Arkansas Tech Hall of Distinction — at spring commencement ceremonies on Saturday, May 15.

things during my freshman year that caused me some concern. But that was the way things were back then, and I accepted them and moved on.

“I don’t know that the students at larger universities receive the kind of attention we received at Tech back

“I found out some 30 years later that Chief Witherspoon

in the 1960s,” said Monts. “When you think about what

had called all the seniors in, including Ed Marlar and Andy

you pay for education…we paid $90 per semester my

Anders, and basically told them that he did not want

freshman year. What I received from instructors like Bob

anyone messing with me,” continued Monts. “Ed and

Bright and Gene Witherspoon, you cannot put a price tag

Andy are still among my closest friends today. That’s the

on that. Students where I work now, at the University of

wonderful thing about Tech. People I knew 45 years ago

Michigan, some of them pay $45,000 per year. That still

like Ed, Andy, Travis Beard, Tommy Reynolds, Julie Nebben

would not be enough for the grounding and fundamentals

Morgan or Hiram Byrd…I can pick up the phone and have

in education that I received at Tech.”

a conversation with them as if we were still in the lounge

Cover Story

at DuLaney Hall. I must say the bottom line for me is that if the relationships I had at Tech could be reflected

He also spoke to more than 20 alumni groups about the issues related to the case.

throughout society, we would have no problems.” Monts’ background in ethnomusicology led to an Monts went on to earn a Master of Music degree from the University of Nebraska and a Ph.D. in

opportunity for him to assist in the making of the 1997 film “Amistad.”

musicology from the University of Minnesota. He ensured that the film, which told the story of He served on the music faculties at Edinboro University, the University of Minnesota, Case Western

slaves brought from West Africa to America in 1839, included authentic and appropriate music.

Reserve University and the University of California at Santa Barbara before embarking upon a career in higher education administration.

“One of the most common characteristics of human beings is that no matter where they are in the world, they have some form of music,” said Monts. “It is as

Today, Monts is senior vice provost for academic

pervasive as language. My thought is to be musical is to

affairs and professor of music at the University of

be human. Once you create a mode of communication,

Michigan. He and his wife, Jeanne, have three grown

in this case music, you are able to communicate with


people anywhere. Throughout my travels in places such as China, South Africa, Qatar and all over Europe, the

Monts played a key role in preparing the University

one connection I always had with people was music.

of Michigan’s successful 2003 affirmative action case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

“It is regrettable that this economic downturn is taking its toll on music programs in our schools,”

He collected data that helped prove that the

continued Monts. “If we’re not careful, we are going to

university did not discriminate based on factors of race

lose a generation of music lovers and music makers. If

and ethnicity during its admission process.

that happens, we as a culture will be in trouble.”

Spring 2010


Alumni News

Montgomery named Pulitzer Prize finalist Ben Montgomery, a 2000 graduate

finalists for the 2010 Pulitzer Prize in

journalism program, was recently

never told a

the local reporting category. The top

named a finalist in the local reporting

soul about their

prize went to Raquel Rutledge of the

category for the prestigious Pulitzer

experience in

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


Marianna,” said “I’m honored, and humbled,”

“Not their

sense that many

said Montgomery. “I’m proud of the

parents or

of them felt it

work and the recognition. I’ve felt a

was named a Pulitzer Prize finalist

wives or

was therapy.

mix of emotions that typically exist

for his work on a series entitled “For

girlfriends. They

A few of them

at opposite ends of the spectrum —

Their Own Good,” which highlighted

were ashamed,

even thanked me

happiness and dissappointment. Now

the troubled 109-year history of the

or scared

afterward, as if I

Florida School for Boys in Marianna,

nobody would

Fla., and how the abuse of young

had helped them

believe them.

men housed there followed the

get a weight off

Once they

victims for the rest of their lives.

their chests.


That’s pretty

that we wanted

rewarding, when

to hear them

you are thanked

out, that we

for just listening.”

believed them,

— Ben Montgomery

D. Fountain to tell a story that led Florida Gov. Charlie Crist to ask the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to conduct an investigation into 31 graves located near the school and whether any crimes were committed that led to the deaths of the people buried there. The Pulitzer Prizes recognize achievement in newspaper journalism, literature and music composition. The award program

Visit and “like” these official Tech Facebook pages: • Arkansas Tech University • Arkansas Tech University Athletics • Arkansas Tech University - Alumni

“...You could

Montgomery, a reporter for the St.

Moore and photographer Edmund

Come On, You know you like us

Montgomery. Petersburg Times in St. Petersburg, Fla.,

with fellow reporter Waveney Ann

Tech Action

The series was one of three

these guys had

Montgomery collaborated


“Most of

of the Arkansas Tech University

has existed since 1917, and it is administered by Columbia University in New York. According to the St. Petersburg Times Web site, the series that Montgomery was nominated for was

and that others were telling the same tales, the stories spilled out easy. Some of them talked and cried for hours without interjection. “It was hard to see old men cry, and to ask them again and again to visit very painful memories,” continued Montgomery. “But you could sense that many of them felt it was therapy. A few of them even thanked me afterward, as if I had helped them get a weight off their chests. That’s pretty rewarding, when you are thanked for just listening.” Montgomery, Moore and Fountain combined to make four visits to the school in question over a period of

based on more than 100 hours of

five months as part of their reporting


for the series.

that I have a taste, I want to win. I’d like nothing more than to represent my newspaper and family and Arkansas Tech in a way that makes them proud.” Montgomery was a member of the football program at Arkansas Tech during his college days, and he played on the Wonder Boys’ 1999 Gulf South Conference championship team. Montgomery also served as editor of the Arka Tech student newspaper. He went on to work at The Courier in Russellville, the Standard-Times in San Angelo, Texas, the Times HeraldRecord in New York’s Hudson River Valley and the Tampa Tribune before landing at the St. Petersburg Times. Montgomery lives in Tampa, Fla., with his wife, fellow 2000 Arkansas Tech graduate Jennifer Evanchyk Montgomery, and their children. “After we won the GSC in ‘99, (head coach) Steve Mullins stood up in the stands and said something like: you boys keep battling your butts off and this will carry you the rest of your life,” said Montgomery. “I think of that often. It seems silly to say

They also utilized newspaper

this — cliché even — but the lessons

at the Florida School for Boys (later

clippings, congressional and court

you learn in football, and the lessons

known as the Arthur G. Dozier School

testimony and archival photographs

I learned in four years at Tech, are

for Boys) in the 1950s and 1960s

to piece the history of the Florida

incredibly simple: work hard, and with

were interviewed for the series.

School for Boys together.

a little luck, good things happen.”

Twenty-seven men who spent time

Alumni News

Harris accepted to Clinton School of Public Service Regardless of whether she was

Upon completion of her studies,

serving as Student Government

Harris will earn a Master of Public

Association president, winning

Service from the Clinton School of

the Miss Tech pageant or applying

Public Service and a Juris Doctorate

her training in journalism for the

from the Bowen School of Law.

student newspaper or the student television station, Leslie Miller

Harris began investigating the

Harris always found a way to stay

Clinton School of Public Service

busy during her days as a student at

after her husband and fellow

Arkansas Tech University.

2008 Arkansas Tech graduate,

Zach Harris, was accepted to the

So it is no surprise that when

University of Arkansas for Medical

she started looking for a way to challenge herself as she began a new life in Little Rock, Harris set her sights high.

Sciences to continue his education. “Zach has always known he wanted to be a doctor, but I

have struggled to find a specific

Harris has been accepted to

calling for my life,” said Harris. “I

both the University of Arkansas

think it has been difficult for me

Clinton School of Public Service

because my passions and abilities

and the William H. Bowen School of

do not fit neatly into a package

Law at the University of Arkansas at

typically expected by the business

Little Rock.

community. As I began the process

of researching law school, I was

“I have experienced the bustle

immediately interested in the

of Times Square in New York City

concurrent degree program with the

and toured the historic monuments

Clinton School of Public Service.

of Washington D.C., but as a native

When I read their mission and saw

Arkansan, there is only one state

the work their students were doing,

I call home,” said Harris, the 2008

I felt like I finally found a program

Margaret Young Award winner for

that understood me.”

top graduating female at Arkansas

Tech. “I am very fortunate that

Harris has served as an oral

in the heart of this state lies the

communications teacher in the

country’s only concurrent degree

Alma School District for the past

program in law and public service.

two years. She carried some

The Clinton School of Public Service

valuable lessons when she left her

and the Bowen School of Law are

classroom for the final time.

my first choice for the continuation of my education because of their

That desire to help others will help Harris persist through the academic challenges that she has chosen for herself, as will the support of a husband going through much the same experience in medical school. “I jokingly tell people that Zach is going to be so busy with homework for the next four years that I figured I wouldn’t see him anyway — might as well find something to do myself so I don’t get upset that he’s too busy for me,” said Harris.

Spring 2010


“That experience taught me how

commitment to practical hands-on

to be flexible in my approach to

experience and desire for students

problem solving and how to find

to learn the importance of serving

common ground with people who


are different than me,” said Harris.

“In the future, I want to develop

After spending the 2010-11

these skills further and use them

academic year focusing on law

to reach a wider variety of people.

school, Harris will begin studying

I may not yet know what my job

in the programs concurrently in fall

title will be, but I know it will be a


continuation of service to others.”

“In all actuality, we are both counting on the other for support when the stresses of our studies begin to weigh on us,” continued Harris. “When I get nervous about school, he says ‘I know you can do this,’ and I do the same for him. Higher education has always been a priority for us, and we are excited to go through this adventure together.”

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Alumni News

Jones elected to Arkansas Agri Hall of Fame Jack Jones of Pottsville, a 1956 graduate of Arkansas

Jones was elected to the Arkansas Farm Bureau Board

Tech University, was enshrined in the Arkansas Agriculture

of Directors in 1969. He served as vice president of the

Hall of Fame during a ceremony on March 12 at the

board from 1976-1993.

Embassy Suites Hotel in Little Rock. Prior to his service on the state board, Jones served as Jones entered the farming business with his father in 1956. He was named Pope County Outstanding Young

president, vice president and secretary-treasurer of the Pope County Farm Bureau.

Farmer in 1961. Jones assumed control of the family farm in 1970.

Jones’ public service has also included work on behalf of the Pope County Fair Board, the Soybean Promotion

He built a successful 1,600-acre cattle and row crop

Board, the Arkansas Economic Education Council, the

operation in the Arkansas River Valley which included

Arkansas Tech Alumni Association Board of Directors and

soybeans, milo and wheat.

the Pottsville School Board.

Distinguished Lecture Series hosts Hardgrave Dr. Bill Hardgrave, founder of the


Tech Action

Hardgrave went on to receive a

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Master of Business Administration

Research Center in the University of

degree with an emphasis in computer

Arkansas Sam M. Walton College of

information systems from Missouri

Business, spoke at Rothwell Hall on

State University in 1990. He earned

the Arkansas Tech University campus

a Ph.D. in management information

this spring as part of the College of

systems from Oklahoma State

Business Distinguished Lecture Series.

University in 1993.

The RFID laboratory that Hardgrave

After receiving the Phoenix

developed in Fayetteville has been

Outstanding Doctoral Student award

described by RFID Journal as “the

from the Oklahoma State Graduate

most advanced of any owned by a

College in 1993, Hardgrave joined the


faculty at the University of Arkansas as an assistant professor in the Walton

According to the Association for

College of Business.

Automatic Identification and Mobility (AIM) Global, RFID “is a generic term that is used to describe a system that

He was promoted to associate professor in 1997, and

transmits the identity (in the form of a unique serial

in 1999 he founded the University of Arkansas Information

number) of an object or person wirelessly, using radio

Technology Research Institute.

waves.” Hardgrave was named Edwin and Karlee Bradberry RFID technology is used by companies for asset

Chair in Information Systems in 2001. Four years later,

tracking and supply chain management. Wal-Mart, Target

he founded and was named director of the University of

and Best Buy are among the retailers that utilize RFID.

Arkansas RFID Research Center. Hardgrave was promoted to professor in 2007. He was elected to the Arkansas

Individuals benefit from RFID in a number of every day

Computing Academy and he received the Ted Williams

applications, including the microchips that are planted in

Award from AIM Global for his work with RFID technology

pets to help track them in the event they go missing.

in 2009.

A 1987 graduate of Arkansas Tech University,

Soon after his appearance at Tech, Hardgrave

Hardgrave earned his Bachelor of Science degree in

accepted the position of dean of the Auburn University

computer science.

College of Business.

Alumni News

Alumni donuts a big hit with Tech students Arkansas Tech students in need of refreshment during final exams week were greeted by donuts, coffee, lemonade, smiling faces and encouraging words from the Arkansas Tech Alumni Association. Tech alumni return to campus at the end of each fall and spring semester to provide students with a needed and appreciated boost. Brandie Soar Griffin, Rachel Bond

Alumni volunteers for spring 2010 were: Cody Black, Rachel Bond, Larry Brown, Shirley Drewry Dodd, Joel Epperson, Baldy Faulkner, Tommy Fields, Brandie Soar Griffin, Cody Hill, Cass Capen-Housley, Tonya Hurley, Ann Irwin, Betty Moore, Courtney Mullen, Jim Murphy, Carrie Harris Phillips, Justin Price, Lindsey Reidmueller, Howard Ritchie, Janna Ritchie, Kendall Tabor, Meagan Votteler, Emily Ward, John Whiteside, Leigh Burns Whiteside, Patricia Wood and Leslie Woolsey.

Leigh Burns Whiteside, John Whiteside

Janna Ritchie Spring 2010

Cody Black, Leslie Woolsey

Angela DeWitt Bonds, Baldy Faulkner

Shirley Drewry Dodd, Betty Moore

Larry Brown, Jim Murphy

Emily Ward, Courtney Mullen


Today’s Tech

Burton, Parsons named Tech’s top seniors Dustin Parsons of

Parsons is the son of Sherry

Benton and Lauren Burton

and Terry Parsons of Benton.

of Jacksonville received the

He majored in agriculture

top two honors available to


students at Arkansas Tech University during the 2010

Burton served as an officer

Student Leadership Banquet at

in the Student Government

the Chambers Cafeteria East

Association and the Student

Dining Room on April 19.

Activities Board. She was also

an officer in Zeta Tau Alpha

Parsons was presented with

and a member of the 2009

the Alfred J. Crabaugh Award,

Homecoming court.

which is given annually to the

most outstanding senior male

“It’s just an amazing feeling,”

student at Arkansas Tech.

said Burton. “I’ve worked very

hard for Tech, and it has given

Burton received the

back to me tremendously. It’s

Margaret Young Award, which

such a good note to leave on,

goes to the most outstanding

and I am very appreciative of

senior female student at

the award.”

Arkansas Tech each year.

Parsons has served as president of the Missionary Baptist Student

Parsons served as president of


Tech Action

the Student Government Association

Fellowship and the College Middle

Sigma Alpha, the Miss Tech Pageant,

Level Association.

the Baptist Collegiate Ministry,

during the 2009-10 academic year. He has also worked with the Student Activities Board and the SGA

intramural sports and the Volunteer Parsons has also been active with

Action Council. She earned a spot on

student initiatives to benefit the Tech

the Dean’s List in multiple semesters.

Loyalty Fund.

Volunteer Action Council.

“There have been lots of learning

“This plaque symbolizes all of my “Arkansas Tech has made me strive

Burton was also active in Gamma

experiences at Tech that have made

years here and my accomplishments,”

me a better person,” said Burton. “I

to be better,” said Parsons. “I feel like

said Parsons. “It shows me that

have so many great memories and

I need to give back to people who

someone was watching and that

I’ve loved every bit of my four years.”

have helped me out. One of the 4-H

nothing went unnoticed. It is a great

mottos that I learned in high school

honor to have this award and to

Daughter of Sherry and Rick

was to make the best better. I’ve used

follow in the footsteps of so many

Burton of Jacksonville, Burton

that as a life motto. If you’re not

leaders and philanthropists. I’m

majored in management and

doing that, where are you in life?”

honored to take this award.”

marketing with a minor in speech.

Kennedy appointed to Board of Trustees Gov. Mike Beebe has appointed

Kennedy graduated from Tech

Kennedy served in the Arkansas

Tom Kennedy of Little Rock to the

in 1982 with a degree in business

Senate for four years. He is currently

Arkansas Tech University Board of

administration. He went on to earn a

vice president of governmental affairs


Juris Doctorate from the University of

for Entergy Arkansas.

Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law Kennedy will serve a five-year term through Jan. 14, 2015.

and gain admittance to the Arkansas Bar Association in 1985.

Kennedy and his wife, Kristi, have two daughters.

Today’s Tech

Gordon attains professor emeritus status Dr. Patricia A. Gordon,

The annual honor for

who served as a member

the top undergraduate

of the Arkansas Tech

student in the Arkansas

University faculty in five

Tech Department of

different decades, was

Health and Physical

named professor emeritus

Education is named the

of health and physical

Dr. Pat Gordon Award in

education by the Arkansas

recognition of her service

Tech Board of Trustees in

to the department.

March. She was instrumental Gordon first came

in the planning of Tech Fit,

to Arkansas Tech as an

the wellness center inside

assistant professor in 1965.

the Hull Physical Education Building that Arkansas Tech students, faculty and staff

She was promoted to associate professor in 1974

utilize on a daily basis.

and professor in 1984. Gordon has previously received the Arkansas Gordon retired from full-time teaching in 2001, but she returned to serve as an adjunct professor in 2001-

Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD) Honor Award.

02 and again as a full-time instructor on a temporary basis in 2003-04 and 2004-05.

Her service on campus included working on committees dealing with subjects as diverse as

“I cannot adequately express how many hours Dr.

athletics, admissions, academic standards and student

Gordon gave to Arkansas Tech and its students during

honors, university promotion and tenure, Who’s Who

her tenure as a faculty member,” wrote Dr. Annette

selection, curriculum, student affairs, affirmative action,

Holeyfield, head of the Arkansas Tech Department of

faculty welfare, the library, instructional materials and

Health and Physical Education and a former Gordon

equipment, assessment and graduate studies.

student, in a letter recommending Gordon for emeritus status. “Arkansas Tech’s P.E. department owes much to

“Dr. Gordon led by example,” wrote Holeyfield. “As

her vision and leadership. To hundreds of graduates,

much as she pushed her students to excel, each one

Dr. Gordon is fondly remembered and associated with

knew that she was asking no more of them than what

Arkansas Tech’s P.E. department.”

she had done.”

Tech bids farewell to five faculty members Arkansas Tech held retirement receptions for five faculty members at the end of the spring 2010 semester. David Krueger (photographed, near right), associate professor of history, retired after 50 years of service. Nita Herrick (photographed, far right), associate professor of music, retired to end a 34-year career at Tech. Also honored were retirees Dr. Tom Tyler (business, 43 years), Ruth Harrison (English, 40 years) and Dr. Byra Ramsey (early childhood education, 10 years).

Spring 2010


Today’s Tech

Dr. Tom Tyler (holding certificate), dean of the Arkansas Tech College of Business, is photographed with AACSB officials (from left): Jerry Trapnell, executive vice president and chief accrediting officer; Andrew Policano, chairman of the board; and John Fernandez, president and chief executive officer.

AACSB Accreditation Maintained Arkansas Tech remains among elite Colleges of Business The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) announced in April that the


Arkansas Tech University College of Business has Tech Action

maintained its AACSB International accreditation for an additional five-year period. AACSB first accredited the baccalaureate degree programs in business at Arkansas Tech in 2000. Officials from AACSB returned to campus this spring, and their review has yielded continuation of that accreditation

• Manage resources to achieve a vibrant and relevant mission • Advance business and management knowledge through faculty scholarship • Provide high-caliber teaching of quality and current curricula • Cultivate meaningful interaction between students and a qualified faculty • Produce graduates who have achieved specified learning goals

for the Arkansas Tech College of Business until the next

scheduled review in 2015.

The Arkansas Tech College of Business offers

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degrees

AACSB accreditation is the mark of quality distinction

in accounting, economics and finance and management

most widely sought after by business schools — less than

and marketing. The Tech College of Business also offers a

5 percent worldwide have earned the achievement.

Bachelor of Science degree in business education.

“This is a milestone moment for Arkansas Tech

“This is a tremendous accomplishment for our

University,” said Tech President Dr. Robert C. Brown.

dedicated faculty, students and staff, and I want to

“AACSB accreditation is a mark of excellence. I extend

commend and thank my colleagues for their hard work to

congratulations and appreciation to my faculty colleagues

ensure we achieved this prestigious honor,” said Dr. Tom

in the College of Business. Their continued focus on

Tyler, dean of the Arkansas Tech College of Business. “Our

providing unsurpassed classroom instruction is the

re-accreditation emphasizes Arkansas Tech’s commitment

foundation of our business program.”

to providing a high quality education for our students.”

According to its Web site, the AACSB seeks to ensure

Founded in 1916, AACSB is an association of almost

stakeholders that the schools of business it accredits

1,200 educational institutions, businesses and other

accomplish these five goals:

organizations in 74 countries and territories.

Tech Centennial


Tech Timeline: 1993-2003

Throughout the Arkansas Tech centennial celebration, Tech Action has taken a look back at some of the events that have shaped the institution during its first 100 years. In this installment of the series, we look at 1993-2003. July 1, 1993 Dr. Robert C. Brown becomes the 11th president of Arkansas Tech University.

Spring 1998 Arkansas Tech (30-16-1 overall, 12-5 conference) wins the GSC West Division baseball title.

Fall 1994 Arkansas Tech (7-4 overall, 4-0 conference) wins its 17th and final AIC football championship and advances to the NAIA National Playoffs for the second time in school history. The Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference folded after the 1994-95 academic year.

Fall 1998 The Doc Bryan Student Services Building opens, providing the Office of Student Services, the Registrar’s Office, the Office of Admissions, the Student Accounts Office, the Financial Aid Office and Norman Career Services with a new and modern home that improves efficiency and convenience for students.

1995 Arkansas Tech University begins a strategic planning process that yields a 108 percent increase in student enrollment from 1997-2009, more than 40 new programs of study and a $161 million investment in the campus infrastructure. Winter 1995 Arkansas Tech (29-6 overall) makes its third and final appearance in the NAIA Final Four at the NAIA National Tournament for men’s basketball. Fall 1995 Arkansas Tech University becomes a member of NCAA Division II and the Gulf South Conference. Winter 1996 Arkansas Tech’s men’s basketball program makes its 11th and final appearance in the NAIA National Tournament. The Wonder Boys were 19-10 overall in 1995-96. June 1996 In one of the most significant moments in the history of the university, the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation announces a gift of more than $13 million to Arkansas Tech University to fund construction of a new library and technology center. 1997 Arkansas Tech becomes just the third institution of higher learning in America to offer a degree program in emergency management. Fall 1997 Arkansas Tech (26-8 overall, 10-0 conference) wins its first-ever Gulf South Conference West Division volleyball championship. The Golden Suns would go on to add GSC West Division volleyball titles in 1999, 2000 and 2008.

Dr. Robert C. Brown President, 1993-Present

Fall 1998 University Commons, a new apartment-style student housing option on the Arkansas Tech campus, opens. Winter 1999 Arkansas Tech advances to the women’s basketball national championship game in the NCAA Division II Tournament. The Golden Suns finish the season with an overall record of 31-7.

Dr. Jack Hamm Faculty, 1972-2008 VP Academic Affairs, 2001-08 Spring 2010


Fall 1999 The Ross Pendergraft Library and Technology Center is dedicated. Fall 1999 Arkansas Tech (9-3 overall, 8-1 conference) becomes the first school from Arkansas to ever win the Gulf South Conference football title outright. Tech goes on to make its first appearance in the NCAA Division II Playoffs. Fall 2000 Arkansas Tech tops the 5,000-student mark for the first time in school history.

David Moseley Senior Vice President Admin. & Finance, 1994-Present

Fall 2000 Arkansas Tech makes its first-ever appearance in the NCAA Division II Volleyball Tournament. The Golden Suns finish the season 36-5 overall and 12-0 in the Gulf South Conference. Fall 2003 Arkansas Tech tops the 6,000-student mark for the first time in school history. 2003 Arkansas Tech completes an expansion project at the Hull Physical Education Building.

Dr. Eldon Clary Faculty, 1967-Present Dean, 1998-Present

Development Corner

Putting the GREEN in Green and Gold Normans continue dedication to enhancing nature’s beauty at Tech Picture it: the year is 2060. The

Arkansas Tech University began a

members of the Arkansas Tech

beautification project this spring that

University Class of 2010 are back in

will be remembered at that reunion 50

Russellville for their 50-year reunion.

years from now and far into the future.

They fondly remember all the

When the current phase of the project is done, 152 new willow oak

the project — AMR Architects of Little

— the celebration of the Arkansas

trees will grace the Tech campus.

Rock — enlisted the services of Select

Tech Centennial, the opening of

Trees Inc. of Athens, Ga., to provide

Rothwell Hall, the jump in enrollment

Many of the trees are planted in

genetically superior and sustainable

to more than 8,800 students and the

rows that extend from the south end of

trees that are designed to stand the

remarkable 70-8 combined record by

Thone Stadium at Buerkle Field all the

test of time.

the football and basketball teams.

way to the west side of McEver Hall. Other locations, including in front of

And there to greet the Class of 2010 at Homecoming 2060 is another


Tech Action

Arkansas Tech and the architect for

great moments from their senior year

Norman Hall and Rothwell Hall, were also selected for tree planting.

milestone from their senior year at Arkansas Tech — a stately collection

The current phase of the project

of willow oak trees that was planted

also includes a significant leveling

during their final spring as students.

of the green space south of the Pendergraft Library and Technology Center in order to prepare that tract for future development. The campus beautification project was initiated by a generous donation to the Arkansas Tech Foundation by Robert and Sandra Norman (photographed) of Tulsa, Okla. “Robert and Sandra Norman are

“Since our founding in 1985, it has been the goal of Select Trees to grow trees that landscape professionals consider the best available,” reads text from the Select Trees Inc. Web site. “To that end we have developed a system for propagating, growing and harvesting that addresses the quality of the entire plant: from root structure to head structure and everything in between.” Jayne Jones, vice president for development at Arkansas Tech, said that the project is an example of how donors can make a lasting and visible impact on campus.

longtime supporters of Arkansas Tech, especially in the areas of the

“Generations of the Tech family will

arts, landscaping and athletics,” said

enjoy the results of this project,” said

Arkansas Tech President Dr. Robert C.

Jones. “These beautiful trees will add

Brown. “We are grateful to them for

to the sizable legacy that Mr. and Mrs.

enabling us to begin these campus

Norman already have at Arkansas Tech.


They have a passion for contributing toward the esthetics of our campus.

The reason the project will have

That passion has translated into

such a long-term effect on the Tech

a better learning environment for

campus is because of the kind of trees

our students and a more beautiful

that are being planted.

Arkansas Tech for all of us.”

Development Corner

Smith makes gift to endow new scholarship C. LeMoyne Smith of Little Rock has made a $300,000 gift to the Arkansas Tech University Foundation for the purpose of establishing the LeMoyne and Selma Smith Research Scholarship in the Arkansas Tech College of Business. Mr. Smith, a 1956 graduate of Arkansas Tech, is the retired president and chief executive officer of SouthWestern Publishing. Along with Selma, his late wife of 45 years, Mr. Smith is a long-time supporter of Arkansas Tech. He is a member of the J.W. Hull Society, which is reserved for the most generous benefactors of the university. He is also a 25-year member of the Tech Loyalty Fund Loyalty Society. “Establishing a scholarship endowment is something that Selma and I discussed many times,” said Smith. “I’ve always had an interest in developing students. That is why I wanted to create this research scholarship and endow it such that it can benefit students for generations to come. “The most important thing for the university is that the students who receive this research scholarship will be working with a faculty member in such a way that it will make a great contribution to the literature of business education and to business activities in general,” continued Smith. “My professional career was

After overseeing an electronic publishing program that made South-Western an industry leader in the 1980s, Smith became chairman of the company in 1990.

LeMoyne Smith (center) presents a gift to the Arkansas Tech Foundation, which was accepted on behalf of the

After a 31-year career with South-Western Publishing, he

foundation by Dr. Robert

retired from an active role with the organization in 1991.

C. Brown, Arkansas Tech

Mr. Smith has served his alma mater on the Arkansas

president, and Jayne Jones, Arkansas Tech vice president for development.

Tech University College of Business Advisory Board and the Arkansas Tech University Foundation Board. He received the highest honor that Arkansas Tech can bestow upon an alumnus — induction into the

Spring 2010


university’s Hall of Distinction — in 1988. The first LeMoyne and Selma Smith Research Scholarship will be awarded for the fall 2011 semester. Applicants for the LeMoyne and Selma Smith

in educational publishing. I have a great love of helping

Research Scholarship must be a full-time Arkansas Tech

students gain knowledge that will make them successful

student majoring in a degree program within the College

in their careers.”

of Business. They must also be a junior or senior level student with a minimum of 60 credit hours.

Mr. Smith began his career as a teacher in Little Rock and Atkins. He served as an instructor at Arkansas Tech

Students applying for the scholarship must also have

for two years before accepting a position with South-

a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher, a

Western Publishing in 1960.

demonstrated financial need and the ability to conduct research in a prescribed area.

He started as a sales representative, and in 1982, he was elevated to the rank of president and CEO.

The research needs of the College of Business will be a factor in the selection of the recipient, and those

As the company’s top officer, Smith led a senior management team and over 700 employees in publishing

Give the gift of education

receiving the scholarship will assist with research during the semester of the award.

and marketing South-Western’s numerous business

titles to secondary schools and colleges and universities

For more information about establishing,

throughout the United States and selected parts of the

contributing to or applying for a scholarship through the


Arkansas Tech Foundation, call (479) 968-0400.

Visit to learn how you can contribute toward scholarships at Tech.

Class Notes Marriages Mark Treadwell Darter (ENGL ’93) and Odette Flores Asuncion were married Feb. 20, 2010. They live in Centerton. Bradley Scott Molder (CRWR ’01) and Whitney Lauren Easley were married March 20, 2010. Bradley is an academic advisor at the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith. They live in Van Buren. Patrick Clay Pesnell (ELEC ENGR ’01) and Angela Renee Owens were married Nov. 28, 2009. Patrick is an electrical engineer for ADC in Plano, Texas. Ryan Davis (AGBU ’04) and Sarah Milam (ECON ’08) were married March 20, 2010. Christy Elaine Lenz (MGMT/MKTG ’04) and Kyle Weston Prater were married April 10, 2010. They live in Cabot. Luke Cameron Wright (BIOL ’04 & MECH ENGR ’07) and Holly Kristina Grace were married Jan. 2, 2010. Luke is a mechanical engineer for Carson Engineering in Springdale. They live in Fayetteville.


Tech Action

Timothy Ralston (ART ’07) and Lindsey Newcom (ECED ’08) were married Aug. 22, 2009. Timothy is employed by Lockheed Martin at the Little Rock Air Force Base. They live in Gravel Ridge. Megan Diann Flores (SPH ’09) and Nicholas Joseph Carmean (’10) were married April 24, 2010. They live in Waco, Texas.


Tech’s Brick Program Leave your mark on the Tech landscape with a personalized brick on Centennial Plaza...or give one as a gift to a loved one! Each brick is $100. Call (479) 968-0400 to reserve yours.

James Wilson (NURS ’01) and Kimberly Wilson (NURS ’03), a son, Benjamin Cayden, Nov. 11, 2009. Benjamin has an older brother, Jet (7). Ryan Ritchie (ECON & MGMT/MKTG ’03) and his wife, Melanie, a daughter, Lexi Riley, April 7, 2010. Ashley Sullivan Burdess (MECH ENGR ’04) and her husband, Josh, a son, Samuel Aaron, Aug. 6, 2009. Jessie Carr Hogan (MATH ’04) and Aaron Hogan (FISH/WLDLF ’04) a son, Carter, April 12, 2010. Jessie is an instructor in the Arkansas Tech Department of Mathematics and she was named 2009-10 student organization advisor of the year at Tech for her work with Zeta Tau Alpha. Aaron is assistant director of housing operations in the Arkansas Tech Office of Residential Life. They live in Russellville. Stephen Ingmire (INDUS ELEC ’04) and Lindsey Leavell Ingmire (SPAN ’06), a daughter, Liv Sofia, April 24, 2010. Janadah M. Labahn Sartin (RPA ’05) and her husband, Gary, a son, Ethan, Sept. 18, 2009. Ethan has a sister, Jasmine (2). They live in Danville, Ala. Nicholas Lynn Thompson (MGMT/MKTG ’05) and his wife, Heather, a son, Kale, May 2, 2010. Rachel Lindsey Wilson (HIST ’07) and her husband, Lamar, a son, Lamar Hoss, March 26, 2010. William Paul Greggs (MATH ’07) and his wife, Allison, a daughter, Abigail Brianna, April 12, 2010. They live in Russellville.

Kerry McConnell (HEPE ’98) and his wife, Heather, a

Charles “C.J.” Lee (MGMT/MKTG ‘08) and Brandi

daughter, Keighley Esther, Jan. 2, 2010. They live in White

Chandler Lee (ALUM), a son, Cooper Jace, May 1, 2010.

Oak, Texas.

They live in Russellville.

Martha Brown Spack (SPH ’99) and Steven Spack

Emily Ann Orsburn (’09), a son, Owen Watson, March 20,

(ECON ’02), a son, Joseph, March 17, 2010.


H. Wayne Young (HIST ’00) and his wife, Kimberly, a son, Bowden Harris, April 3, 2010. Suzanne Moudy Fisher (RPA ’01) and John “Nick” Fisher (M.A. ’08), a daughter, Avery Corbin, March 9, 2010.

1950s Wayne Van Valkenburgh (’50) is retired from his career as a pilot. He flew in the U.S. Air Force for four years and for Eastern Airlines for 31 years. William “Bill” Nichols (MUS ’54) teaches at the College of the Ozarks in Branson, Mo.

Class Notes 1960s Robert Nelson (MUED ’64) was inducted into the

Jeannie Adkins Smith (RPA ’78) was hired as deputy clerk in the court of U.S. Magistrate Judge Joe J. Volpe.

Mountain Home Education Foundation Hall of Honors. Robert was a band director at Mountain Home for 35

Leila Alston (MED TECH ’79) was elected first vice

years. He retired in 2002. Today, Robert is president of

president of the board of directors for the Women’s

the Mountain Home School Board and he sits on the

Foundation of Arkansas. She lives in Little Rock.

board of the Mountain Home Education Foundation.


1980s Peggy Lawless Walter (ELED ’80, M.Ed. ’87 & Ed.S. EDLD ’06) earned master school principal certification

James Teal (POL SCI ’70) has retired and is involved in

from the Arkansas State Board of Education. Peggy is

fishing and home improvement projects on a full-time

principal at Fairview Elementary School in Fort Smith.

basis. Jane Marsden English (ECON ’81) and Don English Danny Wooten (ENGL EDU ’71) is retired following a

(ALUM) celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on

34-year teaching career at Dover High School.

April 10, 2010. Jane is a state representative for District 42 and Don is a retired colonel is the U.S. Army.

Rick Thone (HEPE ’72) and Harriet Burns Thone (’75) were named 2009 Pope County Persons of the Year by

Tom Jones (AGBU ‘82) was elected vice chairman of

the Arkansas Tri-Peak Association.

the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board. The U.S. Secretary of Agriculture appoints the board

Hartsel “Gerald” Acord (BUAD ’75) retired from the


Federal Aviation Administration on Dec. 31, 2009, after 23 years with the agency. Verna Hogins Boxnick (HIST ’75, M.Ed. ELED ’84 & M.Ed. MTLL ’02) was promoted to principal at Dover Middle School effective at the beginning of the 201011 academic year. Mike Lee (ELED ’75 & M.A. ’80) retired from his position as principal at Dover Middle School at the end of the 2009-10 academic year. Dr. Janett Gray (BIOL ’76) was promoted to vice

James Murphree (AA ’82 & HIST ’89) and his wife, Bettye, celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary on March 19, 2010. They live in The Villages, Fla.

Spring 2010


L. LeAnn Stark (PHYS SCI ’82) is working as a library assistant at the Green Forest Public Library. Dr. Karen A. Williams (PHYS SCI ’85) received the American Association of Physics Teachers Distinguished Service Citation. She teaches at East Central University in Ada, Okla.

president of quality and regulatory for DDN, which

Laurie Cowling (HIST ’87) was named Lamar School

according to its Web site is the largest privately held

District teacher of the year for 2009-10. She has taught

provider of outsourced services to the life-science

at Lamar Middle School for 10 years.

industry. David V. Hopkins (GEOL ’87), officer manager for Gary Hickman (ACCT ’77) is the senior accounting

Terracon Consultants Inc. in Little Rock, was appointed

and reporting manager for Paramount Pictures in

senior principal by the Terracon Board of Directors.

Amsterdam, Netherlands. Todd McCrackin (HEPE ’87) was hired as Lois Swafford Craig (SPH ’78) is serving as worthy

superintendent for the East Newton School District

grand matron of the Order of the Eastern Star in

in Granby, Mo. He and his wife, Jennifer, have two

Arkansas. The non-profit organization supports

children: Madry (8) and Marrianne (5).

volunteer firefighting departments throughout the state, Camp Aldersgate and the fight against Parkinson’s

Todd Dennis (MATH ’88) received the Grand Slam

Disease. She and her husband, Tom, celebrated their

award from Farm Bureau Insurance. Todd is an agent

30th wedding anniversary on May 24, 2010.

for Pulaski County Farm Bureau in Little Rock.

Follow the Wonder Boys and the Golden Suns

Class Notes 1990s

Jeff Carter (HEPE ’03) was hired as defensive coordinator

Brian Summerhill (ELED ’93) will become assistant superintendent for the Van Buren School District on July 1, 2010.

basketball coach at his alma mater, Fort Smith Northside High School. He was previously the head coach at Springdale Har-Ber High School.

Technical Center in Fort Smith. He had served as Hartford School District superintendent since 2006. Felisha Sutton Weaver (JOUR ’04) was hired as director of publications and creative services at Arkansas Tech.

Cody McNabb (HEPE ’99 & M.Ed. PE ’01) was hired as head football coach at Morrilton High School. Cody was previously the defensive coordinator at Russellville High School.

Cameron Jones (MGMT/MKTG ’05) was promoted to senior marketing specialist for FedEx Services in Harrison. Deidre Luker (MGMT/MKTG ’05) joined Phillips Law

Jason Walker (BIOL ’99) was named 2009-10 Russellville High School teacher of the year. Jason teaches pre-AP and AP biology classes.

Firm, P.A., in Russellville. Deidre graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law in 2008. Ike Ohanson (SPH ’06) has signed with the Bellingham


Slam of the International Basketball League for the 2010

James Brashear (ACCT ’00) joined Beall Barclay in Fort Smith as a staff accountant in the tax department.


D. Chris Rink (M.Ed. EDLD ’04 & Ed.S. EDLD ’06) was selected as the director of the Western Arkansas

Eric Burnett (HEPE ’94) was named head boys’

Tech Action

for the football program at Russellville High School.

Jennifer Schalk (ACCT ’00) is an accounting manager for Taber Extrusions, LLC in Russellville. She became a Certified Public Accountant in 2008. Jennifer also serves as a Russellville Area Chamber of Commerce Red Coat. Mark Brigance (HEPE ’01) was hired as defensive coordinator for the Barton High School football program. Christopher Brockett (MGMT/MKTG ’01) was appointed co-chairman of the Arkansas Society of Certified Public Accountants Tax Institute Committee. Mary Roland Bartlett (SPH ’03) was hired as finance manager for Johnson Chevrolet in Clarksville. She and her

season. This is Ike’s fourth year in the IBL. Matt Bewley (AGBU ’07) was promoted by Arvest Bank to assistant branch manager at the Russellville West Main Street location. Molly Fleming (JOUR ’09) earned 2010 Associated Press Managing Editors awards for her writing on business news (first place) and health related topics (third place) for the Benton Courier newspaper. Cass Capen-Housley (MGMT/MKTG ’09) was hired as training coordinator for the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center regional office at Arkansas Tech University.


husband, Lance Bartlett (MECH ENGR ’06), are parents

Christopher Brown (BUAD ’10) was hired at Beall Barclay

to Luke (12), Leah (10) and Addison (1).

in Fort Smith as a junior staff accountant.

JOIN US AT THE BALLPARK! Night with the Naturals June 17

Night with the Travelers July 29

Call the Arkansas Tech Alumni Office at (479) 968-0242 for tickets.

Obituaries tech

Friends We’ll Miss

Ruth Taylor LeMay Lemley (HOME EC ’33) died March 1, 2010. She worked in the mortgage banking industry in Arkansas for 35 years. Ruth lived in Bryant. She was 94.

Tommye Bell West (’43) died April 7, 2010. She taught science in the school districts at Dover and Russellville for 42 years. Tommye lived in Ashdown. She was 99.

Heartsill Ragon Bartlett (’37) died March 24, 2010. Heartsill was a veteran of World War II. He later served in the Arkansas National Guard for 34 years. Heartsill was manager of the student center — including the bookstore, snack bar, post office and concessions — at Arkansas Tech from 1949-77. He also served on the Arkansas Tech Alumni Association Board of Directors. He was inducted into the Arkansas Tech Hall of Distinction as a Distinguished Alumnus in 1987. Heartsill lived in Russellville. He was 94.

Louis Gregoire (AS ’49) died Jan. 29, 2010. He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. Louis taught school for 21 years, the last 11 of which were at Deer High School. Louis lived in Lurton. He was 85.

Polly Robertson Bartlett (’38) died March 8, 2010. She served as executive secretary to the chief executive officer of the Western Arkansas Telephone Company for 27 years. Polly joined the Arkansas Tech Dames Club in 1949. The annual hamburger supper that she and her husband Heartsill hosted at their home on the Friday before Homecoming was a highlight of the university’s annual calendar for six decades. She was inducted into the Arkansas Tech Hall of Distinction under the Distinguished Alumni Service category in 2007. Polly lived in Russellville. She was 89. Frank Grace (AGBU ’39) died May 9, 2010. He was a veteran of World War II. Frank was a lifelong participant in agriculture and agriculture education. He and his wife of 55 years, Bea, bought the family farm and settled in his native Dardanelle in 1958. Frank lived in Dardanelle. He was 91. Firman Bynum (’40) died May 13, 2010. He was a veteran of World War II and a 30-year member of the Arkansas Tech faculty and administration. Firman served as an assistant football coach, track coach, dean of students, dean of men and director of housing at Tech. He retired in 1984. Firman was the first AllAmerican in Wonder Boy football history. He earned that honor while playing tackle for the 1939 Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference champions. He was inducted into the Arkansas Tech Hall of Distinction in 1982. Firman lived in Russellville. He was 93. John Ernest Fox Sr. (ENGR ’41) died March 5, 2010. He was a veteran of World War II. John retired from the service in 1966 and had a second career as a teacher and school administrator. He was principal at Ramay Junior High School in Fayetteville from 1975-80. John lived in Fayetteville. He was 88.

Jackie Lee Noah Sr. (AGRI ’51) died April 27, 2010. He served in World War II and was an electrician in Los Angeles County in California for 20 years. Jackie lived in Russellville. He was 82. Jack J. Chancey (BUAD/MKTG ’56) died May 8, 2010. Jack worked for State Farm Insurance for 34 years. He retired as the company’s claims superintendent for north Mississippi. Jack lived in Saltillo, Miss. He was 75. Mary Gale Bullock Barnes (’59) died May 8, 2010. Mary earned certification as a registered medical technologist and moved to Houston, Texas, in 1964. There she met her future husband, J. Robert Barnes, and together they built a solo ophthalmology practice into Barnes Eye Centers. Mary lived in Houston, Texas. She was 70. Ernest “Ernie” Dean Faucett (BUAD/MKTG ’59) died April 7, 2010. Ernie served in the U.S. Air Force, and he was a member of the Arkansas Tech football and track teams. Ernie also served as president of the Arkansas Tech Student Council. He worked for Southwestern Bell for 11 years and for Arkansas Electric Cooperatives for 30 years. Ernie lived in Sherwood. He was 77. Graydon Mark Newlon (PSY ’73) died March 16, 2010. He began his career in marketing with Southwestern Bell in Fayetteville in 1972. He was working in the company’s global marketing in Dallas when he retired in 2000. Mark lived in Fort Smith. He was 60. Paul Hunnicutt (PSY ’75) died May 1, 2010. Paul served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War. He worked at National Home Centers as a commodities buyer for 24 years. Paul lived in Russellville. He was 61. Mike Rogers (AGBU ’94) died May 7, 2010. Mike worked for the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture vegetable substation. He was a disc jockey known as MR Music and a volunteer for both the American Cancer Society and the Special Olympics. Mike lived in Greenwood. He was 47.

Spring 2010


Tech Athletics

New Faces, Familiar Results Golden Suns return to national prominence in 2009-10 Basketball teams with 14 new players are not supposed to break school records. They are not supposed to end seven-year championship droughts. They are not supposed to win conference and regional titles. The 2009-10 Arkansas Tech women’s basketball team did all of that and much more during a season that restored the Golden Suns to their accustomed place among the most respected programs in women’s college basketball. Head coach Dave Wilbers guided Tech to a 31-3 overall record, a Gulf South Conference West Division championship and the GSC Tournament title. It was the Jenny Vining

first time the Suns had worn those crowns since 2003. The Golden Suns’ victory in the GSC Tournament title game gave them the right to host the NCAA Division II Tournament South Regional for the first time since 2003, and they took full advantage of their home court.


Tech Action

A crowd of 2,620 watched one of those 14 new Golden Suns — freshman Jessica Weatherford — dominate the regional final with 24 points and 12 rebounds as Arkansas

The Golden Suns won their 20th regular season

Tech won its first NCAA South Region women’s basketball

conference title, their third GSC Tournament

title since 1999 with a 73-62 victory over Delta State.

championship and their third NCAA Division II South Region crown.

Defending national runner-up Franklin Pierce (N.H.) defeated the Golden Suns 77-62 to end their season in

Arkansas Tech’s appearance in the 2010 NCAA Division

the national quarterfinals at St. Joseph, Mo., but the

II Elite Eight marked the 10th time that the Golden

2009-10 Arkansas Tech team had already made its mark.

Suns had reached the quarterfinal round of a national tournament.

The Golden Suns posted the best start (18-0) to a women’s basketball season in school history. They

Natalia Santos

Junior guard Jenny Vining and sophomore forward

recorded the 800th win in Arkansas Tech women’s

Natalia Santos were named All-GSC West Division and

basketball history, making the Golden Suns just the third

All-NCAA South Region. Vining also became the 15th

NCAA Division II program to reach that plateau.

All-American in Tech women’s basketball history.

Tech Athletics

BACK TO BACK Wonder Boys earn second consecutive GSC championship One day there might be an Arkansas Tech men’s

The Blazers shot 56 percent from the field and

basketball team that matches or even exceeds the

ended the Wonder Boys’ season with a 72-60 loss. It

achievements of the 2009-10 Wonder Boys.

was a sudden end to a year for the record books.

But it is unlikely that there will ever be an

Arkansas Tech established new school records for

Arkansas Tech men’s basketball team that more

most wins in a season (30) and most consecutive wins

accurately defines the term overachiever than the

to begin a season (25).

group that captured the attention of Wonder Boys’ fans everywhere last winter.

That 25-0 start vaulted the Wonder Boys to a No. 1 national ranking for the first time ever. Tech was ranked

Arkansas Tech was 30-2 overall, champion of the GSC West Division and champion of the GSC

Brandon Friedel Spring 2010

No. 1 in seven of the 15 NCAA Division II top 25 polls during the 2009-10 season.

Tournament during the 2009-10 men’s basketball season.

The Wonder Boys were No. 1 for six consecutive weeks in January and February, the longest run atop the

It was the Wonder Boys’ first-ever GSC West

poll ever recorded by a GSC men’s basketball team.

Division regular season title. Arkansas Tech became just the fourth program to successfully defend a GSC

Senior guard Brandon Friedel was named All-

Tournament title in men’s basketball by defeating

America. He was joined on the All-GSC West Division

Alabama-Huntsville 64-63 in the championship game.

team by senior guard Renard Allen and junior guard

Marcus Pillow made the game-winning 3-pointer with

Laithe Massey.

11.8 seconds remaining. Mark Downey was named GSC West Division and The Wonder Boys earned the right to host the NCAA

NCAA Division II South Region coach of the year.

Division II South Regional for the first time ever. They

He resigned April 13 after four years and 77 wins as

topped Tuskegee University 92-58 in the first round, but

Arkansas Tech head coach to accept the same position

eventual region champion Valdosta State was too much

at his alma mater — the University of Charleston — in

in round two.

his native West Virginia.

Karleskint chosen as new Tech head coach Doug Karleskint was promoted to head men’s basketball coach at Arkansas Tech on Friday, April 16.

Prior to joining the Arkansas Tech coaching staff, Karleskint served on the staffs at Stephen F. Austin University, Northwest Missouri State University,

Karleskint, 30, was Mark Downey’s top assistant at Arkansas Tech in 2009-10.

Georgetown College (Ky.) and Fort Scott Community College.

Renard Allen


Tech Athletics

Tech sets new school mark for baseball wins Dave Dawson wasted no time in putting Arkansas

Dave Dawson

Tech baseball back in the upper echelon of the Gulf

Head Baseball Coach

South Conference during his first season as the Wonder Boys’ head coach. Tech set a new school record for baseball wins in a season, qualified for the Gulf South Conference Tournament for the first time in three years and won a postseason game for the first time in nine years. The 2010 Wonder Boys finished 35-19 overall and 14-6 in GSC West Division play. The previous school record for wins in a season was 34, which was established by the 1994 Wonder Boys. The wins record was not the only school mark to fall at the hands of the 2010 Wonder Boys. They also shattered team records for runs scored, base hits, triples, stolen bases and runs batted in. Senior starting pitcher Josh Floriani (photographed, bottom right) became just the fourth Tech pitcher to


ever win 10 games in a season. Tech Action

Junior center fielder Matt Johnson established new school records for base hits (84), runs scored (70) and stolen bases (36) in 2010. The previous stolen base record (33 by Sammy May) had stood for 57 years.

Josh Floriani All-GSC and All-Region

Floriani, Johnson, senior designated hitter Joe

Starting Pitcher

Walton, senior outfielder/pitcher Chad Wynn, junior third baseman Nick Makris and sophomore catcher Landon Sullins represented Tech on the All-GSC team.

2010 Arkansas Tech Football Schedule Thursday, Sept. 2 Thursday, Sept. 9 Saturday, Sept. 18 Saturday, Sept. 25 Saturday, Oct. 2 Saturday, Oct. 9 Saturday, Oct. 16 Saturday, Oct. 23 Saturday, Oct. 30 Saturday, Nov. 6 Saturday, Nov. 13

Lambuth University at Delta State (CBS College Sports Network) *Henderson State (Family Day) *at Arkansas-Monticello *at North Alabama *Ouachita Baptist *Southern Arkansas (Homecoming) *at West Alabama *Valdosta State *at Harding Southwest Baptist (Senior Day)

Russellville, Ark. Cleveland, Miss. Russellville, Ark. Monticello, Ark. Florence, Ala. Russellville, Ark. Russellville, Ark. Livingston, Ala. Russellville, Ark. Searcy, Ark. Russellville, Ark.

7 p.m. 7 p.m. 6 p.m. 6 p.m. 6 p.m. 6 p.m. 6 p.m. 6 p.m. 2 p.m. 2 p.m. 2 p.m.

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Green and Gold Club

Tech Athletics: THE GLORY HAS RETURNED From 2005-07, alumni and friends of Arkansas Tech came together in support of the university’s intercollegiate athletics program by contributing to a capital campaign. The title of the campaign was “Return to Glory.” Three years after the fact, it is obvious that title was more than just a catchy slogan. The previous three pages tell part of the story. Below is a listing of some other accomplishments by Arkansas Tech Athletics during the 2009-10 academic year.

Members of the Green and Gold Club make this success possible with their financial support. Check the back cover to learn how you can become part of our winning team!

2009-10: By The Numbers

161 Wins by the Wonder Boys and Golden Suns (Most in School History) 36 Tech student-athletes named All-Gulf South Conference of Tech teams that advanced to NCAA postseason competition 5 Number (football, cross country, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, men’s golf) I would like to make a donation to the Arkansas Tech Alumni Association Scholarship:

Spring 2010


I would like to make a donation in honor of __________________________________________________:


I would like to make a donation in memory of _________________________________________________:


Please make checks payable to the Arkansas Tech Foundation and write Alumni Scholarship in the memo field of the check. Donations may be mailed to the Arkansas Tech Foundation, P.O. Box 8820, Russellville, AR 72801

Name_________________________________________________ Tech major and year ___________________________________ (include maiden name if applicable)

Graduated or attended (circle one)

Spouse’s Name_______________________________________ Tech major and year ____________________________________ (include maiden name if applicable)


Graduated or attended (circle one)

let us hear from

Mailing address________________________________________ City__________________________ State_____ Zip __________ Telephone____________________________________________ E-mail ________________________________________ Occupation: His________________________________________________ Hers __________________________________________ News: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ mail class notes to Tech Alumni Office, 1313 N. Arkansas Ave., Russellville, AR 72801 or e-mail to


Tech Action Arkansas Tech University Alumni Association Alumni House 1313 North Arkansas Ave. Russellville, AR 72801 Arkansas Tech University Alumni Association Volume 46 No. 2

2010-11 Green & Gold Membership Form

Your gifts support Tech Athletics. Thank you for aiding the Wonder Boys and the Golden Suns.

Mail Completed Form To: Arkansas Tech Foundation 8820 Tech Lane, Russellville, AR 72801

Your Name_____________________________________Company Name_______________________________ Address ___________________________________________________________________________________ City____________________________________________

State __________________ Zip_________

Home Phone________________________________ Business Phone ________________________________ E-Mail Address______________________________________________________________________________ Name As I Wish It To Appear in Football Game Program_____________________________________________


I wish to make my donation by check. A gift in the amount of $___________ is enclosed. Make checks payable to: Arkansas Tech Foundation (Write Green and Gold Club on memo line)

Green and Gold Giving Levels r Platinum ($5,000)

r Diamond ($3,000)

r Emerald ($1,500)

r All-American ($1,000)

r Captain ($500)

r All-Star ($250)

r Tech ($150)

r Check here for membership with game tickets r Check here for membership with no tickets Consult your tax advisor to determine how this applies to your tax situation.


I wish to make a donation of $______________, and I wish to charge my gift to my credit card: r Visa r Master Card r Discover

r American Express

Account #______________________________________ Expiration Date __________________________________



Signature Required________________________________ Designate My Gift For:

r Specific Sport__________________ r Greatest Need

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