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2011-12 a-state women’s basketball FACILITIES: Media facilities in the Convocation Center consist of an area at floor level on the east side of the court for reporters, broadcasters and photographers, as well as a television-film booth located high on the east side of the arena. There is also a Media Room located on the west side open to the press before, during and after games. Admittance to these areas is by special credential issued only by the ASU Sports Information Office.

ASU SPORTS INFORMATION STAFF jerry Scott Director Office: 870-972-3405 Cell: 870-243-6021 Van Provence (WBB Contact) Assistant Director Office: 870-972-2707 Cell: 870-897-5010

CREDENTIALS: Credentials for home games are provided to those members of the media who are covering the game in a full working capacity. Requests with names should be submitted in writing on company letterhead. Passes will be mailed to valid applicants as long as time permits; otherwise, passes may be claimed at the Media Entrance on the east side of the arena. Spouses, dates, children and non-workers are NOT permitted in the media areas. Passes must be displayed at all times, and ASU reserves the right to revoke passes and privileges at any time due to misrepresentation or misconduct. Requests for roadgame credentials should be made to the SID of the host institution.

Anthony Reynolds Assistant Director Office: 870-972-3547 Cell: 870-530-4454

Main Phone/FAX: 870-972-2541/3367 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1000, State University, AR 72467 Overnight Address: 217 Olympic Dr., Jonesboro, AR 72401

PARKING: A limited number of parking spaces are available to members of the media on a paved lot adjacent to the Media Entrance on the east side of the arena, Lot “A”. Display a parking pass to the parking attendant for admittance. Parking is on a first-come, first-serve basis. All parking pass requests should be made to the Sports Information Office.

Photographers are not allowed to shoot from in front of the team benches nor from the catwalk above the floor (for security, insurance and safety reasons). Credentials are required to shoot from courtside. Certified photographers of newspapers, magazines, wire services and TV stations must request passes in writing. No credentials will be issued to freelance photographers.

ENTRY: Media representatives with proper ASU-issued credentials will be allowed to enter the building ONLY at the Media Entrance (ground level, green corner of the arena) on the east side of the Convocation Center. This is also the main entry to the athletic offices and is adjacent to the Media parking area.

INTERVIEWS: Head coach Brian Boyer will be available for interviews in the media room after each game, following a brief team meeting. ASU student-athletes will also be available by request at this time. The locker room is closed to the media following games. To arrange for a student-athlete interview during the week, contact Van Provence, Assistant Sports Information Director at (870) 972-2707. All interviews must be approved by the head coach.

GAME SERVICES: Notes, programs, media guides and statistic packets are provided to media personnel by the Sports Information Office. Phone are available in the Media Room as well as light refreshments. PHOTOGRAPHERS: The arena lighting system is a combination of 1,000-watt and 1,500-watt metal halide lamps with a 150-footcandle level of illumination. Excellent results have been obtained with daylight film.

INjURY INFORMATION POLICY: A student-athlete's


2011-12 asu women’s basketball reference guide

media information

Chris Graddy Graduate Assistant Office: 870-972-2428 Cell: 870-351-1692

2011-12 Women's Basketball Reference Guide  

2011-12 Women's Basketball Reference Guide

2011-12 Women's Basketball Reference Guide  

2011-12 Women's Basketball Reference Guide