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CLIMATECOIN The first cryptocurrency that allows everyone to participate in fight against Climate Change. Creating value by incentivizing environmentally responsible businesses and sharing the results through our Tokens.

Target Market • Any individual regardless their profile, social status or economical position. • Equity funds for any legal purpose. • Any corporation for CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR) plans. • Governmental Institutions, International organizations and NGOs.

Value Proposition CLIMATECOIN is giving a double source of solution.

The Problem Climate Change is an evident problem and is getting worse by the minute. • CO2 levels are the highest in 650.000 years. • 16 of the 17 warmest years on record have occurred since just 2001. • Artic sea ice has had shrunk to the lowest level every record in history. • Earth’s polar ice caps are constantly losing mass (289 billion of tones per year). • The government and NGOs actions are not enough, individual actions are very limited and their outputs immeasurable. Also the lack of solutions is bringing slackness and desisting symptom among these people. • Nobody is collecting data and detailing the total efforts needed and all currently being made.

• Set anybody in the world closer to the opportunity to invest into the survival of the Planet. • Get economic benefits from their investment in CLIMATECOIN through several ways such us the dividend program and the potential appreciation of the Token. • Permit corporations to invest through their CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR) Programs, perceiving a quarterly profit for their investments if they hold the tokens or receive back that investment if they sell it.

Cryptocurrency Potential Business across the globe spent $2.5 billion in 2016 on blockchain solutions. It’s predicted to rise over $20 billion by 2025. The financial services sector accounts for the majority of the future market growth. Using blockchain technology as a

way to approach more people in the world in a simple faster more reliable, more confidential and safer way. This will maximize potential growth of our initiative.

Ethereum: Market cap

$22 billion Ether exchange daily

$550 billion

• Has over Bitcoin the ability to run Smart contracts on the blockchain. • Is being adopted by big institutions like HYPERLEDGER Project where large corporations like American Express, BBVA, The Bank of England, Airbus, etc., are involved.

Market Potential The OCDE estimates that more than 100 trillion USD ofcumulative investment between 2016-2030 to mitigate Climate Change.

189 countries have submitted Paris agreement 2015 offering a clear roadmap for investments that will aim to produce Climate-resilience and offset higher of upfront costs through fuel savings. IFC reports that nearly $23 trillion in opportunities for Climate Smart investments in emerging markets between 20162030.

21 Emerging markets economies represent 48% of global emissions. Nowadays $16 billion a year from the World Bank will be directed towards Climate Change projects. By 2020, developed countries have promised to finance $100 billion a year to developing world as a part of Global Climate Change agreements.

Competitive Advantage Most ICOs are generated without having any tangible asset or real-world applications. Just to serve as a great cryptocurrency speculation vehicle.

Climatecoin’s ICO clearly differentiate from other ICOs with: Investing ICO money for mostly acquiring tangible assets with real value. • Built upon a profit-sharing smart contract design, which allows token owners to collect 25% of quarterly profits, paid in Ethereum. • Depletion Program: 2% of the total amount invested by the Foundation in any company will be reinvested into CLIMATECOIN CO2 tokens, and they will be locked in perpetuity to guarantee that the funds won’t be spent in other manner.

• Become a widely-recognized international symbol, producing big results from our efforts.

Using one of the top auditing companies in the world to give transparency to the customers • Revenues generated from the token sale will go to a multisig wallet managed and controlled by curators. Funds will only be handed out after due diligence of the company willing to acquire.

Business Model

Token Sales

Investments may be divided between 2 types of venture business:

Climatecoin Foundation is a publicly registered body in Switzerland with legal responsibilities and is subject to audits. Is also a corporate member of the Crypto Association in Zug (Switzerland)

Early Stage investments (Start-up firms - those with less than $1 million in revenue) Average holding period:

8 years

Approximate investment:


Later-stage investments (those that have raised capital at valuations greater than $100 million) Average holding period:

3-5 years

Investments in all types of sector with sustainable goals (i.e. Electricity, transport, agriculture, manufacturing…)

Approximate investment:

23rd October

7 days

Contribution between ETH

100 100.0000 Can be paid either in Fiat Currency or ETH


Available Token Bonus


Eth Committed


150,000 ETH


150,000 ETH - 250,000 ETH


250,000 ETH - 350,000 ETH


350,000 ETH - 450,000 ETH


500,000 ETH

ICO: 1st November

30 days

For ICO, only ETH is accepted.

HOW TO BUY: Everything must be done through our official website

Team Business Development - 65% Core Dev - 10% Reserve - 10% Marketing - 10% Legal - 5%

James Haft – CEO Juan Boluda – COO & CFO David Ortega – CTO Ana Karen ZS – CMO Antonio Liu Yang – CCO Andrey Khomutov – Investor Relations

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