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Arkadin Case Study An Australian telecommunications company substantially reduces the need for travel, streamlines processes and procedures, improves time management – all accomplished with major cost savings through ArkadinAnytime™ and ArkadinAnywhere™.


Our business can be quite demanding and Arkadin responded to our demands, and was able to work under pressure… resulting in a fantastic and growing relationship. - Justine Judge, Customer Relationship Manager, Next Telecom

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Next Telecom is a leading Australian telecommunications service provider specifically catering to the Medium to Corporate markets in Australia. The company delivers a sophisticated service level through a personal account management programme rather than a call centre environment.

Raising Efficiency and Enhancing Service at Reduced Costs Next Telecom’s mission is to provide the most sophisticated service levels in the industry through a personalised account management programme focused on producing individual solutions for each project and each new customer. The business challenge was to enhance service across the whole of Australia while reducing costs. Telecommunications in Australia is extremely challenging because of the vast empty expanses that lies between major cities. This results in face-to-face service support either being expensive, or less than ideal. Next Telecom’s strategy is to rely on innovation using advanced technology coupled to highly efficient processes and procedures.

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Arkadin Fulfils Client’s Business Strategy “Arkadin were extremely open-minded to our .business strategy and understanding our requirements for conferencing (in relation to) our customer base. Arkadin’s service, from account management and customer service stands apart from any other provider… willingness and ability to go above and beyond to deliver.” said Justine Judge, Customer Relationship Manager, Next Telecom In relation to Next Telecom’s business strategy, in-depth research was conducted by Arkadin Account Managers on the company’s business processes, as well as customer expectations and requirements. Three key business objectives were deemed critical: i ii. iii.

Streamlining processes and procedures Effiective time management Cost cutting.

that they could deliver and maintain its customer Service Level Agreements and timelines. Time management was built into the workflow. Many of the efficiencies and massive cost savings were achieved because Anytime™ and Anywhere™ dramatically reduced the need to travel which, in Australia, usually meant air-travel. Next Telecom could now respond face-to-face with customers faster than ever before, at a lower cost.

About Arkadin Arkadin is a global Collaboration Services Provider, offering audio, web, video conferencing and Unified Collaboration solutions. Arkadin enables organisations to communicate and collaborate using customisable, cost-efficient, user-friendly solutions. Founded in 2001, Arkadin has 50 operating centres in 29 countries throughout Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America, offering a full suite of remote collaboration solutions to more than 25,500 clients. To find out more about Arkadin, please visit:

By combining ArkadinAnytime™ for on-demand phone conferencing with ArkadinAnywhere™ for on-demand web-conferencing, Next Telecom was able to vastly improve communications and reduce its sales cycle. Furthermore, this seamless integration of Anytime™ and Anywhere™ into the client’s workflow meant that company processes and procedures were efficiently streamlined so

Arkadin’s level of customer service is unheard of in the marketplace. Without Arkadin’s drive for customer satisfaction, we cannot deliver the above-average customer service to our customer base.

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- Justine Judge, Customer Relationship Manager, Next Telecom

The drastic reduction in travel costs of Next Telecom supported by Arkadin Audio & Web Conferencing  

Travel costs matter a lot to companies who want to expand and provide service on a national or global level. The services of ArkadinAnytime...

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