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November/December 2013


FROM MIDDLE EARTH TO BEAMINSTER The beautiful work of Jemima Catlin


The craft of a gentle giant


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SILENCIO is our latest development of six exclusive apartments and a penthouse, on the shore of Poole Harbour, the second largest natural harbour in the world.

This unique location has uninterrupted views across to Brownsea Island, Sandbanks Peninsula, the Purbecks beyond, and is a stone’s throw away from some of the most beautiful beaches in the UK.

Award winning architects Munden Robinson have carefully designed a building that maximizes the views, and all apartments will raise the standard for modern – luxury living.



T: 01202 709 283


T: 01202 706 006


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W W W . T I T A N I U M - D E V E L O P M E N T S . C O M


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letter Greetings again wonderful and talented folk of Dorset’s shire to Arkadia Winter edition, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear we’ve decided to give you a fairly ‘festive’ free Nov/Dec title, so here’s to a chilled out Arkadia with just the odd sprig of mistletoe and holly to keep you in the mood! Our genteel offering of winter warmth and bespoke beauty begins as the nights draw in, we reflect on home comforts, beautiful places to experience fine dining and service, local delightful events and bespoke gifts for all. So whether you utilise the internets wonderful services of ‘home shopping’ or you endeavour to go foraging with the masses for your daily fodder, we have just a few special ideas for this forthcoming Holiday season. We delve into the larder at River Cottage with our intrepid reporter Joni and came back with some fabulous advice for the more adventurous in our ‘wild food’ two page special on page 26, proving you don’t have to break the bank to feast like Royalty this Christmas. Page 30 we chat with Jemima Catlin, talented, creative illustrator for the new 2013 children’s hard back book ‘The Hobbit’ by J.R.R Tolkien, and discover her eye for capturing the formidable ‘tree’ in all its natural beauty, a truly

talented artist from our beautiful County with a wonderful ability for detail and a real passion for Dorset. So before you go running off ‘Bilbo Baggins’ the Christmas sale bargains have a seat in your comfy hobbit-hole, pour yourself a large winter warmer and while away an hour or so leafing through what’s on offer, check out our own fabulous locally sourced ‘artisan gift ideas’ just about the prettiest things you’ll wish to find under your tree this Christmas. We also ‘turn’ our attention to the art of woodturning, a taste of artisan wood craft on page 10, taking timber sourced close to the home nestled in the crook of Hambledon Hill Darren gracefully transforms fallen trees to bespoke emotional art, using locally sourced timber, his work has to be seen to be believed, a true local master craftsman. We hope you enjoy our little taste of Dorset again and best wishes for a wholesome fun filled festive season, we’ll see you again in the New Year for the beginning of what promises to be an inspiring Year again for Dorset enterprises and all of our readers.


Warm thanks going out to Milly Mcculloch - wonderfully talented designer and fabulous book binder! Lotty Cobb (Photographer and @arkadiaND ) Polly Greenway @ Domvs Property, David @ Berties Wimborne for the fabulous support, the talented Becca Perl for the foodie features, Holly Stroud, ridiculously talented artist for content caricatures and River Cottage paintings, Darren Wheeler, Katharine Wright, Rob & Michelle, (For amazing tea breaks) Dan Taylor, Elaine Arnold ( not excluding the nutty gang) ‘fabulous Baking Birds, Pinks, Strawberry Fields and many many more close associates and friends, Also a huge thank you to my beautiful wife for giving me Harrison, my baby boy, the best Christmas present I could of ever wished for! Merry Crimbo all x


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An evening of luxury in the New Forest


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‘From turning drunks away at the doors to turning wooden wonders’




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Recipes to delight, they’ve ‘stollen’ our heart


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The magical work of Becky Ross, contemporary and beautiful glass infusing’


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We see how J.R.R Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’ has been beautifully updated for 2013

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Beach & Cliffside residences that will leave you breathless.


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Robin Savill Features Editor  Danny Nash MD Milly McCulloch Graphic Designer Robin Savill, Phil Gale, Sam Thomson, Joni Clowery Feature Writers

A ‘Poster H Child’ for vibrant Dorset Discovering the person behind the explosive scenes of colour By Danny Nash

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aving been following this artists work closely we travelled to the beautiful edge of north Dorset to discover for ourselves the scenery and imagery that inspires one of our favourite artists, the enigmatic and effervescent Moira Ladd, We’re welcomed with open arms and warm, sweet tea into the converted barn that’s now Moira’s workspace, shared with another well known and extremely creative painter. These talented visionaries are producing highly sought after pieces from a beautiful collection, pushing the boundaries of colour, here we discover a little more about the artist and her inspiration. Immediately our focus is captured by the highly decorative ‘hangings’ on the dry baked stone walls. Working in acrylics and utilising varnishes, the splashes of vibrant colour are an amazing contrast to the pale walls of the dairy shed and its high beams. Skylights flood Moiras fabulous work with the lit back drop it

deserves. Work that is emotively described as ‘contemporary nostalgia’, slightly reminiscent of the Czech artist Alphonse Mucha’s 19th century posters, it inspires the images of 1930’s Britain, visions of platform waiting rooms, allowing us to slip off to the great days of steam engines and the haze of long ago sun filled poppy fields, mixed with just a dash of Art Nouveau, Moira has captured an adoring army of collectors, fans and passionate gallery owners. This self taught artisan uses different processes such as black gesso coatings on the canvas, giving the colour so much more life and warmth. Having rekindled her love for acrylics the ease of the pallet and the love of her materials is apparent as Moira busies herself over a ‘beach hut’ scene that is ‘springing to life’ from the dark canvas, a bright red roof alive


amongst the backdrop, another stunning local scene that makes us eager with anticipation to visit again to see the finished article. The year has been quite exciting so far, after being invited to exhibit with Artist & Illustrators Magazine in London, Moira then had a painting pre-selected at the Mall Galleries and went on to win ‘best in show’ in a local exhibition, all in the past few months. We aren’t surprised things are going so well. If you’re ever passing by East Knoyle, pop in and see the work for yourselves, the doors will always be open and you can also find your way to Moiras place for ‘Dorset Arts Week’ when we’ll be popping back to catch up on the latest explosion of colour and imagination out of this exquisite part of the world.

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Peter Lashmar of Lashmars Tax Accountants sets out some useful tips on how you can make full use of all the available tax allowances and also implement other basic tax planning measures to ensure your savings are as tax efficient as possible.

Are your savings for a rainy day tax efficient?

1. Use the Individual Savings Account (ISA) allowance The ISA limits for 2013/2014 are £11,520 into a Stocks and Shares ISA (or a combination of £5,760 into a Cash ISA and £5,760 into Stocks and Shares). If saving for a minor, the Junior ISA limit is £3,720. You need to use the ISA allowance for this tax year before 5th April 2014. Any savings into an ISA are exempt from tax, which means you receive all the interest or growth with no tax due. 2. Build up emergency savings Before locking your money away in a high rate deposit account (currently not very high) or savings product, build up at least 3-6 months worth of salary in an easy access account. This way, you’ll always have money available in an emergency. 3. Use the spouse’s allowance Transferring any income-bearing assets to lower earning spouses can help to share the tax burden. This is particularly relevant if the spouse does not use his or her personal allowance – which has increased from £8,105 in to £ 9,440 in this tax year – or their basic rate income tax band which is up to £32,010. 4. Diversify Use investment trusts or unit trusts to spread your risk across different asset classes such as stocks and shares, fixed interest and property. These funds do involve some risk and you should be clear on your capacity to accept any potential short term losses should their value drop. It is useful to consult an IFA/ TPA to obtain advice on what specific investments are suitable for your circumstances. Investing in one general fund will give a good spread of risk but you need to be certain of all the implications.

a savings account or ISA just after you’ve been paid. This builds up your savings gradually in a manageable way. 6. Make use of the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) annual exemption You can realise gains of up to £10,900 in the 2013/2014 tax year without paying CGT so use this exemption if possible. 7. Watch out for penalties Some bank accounts have limits on the number of withdrawals you can make and others penalise you for making withdrawals by imposing an interest penalty. They may also pay a bonus but watch as this may drop after a withdrawal is made. It is common for higher than normal interest paying accounts to revert automatically to a standard interest rate after, usually, one year. So that most appealing 3% account will automatically become 0.25% or so! 8. Pension contributions If you don’t have a pension, start making contributions into either your employer’s pension scheme or your own personal pension plan. Contributions attract 20% tax relief for basic rate and non taxpayers, with higher rate taxpayers being able to claim a further 20% or, in some cases, 30% relief through their tax return. 9. Switch your investments to tax free ISAs If you have a portfolio of investments with some gains, then consider reinvesting them back into an ISA if you have not already used your ISA allowance for the tax year. Keep any gains within the CGT allowance for 2013/2014 of £10,900. 10. Tax efficient Investments Investments such as Venture Capital Trusts and Enterprise Investment Schemes might be worthy of consideration to sit alongside pension and ISA funds for those who may be willing to accept higher risk in return for income, capital or inheritance tax reliefs. These are much higher risk investments and as with all investments professional advice should be taken before proceeding. For more information on the Personal Tax services provided by Lashmars Tax Accountants and to arrange your free initial consultation, please call 01590 688838, email or visit where you can sign up for a free monthly eNewsletter.

5. Save a little and often Not everyone is fortunate enough to have large deposits, so save on a regular basis by setting up a monthly direct debit into Disclaimer: These are general notes only provided to illustrate the taxation effects of different possible courses of action. Full consideration must always be made of all relevant details in each particular circumstance. Lashmars Tax Accountants cannot be responsible for any loss occurring from nor the effectiveness of action taken based on this Guidance Note alone.

Founder of Dorchester’s The Gilded Teapot, Jo Davies tells us about her shop and her very exciting plans for Christmas and 2014 grand opening - ready for Christmas. The ideal season for tea, although to be fair we think that all year round! But there is something deliciously satisfying in wrapping up and savoring a spiced mug of tea in the cosy depths of winter. Or how about an earthenware Japanese Kyusu teapot or tea parcels as Christmas gifts for tea lovers? A Winter Spice blend slipped into a stocking never goes amiss, and our Cloud Tea paired with a mince pie is just the ticket.

At the Gilded Teapot, I must admit to you, we have been sitting on a secret. It has been a long time in the making and something we have been rather excited to share. From Christmas 2010 we found our home in Dorset’s rural county town of Dorchester in an old tobacconists. Since then we have been personally sourcing, selecting and hand-blending the finest, rare teas from around the globe to bring to Dorchester’s teapots. We have built wonderful relationships with artisan importers and some of the world’s finest unsung tea gardens. As well as the teas, we have a wide collection of paraphernalia for infusing and bringing out the very best from these fascinating leaves, and we’re very excited to be working with local artisans and craftspeople from southern England. Exploration is key – rather than having one green tea, or a single Assam, we are building a whole library of tastes and experiences. Tea can be very much affected by the seasons, much like the world of wine, and we regularly seek out the finest that each season has to offer.

One thing we have always wanted since our beginning was to have a calm, relaxing tea sanctuary where lovers of tea (and the curious) could sit at a tasting table and explore the different teas and infusions with us. We had been looking for the right place for many months, and now we have finally found it. So without further ado, we are absolutely thrilled to announce the opening of our Tea Parlour in Poundbury’s new heart – The Buttermarket - opening this November. Keep an eye on our website, and you can sign up to our email newsletter for the date of the

We'll soon be announcing the date of our grand opening with all kinds of festive treats. Until then, we wish you a very Merry Christmas. With love from The Gilded Teapot. The Gilded Teapot, No. 1 Tudor Arcade, Dorchester, DT1 1BN 01305 268 210 The Gilded Teapot Tea Parlour, The Buttermarket, Poundbury, DT1 3AZ Opening soon @TheGildedTeapot and Facebook

Darren Wheeler


Chasing the Local wood artist Darren Wheeler is creating waves with his stunning pieces, so we took a drive into rural Dorset to find out more.

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he first thing that you notice when you see a piece by Darren is that this skilled artist has taken the craft of woodturning to the next level. A craft better known for stock pieces such as bowls and egg cups, Darren produces pieces that retain the organic feel and nature of the wood itself. Darren explains: “I have been playing with the craft of wood turning for close to twenty years now, but 12 months ago I decided to incorporate art into my pieces.” It is clear that Darren has a special, almost natural feel for the pieces he makes, thereby creating something unique. He continues: “Wood turning has always been a hobby for me. I spent 15 years working in security all over the southwest. During this time, when I was twenty I think, I bumped into someone known locally for his woodturning, asked him if I could watch him work and things went from there.” A few lessons later


and Darren was addicted to woodturning, his teaching giving him both support “Keep going Darren you have a soft touch” as well as feedback “WHAT?! I never want to see a chuck mark on your work again, glue to the stock.” As the piece was thrown to the floor.

This school of hard knocks has given Darren a keen eye for detail, something reflected in his work. Darren expands: “When I work I chase the wow. I have done the whole craft side of woodturning, apples, pears etc. It was a lot of work for little reward. Now with my wood art I aim to make something different, so that when people see my work they say “WOW!” This gives me the best feeling and makes it worthwhile. I think I counted many at the last fair I went to. I even had a man almost in tears, explaining to him that the open twists I was showing were the first ones I had done, at the age of 40. He was amazed and excited to see what I will produce in five years time.” Darren, nicknamed Bear, has many supporting his work: “Ever since I began turning, people in my life, friends and people who I knew from my time working as a milkman have offered me wood. I don’t want to chop down trees, instead I prefer to go for locally sourced material from fallers. These local woods, with their warts, knots and burs give my pieces character. I look at the wood and

try to incorporate as much of the natural feel of the wood as possible. Whether with a natural edge on a bowl or platter, or the grain and water staining on a larger carved piece, I think that the character of the wood should show through.” It is this that has been key to Darren’s success, getting him the all-important WOWs, he has a natural talent of being able to see pieces in the numerous lumps of wood around his workshop. He concludes: “I’m not sure where my motivation comes from, I just seem to see the finished piece straight away. For example my piece called Cloud Dragon, the wood just had an eyehole, face and mouth. The wood just seems to inspire me and keeps me wanting to push my craft. It keeps me inspired and hopefully will continue to keep people saying: “WOW!” More information can be found on Darren on his website, or on Facebook and Twitter @darrenbearwood.

The Sherborne Clinic Non-surgical procedures by former Harley Street specialist Alison West

Medical Micropigmentation Areola restoration, scar camouflage and vitiligo camouflage

Semi-Permanent Make Up Hair-stroke eyebrows and subtle eyeliner for the discerning

Deluxe Ultra-Sculpt Lipo for Body Lose inches, tighten and tone without going to the gym

Thread Vein Removal Revolutionary new treatment! Non-surgical, non-laser

Ultra-Sculpt Facials Tighten your jaw line and redefine your cheek bones

The Sherborne Clinic 01935 816565 Priestlands Lane, Sherborne, DT9 4HL

Isabella Dodge at home is a fabulous boutique based in the centre of Cheap St, Sherborne on the upper floor of Dodges. It has beautiful bespoke ranges of only the highest quality, mostly handmade in England. Isabella strives to find the best of fashion accessories, home, children’s apparel, books and toys that no one has yet discovered. All the lines offer exclusivity so you won’t see anything like it nearby! It is the place to find your Christmas presents and definitely worth a trip to go and see! There’s something exciting for everyone!

Isabella Dodge @ Home Home | Gift | Interiors 01935816551




Sherborne is considered to be one of Britain’s most beautiful towns and is well known for its mellow stone buildings and its wealth of independent shops. Robin Savill takes us on a whistle-stop tour of some of Sherborne’s finest establishments and tells us of their earlier lives.


s you wend your way through Sherborne you cannot ignore the architecture. Its beauty lies not only in individual buildings but in the combinations of periods and styles that line up like a living architectural sourcebook. Medieval and Georgian buildings sit shoulder to shoulder along Cheap Street, Sherborne’s retail backbone, and throughout the town the influence of the Victorians winds its way through this earlier architecture, embellishing it in spectacular style. Let’s take it from the top, quite literally, and start at No. 1 Cheap Street. This prestigious address belongs to The Julian, a stunning example of an early 16th century stone town house and one of Sherborne’s oldest buildings. Now home to the Sherborne Tapestry Centre, The Julian has been an inn and a hospice. A few yards away is the Toy Box, a good old-fashioned independent toy shop with gorgeous Georgian shop windows and 8 rooms packed to the rafters with toys and games. Across the street, ‘Designed’, selling home accessories, cards and gifts. Nearby, Winstone’s, a beautifully arranged bookshop, allows you the chance to relax with a book and a coffee. Sherborne boasts several beautiful threshold mosaics and here you’ll find the name ‘Curtis’, providing a tantalising clue to one of the shop’s former identities. Oliver’s Coffee House greets you with a stunning art deco shop front of curved teak and coloured glass, dating back to 1927, originally home to Mould & Edwards, a butchers shop in

1884, later, a ‘general provisions merchants’. Oliver’s now specialises in light lunches, classic cakes and other wonderful delights made from locally sourced ingredients. In the time it takes to cross the street, we have gone back to the 15th century and the fascinating medieval timber framed buildings that dominate this part of Town. Now occupied by Henry Willis, antique silver specialist, and Four Seasons boutique, Shoemaker’s House is a stunning 15th century jettied building that was also once a candle maker’s shop. Nearby, building’s occupied by Almondburys and White Feather date back to a similar period but hides behind a later façade. Other examples of timbered buildings include Abbeylands, on the corner of Abbey Road, which still bear Roman numerals carved into the beams to aid its 17th century construction. As we approach The Parade at the bottom of Cheap Street we are met by an array of fascinating buildings, including the bow-fronted former Sherborne Bank of Saving, built in 1818 and now occupied by Orvis, 78 Cheap Street later became Rodman’s Stores and finally, in the 1930s, The Three Wishes Restaurant. Now occupied by Tenovus, No. 84 became home to Dyer’s Cycle Works in 1895. The beautiful art nouveau shop front dates back to around this time, as does the ‘Dyer’s Cycle Works’ mosaic threshold. Walking along Half Moon Street, we can’t ignore Sherborne Abbey. As much a feat of engineering as it is a work of art, this magnificent building, with its origins dating

back to 705AD, has been reinvented time and again, each alteration working with, not against, what has gone before. In this sense the Abbey is the very essence of Sherborne wrapped up in one building. Ageing Victorian stained glass by Pugin complemented by John Hayward’s breath-taking Great West Window, installed in 1997, shows that time can pass gracefully in the right hands. St Johns’ Almshouse, nearby illustrates this too. Founded in 1437 to care for ‘twelve pore feeble and ympotent old men and four old women’, it was extended almost seamlessly in 1864. It seems only right to finish our tour at this point, standing by two of Sherborne’s most iconic buildings. Just one of countless possible routes, a small selection of the wonderful shops that help makes this town so special. If you find yourself in Sherborne on the hunt for Christmas presents, take the time to appreciate the gifts that the past has left behind for us all to enjoy.


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Luxury Christmas Hampers from the heart of Dorset

Handmade for Christmas @ The Workhouse Chapel Beautiful and unique gifts from 30 local makers and artists Give Dorset’s finest food & drink this Christmas

9 November - 24 December

Easy to order online and packed full of the most delicious & authentic produce from your beautiful county

10.30 am – 4.30 pm (Closed Tues/Weds)

Bath Road, Sturminster Newton DT10 1DR

Beat the Christmas crowds by pre-ordering online now at or call us 01308 488099

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...makers of the BEST english furniture



33 Cheap Street • Sherborne • teL: 01935 816633 arkadia magazine




making07891 dreams a reality 266020 1 8/30/2012 3:07:00 PM


now available from

28a West Street Wimborne BH21 1JS T:01202888302

Sour Cherry & Cardamom Stollen




aking irds

he Baking Birds, Bekki Bemrose & Lizzie Crow, based at Windsbatch Bakery was their choice when they’d out grown ‘baking at home’. A local farming family offered them a milking parlour and with invaluable help from family & friends it was converted, Bekki states the two teamed up when “our extreme baking & obsession with all things edible’ was proving too much for a small village to consume and led us to the conclusion we needed an additional outlet for our ever increasing bakeathons”. Both, enthusiastic bakers and with the love of Dorset and its amazing producers they bake in a traditional style with often less traditional flavour combinations. They make everything themselves from the puff pastry & croissants to the preserves The ‘Birds’ general rule is if they and their willing team of tasters (friends & family again) like it then it goes on the road to Dorset Farmers’ Markets, Food Fests & makes an appearance in the Bakery amongst their tried & tested. Lizzie reckons it’s worth popping in “even if it’s just to laugh at us when we’re in the middle of a mad baking session”. On Saturday 23 Nov, The Bakery has its annual Baking Mad Christmas Open Day a chance to try their latest Christmas goodies, seasonal breads and bakes including the Mothers’ Ruin Christmas Cake with its coveted two gold stars in the Guild of Fine Food’s Great Taste Awards. It’s a relaxed day where you get the chance to have a cuppa, see the girls at work, taste the goodies, buy, try or order for Christmas. The Baking Birds share one of their new recipes for Christmas 2013.

• 40g fresh yeast (20 g dried yeast – regular) • 350g strong white flour (bread flour) • ½ tsp ground coriander, 1 tsp ground cardamom (freshly ground is best!) & ½ tsp cardamom seeds • 50g caster sugar • 1 medium free range egg • 100g soft unsalted butter • 100g each of sour cherries, dried sweetened cranberries & mixed dried fruit • 2 tbsp rum • Zest of a lemon • 75g blanched almonds (roughly chopped) • ½ tsp salt • 125g marzipan (use the natural marzipan rather than the neon yellow) • Unsalted butter (100g) & icing sugar to finish Oven: 180C/ Gas 4 Mix the yeast with 75ml tepid water. Mix the flour & spices in a bowl & make a well in the middle. Pour in the yeast mixture & sprinkle a little of the flour (from the bowl) over the yeast mix. Leave until the yeast bubbles (about 15 mins). Mix sugar & eggs together & pour onto flour yeast mix. Add butter & knead until you have a smooth dough. We do this in a mixer with a dough hook but you can do it by hand buttry to avoid adding too much extra flour to your work surface. Cover the bowl & leave somewhere warm for a couple of hours until more or less doubled in size. Whilst the dough is proving add the rum to the dried fruit & leave to soak. Tip the dough on the work surface & GENTLY stretch (or roll) into a rough rectangle – be careful not to knock out all that lovely air you encouraged in during proving. Add the fruit, zest, nuts & salt & work gently into the dough until fairly evenly distributed. Reshape the dough into a rough oval. Roll your marzipan in to a long sausage & place down the centre of the dough. Fold the ends over the marzipan and then the sides to encase the marzipan. You should be left with a chubby sausage shape. Cover with cling film & and leave to prove for another hour. Pop in a preheated oven, on a baking tray lined with baking parchment, for 35 – 45 mins (the base of the stollen should sound hollow when tapped). Bring out of the oven & pop on a cooling rack and leave to rest for about 15 minutes then brush liberally with melted butter. Finish with a heavy dusting of icing sugar. Stollen is yeasted dough and is best eaten within a couple of days. If you do make it ahead, it freezes beautifully wrapped well.

Wine Territory We discover the passion and the beauty of TerraVina, a house of wine, warmth and laughter by Danny Nash


elcoming us in from our amble through the New Forest, the hotel feels more like a friends residence with additional space for company, ran by Gerard Basset, OBE, born and bred in France, but now with dual British nationality, arguably one of the greatest wine professionals of his generation, Gerard is the Sommelier‘s Sommelier; a World Champion, the only person ever to consecutively hold the Master of Wine, Master Sommelier and MBA Wine honours, a passion that is only topped by the love he shares for wife Nina and the spirit they share for ‘good service’. All evident instantly as you enter this house of wine and food they share with us all, a busy hustle and bustle of swift waiting staff and cheerful receptionists welcome you with warmth in abundance, rarely seen in this day and age. With a long history of ‘bespoke’ hospitality, they’ve given themselves, heart and soul to understanding the needs of local and visiting patrons, the incredibly well stocked wine cellar, home for the finely chosen bottles from differing sun kissed vineyards that lend themselves to the Hotel name, to the layout and local produce, an awe inspiring wonderful backdrop of fabulous wines that co- host us for an evening in the 11 bedroom ‘boutique’ Hotel on the skirts of the New Forest, Opening the inviting ‘burnt’ orange large oak door you’re taken aback by the warmth and vibrancy of the ‘contemporary twist’ decor, a superb open planned Hotel offering you space and yet giving back to the immediate landscape with it’s simplistic design, a skilfully converted oak annexe opens up the restaurant, with views balancing natures emerald hues with the sumptuous orange, oat and raisin coloured interior fabrics from companies based in Ringwood and New Milton, skilfully chosen by Nina, quirky stuffed ‘doggy doorstops’ appear around corners, patterned matching shaped rugs sit under bespoke twisting stainless steel balustrades of the main oak staircase - purpose built in Beaulieu, downstairs walls given over to framed features and interviews with the couple that have appeared in newspapers and magazines since they opened in 2007. Having invited us to experience the new menu that’s been lovingly created by award winning, Executive Chef George Blogg, a dedicated young mastermind of food and flavour, we find George in full swing, his brigade of accomplished kitchen staff lost in the steam

and pace their open plan kitchens afford them, we’re shown to our table and immediately happy, relaxed faces of the busy restaurants clientele leave us eagerly awaiting the menu, laughter and delicious aromas fill the air, a scent of toasted sesame seeds flooding over the stainless kitchen counters, allowing us to savour the ambience of this bare brick and coloured glass palace, we order from the evening menu, a starter of guinea fowl, served with local vegetables, the pickled radish giving the confit a spicy kick, for mains we decide upon the fish dish Bouillabaisse, a lighter choice from this well priced and varied menu. Our sommelier ‘Tanguy’, a young passionate Frenchman; keenly observant of the dishes ordered, offers thoughts on the wine for the evening, settling on a South African Chardonnay, a strong oaky, spiced, full bodied white that compliments our pan fried mullet beautifully, a well presented dish which leaves a delicate taste of the sea. The French soup is full of meaty prawn and shellfish, served with saffron potato and rich smooth bisque, the rape seed oil giving this a smooth creamy taste. Side servings (of which I couldn’t get enough) was pebbled ‘Old Winchester’ a nutty mature cheddar that is simply divine and gives such a potent kick to the mullet; I didn’t want the main to end. After such a flavoursome dish we wanted to keep the Chardonnay flowing, opting for the rhubarb soufflé with home made tingling stem ginger ice cream, the dishes deliver throughout the evening at a pace that summed up the hotel, relaxed, warm, and very stylish. During our meal we make polite conversation with our ‘neighbouring’ tables, admiring nods for the food selections with general comfort built on the ambience this laid back building offers, all encompassed around a full length ‘Californian’ style tan leather high backed island seating, allowing you to lock yourself into the privacy of a romantic meal or openly sit back and welcome friends and family without the ‘trapped in’ feel you get in so many smaller hotel restaurants. As we part company with the guys for the drive home I feel like I’ve finally found a ‘local’ restaurant within my home County that is priced for regular return, the TerraVina offers a ‘Tasting Menu’ in the main restaurant, this is a full 7 courses of dishes which can be seen on the main menu during the week, delivered in these surroundings book us in guys!


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15 High West Street Dorchester Dorset DT1 1UW

Corfe Gate House Coryates Dorchester DT3 Offers in excess of £550,000

An imposing 19th century house surrounded by breathtaking, wrap-round vistas, set in the rolling country of Coryates, an unspoiled hamlet in the heart of West Dorset. Formerly run as a successful, five-star bed and breakfast, this would perfectly suit a large family and/or business venture. The 5-bedroom, 4-bath property benefits from a host of period features, an impressive dining hall, generous sitting room complete with wood-burner, a large kitchen/family room with AGA and French doors which lead out to a charming stone terrace and an immaculate, landscaped garden with summerhouse and outbuildings.

• Kitchen/Family Room • Walk-in Larder • Sitting Room • Dining Hall • Minstrel Gallery • Large, well-stocked garden with polytunnel and greenhouse • Ornamental Pond • Summerhouse • Outbuildings • Garage, plus private parking for three cars


Tel no: 01305 757300 Email: Web:

An enchanting Grade 2 Listed house in a stunning setting on the fringe of Chesil Beach. This 4-bed property offers a raft of options for business or family extension. There is a separate, two-storey barn currently divided into two offices. Back in the main house there is an extremely generous arts studio – flooded by natural light – providing yet more versatile space. The garden, studded with flowering plants, includes its own well and pond. A gate leads to a lane and a footpath up to the iconic St Catherine’s Chapel, with stunning views of the Jurassic Coast beyond.

• Hall • Dining Room • Sitting Room • Kitchen with Adjoining Utility • Two-storey Barn • Work/Art Studio • Log Store • Garage 1 Market Street Abbotsbury DT3 Price: £650,000


16 Banks Road Sandbanks Poole, Dorset BH13 7QB

124 Panorama Road Sandbanks, Poole BH13 7RG


Price £6,950,000

A spectacular residence on the water’s edge of the exclusive Sandbanks Peninsula boasting 7,700 sq ft of luxurious internal modern living areas, with an additional 2,800 sq ft of outside living space. This architecturally designed home occupies an imposing but private plot on the Sandbanks Peninsula with a breathtaking outlook across the entrance to Poole Harbour. The design of this magnificent home features stunning expanses of floor to ceiling glazing to encompass the exceptional picturesque views. This 5 bedroom property has been carefully arranged over four floors, all served by a bespoke lift, with only the highest quality of materials being utilised in the build to create the ultimate in luxurious living both internally and externally.

• Kitchen/Family Room • Living Room • Study/Library • Media Room • Gymnasium • Indoor Heated Swimming Pool • Sauna and Shower Room • Landscaped Gardens • Waterfront Seating Area • Triple Garage and Double Carport

Joint Sole Selling Agents 01202 708888

Tel no: 01202 706006 Email: Web:

This magnificent family home has been sympathetically refurbished throughout, set in a pretty tree lined avenue just a hundred yards away from Branksome Chine which leads down to the award winning beaches at Branksome Beach. Canford Cliffs with its local shops and amenities is just a short walk away, and Poole Harbour and Sandbanks providing Waterports, Marinas and Yacht clubs close by.

• Five Bedrooms • Four Reception Rooms • Solid Oak Bespoke Staircase • Bespoke Handpainted Kitchen • Luxury bathrooms with Travertine Tiles • Feature Gas Fire to Family Room • Underfloor Heating to all floors • Automatic underdrive heating • Beautifully Landscaped Gardens • Integral Double Garage BEAUTIFUL FAMILY HOME IN BRANKSOME PARK CONSERVATION AREA

Joint Sole Selling Agents 01202 701800

1 Bury Road Branksome Park, Poole, BH13 7DB Price £2,875,000

Forage into the unknown. Preparing the dishes, trying to prepare the mind..


‘m not easily talked into things, but I do have one particular friend who has the magic gift of persuasion and one grey weekend in September she persuaded me that it would be brilliant to try a Wild Food Cookery Day at River Cottage. The title sounded great! I mean, I’m not the world’s best cook but I enjoy new experiences and the odd challenge. The course, designed by seasonal cook and food writer Tim Maddams, is intended to extend your repertoire beyond the usual farmed fare. Depending on the season, the day can include game such as rabbit, pigeon, venison, rook or squirrel, plus seaside goodies like limpets, mussels and crabs as well as funghi and wild herbs. Then I began reading the descriptions for each dish: foraging for mushrooms and berries... yes, no problem; learning how to skin and butcher a rabbit... er, pardon me? Now, having been born into this world to vegetarian parents (sorry Mum & Dad) this is something that’s way outside of my comfort zone! Eventually I pluck up the courage and sign up for the day’s activities. When I arrive at the beautifully inspiring and magical River Cottage HQ, I’m greeted at the gate by a tractor and hoisted onto a trailer, joining a collection

arkadia magazine

of apprehensive yet eager foodie folk. After a lolling downwards drive, River Cottage is revealed, nestled in a valley with the morning mist rolling over the surrounding treecovered hills. We pass the beautiful cottage and converted barn and are gently ushered into the warm student kitchen where we are instantly put at ease with refreshments and breakfast bruschettas with scrambled egg, topped with sausage. Delicious; is this how the day works? We then mingle cautiously; seems we’re a combination of keen cooks, those on a quest to cure childhood fears of preparing meat and couples looking to cook in a new way. Mostly gift recipients, it seems we’re all a little nervous of the ‘squirrel’ possibilities. The kitchens were beautiful, shiny and new, spacious and inspiring, with huge floor-length windows displaying the beautiful unspoilt views of River Cottage’s fabulous grounds and giving us a wonderfully relaxed state of anticipation! After a brief introduction by Tim we donned our wellies, grabbed our baskets and set out to explore the farm and find our daily intake! After a brief explanation of local flora and fauna it seemed everywhere we looked there were small food treasures. From blackberries


and dog rose hips to identifying and tasting the citrus burst of wild sorrel, I assumed I would be completely lost identifying plants but it’s quite clear really. The farmland was still wet with dew as we wandered over a small bridge for a brief lesson on water mint and watercress (learning how ‘ready to eat’ in a supermarket means ‘washed with bleach!’), wandering past the pig sty and being introduced to next month’s bacon. After our fresh air forage we’re feeling ready to cook! As the day went on we created a four course extravaganza, including freshly caught mackerel for lunch, a starter of homemade pasta with pan fried rabbit, pan roasted pheasant with wild mushrooms and a rabbit stock and finally a crema catalana with elderberries. Learning the skills of filleting a mackerel and turning it into a delicious dish infused with butter, wild mushrooms, wild garlic and sorrel we’d just foraged, or the stomach-turning feeling of skinning a rabbit with my hands and then butchering it, or plucking and preparing a pheasant for pan frying and the emotional journey of gutting it; these experiences are so invigorating for the soul. It’s such a satisfying feeling to painstakingly create a four course meal, from ingredients in their original form, albeit aided by Tim, an enthusiastic and compassionate chef who clearly and carefully guided us through each step, with a wicked sense of humour I might add! Eating the exciting, varied courses was rewarding and satisfying. Was it that the food was so fresh, local and organic and that our incredible range of cooking skills were carefully coached by an amazingly talented and enthusiastic chef, or was it the fact that you become emotionally invested in each step and that you appreciate, all the more, the sacrifice nature has made in allowing you to enjoy this one delicious meal? Our day was a positive and enlightening experience, even for the well- seasoned cooks among us. Now, after facing my fears and conquering them, I feel like I could eat anything! Do anything! I pushed myself so far out of my comfort zone that I now know that there is great satisfaction on the other side of the things we refuse to do!


arkadia magazine

Our Veg, Our Promise at Goldhil Organic Farm They’re freshly picked, organic and bursting with taste, available at our farm shop or in our homely cafe

Now available at

28A West Street, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 1JS    


Goldhill Organic Farm, Child Okeford, Near Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 8HD || 01258 861916

Where will you go in yours?

Reader Offer

Give the gift of flight Up to

50% off balloon rides ÂŁ99 Virgin Balloon Flights are offering readers up to 50% off their unforgettable balloon rides. This limited-time offer includes the Christmas Gift Package at ÂŁ135 for one (RRP ÂŁ159) or ÂŁ245 for two (RRP ÂŁ289) - saving 15% - including:



• A balloon flight of around an hour & Champagne toast (or soft drink) • Choice of 100+ UK launch sites including Blandford Forum, Sherborne & Shaftesbury • Flight certificate endorsed by Sir Richard Branson • Merry Christmas Balloon in a Box & Champagne chocolate truffles • Luxury flight voucher with recorded delivery • 12 months to book a flight, AM or PM, weekday or weekend You can also save 29% on Weekday Anytime flight vouchers at £99pp (RRP £139pp) or 50% on Adventure Gift Packages for Two which offer 18 months to book, exclusive flight packs & express delivery at £249 (RRP £499).

Call 0844 844 8070 & quote Arkadia Magazine or visit Terms & conditions Reader offer valid until December 20, 2013. Subject to availability. Price is for one person including VAT at applicable rate. Includes standard delivery unless stated otherwise. Cannot be used with any other offer. Flying season is March to October with regional variations. Ballooning is weather dependent. Passengers must be aged 7 or over and at least 4’6� tall. Passengers who are pregnant or have recently undergone major surgery are unable to fly. Virgin Balloon Flights reserves the right to withdraw the offers or amend these conditions at any time. Customers must be aged 18 or over. Full conditions at VIRGIN and the Virgin signature logo are registered trademarks of Virgin Enterprise Limited and are used under licence.

Celebrate Christmas at... Hotel, bar, bistro & coffee shop

Situated on the summit of the Isle of Portland with stunning panoramic sea & coastal views, the Heights is the ideal location for all your festivities! Festive snacks & speciality hot drinks everyday in our Coffee Shop, Festive lunches, Festive dinners and themed evenings.

Christmas Show Darron Garnet entertains you on the 13th December singing the songs of Dean Martin, Michael Bublé, Frank Sinatra and many more, all with a Festive theme. Three course Festive Dinner & Dancing with Darron till midnight. £35.00 per person. Book now.

Christmas Day Luncheon Be greeted with Champagne & canapés. A delicious 5 course luncheon, with our wonderful coastal views. £65.00 per person. Full payment required to book.

Boxing Day Luncheon A three course lunch with Chef carving the Roasts in the Bistro. 2 courses £20.00. 3 course and coffee £25.00. Booking advised.

Disco Dinner Nights Delicious 3 course dinner with dancing till midnight. 14th, 20th & 21st December. £29.50 per person. BOOK NOW.

Festive Bar Meals

Served everyday lunchtime meals and evening bar meals from only £6.00 for our daily Festive Chefs Special. Great for celebrating on a budget!

Traditional Afternoon Tea is a favourite with everyone (see picture opposite) at only £20.00 per couple why not buy gift vouchers? This is the perfect Christmas present. Sunday Carvery lunch served from 12-2.30pm and with weekday and

Saturday Special Main courses from only £7.50 we are ideally located for a lunchtime stop if out on a drive in Dorset.

Hidden in the trees By Tazz Gault


t’s easy to take for granted the magic and beauty built into an oak tree, that’s stood its ground for hundreds of years, looming over its neighbours with strength and power, juxtaposed with an angelic sense of fragility as it obeys each season’s demands. Yet stemmed from their roots lies a wealth of creativity, nurtured by Dorset’s finest, Jemima Catlin, an illustrator whose limited edition book, ‘Trees’, available from her website this November, captures the spirit of Dorchester’s finest oaks. A perfect example of Dorset’s hidden talent, or perhaps not so hidden it seems, Jemima sparked the interest of Christopher Tolkien, the third son of the inspirational J.R.R. Tolkien and editor of most of his fathers’ work, when he chose her unique approach to illustrate the new edition of The Hobbit. Basing his decision on Jemima’s university project which he admired greatly, her commitment to the Tolkien world was evident from her illustrations based on another Tolkien book, ‘Roverandom’, springing our Dorset beauty into people’s hands.

Jemima is now experiencing a level of interest that can only be reached through die hard Tolkien fans, a remarkable Year for this artists work, a well due reward and respect of the fans has been achieved, although after three long years of creativity and processes for the latest children’s hardback novel ‘The Hobbit’, this reward has been more than earnt, Having supplied some 250 drawings for the novel with countless hundreds of sketched ’character work’ this reward has been long in the making Dorchester’s influence is clear within moments as Jemima shows its strengths within her work, Dorset clearly more than just a home from the moment she was old enough to understand. Her mother an artist and her father a photographer, Jemima was raised into an artistic world. Imagination set alight, her mother would drive past the stone circle in Winterborne

Abbas where she’d explain that they were once the witches that were cast to stone as punishment for their wicked ways, planting the magical seed from a very young age. We also see Dorset appear in the scene of ‘Bilbo leaving Bag End’ (Our front cover feature) this was actually the view from Jemima sisters Beaminster home, looking over the wonderful rolling hills of West Dorset, Working in ink, Jemima finds a way to untangle the forest mystery - its movements, its shapes and the hidden cubby holes waiting to be found - to create her own forest of pages for her beautifully bound book. Whether you purchase her own enchanting creation or admire her work in The Hobbit, Jemima’s work is sure to play on your mind. 31

arkadia magazine

Contemporary Infusion: By Phil Gale

Rebecca Ross


lass is a material that is central to our modern lives. Whilst it is often something that is simply looked through, it can also be used as art to decorate our living spaces. Rebecca Ross is a local fused glass artist who produces beautiful, eye-catching pieces. Arkadia caught up with her to find out about the alchemy behind this almost limitless form of glass art. The roots of Rebecca’s fused glass work were laid on the other side of the world. “We used to live in Australia and one day my husband gave me a present from his trip to Ayers Rock,” Rebecca recalls. “It was some fused glass made by a local Aboriginal artist. I loved the colours of the piece and wanted to know how it was made. After some hunting I found a course close to where we used to live. I went along, made a piece and that was that; I was suddenly in love with fused glass artwork.”

Fused glass is an ancient process, where layers of glass are fused together in a kiln. Unlike more rigid forms of glass art, such as stained glass, almost anything is possible with this medium. The same piece can be fired numerous times, allowing the artist to build up different layers of colour and texture, and the results are stunning. However, not everything was straight forward for Rebecca in those early days. “I wasn’t happy with the piece that I made on the course, so I smashed it up, got my own kiln and started again. For me that is one of the amazing things about fused glass; you can spend hours placing your tiny pieces of glass, creating a scene or a pattern, but you never quite know what you will get until the firing is complete. I love the feeling of opening the kiln to see what I have created. Certain pieces of glass can react together making the fused glass process feel part alchemy.” Now based at her Broadstone studio, Rebecca produces a range of work from simple table mats and local coastal scenes to framed abstract pieces and one-off commissions. “When we moved back to the UK,” remembers Rebecca, “I was motivated to continue my fused glass work. I have always loved interior design so now I get to mix this passion with my artwork. I really do love the endless possibilities that fused glass offers.”


Not content in just keeping the joys of fused glass to herself, Rebecca also runs courses. “Sharing my passion is really fulfilling,” she explains. “I run courses to teach people the basics of fused glass. It is always amazing to see the reaction of the students when they finish their first piece. I recently had a lady from Guildford on a course, who had to return home at the end of the day, whilst her piece was still being fired. The following morning she called me asking if it was okay to drive down just to see her finished piece, rather than let her brother, who lives two minutes away, collect it. She just couldn’t wait to see how it ended up. This passion and excitement is so nice to share.” Looking to the future, Rebecca concludes, “Recently I have started to make threedimensional pieces, such as small dishes. These are heated a second time so that they take the form of a mould. I have also been experimenting by adding reactionary glass to my pieces. This reacts with the heat of the kiln and can create some interesting patterns within the finished piece. Cut pieces of fused glass can also be combined and fused again to stunning effect. The possibilities are endless and I still have much to learn. It is this that really makes fused glass such a joy.” For more information on Rebecca’s work and courses go to her website or check out her Facebook page Contemporary Infusion.

arkadia magazine

Voted ‘Best Spa in the South’ (Good Spa Guide Awards) Finalist at the World Spa Awards


t if g s a m t is r h C t c The perfe INTRODUCING SENSPA EXCLUSIVE... The UK’s only spa day membership to guarantee you 4 indulgent spa days a year. 4 spa days a year at the multi award winning Thai spa, SenSpa. 15% off Treatments 10% discount at the SenSpa Boutique Share your spa days with friends Spread the cost with monthly installments. and much more...

TO FIND OUT MORE: T: 01590 624467 | E: | SenSpa at Careys Manor Hotel, Lyndhurst Road, Brockenhurst, New Forest, SO42 7RH

Order now in time for Christmas!

Tweed Mittens

The Patriot Cap The Aspen Hoodie & The Pimperne Men’s Gilet

The Cherilyn

The Brace

The Patriot Skirt 01258 489 628 /

Arkadia’s Artisans

Matt Robbins

As with our last edition we are keeping our Arkadia Artisans feature running. This is where we introduce you to some of the most highly skilled and passionate artisans that our area has to offer. If you have any suggestions, tips or inside information on people who should be included in future issues then please drop us a line. By Phil Gale

The difference between run of the mill and bespoke is often in the detail. Young bespoke joiner and cabinetmaker Matt Robbins certainly has an eye on even the tiniest design element. A talented joiner, he struck out on his own eight years ago. Now he takes commission on anything from kitchens to camper van interiors. His recent interior for a friend’s vintage VW Camper has been creating waves within the VW community. Matt explained: “I have always had a passion for VW buses so doing a bespoke interior for one was a dream. It took a long time but the difference with this one is the details. For example, I hand carved the fridge vents in the shape of Hibiscus flowers because the owner has a tattoo of them, each one took two hours!” With curves and many unique features, it is no wonder the interior has won many awards and highlights Matt’s skill as an artisan. For more information go to mattrobbinsjoinery. or find Matt on Facebook.

Dorshi Dorshi has been created by the young Bridportbased pair of Jolly and Radhika, and these two are creating some amazing East Asian food, but with a Dorset twist. “Our food was born out of cravings. A secondary consumption of noodles, sushi, rice, dumplings, and broths was something we took for granted whilst living outside the UK. After moving to Bridport, we found nowhere that completely satisfied our cravings. What we did find was a rich source of local produce and outstanding artisan producers. We set about perfecting our own style of East Asian food using mainly local suppliers. We source everything from within a 20-mile radius, except for ingredients such as ginger or nori (seaweed). For our street food events we focus on hand-made dumplings, our own version of nasi goreng (using pearl barley instead of rice) and enough homemade sauces to make it a completely authentic experience. We do a number of pop-up dinners; flexing our creative muscles a bit more with sushi, broths and delicately flavored noodles. We are currently in the midst of re-branding but there is more information on”

Cider by Rosie Somerset has always been synonymous with cider, but Rose Grant of Cider by Rosie has not only been producing award-winning cider, but is also at the forefront of the revival of Dorset cider making, Rose explains: “Orchards, apples and cider have been a long-running passion of mine. When I moved to Dorset I saw that cider making, a tradition in the county, was dying out. After making a few demijohns of cider as a hobby I was hooked. I use a range of varieties of apples native to Dorset, to make my cider and apple juice. For me it is more than making money; I want to see the craft revived in Dorset. When I started there were only a couple of

aging cider makers. Today I am happy to see the craft coming back to life with many new and young producers popping up countywide. Now Dorset’s cider is a rival to Somerset’s.” From the winter Wassail to the May Queen and right through to the end of year harvest, Rose opens her doors so that everyone can be a part of her cider year, enjoying her award winning produce. More information can be found about Cider by Rosie here We strongly recommend you try some of her awarding winning drinks.

Artisans are people who add so much to our local community. With their skilled hands, creative minds and passion for their work, they create products that are not only unique, but also can be called works of art. We will continue to introduce more artisans that we come across in our travels, but if you have any that you think we should feature then drop us a line.

From Dorset With Love

The young couple of Chrissy and Karl, with the help of their two young sons, have already created a large following for their company From Dorset With Love. They first got into preserve making after taking up a challenge given to them by a local pub landlord to produce a chutney better than the one they were eating with their lunch, the two rapidly realised they were on to something special. Now they work with local produce and chefs to improve their already popular range. A recent addition, their Dorsetshire sauce, has been creating a storm. This piquant sauce made with a secret blend of vinegars and ingredients is one not to miss. Though a new release, this rival to Worcestershire’s own version has been creating waves; it has been featured in recipes by top food writers, notably in the Metro, on BBC One’s Spotlight show and sits proudly on the shelves of Fortnum & Mason. Created in small batches with top class ingredients and with love, From Dorset With Love is an artisan that needs to be checked out. More info can be found andwww.

Festive Food & Drink At Athelhampton Get set for Christmas with the FREE ‘Dorset Food & Drink Christmas Fair’ Saturday 30th November 11am-5pm Come early to taste the goodies!


o celebrate the festivities in style and to honour our first full Foodie Spectacular event we’re giving you an early festive gift - FREE ENTRY to this pre-Christmas, all Dorset Food & Drink Christmas Fair at Athelhampton House on Saturday 30th November 2013. To make this a great day out, Athelhampton House will open their doors to Christmas fair visitors for free – so you can tour the beautiful house and gardens anytime during the fair. In the House and a marquee outside, there’ll be over 40 Dorset based producers. What perfect timing to plan your festive food and buy tasty local presents for friends and family! Alongside the food and drink stalls there will be a demonstration kitchen running throughout the day showcasing the county’s best chefs and a great chance to get some new ideas for your festive feast and to cap your fabulous day off in style ‘Screen Bites’ are showing 1940’s Classic ‘Christmas in Connecticut’ a beautiful film in a wonderful setting to get you fully into the Christmas spirit. The array of tastes will be as varied as the county itself – including wines and ciders, Dorset-reared lamb and venison, delicious

arkadia magazine


cheeses as well as chutneys, jams, cakes, chocolates and puddings. Hot food and drink will also be available. Katharine Wright of ‘Dorset Food & Drink’ is very excited about the Christmas Fair “we’ve got a great tradition of summer & autumn food festivals in Dorset but none in the winter. Our members were keen to create an event where they can show off their all-Dorset produce in time for Christmas. But we also wanted to make it a lovely day out for people – being able to look round Athelhampton House & Gardens for free and to follow up with a classic film we hope will be a real treat for all” The Dorset Food & Drink Christmas Fair is on Saturday 30th November, 11am – 5pm at Athelhampton House near Puddletown (10 mins from Dorchester / 30 mins from Poole& Bournemouth). Christmas in Connecticut will be shown at 2.30pm. For further information visit or call 01305 228239.

Comin from the cold The wonderful World of Tea Now that the weather is starting to have that winter feeling we are finding that in the Tea House tea choices are also changing. With that in mind we’d like to suggest teas for the upcoming months as we approach Christmas. Top choice for those who like a good strong, hearty tea are Black teas like our Golden Tip Assam and Ceylon. Malty and invigorating, they can take milk but are truly excellent without. Great for those chilly mornings. If black tea is not for you then head to Japan and try our roasted green tea Houjicha (its nutty flavour provides the necessary comfort in the winter months) or Genmaicha, a green tea combined with roasted rice. It gives a satisfying and filling bowl that warms and nourishes. The excesses of this time also create the need for lighter teas. The subtle relaxing flavours of a white tea in the form of Silver Needle, the gentleness of the Chinese green tea Long Jing or a delicate black tea such as Darjeeling First Flush all satisfy this. For a great after dinner tea to finish off an evening with style why not try an Oolong such as our Lishan Spring, a gentle caramel sweet tea excellent for digestion and a sociable change from the usual after dinner alcohol.

Becky Ross Glass Infusion

Arkadia’s Rebecca Ross is fused glass artist who makes coastal scenes and abstract designs as well as coasters and small bowls. Her business, Contemporary Infusion is based near Poole. She uses powdered and crushed glass to make her totally unique designs. Rebecca also runs one day glass fusing workshops which are informal and fun and ideal for beginners. Prices for a small framed coastal scene are £48 plus P&P Larger framed designs start at £95 - £165 plus P&P Soap dishes and coasters - £15 and £10 each plus P&P


re arriving

eve Sullivan

is not the first material that springs to hen you think about the skilled craft of isan, but for Steve Sullivan of Concept UK there is nothing better. A fabricator lder by profession, he makes bespoke ommissioned pieces of furniture in his me. Steve explains, “I love to create my designs! I am inspired by various styles ure, industrial contemporary, modern abby chic amongst others. I like to mix es to create unique designs. First I test as on various materials, until I find the ok and texture that I feel complement he design. All my work is bespoke with ons undertaken.” Steve’s work it really offering those who commission pieces m something truly “one of a kind” - the true artisan. Find him on Facebook at espoke Metal Furniture and Features.

Darren Wheeler

Darren’s pieces are bought by collectors all over the World, this piece just finished entitles ‘White Fire’ is available as a pair, the sculptures combine to make one beautiful display, true master crafts bespoke for your home - £750.00 + vat - Darren’s work starts from around £125.00 upwards - visit

becca Ross

Sarah Lovell Arts

At Arkadia there is one thing that we are very passionate about - our local artisans and craft creators. With their skilled hands and deeprunning passion they produce bespoke products, which take on a small part of their souls. Wanting to share this with you we are introducing a new feature, Arkadia Artisans, where we present some of the best and most passionate artisans that our local area has to offer, whilst always looking out for up-andcoming talent. By Phil Gale The beautiful work of talented local artist Sarah, she brings an air of childlike innocence to her paintings, they are inspired by dreams, magic and fairytales, where everything is not as it first seems. They are often a collection of lots of different materials, and look like one thing, but as you get closer you see more and more 1 x Midsummer Night Fairground Limited Edition A3 Print £12.95 1 x Believe in Unicorns Open Edition A3 Print £9.95

YULETIDE Union Jack Table This is made entirely from stainless steel, this feature was sculptured by hand. Finished with a reinforced glass top, the satin finish on the steel, catches the light to emphasize the Union Jack design to best advantage at all times. The table pictured is 45cm high, 110cm long and 70cm wide. This table can be custom made to any size, for a home, office or outside. P.O.A By Steve Sullivan

Katy May Designs

Katy-May Designs is a Dorset based company wood, glass is an age-old material for specialising in decorative and Like bespoke express themselves with. Rebecca marble platters and coasters. Theartisans platters,toall made from natural stone and sealed with a Ross of Contemporary Fusion uses glass heat resistant sealant, are used for a variety fusion, layered glass that is fired in a kiln, of purposes, from work top savers to tabletotally unique glass art. Working to create decoration and cutting boards. This frommakes her home in Poole, Rebecca uses the them especially unique, saving room well coastline as inspiration for her local as Jurassic as looking attractive on your dining table, side abstract art. Rebecca’s fusion process, though board or work top. time consuming, with many of the smaller The Mimi Platter starts at £16.95 pieces (+pp) for a placed with tweezers, creates being medium, and goes up to £29.95 (+pp) for the some truly beautifully finished results. Rich in large size. Coasters are £9.50 (+pp) for adynamic pair. colour, and taking in all the beauty of We have discounted prices atRebecca’s the fairs inspiration, the Jurassic Coast, her we attend. Visit the website: www.katywork will add to any room in which it is placed. to see our Events Page We will feature more on this talented artisan, but for now you can find out more about Rebecca


Bound By Hand Autumnal Chocolate Brown and Yellow softcover leather journal bound in the Longstitch with Linkstitch style in the finest Goatskin with distinctive raw edge detail which varies from book to book. Beautiful yet practical for everyday use as a journal or sketchbook with 192 pages of 130 gsm smooth cartridge paper for fountain pen, ballpoint or pencil. The pages lie open on a flat surface and take inclusions such as photographs and mixed media artwork. Held safely closed with a Yellow leather thong which you can tie in a variety of ways. This leather is incredibly soft, warm and tactile. It even smells nice! Leather Journal £99 from BOUND

‘Mapped Out’

A beautiful hand made ‘magnet board’ keep those notes close by and held in style – these boards can be made to order, you can have any shape you wish for in reality, go for the ‘isle Of Wight’ your Yacht, car, anything you can dream of, call Steve and chat about your ideas – (Approx cost £60 - £100.00)

UNIQUE We bring you a small selection of our fave bespoke gifts this Year, from beautiful stocking fillers to fabulous furniture

Faberge Egg Pendants

Milk Soap The Milk Soap Company was founded by Emma Malleson in June 2013 when she had the idea to create a beautiful natural product ‘Milk Soap’ from the milk that her husband produces on his dairy farm by his grass fed Jersey cross cows Milk Soap, yummy new Spearmint & Tea Tree Oil Milk Shaving Soap. Find this and more @

Millin Metalcraft A brain wave for making some aesthetically pleasing gazebo weights for our recent show has resulted in a new line...Door Stops! These are available in three sizes. “Heavy”, “Even heavier” and “Very Heavy” - Cannon Ball Door £25 - £45.00

Exuberating immense luxury, this magnificent egg pendant has been crafted from 18 carat rose gold, while carrying a mesmerizing jewelled ribbon. The fascinating ribbon itself is composed of white round diamonds and eventually forms the shape of an elegant bow. The Oeuf Cadeau measures about 22mm in height and is designed specifically to be worn with a necklace, though it can even be paired with a bracelet, depending upon the wearer’s preference. Faberge is also offering the Oeuf Cadeau Egg Pendant in white and yellow gold, while the customers can even choose to get the words, “I love you”, Jet t’aime” and “Ti amo” engraved on the pendant. The egg pendant from Faberge is exclusively available from the company’s webpage and carries a high price tag

Iced Hot Toddy Cakes. £7.50 each from Christine’s Puddings


arkadia magazine

The Inn Crowd The stylish country inn with a rich history in the heart of Cranborne Chase By Rebecca Perl


tepping into The Inn at Cranborne on a murky Tuesday evening is like being enveloped in a snuggly down duvet. A careful restoration has retained its 17th century character, whilst giving it a thoroughly modern makeover. Unlike many other places to tread this tricky line, it doesn’t look generic or ‘furnished by numbers.’ With original beams, a roaring fire, twinkling candles and exposed brick, it looks stylish and feels good. We start our evening in the cosy Village Bar, part of the building which dates back to the 16th century. As well as a range of lagers and ciders, they serve ales from local brewery Hall & Woodhouse. We try Fursty Ferret, a ‘tawny amber ale with a sweet, nutty palate.’ This is where the locals gather for a drink, to watch live music, and to hang out with pub dog Mikey. Having different areas, with quite different feels, makes it possible to have a coffee in the Inglenook Bar, a drink with friends in the Village Bar, or a romantic meal in the Snug. The Lamp Room can be used for private dining for up to 12 people.

As manager Nina shows us to our table, we begin the task of making our selections. Six starters and eight mains, plus a small specials menu, is plenty of choice without being overwhelming. I start with the whipped goat’s cheese, salt baked beetroot and spiced bread, and my husband chooses spiced cauliflower soup with mussel fritters from the Specials menu. Both dishes are immaculately presented, and the flavours and textures are outstanding. The combination of deliciously chewy spiced bread with light goat’s cheese is heavenly. For my main, I have roasted rump of lamp, lamb breast croquette, vanilla roasted parsnips, and lamb jus, and my husband chooses duck leg confit with tomato, chorizo and white bean fricassee – again, from the Specials menu. A few ingredients that aren’t listed on the menu make an appearance; for example, my lamb is served on a bed of samphire, with a generous dollop of tapenade. As someone who eats anything, this is an unexpected delight; but if you don’t like foodie surprises, it might be worth asking what it’s served with when you order.

After these comforting winter warmers, we are most definitely full; far too full for dessert. Yet somehow we manage a dessert…each. I have the dark chocolate and pecan brownie with vanilla ice cream. As a bit of a brownie connoisseur – some may say snob – I’m often left disappointed. On this occasion, it is perfect, with a slightly chewy crust and a gooey centre. My husband has the apple, elderberry and nut crumble, which comes in a bowl large enough to feed a small family, with crème Anglais. There’s a definite emphasis on quality, local ingredients – as there should be in a county with such brilliant produce. Even the drinks menu features Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka, which comes from West Dorset.


If, like us, you’re reluctant to head home after such a lovely evening, there are eight double and twin en-suite rooms on the first floor, named after local villages. With all the modern touches such as Wi-Fi, iPod dock and flat screen TV and DVD player, it’s easy to forget that you’re in such an old building. Only the exposed beam in the bathroom and the uneven surfaces serve as a reminder. Our room is smart and uncluttered, with some quirky furniture like a chair with a postage stamp pattern, and a fantastic roll-top bath. Goose feather and down duvets and pillows, divine Bramley bathroom products, and proper milk – no thimbles of UHT here – all add a touch of class.

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3 West St Town Centre Blandford Forum DT11 7AW 01258 452307

• Est. 1886 •

Gunsmiths, country outfitters & angling supplies

Expert local knowledge and advice • Justin J Frampton R.F.D. 13D •

New/secondhand shot/air guns, rifles and repairs, game, course, sea angling equipment

OPEN NOW FOR BEAUTIFUL CLOTHING AND MUCH MORE STURLETTOS’ 27A HIGH STREET, SHAFTSBURY VISIT US FOR SOME VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS OFFERS! TEL 01747 853 851 Floris Luxury Fragrances | Festive Hampers Free Gift Wrapping | Plus Menswear Dept Ladies Evening Wear | Fur Hire All Available

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Winner of the Tea Guild’s Top City & Country Hotel Tea Award 2013

To find out more or to make a booking:

T: 01590 612324 | E: | The Montagu Arms Hotel, Beaulieu, New Forest, Hampshire SO42 7ZL

Deans Court, Wimborne

The Squash Court Shop & Café

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Tues - Sat DEANS COURT,  WIMBORNE   10am - 5pm  

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Berties 28A West Street, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 1JS

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Tel: 01202 888302

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We discover the people behind the beautiful travelling markets facade


n the 5 years they’ve been running The Anonymous Travelling Market have grown from strength to strength. Inspired by the recession Emma and Rae felt the need to shake off the Westminster Blues and create something vibrant, stimulating and quirky to promote & support local businesses. Apart from the obvious retail benefits the markets are a hub of networking opportunities, stallholders crawl out of their caverns, socialise, barter and swap information - vital for creative’s working from home. Word of mouth is what it’s about; “Trading with The ATM has been a fantastic experience for me and my team” says Chris Tory from

Dorset Game Larder, Blandford. “Emma and Rae were hugely supportive of us during our early years and by being a part of The Anonymous Travelling Market we get to see our customers regularly and meet new ones along the way”. These markets take place in beautiful and unusual spots - a place that’s open to the public that would like a bit more exposure, a High Street that needs jazzing up or an event that needs that ATM razzmatazz. Wherever The Anonymous Travelling Market happens to be it doesn’t stay anonymous for long “It was wonderful to see the best of the South West under The ATM’s colourful flags at my local park in Battersea this summer. From Dorset game burgers, paella, local cheese, fresh fish, bread and other artisan producers to an array of local handmade crafts, unique presents, vintage and jewellery. Their markets are colourful and vibrant with fabulous live music too. I highly recommend getting there before the Christmas rush” says Rose Prince (Telegraph Journalist and author). The ATM puts the buzz back into High Streets and creates days in magical places for all the family. The hard work has paid off as The ATM won the Blackmore Vale’s Business Award (Making a Difference Category) in 2012 and BV Dairy has been the main sponsor for entertainment in 2013.

This year The ATM are careering into Christmas with markets at the following places: SUN 27 OCT SAT 9 NOV FRI 29 NOV SUN 8 DEC WED 11 DEC THURS 12 DEC SAT 14 DEC SUN 15 DEC

Wimborne Market Square 11am-4pm Salisbury Cathedral Cloisters 11am-4pm Gillingham Christmas Market 3pm-9pm Battersea Park, London 11am-5pm Blandford Yuletide Festival 6pm-9pm Castle Cary’s Big Christmas 5.30pm-9pm Tiz the Season, Tisbury 3pm - 7pm Shaftesbury Christmas market 10am-4pm

We love hearing from people interested in joining The ATM – so please get in touch, Facebook Emmarae Atm, Twitter @OriginalATM to see what we get up to arkadia magazine 49


FRIDAY 6TH DECEMBER 6.00PM - 9.00PM SATURDAY 7TH & SUNDAY 8TH 10.00AM - 4.00PM 01725 516971

Join us in a celebration of local festive food, crafts & music

Buy a Christmas Tree

& visit the Coffee Grove Café ADULTS £3.00/ UNDER 12S £1.00 /UNDER 5’S FREE

entry fee includes a winter warming cup of mulled wine, mulled cider or apple juice Including a stunning selection of stalls, musical entertainment, donkey rides delicious festive fare & charity raffle in aid of the Dorset Blind Association

w w w. l a r m e r t r e e g a r d e n s . c o . u k

Artisan in the Big Smoke Plan a fab Xmas shopping spree around the beauty of this wonderful London Store Fortnum’s Food Markets are held on the last Friday and Saturday of each month, and feature the amazing artisans who make our very special foodstuffs. Come and meet them, taste their wares, learn the stories behind these extraordinary products, and take them home to delight your family and friends. It’s rather like taking a delightfully slow stroll along the village street, where people who are passionate about food have the time to take you into their world. At Fortnum’s Food Halls from 11am to 5pm. Beschle Beschle Chocolatier Suisse is very proud of its 110-year heritage, which spans four generations of the Beschle family. It is continuously developing its collection of fine truffles and pralines. Beschle Chocolatier remains true to the core philosophy since 1898 - to simply create the finest chocolate in the world.

Fortnum’s Ginger Biscuits As Halloween is approaching we will have a selection of our ginger biscuits to try. Monterosa This is a fantastic mixed varietal oil from the Eastern Algarve. This oil has a really fresh, green, grassy aroma. In the mouth it is light and bright; flavours of peach flood the mouth then notes of rocket and spinach lend a gentle pepper finish.

BTempted BTempted is a London based producer of luxury gluten-free treats. From seductively moist Lemon Cashew Cake to breathtaking Chocolate Brownies, each of the sublime recipes has been specially created, prepared with passion, and delivered with a smile.

Original Beans Original Beans is an award-winning chocolate and conservation company that produces one of the world’s finest chocolates to protect biodiversity and rainforests; for every chocolate bar sold, one cacao tree is planted by local farmers.

Manfood Manfood is just that: the kind of simple, great tasting food that you can grab out of the cupboard and enjoy with cheeses, cold cuts, pies or meat.

Yummy Cheesecakes Mark and Ebru at Yummy Cheesecakes use fresh vanilla pods to make these delicious individual desserts. They are delightfully light and fluffy while remaining rich and creamy.

Merenge Merengé make gorgeous handmade meringues in an endless variety of flavours and colours.

Scarlet & Mustard Hand made in Suffolk, these award-winning dressings, marinades and sauces are utterly delicious and endlessly versatile..

BTempted BTempted is a London based producer of luxury glutenfree treats

This year’s Food Market dates for your diary: Friday 25 and Saturday 26 October Friday 29 and Saturday 30 November Xmas dates will be announced on our website 51

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Orkid B

Frip It Up


Sulis Je

It’s come to that time of year again. Autumn is upon us with its wonderfully muddled weather, the wonderful colours on the trees, the gusts of wind and the hint of Winter (and the question “will it snow this year”?) just around the corner. With such a wonderful summer sadly departing, our minds turn to those things in our diaries which we look forward to - Christmas, birthdays, high days and holidays to name but a few. And with it, all the pretty things, unusual items or perhaps just day to day “stuff” we look to having in our own homes and buying for others to put a smile on your faces, to remind us of Summer, absent friends or a particular moment in time. Sturminster Newton’s Fayre Exchange Craft and Produce Market is just the place for those “items with a difference”. Held in The Exchange (next to the Co-Op) on the first Saturday of every month, with parking over the road or in the Co-Op car park, a Café upstairs and range of items for sale as you enter and there is always plenty of variety on offer. Items include preserves, fudges, cakes,

Abridged Design


pies and speciality teas, art works to include cards, photos, pen and ink figures or speciality bears with a difference, jewellery, glass items to include tealights, vases and coasters, quirky scarfs and a whole host of other items. Upcoming dates for 2013 are Saturday 2 November 2013 and Saturday 7 December 2013. There is also an evening market on Thursday 5 December 2013 from 5pm to coincide with Christmas Lights switch on and late night shopping in the town. There will be no market in January 2014 but the Saturday markets for 2014 start again from Saturday 1 February 2014 and will be there on the first Saturday of every month. Sturminster Newton Exchange is a lovely building, full of atmosphere and warmth (even with cold gusts of winds outside). There always seem to be a buzz about the place and the stall holders are happy to chat things through if anyone has a specific question to ask. It is a vibrant market where both the stall holders and visitors alike are all made most welcome, friends to be made, other friends to be caught up with and Sturminster Newton centre itself is a wonderful place just to walk around. We look forward to seeing you at the next Market.

tamps Crafty S Simpl

y Swe

Scrapyard Gifts The Fayre Exchange Contact Millie Burr | The Wincanton Street Market


Sturminster Newton

Winter ‘13


We Three Kings Of Rock ‘N’ Roll Saturday 16th November 7:30pm Tickets £16, £15 o60, £10 u16 A performance to show music is not dead!



Song For Marion Sunday 24th November 5pm Tickets £5 Certificate PG

Christmas Gift & Craft Fair Saturday 9th November 9:30am - 3:30pm

Budapest Cafe Orchestra Sunday 17th November 7:30pm Tickets £12, £10 u18 ‘their infectious energy will sweep you off your feet and stay in your heart forever’

Robot & Frank Friday 6th December 7:30pm Tickets £5 Certificate 12A

Start celebrating Christmas with...

Black Voices Thursday 19th December 7:30pm Tickets £20 inc. a pre and post show drink ‘an a capella quintet of truly outstanding quality’ Fabric & Yarn Sale Sunday 10th November 10am - 4pm

Box Office: 01258 475137

We design and build your luxury furniture exclusively for you.

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Š National Trust Images/Joe Cornish. Registered Charity Number 205846. Š National Trust Images/Joe Cornish. Registered Charity Number 205846.

Kingston Lacy Lacy

Wrap up warm and explore Wrap explorethe the8,500 8,500acres acresofof estate by downloading downloading one estate oneof often tenwalks walksor orenjoy enjoy the garden and parkland the parkland open opendaily daily10.30am 10.30am- -4pm 4pm (closed 23, 24, 25, 26 (closed 26 December). December).

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This Christmas see the This the decorated decoratedentrance entranceand and servant's hall, visit Father Christmas (Saturdays servant's Father Christmas (Saturdays and Sundays) and view and view our ourspecial specialexhibition. exhibition. Check our website for opening times. Check for opening times.

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Arkadia festive feature 2013  
Arkadia festive feature 2013  

Feel free to browse our festive collection of Dorset's finest produce, artisan gifts, and local events and beautiful paintings and sculpture...