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Feature on the 23rd June 1929, the official launching of the first caisson for a proper breakwater took place. Construction went until 1935 but on the feast of Santa Marija 1932, streamers began to berth alongside for the first time and to discharge passengers and cargo directly onto the quay that extended 137metres (450 feet) into the sea.

175metres (570 feet). This project enlarged the Mgarr Harbour to an area of over 121,400 square metres (30 acres).

In 1969, the Government authorized the extension of the existing 137m g long breakwater and the building of two modern breakwater - easily the largest building enterprise undertaken in Gozo during the whole nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The new facilities also included a ro-ro berth. The main south breakwater extends about 490metres (1600 feet) in the sea from a point known as the ‘l-Iskoll ta’ l-Ghasafar’ while on the north it extends from ilHawlija off Zewwieqa for some

a good number of Mediterranean based yachts are choosing Mgarr for berthing during winter. The number of passengers passing through Mgarr has increased from a few thousands a year in mid1950s to over three million during the beginning of the twenty first century. Now that the new Harbour Terminal has been completed, there are also plans to offer berthing facility for Cruise Liners near the south breakwater.

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In the early 1990’s a small yacht marina was established on the furthest end, off iz-Zewwieqa. The popularity of the marina is increasing and from year to year

Your Gozo Guide 11  
Your Gozo Guide 11  

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