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Arjun J Krishnan

Renault Online campaign idea Festival de Cannes is quite popular among the urban crowd in India thanks to its excellent coverage in all the leading papers and news channels in the country. Renault is one of the official partners of the festival and the celebrities are brought to the red carpet on a Renault car. The campaign was created to bring this to the people’s attention by being loud and irreverent. The campaign consisted of five ads with ‘teasing’ headlines and one reveal-it-all ad.

Problem: Renault wanted to create a big buzz on the day of its launch in India. Solution: Create a unique Renault - Google Doodle on the Google India page on the day of launch.

A first of its kind advertisement. Once clicked on the doodle, it animates. The Renault Dezir concept car starts moving on the road and stops in front of the zebra crossing ‘E of Google’. When the animation stops, the user is taken to the official Renault India page.

Tata Realty Kerala had just seen one of the worst real estate crisis in its history. One of the leading players went bankrupt, another had a split, one of them swindled money

from the people and many others weren’t able to finish projects on time. People (real estate investors who got money) were skeptical. And as a result Tritvam, a project from Tata Realty had a very lukewarm response from investors. We realized that their existing ad campaign failed to capitalize on their biggest USP – the brand

name Tata. We built a campaign on just that.

A follow-up emailers to prospective buyers

Happi Chicken An image building exercise for a brand new QSR. The TG being youth, we tried to create an attitude that was in-sync with them. Showcasing here just a part of the campaign.

Mathrubhumi The problem: Mathrubhumi is India’s ninth largest daily. It is published in Malayalam, the official language of state of Kerala. Mathrubhumi has a daily readership of 6.6 million, which is still very less than its main competitor. As a result its main competitor gets the bulk of advertising budgets of the media agencies. In the Indian Readership Survey, it was found Mathrubhumi had advantages over its competitor in certain areas – among people who intend to buy new TVs, ACs, Refrigerators and Washing Machines. Mathrubhumi wanted a campaign to address the same message

Integrated Print and online campaign idea Since we were dealing with statistics, I felt the best way to communicate the numbers with people is by comparing the stats with respect to their favourite sportsperson

Renault Internal Campaign. The employees at Renault were low in confidence as there was confusion after the breakup with Mahindra. The campaign revolved around the idea that every Renault employee can be a gamechanger in his own way. For that we took examples of people in Renault and people in other fields of life who have changed the game in spite of all the odds staked against them.

Kerala Tourism Using Temple Run app as a medium to promote Kerala Tourism. The idea is to co-brand with Temple Run and make an exclusive game ‘Temple Run - Live Again’. Various tourist destinations like the backwaters, beaches, rubber plantations, tea estates, paddy fields can be used as the backdrop of the game. Also the game will feature unique art forms from Kerala like Kathakali, Theyyam, Kalari Payattu. Just imagine at one go you can address to over 50 million+ users of Temple Run.

Original Temple Run emblem

New Temple Run emblem for Kerala Tourism

A typical Temple Run screenshot for Kerala Tourism

Online point of sale promotion Using banner ads strategically on online travel portals. A last moment guerilla advertising to persuade a person who is booking his tickets for holiday to consider Kerala as an alternative tourist destination to the one he has opted for. is a matrimonial portal from Manorama group. The following is a campaign to introduce a Rs. 50 subscription pack for

Federal Bank Federal Bank’s brand philosophy is ‘Your perfect banking partner’. The idea was to take it a step further by saying ‘Har chunauthi mein aapke saath’ which meant ‘With you in every challenge’.





To communicate the same idea – ‘with you in every challenge’ - in the digital space, a disruptive (roadblock) game idea was visualised.

Gamification. An engagement program to drive bank employees to serve their customers better

The website to view the Fed Experience Score.

A social platform to promote sharing of resources and ideas among SMEs that are customers of Federal Bank

Federal Bank Car loan Federal Bank had brought down their car loan rates. And also they have accelerated their loan sanctioning process. They wanted to communicate both the messages.

Asianet Asianet Movies had a grand opening in terms of viewership. Asianet wanted to communicate the same to advertisers and media planners.

Mathrubhumi Save Power The campaign revolves around the line Powerillankil karyam valiya kashtham thane which means life is miserable without power.

Wonder La

Sky Sports – Ashes 2009 Purely for the love of cricket. After the fantastic victory in 2005, England got a thrashing in 2007 – losing 5:0 – in Australia. Now the Ashes was back in England. There was a glimmer of hope that England might be able to put some fight against the mighty Australians. The following ads revisits the famous moments from Ashes and builds up expectations for the series ahead. Oh by the way, England went on to win the series.


Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation The brief was to come up with a business plan to promote KSIDC’s initiatives among the general public and the stake holders (both national and international community). I came with a slogan ‘Kerala Works’ which encapsulates the message to all the concerned target audience in very positive way.

Local ads – communicating to the people of Kerala

National ads – communicating to prospective stake holders. An invitation to make investment in Kerala

International ads – communicating to the international stake holders

Mathrubhumi Yearbook

The problem: Mathrubhumi (MB) Yearbook is a reference book for general knowledge and other information just like an almanac. In India, apart from MB Yearbook, there are about four or five brands that releases similar year books every year. So there’s no clear advantage for anyone as the name ‘year book’ is commonly used by all. So the brief was to make MB Yearbook stand out from the rest of the back. Solution: Indians love mythology. Be it the stories from any religion, nothing connects more to Indians than the stories from mythology. The idea is to place the product meaningfully in situations from stories from Bible, Gita etc.


Arjun J Krishnan