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Established in 1990, and through more than two decades of steady and continuous growth, Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd., is today India’s leading company specializing in scientific methods of identification, separation and manufacturing of plant based active compounds. With customers in around 40 countries, the company has 17 patents of which 11 have been commercialised globally. The company has R&D tie-ups with Australian and US universities and worldwide business associations with companies from USA, Belgium, France, Italy, Japan and South Africa among others. In recent years, Arjuna has won several awards and achievements for its innovation, research and quality products.

Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd.

ADVANCED EXTRACTION TECHNOLOGY ACCELERATING PHARMACOLOGICAL BENEFITS Arjuna's production processes and products meet market-specific regulations worldwide. With a total manufacturing area of 40000 sq.ft., its four manufacturing facilities for herbal extracts meet all international standards. A GMP certified, SAP driven company, Arjuna has achieved reputed international certifications including ISO 22000, Star K Kosher and Halal. Currently the only manufacturer of concentrated Omega-3 fish oil in India, the company follows strict guidelines in packing and storage.

Extraction Manufacturing Facility

QUALITY CONTROL ALONG INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS The raw materials are sourced from approved vendors so as to conform to certified standard analysis. These are then analyzed to ensure that active constituents of each herb are maintained at desired levels of consistency and potency. Such a stringent quality policy ensures the consistency and quality of the finished products, adhering to international quality parameters like finger printing, purity, residual solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, physical characteristics and microbial parameters. For quality control and production, strict SOPs are maintained and monitored real time. To meet the quality parameters, Arjuna has all the required equipment including HPLC, HPTLC, Headspace GC and ICP-MS (Perkin Elmer, USA), a high-end and advanced equipment used for heavy metal analysis.

Quality Control Lab

HIGHLY ADVANCED AND COMPLETE R&D FACILITY The highly advanced R&D unit at Arjuna is a complete research facility for phytochemistry, pharmacokinetics, formulation and development, pre-clinical and clinical studies. The state-of-the-art laboratory at Arjuna has been approved for in-house research by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India since 2002. A separate and exclusive R&D unit equipped with a pilot plant was also set up. The laboratory employs advanced high-tech equipment like LC MS-MS (Waters, USA) which facilitates mass directed quantification and identification of molecules. Other high tech equipment include the HPLC with ELS Detector, GCMS, Preparative HPLC, Flash Chromatograph, UPLC, HPLC and FTIR. For NMR studies, Arjuna associates with reputed universities. On top of it all, the processes are controlled and monitored by well experienced and highly qualified scientists. Other distinctive features include, specialized equipment for blood plasma analysis as well as a well maintained, central government approved Animal House. Moreover, there is a Greenhouse for the cultivation of several high value medicinal plants.

Arjuna Natural Extracts - R&D Facility

EFFLUENT TREATMENT PLANT The fully functional Effluent Treatment Plant equipped at Arjuna's manufacturing facility uses multi-stage evaporation to ensure zero discharge of effluents, thereby promoting a pollution free eco system. TREE PLANTING: At Arjuna, another effective green initiative is the extensive planting of trees. Every year, around 10 to 20 hectares of land is planted with trees.

Arjuna Natural Extracts - Solar Power Plant

THE GREEN INITIATIVE At Arjuna the emphasis is on creating an environment that supports minimal ecological footprints. The barren piece of land, where two decades back the manufacturing facility of Arjuna was set up, now stands dramatically altered. Today, the factory is spread across 40 acres of lush green land, totally in

RAINWATER HARVESTING Rainwater harvesting is another environmentally responsible activity that has been in focus at Arjuna.

harmony with nature, interspersed with coconut palms, gooseberry plants as well as numerous other

At Arjuna's manufacturing facilities, this has

medicinal herbs.

immensely helped to counter water shortage by

The full unit runs on solar energy with over a thousand solar panels. The relentless focus on the use of renewable energy helps the organization to save nearly 1000 litres of diesel on a daily basis and over 4,38,000 units of electricity every year. Arjuna is the first company in the world to produce turmeric extract powered completely by solar energy.

providing an excellent back-up source of water. Rain water is harvested for 5 months every year, and the 2,50,000 litres per day capacity, underground facility is adequate to meet a week's consumption.

BCM-95 - THE WORLD'S LARGEST SELLING BIO-AVAILABLE TURMERIC EXTRACT BCM-95 is one of the most powerful botanicals in the world today. It is a 100 percent standardized extract of turmeric, a patented formulation of curcumin. Curcumin, the bio-active component of turmeric, has proven antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. It helps to prevent a wide range of major inflammatory diseases like arthritis, metabolic diseases, cardio-vascular disease and cancer. However, the poor bio-availability of curcumin in the human body has severely limited its application to effectively tackling diseases. BCM-95 is produced with a unique and patented process that delivers the most bioactive components of turmeric extract, which is seven to ten times more bio-available than conventional turmeric extracts. The resounding success of BCM-95 stands testimony to Arjuna's unflagging emphasis on research. AKBAMAX (BOSPURE)










GINGER EXTRACT (Stablized Gingerol 6%)

At Arjuna, several extractions, purifications and drying techniques are used to preserve the quality and uniqueness of each product. All products are manufactured and marketed from Arjuna's own manufacturing facility to ensure superior quality.



ISO 22000


DRIVEN BY INNOVATION. POWERED BY RESEARCH. The thematic element of square brackets in blue and green signifies Arjuna’s relentless focus on innovation and research.

Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd., Bank Road, Alwaye - 683 101, Kerala, India, Tel: + 91 484 4080400, Fax: +91 484 2622612


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