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July 16th— 16th—18th

Mid Year Retreat You are cordial y invited to the Arkansas Jaycees Mid Year Retreat July 16—18, 2010 on Spring River at Mammoth Springs You are responsible for:

Includes: Dinner Friday Night Raft for Saturday Dinner Saturday Night Camp site w/Porta-Pot


Camping Gear (tent or camper) Food for the River Drinks No Showers

Payment due by July 1st. For information contact: Sam Abernathy 4805 Lonoke Lane Jonesboro, AR 72404 E-mail: Phone: 870.530.3490

DIRECTIONS Okay first off I assume everyone can get to Mammoth Spring, AR, if not you're in trouble. I will once again assume most everyone will be traveling north on 63 to get to Mammoth Spring. So the directions will start with all that in mind. I was going to draw a map but I really think this will be better if your odometer works.

The directions will start once you cross the bridge to get into Mammoth Spring (hint big dam on the right).

You will turn left on highway 9 south or also called Main Street. You will probable want to reset your trip meter as you turn on that road (some of you better figure out how to do that before you get there). .1 miles turn left on 2nd street (across from bank) .3 miles veer left onto Riverview .4 miles veer right onto Fairview (this is an easy one to miss, pay attention). 1.7 miles veer left at Woodfirn 2.2 miles pavement ends (look for yellow and blue streamers they may help) 3.1 stay left at Y 4.3 stay left at Y 5.2 stay on main road (don't turn left) 5.4 will pass a public access (Still following I hope, you don't want to miss this) 5.7 stay left 6.4 stay left (are you noticing a trend) 6.6 turn left at stop sign (Jaycee Banner should give it away, you are finally there).

Hope you didn't forget anything. They have to pump oxygen out here. If you get lost your phone may work if so you can call 870 856 2388. Just remember one rule; the locals are as scared of you as you are them. Not sure if this will work in a GPS but the physical address is: 4437 Bayou Access Rd Mammoth Spring AR 72554 ----