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July / August 2012

Club Business

I-Did-A-Green Run & Board of Directors Election The I-Did-A-Green Run on September 9 is one of ARR’s most important events. Because the race is the club’s annual membership meeting, club members in good standing get free entry if they register by August 25. The election for the Board of Directors also takes place at the race. Members in good standing are eligible to vote and can declare candidacy for any of the Board positions (listed below in the blue box). Members must delcare candidacy by August 26, 2012 using the form on the ARR website. All Board positions are volunteer. Board members are not paid for their work. Board members receive one year of free membership for each year they serve on the Board and are granted complimentary entry to each ARR event. Board members meet once a month to discuss club business. Each position has different time requirements for duties outside the monthly meetings. Descriptions of these duties will be listed on the ARR website. To learn more and declare candidacy for any of the positions, visit If you have specific questions, please feel free to e-mail us at


BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Trent Collicott

Secretary Tricia Schwenk

Treasurer Hal Gensler

Business Operations Norm Janoff

Marketing & Race Shirts Erin Woodell

Policies & Procedures Raj Gangadean

Equipment & Staging Charlie Benson

Membership Brian Burns

VICE PRESIDENTS Registration Sandra Fontaine

Timing John Zatarski

Social Events Lindsay Rusk

Volunteers Ryan Karylyle

The ROAD RACER The Road Racer is published bimonthly by the Arizona Road Racers, 428 E. Thunderbird Rd. #425, Phoenix, AZ 85022-5229. Newsletters are distributed free to Arizona Road Racers members. Individual issues are not for sale. Material in The Road Racer may be reproduced if the purpose is to promote running. Reproduced material must be accompanied by an acknowledgement to the Arizona Road Racers. Contributing photographers and writers retain all rights to their works. The views and opinions expressed by writers are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Arizona Road Racers, its partners, or advertisers. Deadline for articles, photos, and advertisements is the 15th of the preceding month. Submit all copy and photos to


Editor Erin Woodell Contributing Columnists Angie Caruso, Norm Janoff, Steve Rink, Lindsay Rusk

On the Cover Dean Rosenlof (5170), Scott Miller (564), Judy Hamilton (1057), and Kipp Cornwall (999) at Summer Series #1. Photo by Valerie Gilbert.

Contributing Photographers Valerie Gilbert Printer Short Run Printing, Ltd. • Scottsdale, AZ Electronic copies available.

The Road Racer

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Achilles Greater Phoenix

You may have seen us with our bright orange “GUIDE” vests at the races. Perhaps you’ve even come up to us asking for information such as: “Are there any other port-o-potties located nearby?”; “Where is the start the line?”; or, “Is there a course map posted anywhere?” Although we are more than willing to answer your questions, you see us sporting our vests to help guide athletes who are members of Achilles Greater Phoenix (a Chapter of Achilles International) through race courses. What is Achilles you ask? The mission of Achilles is to “enable people with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream athletics in order to promote personal achievement, enhance self-esteem, and lower barriers to living a fulfilling life.” By pairing athletes with disabilities with volunteer guides, these defacto teams work together to accomplish physically and mentally challenging goals – from competing in an ARR 5K to training for and finishing a marathon. We’re preaching to the choir when we say the Valley has an incredible running presence and local running organizations that are very supportive to our cause among others. We are especially thankful to the Arizona Road Racers for selecting Achilles Greater Phoenix as a recipient of a 2011 Arizona Road Racers Grant. ARR’s generosity enabled our Chapter to purchase matching, moisture wicking team shirts required for team solidarity … and comfort! If you have any questions about Achilles International or our Greater Phoenix Chapter, we are easy to find! Look for our bright yellow shirts or “Guide” vests before, during or after races at our Achilles International race tent or on the course. We are more than happy to give you or someone you know information on becoming an Achilles athlete or Volunteer/Guide (and be able to sport a “Guide” vest of your own)! To become an athlete or volunteer/guide, please visit our website at To learn more about the international organization or to donate, please visit (if donating, please specify the Greater Phoenix Chapter to directly benefit our local athletes). Thank you again, Arizona Road Racers! Stephen Gralla Achilles Greater Phoenix - President Nora Mazur Achilles Greater Phoenix - Volunteer Contact Angie Caruso Achilles Greater Phoenix - Athlete Contact

July / August 2012





ARR AT THE 2012 BOSTON MARATHON Near record heat for the 2012 Boston Marathon was not the fondest wish of the more than 26,000 runners who registered for this year’s race. 22,426 runners picked up their bibs, with 427 opting to defer to 2013 (an option that the Boston Athletic Association provided due to the heat danger). 3,863 runners (14%) did not pick up their bib#s, due to the heat or because of injury. Of the runners who made it to the start line, 96% finished the race compared to 98% in a typical year. To give you an idea of the impact the heat had on runners, 2,100 sought medical assistance at Boston Marathon medical tents and perhaps another 400 were treated at Red Cross stations along the course. These numbers were 800 to 1,200 higher than usual. According to marathon finisher Paul Guilmette, 48 of Rutland, Vermont, “the breeze was hot, the water was hot, everything was hot.” Even the elite racers suffered. At the upper echelons of racing, generally if you don’t stay with the lead pack and cover surges along the way, you have little or no chance of winning. There are just too many good runners and not all of the runners in the lead pack are going to come back to the chasers. But not this year. Geoffrey Mutai, last year’s winner, dropped out at mile 18 with stomach cramps. Wesley Korir, a 29-year-old Kenyan, University of Louisville graduate and permanent US resident, was in sixth place just before Heartbreak Hill. At the time he thought fifth would be awesome. Then he moved into fourth and picked off the remaining leaders one by one until he passed countryman Levy Matebo in the final mile to win with a time of 2:12:40, slower than all but one Boston since 1985, a year before the John Hancock Company began awarding prize money.

runTunes July / August 2012

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(Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot’s 2:14:13 clocking amid the wind and rain five years ago was the slowest winning time since Geoff Smith’s 2:14:05 in 1985.) Into this cauldron came hundreds of marathoners from Arizona. While we are accustomed to the heat, we don’t necessarily enjoy running a marathon in it. Katherine Nierva lived in Phoenix for many years until her career took her back to Southern California, but she’s still a Phoenician at heart. When the heat warning came, she realized that her first Boston Marathon was not going to be a PR performance. Katherine claimed that it hit her pretty hard, but it also took pressure off of her. Wendy Gesund traveled to Boston with about twenty friends who helped each other train in the Ahwatukee area. The group set up a Boston Training Yahoo site to post group runs, provide encouragement and let group members share their day-to-day training experiences. Having run PF Chang’s, Wendy came into Boston with KT Tape on her body Continues on page 5







The House that Heaven Built



New Direction

Black Lips





I’ve Seen Footage

Death Grips



LCD Soundsystem





I Like That

Richard Vission



David Guetta

10 It’s Alright Baby



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Product Reviews

Gear Up for Summer! Lindsay Rusk of the ARR Style Squad tests the latest products and gear to keep you looking and feeling cool all summer long.

Patagonia Women’s Nouli Tank $59.00 at Tortoise & Hare Sports I like to look cute while working out. Most women do. While shopping for a new versatile summer tank, I spotted the Pagagonia Nouli Tank and was immediately drawn to the eye catching color/stripe combo, the twisted strap detail and the ruched sides. I tested this top while completing several different exercises including an outdoor run, running on the treadmill, a spinning class and yoga. My general thoughts:


Cons • Can ride up your stomach while running • Built-in bra lacks support for high-impact activities. (I doubled-up with a sports bra underneath.)

• Stylish design and detailing • Flattering slim cut and longer length • Silky sweat-wicking fabric

I would definitely deem this top a “multitasker” as I wore it for multiple activities and received several compliments at the gym. This is my first Patagonia item and I can say that I am pleasantly surprised by the integrity of design and quality of fabric. My only complaint is that the built-in bra lacks support. It is sufficient for yoga or walking but needs additional support for anything of higher impact. Because I almost always wear an additional sports bra while running, this ranks low on my list of dislikes.

Lindsay’s Rating:

7 out of 10

thinksport Livestrong Insulated Sports Bottle $20.00 at Tortoise & Hare Sports Let’s face it, Arizona is HOT. Along with other essentials like my phone, chapstick, and sunglasses, a water bottle is always in hand or tucked into my purse. I prefer a reusable water bottle over a disposable because I do my part to be environmentally friendly, but due to hot temps and inconvenience, this isn’t always simple or refreshing. Enter the thinksport Livestrong Insulated Sports Bottle! Here’s my breakdown:



• Holds 25oz of liquid, hot or cold • Double drinking spouts for easy sipping, large or small

• Heavy and slightly bulky • Twist-off lid can be cumbersome when drinking while driving (haha) or doing other activities I own several reusable water bottles and this one by far exceeds them in many ways. It’s pretty to look at, it kept my ice frozen, and its unique little details make it just that, unique. The bottle contains a removable mesh filter to prevent ice from hitting you in the face as you drink, and does double duty as a filter for loose tea when the weather cools down. This is not a “sport bottle” to be used while running or biking, due to its size and weight. It is double-walled and vacuum-sealed and made of 18/8 medical-grade stainless steel to keep you and your loved ones safes from harmful chemicals.

Lindsay’s Rating:

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9 out of 10

Bring in this coupon for: 17550 N. 75th Ave. Suite 605 Glendale, AZ 85308 (623) 792-7900

20% OFF All Patagonia Apparel July 15 - August 15, 2012

15% OFF thinksport Bottle

July 15 - August 15, 2012

July / August 2012


• Live right on the fringe of your threshold and good things will happen. • Be kind to others and when someone seems to sincerely care about you, be loyal to them for life. • Being fast doesn't mean you can be mean or nasty. Being fast means you should be nice all of the time. People remember nice. • Excuses are for the weak, they build tools of incompetence. • Don't try to hit the nail on the head too often, something will break. • Encourage! Encourage! Encourage!


• If you have a question I will help you fix it or at the very least lead you on the road to self-discovery.


• Be independent.

I miss my friend Sally Meyerhoff every day. Here is what I learned from Sally, either by her words or actions.

• Be fearless.

• Follow your heart. • Be satisfied through self-satisfaction only. • Be strong. • Be goal-oriented. • Be funny. • Always take a break after a very hard race. • Reward yourself when justified. • Listen to everyone. • Follow no one.

Numeric Runner, continued from page 3 and a number of nagging running issues. Planning on running Boston to enjoy the race, the heat was further reinforcement to just take it easy. After a first mile in 7:45, she decided that was just too fast for the day’s heat. Louise Turner arrived in Boston having resumed training in early March after recovering from an ankle stress fracture that occurred in January. While recovering, Turner cross-trained, primarily by Spinning. Previously she had set her PR in NYC with a 3:09. Another Arizona Road Racer, Norm Brouillard comes to the marathon with an Ironman background, having completed the 2011 Ironman Arizona. Brouillard qualified for Boston with a 3:22, but ran the 2012 PF Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon with a time of 3:49. In retrospect, Norm thinks that he did not respect the marathon distance, relying on his eight months of Ironman training and then not much else leading into the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon. Then a knee injury cut into his Boston training time, so he came into Boston under-trained for the challenge. Katherine Nierva noted that the bus ride to Hopkinton seemed really long. The Athlete’s Village was very warm and more subdued than anticipated. “There were tons of people and tons of port-a-johns. By the time she reached her corral, the temperature was already about 80 degrees. Once she started running, she could feel the excitement. The warm day brought out a record number of spectators. There were a lot of hoses that you could run under. The enthusiasm of the spectators totally exceeded Nierva’s expectations. By mile six, Brouillard had pulled off his shirt. In the hills he decided to do some sightseeing. Then his right hamstring just locked up. Norm just stood there for a while. A spectator yelled, “Do you need anything?” Norm answered, 5

“A banana might help.” The spectator went off and returned with a banana. Meanwhile, course officials asked, “Are you done?” No, I just need to stop cramping.” Norm replied. “Well, we don’t have anything for that, so we’ll leave you to it,” was the course official’s response. Having lowered her expectations, Katherine entered the hills running a little over a nine minute/mile pace. She walked a little on the first hill. The second hill seemed the longest, but Katherine had assembled a crew of her sister, her sister’s husband, as well as a friend who came up from Philadelphia. Having them at the second hill helped Katherine’s motivation. Then the crew hopped on the train and exited near Fenway Park for another round of support. Louise Turner also took some walking breaks in the hills. Wendy Gesund noted a humorous spectator sign, “Please Slow Down, It’s Hot out Here”. After Heartbreak Hill, both Louise and Katherine saw many runners either walking or stopped by the side of the road. There were yellow tents with misters. “Your shoes got wet, but it helped keep your feet cool,” according to Katherine. This was Turner’s sixth Boston with a best of 3:10. This year her time was 3:37. Katherine found the last turn onto Bolyston Street very emotional with the huge crowd. She finished her first Boston in 4:07. Norm had to run/walk in due to the cramping, but still views the race as a good experience. Wendy had a blast, even with the heat. Louise Turner went on to complete the Boston to Big Sur challenge thirteen days later with a time of 3:25. Turner claims Big Sur is her new favorite marathon. (Articles from were consulted in writing this column) The Road Racer

For a complete list of races, visit our online calendar:

JULY 2012 4

Arizona Road Racers Summer Series #3

Rio Vista Park • Peoria, AZ

Janet Gensler Memorial 4 on the Fourth

Miner’s Lake • Ely, MN



Springerville, AZ

Kiwanis Park • Tempe, AZ

Round Valley Fun Run 10K, 5K and 1 Mile


Everyone Runs with the Roosters Kinney Rd. 5 Miler Old Tucson Studios • Tucson, AZ

Arizona Road Racers Summer Series #4

Part of the ARR Grand Prix


Colossal Cave 5K

Colossal Cave Mountain Park Vail, AZ


Freedom Run 5K

Ft. Tuthill • Flagstaff, AZ

5K Run in the Park Veterans’ Memorial Park Sierra Visa, AZ

Breeze in the Trees 5K Green Valley Pecan Co. Sahuarita, AZ

Kendall Mountain Marathon & Half Marathon

Cholla High School • Tucson, AZ

Silverton, CO

AUGUST 2012 4

Eagar Daze Run / Bike 10K, 5K, 1M, Duathlon Eagar Town Hall • Eagar, AZ

Machine Solutions Run for CHC 10K, 5K, 2K Fort Tuthill Park • Flagstaff, AZ


Big Brothers Big Sisters Run for the Magic Half Marathon & 5K

Wheeler Park • Flagstaff, AZ

Goodyear 5K & 10K United for Maria Desert Edge High School • Goodyear, AZ



America's Finest City Half Marathon San Diego, CA


Silverton Alpine Marathon & 50K Silverton, CO

Arizona Road Racers Summer Series #5

South Mountain Park • Phoenix, AZ



Silverado Golf Course • Scottsdale, AZ

Round Valley Dome • Eagar, AZ

Territorial Days 10K & 2 M


Sole Sports Running Zone XC Festival 5K

Chino Valley, AZ


Arizona Road Racers Jerome Hill Climb

Jerome, AZ Part of the ARR Grand Prix

Round Valley Half Marathon

Arizona Road Racers I-Did-A-Green Run Reach 11 Sports Complex Phoenix, AZ Part of the ARR Grand Prix Entry is free for ARR members in good standing who register by August 25, 2012

15 5K to Break the Silence On Ovarian Cancer Kiwanis Park • Tempe, AZ


Laveen 5K Betty Fairfax High School • Laveen, AZ


Flagstaff Marathon Half Marathon, 10K

Flagstaff Nordic Center • Flagstaff, AZ

Tour de Pee Vee Half Marathon, 10K, 5K Prescott Valley, AZ


Moon Valley Grasshopper Bridge 5K

Moon Valley Park • Phoenix, AZ Part of the ARR Grand Prix

Javelina Full Moon Night Run 100K, 75K, 50K, 25K McDowell Mtn. Regional Park Fountain Hills, AZ

July / August 2012


428 E. Thunderbird Rd. #425 Phoenix, AZ 85022-5229

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