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The Spot News Kristy Stecker & “Artist N Motion”


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July 2013

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The Spot News, July 2013

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The Spot News July 2013 A publication of the ARIZONA APPALOOSA ASSOCIATION

From The Desk Of The President Hello AAA Members, This has been such an amazing summer – some of you had amazing vacations. For others it was not a time to lay back and catch some sun. It was hard work, sweat and sore muscles as they prepared for ApHC Nationals and Youth World. Congratulations to all our members on their success. It will be a pleasure to relax and cool off August 3-4th during the Super Classic in Flagstaff Arizona. This was such a fun show last year. This year our exhibitors are coming from Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico & California. We have had many sponsors step up this year so there will be lots of great prizes given out throughout the day. I am looking forward to meeting new friends and catching up with our out of town members on Saturday nights BBQ. Please note that the ApHC BOD vacancy for our territory (Territory II, Zone B) will be filled via a special election. This will be held in conjunction to the BOD regular election and will commence Oct 1 and conclude Oct 30, 2013. We ask any candidates to please send in a photo and bio to Sonja Berry to be included in the next edition of the Spot News. We are excited to hear that already two of our own Arizona members have put their names in the hat for this prestigious position. Save the date: 

Aug 3rd and 4th, the AAA will be hosting a two for three judge show at Ft. Tuthill County Park in Flagstaff, Az.

September 15th – Holly Hover Showmanship & Horsemanship Clinic Scottsdale, AZ

October 19th – Fall Trail Ride at McDowell Sonoran Preserve, see the flyer herein for details

Oct. 25th - Nov 2nd - The Appaloosa World Show will be held in Ft. Worth, Texas.

November 10th - The AAA will host a one day, one judge show at the location previously known as Marley Farms.

Please watch for club activity updates on our Arizona Appaloosa Facebook page and on our AAA website.

Kelly Potter, AAA President

Officer & Board Member Contact Information: Kelly Potter, President, Show Committee Lead, Youth Director 602-576-5881 Rob Pinckard, Vice-President 480-987-1894 Kathy Turner, Director, Treasurer 623-465-4948 Sonja Berry, Secretary & Newsletter Editor, Member Services 480-516-5655 Tori Broadbent, Director 480-510-5635 Mary Ann Page, Director 623-692-4579 Lisa Pope, Director 602-980-1286 Mike Quick, Director & NonPro Coordinator 520-400-1285 Linda Gilgosch, Director, Trail Riding Committee Lead 602-549-7181 Sandy McNatt, Director 602-339-8887

2013 Board of Directors Meeting Schedule

Shannon Wilson, Director & Webmaster

All club members and non-members are invited to attend board meetings. 2013 meeting schedule:


  

Denise Serro, Alternate Director

Sept 12th November 14th

January 2014—Banquet & General Membership Meeting during ANLS The location will be Carlos O’Brien’s in Scottsdale at 6:30 pm in the Private Room. The Board of Directors Meeting Schedule is published on the AAA website under Upcoming Events.

The Spot News, July 2013

(602) 505-1684

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2013 Nationals! Arizona Appaloosa Association members LuAnn Bickford, Tristanna Bickford, Dennis and Toni Dean, Karin and Brielle Wendell, Jay McGinn, Kristy Stecker, Kyla Myers, and Dave, Kelly, Colton, London and Brandt Potter went with high hopes to the Appaloosa Horse Club National and Youth World show held in Fort Worth Texas, June 24th through July 6th. Members Debbie Harley, Richard and Annette McDonald, Sonja Berry, Jacqueline Decker, and Zachary Decker attended to cheer on family and friends.

AAA Members Karin Wendell, LuAnn Bickford, and Debbie Harley at the Show!

Our competitors entered a wide variety events, and all exhibitors were rewarded for their hard work , perseverance and determination with Top Ten placings and several Champion and Reserve Champion awards. The road to the National show requires years of preparation. It is not an endeavor to be picked up lightly. Long hours of practice precede the competitive event. Over 800 horses from across the nation came to show, and show they did. Please join us in congratulating our members; they worked hard, they believed, and they achieved. The first week of showing was the National Show competition. Congratulations to: LuAnn Bickford and “Resurrected Zip MMR” National Champion Masters Western Riding Reserve National Champion Non-Pro Trail Reserve National Champion Non-Pro 35 & Over Western Horsemanship 5th place - Masters Hunt Seat Equitation 6th place - Masters Western Horsemanship 7th place - Masters Showmanship Tristanna Bickford and “Resurrected Zip MMR” High Point Showmanship & Equitation Exhibitor! National Champion Hunt Seat Equitation 3rd place – Non-Pro Western Riding 3rd place Saddle Seat Equitation 4th place – Bareback Horsemanship 4th place – Western Horsemanship 6th place – Senior Western Riding 6th place – Non-Pro Hunter Hack 6th place – Non-Pro Trail 6th place - Non-Pro Saddle Seat Pleasure Toni Dean and “Broke My Zipper” 4th place - Senior Saddle Seat Pleasure, shown by Caitlin Raysser 6th place - KSE SR HUS Sweepstakes, shown by Caitlin Raysser Please contact Sonja Berry with any additions or corrections to members accomplishments. The Spot News, July 2013

Toni Dean and “Model My Love” 6th place - Hunter In Hand Four & Older Mares, shown by Caitlin Raysser 7th place - Senior Hunter Under Saddle, shown by Caitlin Raysser 10th place Non-Pro Hunter In Hand Mares 10th place - KSE JR HUS Sweepstakes Kyla Meyers and “Howell’s Red Man” Reserve National Champion – Nez Perce Stake Race 4th place – Camas Prairie Stump Race Dave and Kelly Potter and “Gimme Another” owners of Poco Diablo Ranch and Cattle Company 6th place – Non-Pro Halter mares 8th place – 2 year old Halter mares, shown by David Boggs Kristy Stecker and “Artist N Motion” Reserve National Champion – Non-Pro Hunter Hack 3rd place - Green Hunter, shown by Mason Lyon 6th place - Non-Pro Working Hunter 8th place –Hunter Hack, shown by Lisa Ligon Karen Wendell - Reserve High Point Novice Exhibitor! “On an Impulse” Reserve National Champion– Novice NP Western Pleasure 5th - Masters Western Pleasure “A Secret Code” National Champion Novice Showmanship at Halter 3rd place - Non-Pro 35 & Over Showmanship 8th place - Non-Pro 35 & Over Western Horsemanship 9th place - Masters Horsemanship 10th place - Masters Showmanship

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2013 Nationals (cont.) Richard McDonald at the Nationals

Richard and Annette McDonald, owners of Medicine Man Ranch, proudly cheered on horses from their breeding program: “Holy Moly MMR” (Smokey Poco Dude / Hy N Bright) owned by Vickie Wharram 7th Masters Horsemanship “Zipn Z Straw “ (Zips Strawsam MMR /Rozee O’Primo) owned by Rosemary Teate 7th place Masters Hunt Seat Equitation 9th - Novice Western Horsemanship “Strawsams Dream MMR” (Zips Strawsam MMR x Dreamy Straw MMR), owned by Gary Sample 10th place - KSE JR Western Pleasure Sweepstakes

Tristanna Bickford and “Resurrected Zip MMR”

Tristanna Bickford, High Point Showmanship / Equitation Exhibitor!

LuAnn Bickford & “Resurrected Zip MMR”

“Sens Last Zip MMR” (Zips Strawsam MMR x Miss Sen Sen) owned by Brenda Weyers. 7th place - Youth Novice SMS, 18 & Under “Zip Straw Bright MMR” (Zips Strawsam MMR / Hy N Bright) owned/exhibited by Ellie and Megan Disselkoen 5th - Novice Western Horsemanship 8th - Novice Youth Hunt Seat Equitation 10th - Novice NP Showmanship at Halter 10th - Novice NP Hunt Seat Equitation “Zipazilada MMR” (Zips Strawsam MMR x Brazilada) owned by Brent and Leslie Woolery National Champion - 35 & Over Showmanship 5th - Masters Showmanship 6th - 35 & Over Hunt Seat Equitation 10th 35 & Over Hunter Under Saddle The Spot News, July 2013

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2013 Nationals (cont.) Kyla Myers

Dave, Kelly, Colton, London and Brandt Potter with “Gimme Another”

Karin Wendell - Reserve High Point Novice Exhibitor!

Tristanna Bickford and “Resurrected Zip MMR”

Karin Wendell and Jay McGinn

The Spot News, July 2013

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2013 Youth Worlds! For the second time in two years, the Arizona Appaloosa Association presented a Youth team at the Appaloosa Youth World Show. Arizona Legends members include Kyla Meyers of Clovis, New Mexico, Brielle Wendell, Kendall and Kelsey Woellmer, Colton, London and Brandt Potter, and Jacqueline and Zachary Decker. The team came together in its entirety for the ApHC Youth parade held on July 1st. In June, youth members and their parents descended on the Potter house to create props for the Youth Parade exhibit. The AAA youth prepared a short skit of the Appaloosa history put to a poem written by Kelly Potter.

Colton Potter and “Gimme Another”

Kyla Myers and Brielle Wendell each won their age division for the Prepared Speech contest. The speeches were wonderful and we are including them in the newsletter for your enjoyment.

Congratulations to:

Brielle Wendell and “A Secret Code”

Kyla Myers With “A Celebre Te” Youth World Champion - Most Colorful At Halter 5th place - Y Heritage 18 & Under 8th place - Y Senior Geldings, 3 and Over With “Howells Red Man” 4th place - Camas Prairie Stump Race 8th place - Figure 8 Stakes Race 10th Place - Y Nez Perce Stakes Race, 14 - 18 With “The Beat Goes On” 9th place - Y Novice Western Pleasure 18 & Under With Mr Dual Gunsmoke Youth World Champion - Reining - 14 - 18 Colton Potter and “Gimme Another” 3rd place - Y Junior Mares, Two and Under

Brandt Potter riding “The Beat Goes On” owned by Kyla Myers

Brielle Wendell and “A Secret Code 9th place - Y Trail, 13 - 15 Brandt Potter and “The Beat Goes On” Exhibited in Leadline!

The Spot News, July 2013

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“The Legends” - A Poem The AAA Youth Team, the Arizona Legends, enacted a skit to this poem that was read during the Youth Spirit Competition in honor of the 75th Anniversary of the Appaloosa Horse Club. From Cave Paintings in France, Which is Far – Far away. These spotted hooved creatures, Were painted at play.

Colt Potter representing the Appaloosa

The Spaniards, they wanted, to discover new lands. This trusty steed, would give them a helping hand. The ships set sail for land oceans away, The noticeable spots would keep trouble at bay. In North America, finally the Spaniards, they landed. But things weren’t exactly as the Spaniards had planded. The Natives were trying to protect their plants and their trees, But noticed something different, between the Spaniards tanned knees. This majestic horse, that was covered in spots. Got the attention of the Native Americans ‘lots. They took these horses to the North and to the Northwest, The Nez Perce Indians, liked the spotted horse best. The Appaloosa, the Indians would breed and protect Not just for work, but to make beautiful pets. For their spots stood out with almost a glow, The perfect horse to take to a show. Only 75 years ago, a National Organization was founded, But you see, this spotted creature Has always been arounded.

by Kelly Potter The Spot News, July 2013

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Gabriella Wendell’s Youth Speech The Road to the Youth World Show through the Eyes of the Horse 18 hours, she told me. 18 hours on the desert roads into the city. I wasn’t sure where we were going exactly, but she made it seem rather important, and grand. Weeks of hard, insistent training, under the hot, Arizona sun, blazing a perpetual trail of sweat under my girth. It was worth it, apparently. She seemed to understand now, after quite a while of my misunderstood explanations, that legs were used for much more then previously understood. The hot asphalt rumbles under the trailer, Desert roads pass slowly into towns, the houses growing higher, the crowds thickening. It’s loud. This must be the city. She had told me stories of how the buildings scrape the sky. They were very tall, it was very loud, consuming and hot. We were through it in a flash, back on the highway. I could soon smell other horses, wet dirt, pine shavings. We stopped. My hooves soon clattered on the concrete, she lead me to a stall, keeping me close, as I wanted so much to go up and meet everybody. There was so many people, all with horses, and I’m sure, treats to spare. What was left of the day passed quietly, it was soon morning. I could hear her spurs click on the concrete, stopping at my stall. She was dressed in her fanciest outfit, I never understood why it had to be so sparkly, but I liked it never the less. Smiling, she took me out. My mane was soon banded, tight, I could smell the show sheen, hoof polish in the air, as she groomed me. She tacked me up, the silver shone under the mid morning sun. Her new chaps brushed my sides as she mounted me, leading me to the big arena. I was engulfed by sound, people in the grandstands chattering and cheering, horses nickering, people yelling. We stood in front of the gate, waiting. I didn’t know what we were waiting for, but I knew it was a very big deal, that it was very important. Bright, bejeweled clothing, silver tack. The people and the horses passed us, and I watched. I was suddenly struck by a fierce desire, a desire to win, to do this to my very best, whatever this may be. The announcer’s voice blared on the intercom, horses filed into the arena, we were last to enter. “A Secret Code, and Gabriella Wendell.” Said the voice, as we breached the gate, instantly blinded by the artificial lights. And I knew, as the noise faded into a pinpoint, silence. I knew that although I wasn’t sure why I was here, why I wanted to do so very well, I wanted it. Perhaps it was the feeling of glamour in the air, the smell of glory. All those weeks of training had surely lead up to this, and so I listened to her, to every tap of her legs, squeeze of the reins. I may not know why I was here, I may not know why they insisted on sparkling dress, shining tack. But I was happy to oblige, and I knew, that this is what we did, and what we will do, for however long my legs may stand for it. By Gabriella Wendell Appaloosa Youth World Show, 2013 The Spot News, July 2013

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Did You Know? The Arizona Appaloosa Association has a YouTube Channel! Click here to view the AAA Youth World team Youtube video!

Check out our latest video of our Youth team ! The AAA Youth team members met in June to build the props and displays for the 2013 Youth World Show.

Props were built from card board or cloth. The team came together, practiced a skit about the history of the Appaloosa and presented it during the team parade.

Kelly and Colton Potter putting up the Youth banner Kendall Woellmer getting the props ready

Volunteer! The AAA is able to hold our numerous shows, trail rides, youth events and clinics through the contributions of our savvy members. We invite all members to join in. If you have a talent you want to offer or a skill you want to learn, the AAA has a place for you!     

Committees and Members: Trail – Linda Gilgosch, Kathy Turner, Shannon Wilson, Sandy McNatt Elections – Rob Pinckard, Sandy McNatt, Kelly Potter Show – Mary Ann Page, Kelly Potter, Sonja Berry, Denise Serro Marketing – Sonja Berry, Rob Pinckard, Kelly Potter, Lisa Pope Newsletter - do you like to write or perhaps photograph our beautiful Appaloosas? Contact Sonja Berry with your ideas for The Spot News! Video ideas are welcome, too!

The Spot News, July 2013

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AYA Youth Art & Photo Contest ! Once a year, the ApHC offers a National Art and Photo Contest for AYA members in conjunction with the Youth World Show. Youth can submit drawings or photographs for scholarship monies. London and Colt Potter leapt at the chance to submit their work. London drew his favorite Appaloosa "Doc" in crayon. Colton submitted a photo he took while laying outside of his favorite horses stall (Roman) looking up. Thanks for your participation, good work you two!

The Spot News, July 2013

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Calling All Artists! Arizona Appaloosa Association is ready for an updated look and in search of a new logo. We are looking for members to submit their ideas for this new design. Designs must be submitted with considerations made to ease of embroidery and screen printing. Ashley Worthington of Worthington Graphics sent these two examples. One in full color, great for print and banners. The other in black in white, for screen printing and embroidery. If you are artistic or great with graphic design we hope you will send in your ideas and possibly be the new face of AAA. The selections will be narrowed down by the BOD and then selected by the members. Please e-mail your submissions to by October 1, 2013.

The Spot News, July 2013

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The AAA in the Appaloosa Journal! Have you read your August Appaloosa Journal? Open it up and check out our photos of the Spring Trail ride! The next trail ride will be Saturday October 19th at McDowell Sonoran Preserve. This ride is open to members and non-members. Join us for fun and adventure!

The Spot News, July 2013

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The Spot News, July 2013

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The Spot News, July 2013

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Appaloosa Horse Club Youth World Show - July 2013

AAA 2013 July Spot News  

The Spot News is a publication of the Arizona Appaloosa Association.

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