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Project conducted by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia As a part of the Government’s continuous efforts to enhance the quality of our public healthcare delivery, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia initiates a request of interest to international Medical Specialists to temporarily work and live in the Republic of Macedonia. We request your interest regarding hospital positions across all medical specialities. We invite you to practice and live in Macedonia for a period of 6 mounts up to 5 years, and we offer: • same remuneration as your current position, paid accommodation and two round trip airplane tickets per year (one if the period is under 1 year); • Governmental support during your complete stay; • involvement in policy making; • leadership or managerial position with the opportunity to apply your expertise towards improvement and change in your field of work Your benefits working and living in Macedonia include: • higher relative value of your money • introduce change within our system and improve a segment of the healthcare that our citizens receive • first class recreational facilities and first class educational facilities for your children at affordable prices Requirements: You must have at least 10 years of clinical experience as a specialist in a public or private hospital in one of the OECD countries. PhD degree is an advantage. Please send your CV and a Motivation letter at Legal disclaimer: This advertisement is not legally binding until an agreement is signed between the Ministry of Health of Republic of Macedonia (hereinafter: the Ministry) and the selected candidate and until then any of the parties may withdraw from this process. The Ministry may require additional data and documents during the selection of the candidates. If the selected candidate requires a visa for working in the Republic of Macedonia, the agreement will be in power after the visa is granted. The costs for the visa will be re-embarrassed, but only if the visa is granted.

Call for interest - Project conducted by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia