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Sometimes You Need More Than Just Paper Most companies, regardless of industry or size, must constantly focus on customer engagement. Most companies, regardless of industry or size, must constantly focus on customer engagement. It’s no secret that consistent and effective engagement helps drive business and compels people to buy a product or use a service. The challenge is to continually create effective ways to attract new customers, engage current clients and reward loyalty. Made for printers and businesses alike, the Xerox® Revolution™ Line includes versatile tools that provide a variety of ways for messaging to make the most impact. These great products are printable and customizable, but the end result is always more than just an 8.5 x 11 document. The Xerox® Revolution™ Line offers a variety of products which include: * Xerox® Revolution NeverTear™, which is a tear-proof, waterproof and chemical resistant synthetic paper this is perfect for printed materials that need to be as tough as they are attractive. * Xerox® Revolution™ Labels, which have all been optimized to perform in a wide range of printers and are designed to run without contaminating equipment or leaving adhesive residual – meaning few jams and greater productivity. * Xerox® Revolution™ ID Cards, which offer options to promote businesses with personalized letters, promotions or information along with cards for membership, identification or coupons. Although we offer a wide range of choices within the Xerox® Revolution™ product line, we know that customers may still have unique needs. We can work directly with customers to assess needs and recommend the best solution. Whether we modify an existing product to meet a particular need, vary a substrate or convert a product differently to solve a particular business challenge, we are here to be a solution partner. Call 1.800.458.4640, Prompt #1 to learn more. So, when you're looking for more than just paper, and you need the quality and service that you and your customers can count on, make sure to choose the performance guaranteed Xerox® Revolution™ line. For more information about Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media, please visit