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Your assignment is to create a unique and eye-catching print for a special edition T-shirt and hoodie that captures the spirit of the “Make It Happen� message. As the emphasis should be on attitude and dynamism, only a subtle reference to the Chevrolet brand is necessary.

T-shirt front.

T-shirt back.

Hoodie design.




The University of East London is having an alumni showcase in Freerange. Your assignment is to find a fresh name and logo that can relate with the word “range�. Create leaflet, drop poster and newspaper poster designs to promote it. Think out of the box.

A new world is like a fresh seed

Newspaper poster.

designed by Red Studio



! e g n ra

Leaflet front.

Leaflet front.

illustrate innovate communicate imagine design create publish The University of East London presents an exciting showcase of graduate artworks, design, fashion, textiles, photographs, films and i nstallations. Come a nd see a l ive photographic shoot, a fashion show or take part in design studio events. We look forward to seeing you there. UEL Events

When: 9-13 June 2011 Time: 18:00 onwards Where: F Block, T1 Truman Brewery, Hanbury Street, London E1 6QL

Leaflet back.

h O


! e g ran

illustrate innovate communicate imagine design create publish

Drop poster.

Red studio is a creative design agency which provides it’s clients with modern and originative solutions to their graphic or visual communication needs. You need to create pictograms reflecting the words: illustrate, innovate, design, create, communicate, imagine, publish.

illustrate, innovate.

design, create.

communicate, imagine, publish.

The University Jakarta International has now new courses in creative design and interactive design. You will have to design the logo of the creative design course and the pictograms for: branding, mobile words, interactive, touch, 3d t.v and exhibition design.

Wouldn’t it be ideal to have instant coffee at your fingertips at home, whenever you want, whilst still getting to enjoy it Café style? Make the best of both worlds by reinventing instant coffee with a product idea so it can be enjoyed at home as a treat, Café style.

Ingredients, contact us, barcode. impressed.


11x7 cm.

1.5 cm

The history of Cappuccino: Why do we call it Cappuccino? Where are his origins?

25 cm

Coffee powder.

Milk powder. Open.

Create a logo, typeface design and web album cover for the progressive band Mother Turtle.





Web album cover.

Straw Tone is a band based in Greece. So far they have produced their first EP. That will be released on the October 2012. This project asks you to create a team of artists and designers to create a video clip, artwork, logo, photographic pieces and web promotion.

Album front.

Album inside.


T-shirt front.

T-shirt back.

Band photographs.

the love


Pictures from the making of the “Love Rum” video clip.

Business card.



Due to the Straw Tone project, Passatempo Collective was created as a team comprising artists, designers, musicians and writers that collaborate with students and professionals to create innovative and creative solutions.


Passatempo Team: Director, assistant director, photography director, assistant photographer, music producer, choreographer, architects, actors, fine artists, fashion designers, product designers, textile designers, the “Straw Tone� band.

Promotional poster.

2012AD UK Exhibition: Photographic material.

PPa a

m m e e p p t t o o a a ssss


Pa Pa



Business card.

It’s hard work coming up with covers for Access, so we’re going to take a break and let you design next issue’s cover instead. The theme for the issue will be ‘Gaming takes over the World’. You can enter a photograph, illustration, digital graphics, block of text or pretty much anything else that reflects the theme and makes a great cover.

Magazine poster.

The UNESCO Memory of the World Programme aims to preserve, provide access and raise awareness about the World’s heritage. One collection that has been preserved concerns the destruction of the Aral Sea in Central Asia. This is one of the biggest manmade catastrophes of the world, but there are others. Create a poster that calls for an end to planetary destruction caused by human activity. Use images of the Aral Sea or other ecological disasters to engage and encourage your fellow citizens to get involved.

LIVING ON THE SURFACE SHOULD NOT MAKE US SUPERFICIAL Humans: 160,000 ago Earth: 4.5 billion years ago The planet isn't going anywhere... We are!


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