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A Hag’s Manifesto wanna take you to a gay bar. . . .


N CHI issue one - april 15th, 2011 (april 16th-29th)

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Inclusive Wedding Packages Available in the Chicagoland area June 2nd-5th, 2011

Welcome party on June 1st at the aloft™Hotel Bolingbrook Live performance by Catie Curtis. Advanced tickets: $40, and $50 at the door. Proceeds from ticket sales benefit IT GETS BETTER PROJECT™. Wedding services are provided by gay & allied vendors. Special Guest Officiants Samantha Goldberg and Catie Curtis. Enter to win the “Celebrity” wedding officiant of your choice! Tickets & Reservations are available online at: or (269)274.1362

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april 15th, 2011 (April 16th - 29th)

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wanna take you to a

“changing spaces in changing times. . “.

by: kyron deluca The launch of a new gay periodical could not have arrived at a better time than now. The last ten years have seen a dramatic shift in the fight for LGBT equality, a shift that is unmistakably heading in our favor. DOMA and DADT are already on their way out the door--provided congress wises up and chooses to stand on the right side of history. LGBT persons are more visible than ever, most of us no longer relegated to lives spent in secrecy and shame. Indeed, in all of human history, today may be the best time to be gay...unless you count ancient Greece that is—when a queer could be an emperor with unlimited access to harems full of hot, well-oiled boys. But I digress.

It is this shedding of secrecy and shame that has perhaps been the most influential when it comes to the changing face of LGBT spaces. For those who have studied gay history (or at the very least seen “Milk”) the gay bar or club denotes more than just a place for dancing and flirting. In a historical context, the word “gay bar” may recall monochrome and grainy footage of raids throughout the fifties and sixties. These were times when underground, queer venues were often invaded by swarms of police acting on the whims of a largely homophobic society. The Stonewall riots are arguably the most famous example of a gay bar raid. Even as recent as 2009's police raid on the Atlanta Eagle, certain power-abusing authorities have intruded upon queer spaces. With that said, the gay club scene has changed just as drastically as modern gay history. One of the more dramatic changes has been the acceptance of heterosexual or non-queer patrons into gay clubs. This increase of straight club goers over the last few years can be chalked up to a number of factors such as general acceptance and understanding of gay lifestyles. From a pop-cultural standpoint, I personally attribute this phenomenon to two groups in particular: the gays and the guidos. The Jersey Shore (for better or worse) helped make clubs featuring dance and techno music popular with the mainstream market, or at the very least the MTV crowd. The gays, of course, have been making amazing dance beats for years but it was with the assistance of Our Venerable Lady of the GaGa that our music gained mass appeal circa 2008 and onwards. Love her or hate her, you can't deny that electro-danceinfluenced Top 40 took off shortly after she touched down on the music market. Though some of the more cynical mindset would see this influx of heterosexual gay-club-goers as appropriation, I'm more inclined to see it as invitation. In other-words, my hetero readers, the gay club is still our space; we just let you dance there. And for the most part why shouldn't we? As long as non-queers respect our space and culture, sharing that history and celebration goes a lot towards positive visibility in the face of a non-queer majority. No harm in building bridges, I say. Which brings me to Diva's, a fabulous little club near my haunting grounds of Northampton, MA. Here is one such club where LGBT people and heterosexuals often come together. A majority of their patrons are made up of the local college crowd (the notable Five College Consortium of the Pioneer Valley). Because the club is situated in Northampton, a town known for its high concentration of lesbian couples, it is often referred to as an “inherently gay” club. But Diva's typically has only one gay night, their Wednesday night “Drag Wars” an American Idol of sorts for drag performers. Though “Drag Wars” is extremely popular, their other nights do not advertise themselves as being overtly gay. Yet Diva's weekend events typically see a mix of both LGBT and heterosexual patrons. Despite this, it is still understood that Diva's is a club under a queer jurisdiction—a fact that even the most macho UMASS bro can and does respect. So does this mean that there is no longer a need for the exclusive gay-designated club? The answer of course is a resounding: hell no! Any oppressed minority deserves a safe recreational space, and it is important to keep in mind that clubs such as Diva's are located in largely liberal territories. The other, and far more commercial reason for gay clubs not advertising themselves as exclusively gay is economical in nature. It's just simply not good business to brand yourself to a niche market, no matter how influential that minority may be. You lucky and attractive boys in Chicago may not have these problems, but for the most part it just doesn't pay to cator to an all-gay clientèle for clubs outside of major cities.

And yet the fact that we can open up these spaces to our heterosexual friends and allies, the fact that we no longer see such spaces as places of essential refuge but as places of relaxed recreation, should say a lot about these changing times. If I may reference the title of one of queer scholar and theorist Judith Halberstam's books, we are certainly living “in a Queer Time and Place”.

And i couldn't be happier about it. . .


COVER PHIL SHAW Matt Burgett Photography

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As a writer I have a great respect and love of transcribing ideas and emotions into the written word. I’ve noticed however that the number of misinterpretations with text messages, especially between the guys I’ve dated, have always been high. This never ceases to confuse me as I am a published writer and the written word is my field of study. It wasn’t until this last relationship of mine that I figured out why texting complicates relationships. Before completely ripping texting a new asshole, I should probably admit that there are things about texting that I like. As with pretty much any good thing in life, yes even sex, there are pros and cons to it. Texting is very useful for getting quick messages out, occupying time when you’re bored, having a gradual conversation with someone by responding when you want to, and being able to have a conversation with someone in an area where talking on the phone is not possible. These pros about texting are great and even I’ve been known to spend hour’s texting someone something I could have told them over the phone in ten min but what can I say, I love it. It’s this speed, availability, and the shortness of texting that makes it great, but it’s also what causes many misinterpretations to occur. Texts can be sent at any time and generally there is not much thought put into what is sent. It’s due to this lack of time spent on the text that thoughts are not well formulated. Word usage is also very important when trying to convey a message with the written word and texting is very far from being able to express emotion and tone of voice except when the occasional “lol” thrown in. Texting is also limited by a letter count, which has created some interesting new lingo, but these “words” only allow for more misinterpretation by the person receiving the text. I’m of the firm belief that communication is 10% verbal and 90% physical, with the physical being tone of voice, body language, etc. Texting is very restricting because of its lack of ability to express almost 90% of communication.

So now you’re probably reading this and saying, “Well, I already know all of this.” Okay, then let’s see what happens when we take what we know are cons of texting and apply them to relationships. The convenience of texting lows you to communicate at anytime, anywhere, and for any reason. Which can be great when you “sext” the yfriend to get him to come over and have a romping good time. However, this also means you can avoid a face to e conversation to resolve a conflict. Texting becomes a safety net that anyone can use to hide behind. The word rd comes to mind but every person has their own reasons for what they choose to do. Take the fear to avoid ct with the limited ability to communicate ideas through texting and right there you have a recipe for disaster to relationship.

ust what is said in a text that can strain a relationship. The rate at which you reply to messages can cause mistions as well. Your boyfriend may just be busy at that moment and not have an opportunity to take the time every word as a response to the text you just sent. So while you’re waiting you’re interpreting the delay as a hen communicating, pauses are used to emphasize something, portray doubt, or even be representative of a disas this pause is taking place, you’re beginning to freak out wondering why he hasn’t gotten back to you in the 2 you’ve last sent your text. This impatience, worry, etc only increases the level of misinterpretation that is going ou finally receive a text from him. Sure you’ll relax a little once your phone goes off but you’ll still have all those back of your head as you’re reading his response and these thoughts will then influence your response back to him.

e on communication. Even arguments are needed to make a relationship grow and take shape. Face to face arto be resolution as both parties are able to have that 10% and 90% which makes up communication. Sure, the hting is not fun and it can totally ruin any day but I’ve noticed is that fights which occur face to face allow for the that anger and frustration that has been built up. Do I think fighting should occur regularly…well no but face to imes lead to face to face angry sex which I’ve almost never been disappointed in, especially for dissipating all that sn’t allow that. In my experience text fights occur while there is a decent amount of distance between myself and even bigger safety net. So anger and frustration continually is allowed to build up through miscommunication via amn little messages were saved on my phone, they’re there when I wake up the next morning only adding fuel to ight.

seems to be more apparent with younger guys who have grown up with texting, but I have noticed it with older all. I understand that fighting with someone you’re dating and care about a lot can be very daunting, but for the o their face, or at least give them a phone call. And for God’s sake, don’t let a text fight lead to a text break up.


A Day in The Life THE MOVIE


A Hag’s


Hello my name is Katie. I am a straight girl living in Cleveland and I am a hag. I say that with pride and love. I once heard, and often quote the joke, Q: “What’s the difference between a fag hag and a fruit fly?” A: “50 pounds.” Though I am not 50 pounds overweight, I am too committed to the cause to ever refer to myself as a “fruit fly”. What the hell is a fruit fly?! Some annoying bug buzzing around her homos? With an attention span so short that she disappears as soon as a shiny object enters her frame of vision? Hell to the no! A fruit fly is a party friend to her gays; where a hag goes above and beyond. Family, favors, feelings, travel, holidays; and Saturday nights with a group of gays feels far more effortless and natural as a night out with a group of girls hunting down heteros at a night club. I’ve been accused of liking anyone because he’s gay. I disagree. However, I have an open-door policy with the gays. I give them all a chance; and it is up to them weather they take advantage of it. Here in Cleveland, Ohio, there is a shortage of top shelf-gays. We have far too many Popov Vodka gays, and not enough Grey Goose mo’s. In 2011, I’m losing several Grey Geese. (Especially to the city of Chicago!) When your quality gays leave town, a single girl like myself looks around, takes a social inventory and realizes she’s surrounded by the much dreaded: BREEDERS!!! Heterosexual couples are an epidemic right now. Around the end of the last party I attended, I looked up and suddenly realized I was the 9th wheel. Eek! I needed my gays and they were nowhere to be found! What is a hag in a dying gay town to do? Become a breeder herself, I suppose. Or learn to find dancing at a straight club to be less awful than it really is. Nothing like a “brah” rubbing on your ass with his genitalia to make you feel like a lady! My gay squad has always appreciated what a pig bitch I am. I can acknowledge that I am a lewd, overbearing, and devoid of boundaries. That’s my personality wrapped up in a bow! I’m often been told, “Thank god you don’t drink because I couldn’t handle you drunk!” These are the reasons the gays are drawn to me; but what draws me to the gays? I suppose the gays in my family have always made me feel very at ease with gay men. Also many of my gay friends are so far out and I see my own limitless traits in them. I keep very few secrets from them because we mutually lack discretion. With my closet gays we all say what we mean and mean what we say. There isn’t the jealousy that there often is with straight female-straight female friendships, or the sexual tension that’s practically universal in straight male-straight female friendships. With a girl and her gay, it’s so simple and fun. There’s an understanding of one another’s dating woes and the gays are strong enough to pick their hags up when we’re down.

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