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Why did the Menendez brothers do it? Published February 14,2018

(Lyle and Erik Menendez)

On August 10, 1989, the murder of the crime of the century took place in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles California. It was a very brutal murder that happened in the 1.5 million dollar mansion at 10 pm on a summer night. To find out what happened that unforgettable night. Lyle and Erik Menendez, the brothers were arrested and sent trail for the murder of their parents Mary and Jose in 1989. At the time Lyle who was 21 and his younger brother Erick who at the time was 18 where being trialed for first-degree murder. Up to 26 years they have been imprisoned. On the night mary and Jose were murdered the oldest brother Lyle had made the 911 call to report what had happened. The boys said, “someone killed my mom and my dad� from that you wouldn’t think that they shot and killed their parents from hearing that. The brothers put up a very believing act for months, They then went on a very big spending spree.Their friends were worried about why they were spending so much. After six months of investing Erik and Lyle then turned themselves into the Los Angeles.

During the trial when Lyle was asked what his motive he said what drove him to murder his parents in cold blood it wasn't because of money or fame it was because his father sexually and physically abused Lyle and Erik as children. During the trial, Lyle was put on the stand to testify against his father for the sexual and mental abuse he received as a child. His younger brother Erik also got emotional at the hearing about the abuse his brother never told him about. Erik also got the same abuse as his older brother but not as bad as Lyle. The court believed the story but was not enough to get a shorter sentence for boys. No matter what in the end the Menendez brothers would be facing the same consequences or worse. The boys are now men Lyle is 50 years old and also married, Erik is now 47 years old and also married. The brothers have been sentenced to life in prison and have not seen each other since they said goodbye to each other in 1996.

Ari prashad final draft feature article  
Ari prashad final draft feature article