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Architecture Through My Eyes... Arindam Roy ‘Fervid passion and extreme perseverance would leave traces beyond death’

Destiny brought me to architecture. I was a lover of literature, psychology. Though I had no profound knowledge Foreword: but when you fall in love you really do not need to do With naive experience research about it... You just and lot of inspiration I had love the idea of it; the beautiful crossed the verge of University glimpses that you have caught campus just a year ago. hold of it. So here was I, an Neither do I intend to critically ardent lover of literature, in appreciate any definitive the technical field dealing with architecture nor do I have the a subject where functionality audacity to do so. blends with aesthetics, the end product is a tangible creation, I do not recall the source of a creation that you can walk the phrase ‘architects are into and the appreciators are keen observers’. And hence I the common man. For the first thought of sharing something time I felt that literature can which perhaps none other have a form, that I have the would be able to express, ‘Architecture’ through my eyes. opportunity of giving physical existence to the intangible The content is little informative thoughts, render reality to the and deals more with subjective virtual projection of mind. I fell for it, madly, passionately... concepts, idealisms and an unforeseen mosaic of passions; those values to me literature, art, technology and more than theory. psychology. The challenge it ____________________ posed was deliberate, fervent. When I first heard the word ‘Architecture’; Perhaps somewhere in my late days of the secondary school. Ignorant, indifferent, was I to the mere existence of architects. It was only while appearing for the graduate level entrance exam that I came across it in a better sense, still bearing only a faint idea about it. 12

Slowly the love matured and the concept of architecture began to stop emanating illusive angelic rays. The dazzle about it faded slowly beginning to reveal the darker corners. The knowledge did not take away my love but provided it a sense of reality. Then I knew there was no deception. Gain srijan

of knowledge gives you the opportunity to gaze at a resting butterfly, that earlier was restlessly fluttering around, emitting mystery.

“Gain of knowledge gives you the opportunity to gaze at a resting butterfly, that earlier was restlessly fluttering around, emitting mystery.” I remember some broken phrases either heard of or subconsciously selfconstructed from bits of my acquired knowledge... Architecture: A subject that begins with necessity and ends with luxury Dissatisfaction lies in the heart of every successful architect Craziness lies in the balance of asymmetry A war memorial should not look beautiful... It has pain groined in it.

still. I can design and perhaps see it come real but that is not enough. With the effect of time I had come across some apparently insignificant factors affecting my thoughts, curtailing my ideas, cutting my wings of freedom. I have felt a peasant’s necessity of building a shelter and a CEO’s dream of building a country cottage and in contrast had laid my dream of creating something unique, innovative and sometimes experimental even. In the struggle for existence lies the strangling of idealism, theories.

“In the struggle for existence lies the strangling of idealism, theories.” Often, the dream shatters in want of a basic human need ... ‘a happy present’ Time and tide waits for none... and it will pass... Moments of frustration, dissatisfaction and an ardent desire to let free would perhaps sometimes inhabit in me. The aryahi... as the concept is, a reform movement in want of a tongue that wants to cry out against the everyday suffocation of the ideals, philosophies and the causes those form the basis of architecture’s existence. When I delved deeper, I saw Architecture, losing its identity in terms of place, context, social structure. I was amazed by the glamour of digital architecture and in contrast I

had seen the redevelopment schemes of Aila affected areas of Sunderbans. I was lost in the magnitude of variance. I spent dark nights, sitting awake, in want of the next sunlight. Economy seemed to mock the crude reality, especially where necessity formed the basis. As for large scale projects, the clientele seemed to be too involved in the functionality and to some extent aesthetics. I thought we lacked good reason for the clients. Perhaps it is our responsibility to imbibe in them the sense of social impact that a built form has on the society and the scope it provides of strengthening the social character of the neighborhood. Though we cannot turn our backs to the globalization factor, it is, perhaps our responsibility again to add to it, the flavour of identity and context. To exist in the era of rapid industrialization, we race to build and in the process we naturally create out of necessity; thus missing out the time for adding subjective values. India is in dire need of Architectural awareness. Let us spread it like a virus so that when a rural child wakes up in an early morning and looks up at the sun, he dreams of being an architect. Awareness is definite to bring in the sense of social impact. Knowledge, unlike rumors, spread like a drying river. And it is our duty as architects then, to kindle the responsible sensitivity of the common men.


us spread it like a virus so that when a rural child wakes up in an early morning and looks up at the sun, he dreams of being an architect.” We know that literature and architecture those have survived beyond time have been tools to decipher the lifestyle of the people who created them. Thousands years from now, when we are gone and our ashes washed out; perhaps some of our creations would luckily stand in ruins. And as for now without reform, with globalization at its full blow, we would not only lose our individuality, uniqueness and lifestyle but also gain every possibility of making us oblivion, as if we never existed... Perhaps a day will come when one would create out of love and love only... I will continue to love Architecture, the entity brought to me by the kiss of destiny. I would comprehend, seek and confront. I conclude with a note of promise made to myself of being in love with respect, responsibility and being ruthless even... Arindam Roy B.arch, 2011. Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur

And I slowly moved across the realm of the University. One and a half years in so called professional life I am an architect or rather a student zonasa 2012


Architecture: Through my Eyes...  

A write up for Eastern Zone NASA 2012 Annual Convention Magazine named 'Srijan'. The theme was 'Aryahi'

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