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Quiz Slides? It’s free ONLY through 2013. Create stylish, interactive online tests from PowerPoint or PDF files with QuizSlides.

Reminder: CSCOPE is now TEKS Resource System. On Linebook on the PINS page, the TEKS Resource System is listed under academic as TEKS RS. There are many ways to build a website and now TEKS Resource System has that ability too. Website Builder Tool Now Available! According to the TEKS resource System site, you can now create your own public webpages for communication with students and families.

Want something added to your school page on the district site, click here to submit. MSHS short link: Bissonnet short link:

Click here to view a quick guide on how to enable the Website Builder in your district.

Phoenix short link:

Click here to view a quick guide on how to build a site once the tool has been enabled.

Mangum short link:

Educators can register here for your free access to the Online Toolkit Materials. After registration, all materials can be accessed online by visiting this webpage and clicking on “Register Here/Reentry.”

Southwest Schools is now on is the nation's largest K-12 moderated video sharing platform, specifically designed for students and educators . Empowering students and teachers through the use of video, with a safe, informative, and fun video sharing experience. Upload classroom videos to our channel today!

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What’s Happening? We all know you are doing great things in the classrooms, why not share it through social media. Send in class happenings to your principal or to Arika for posting on Facebook. Let the world see how cool you are, your students would be ecstatic. Haven’t liked the district page yet, click like here.

Tackk, offers tools for creating content that combines text, images, audio, and video. Using Tackkboards, teachers can have students complete assignments online. Go here to learn more:

October 2013

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