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Social media “Social media refers to the means of interaction among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks” -in a professional sense, social media represents your brand -if you start to use any new social media service, you must maintain your online presence, if not, your brand will be affected -remember, each social media avenue controls your level of privacy to a certain level, so be aware of what is associated to your profile -if you don’t manage and monitor your content, depending on what perceived mistake your brand/business has made, within a couple of hours you can have a rumor spreading across many platforms of something that may be untrue! -everyone has different goals and businesses, so everyone’s approach to social media should be different -social media is a passive way to connect with people, so -due to social media, there are now much more creative ways for potential customer reach, engagement, interaction ex. Specific contests, targeted marketing -if you commit to different platforms you want to have a unified brand, but you also want to pay attention to your audience, when you write a post/update tailor differently for each site -on many platforms you can use knowledge and being an ‘expert’ to help others and gain more followers and noteriety Facebook -for personal use -can make fan page -looked upon as not as professional compared to linkedIn or twitter LinkedIn -resource strictly for professional uses ex.recruiting, job-searching, networking, find bridge-people -based on the 6 degrees of separation theory Twitter -used as a combination between personal and professional

-can have personal account or represent business -tweetchat -tweetdeck Google Plus -communities feature is great for b2b marketing -you can join the community as a brand -hangouts you can have video chats and then archive, upload to youtube analytics telling you the statistics of your businesses reach Pintrest -a pin is something you grab from a site, can be a picture or piece of video -a board is holds your pins, they can be set to private or public, you can invite others to help pin your board -you can install a ‘pin it bookmarklet’ in your browser that makes it easier to pin -if you choose to ‘follow’ someone you will see their activities in your feed -your feed shows pins from people you follow Hootsuite -social media management w/analytics

Social Media for Business  

This is a very basic overview of important points if you want to start implementing social media for your business.

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