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Types of Web Hosting Services Today, there are numerous types of services available for web hosting. These hosting services are available in different package to suit the budget of every types of business. For small to medium-sized businesses there are business hosting solutions which are ideal for circulation within the firm. This type of web hosting plan comprises of web space for small to medium-sized websites. Typically these types of accounts are used for shared web hosting. The other types of web hosting services include dedicated server hosting as well as virtual server hosting. Dedicated server hosting are hosting services managed at private web servers. This ensures security, and reliability of performance with the least downtime. Dedicated servers can support huge traffic and can handle the most demanding websites on the internet. That is why dedicated web hosting they are considered the best in class. Virtual servers typically make use of virtually private servers that are made to support the needs of larger web sites. Virtual servers can also handle website that demand multiple hosting with reliability and convenience of solution. This type of hosting services is flexible and provides more power needed to accommodate the demanding requirements. Before hiring the services of a website hosting company, business should fully understand their business requirements in details. The right web hosting plan or package would include everything, which comprises of spam block services, secure certificates for secure online transactions, domain names, web site designing, and more. The service needs to be managed and monitored by experts and professionals. The service should also include 365 days customer support. Another type of website hosting is reseller web hosting service which provides individuals and businesses the opportunity to develop their own websites. Then comes clustered web hosting service featuring multiple servers hosting with similar content so as to maximize resource utilization. This type of web hosting service is just right for steadily growing websites with increase traffic. Another major type of hosting is collocated hosting. This type of hosting is identical to dedicated hosting, however, in this case the client owns the collocated server. The web hosting company maintains and provides hard disk space on the server, apart from providing other features such as high bandwidth, software options, and more. Collocation hosting is the most powerful kind of website hosting service available today. These days, a web hosting company would typically provide a complete web solution package in their bit to attract more clients and expand their business. This package may include custom web designing, shopping cart, secure transaction, spam and virus protection, and even search engine optimization. About the Author

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Types of Web Hosting Services