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Perry Post Monday 23 2009

BIN BAG THIEF Terrorizes local pensioners By Arifa Kabir

The Bin Bag thief, the common slogan used for the missing bin bags in Perrybarr. A warning to all those who occupy the residents of Perrybarr it has been confirmed that a middle aged man with an unknown ethnicity has been stealing bin bags every Tuesday night just before the bin bag men come to do their duty. The council have said “we cannot do anything until this man is caught, and we will catch him even though his motive behind his actions is uncertain, meanwhile there will be someone sent to everyone’s houses to help catch him”. Another woman claimed to have woken after her daughter was crying and caught a glimpse of the man dressed in full black and a balac


The poor people that live in the area feel that Kane has ruined thier area and terrorised the inhabiters of Perrybarrr. Three families have already moved out of the area due to his unknown motto. Kids are scared to leave their gomes and play out on the roads, old people can’t even go around the corner to get some bread as if living as an old person isnt hard enough.

Pictured Above Adam Kane thug when he was arrested in 2007 for drink driving.




School Girl hospitalised due to “drink driving”

A school girl aged 12 suffered three miner injuries to her arms and legs and a serious injury to her back due to two youths joyriding, a 15 year old boy named Chris Steven, and the second 17 year old Andrew Witkins. They have been arrested and will be seen at the crown court. The young girl named Myeesha Karima was on her way from school when the car came 160mph and without stopping went staright into her. The boys drove off but later caught in there houses in Perrybarr. Read more about drink driving. pg23-24


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Second page of my newspaper  
Second page of my newspaper  

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