T Cell Adoptive Immunotherapy

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Advancing the Science of Canine Lymphoma

DEVOTED TO THE FIGHT AGAINST CANINE CANCER Aurelius Biotherapeutics seeks to break the barriers of traditional cancer treatment. Through collaboration with colleagues and research scientists, Aurelius Biotherapeutics wants to offer the most effective cancer treatment for canine B cell lymphoma. WHY IS AURELIUS BIOTHERAPETICS ARE INVESTED IN THIS PROJECT? Canine B cell lymphoma is a very prevalent cancer in dogs of all breeds. It behaves much like nonHodgkin lymphoma in humans and much of the research has taken place with dogs. Aurelius Biotherapeutics is utilizing this information and applying it to canine lymphoma treatment.

WHAT IS T CELL THERAPY? Cells from the patient’s own immune system, T lymphocytes, are collected, cultured and activated to be tumor-cell specific. Once their numbers are maximally expanded, they are infused back in to the patient. By recruiting the immune system we hope to provide another way to fight the cancer cells. .Adoptive transfer of T cells provides a novel approach in the fight against cancer. T cells are removed from the blood stream and those cells that are specifically fighting the cancer are selected and expanded. Recently, Novartis has won FDA approval for a unique form of T cell therapy using CAR T therapy. CAR T cell therapy refers to a process using the patients’ T cells which are selected and genetically modified to identify the tumor antigen more effectively. Aurelius Biotherapeutics uses another type of immunotherapy that doesn’t genetically modify the T cells. By growing the lymphocytes with antigens from the tumor, we reactivate the T cells in their fight against the cancer cells.

CANINE LYMPHOMA: ADOPTIVE T CELL PROTOCOL Adoptive T Cell Therapy can be an effective tool for treating canine lymphoma. Here is what you can expect if you choose to use adoptive T cell therapy for your dog. 1.Your veterinarian will collect and send a simple blood sample from your dog- it is shipped overnight in order to receive it as quickly as possible. 2.Once we have received the sample – we check it for quality to make sure it meets the standards for cell culture. 3.At this point, the T cells are selected and are cultured with specific factors that encourages their For Information, please contact Sebastian, growth. 4.After about two weeks, the T cells are maximally Project Manager Aurelius Biotherapeutics at 360.510.7846 expanded and ready to be infused into the patient. 5.They are shipped in a specialized sterile shipping Email: sebastianab@icloud.com container overnight in order for the infusion to take place within 24 hours of the harvest.