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Arie Mazur Surveys On Young Urban Males Targeting Global Luxury Brands If anyone wants to understand the latest trends and fashion at any point in time, you could possibly begin here. It’s been quite a time since studying fashion and being slightly critical about the trends has become Arie Mazur’s sole way of posing itself as a brand. Here you will exclusive fashion tips as well as the trends in fashion that have suddenly emerged. As fashion talks continue to last, Arie Mazur researched a few luxury brands and the way they are promoting themselves. Arie Mazur noticed quite some time back that these brands had changed their marketing strategy by emerging with a new and more contextual segmentation as well as targeting. The research carried out by the home of fashion found out that more and more young males are targeting luxury brands which is probably why more and more global brands have begun targeting these global young male in turn. Let’s take a young man in his twenties in the present times! He is this classy man who has just got a job that he is proud of. He is joined the bracket of men who have disposable income to boast about. Does this man tend to marry young? Well, he is the kind of today’s man who considers marriage at a later stage in life. So, what does he do with his income? He becomes pretty indulgent towards his needs. He loves the fact that he has money to afford the latest collection of bags from global brands as well as suits himself up with the latest brands. This young man, or young men like him have been termed yummies. They suddenly have money of their own to afford the riches and the luxury brands. They have been constantly exposed to such brands in the past and even today. This is probably one of the many reasons why global brands too have started accepting yummies seriously and targeting their products towards them. Metro sexual men or yummies are pretty conscious of how they look. They don’t adorn anything and everything that comes their way. It is not how you have seen the world, is it? You probably till now saw that luxury brands were bought by women generally who had reached their middle age. But, today the statistics are proving that more and more young men are at action. The survey consisted of two major brands namely Coach and Burberry which are pretty famous globally. Facts and figures related to these brands show that they have been purchased at a high rate by the young urban men around the world. The behavior of these men towards being fashion conscious and also the kind of income they are being provided with is pretty much responsible for this trend. While this trend is running in most of the world, China differs slightly. Here the urban young woman is still trending as the global fashion brand ambassador. Let’s wait to see if the stats change for China too some day or not.

Arie mazur fashion surveys says young urban males are targeting global luxury brands  

Arie Mazur Surveys On Young Urban Males For Targeting Global Luxury Brands. Arie Mazur noticed quite some time back that these brands had ch...