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Ideation Week 1-3

YuanYuan Ye (Ariel) Student No: 613901 Semester 1/2013.

Group 2

The Natural Pattern — Spiral

My pattern is a natural pattern of a spiral. How the shape of spiral formed is that there are countlessly different size but same type of elements aggregate continually. My pattern reveals transformation of scaling and movement of the elements. Through the observation of the different elements, we could find them move and scale up to a same direction but different position. It's a kind of continuum equations or a mathematical analogies.

Recipe of the analytical drawing: Balance: 1. Use the dots to sketch an overall shape along the spiral 2. Connect those dots in solid lines 3. Along with the track inside the spiral, use dotted lines to connect dots.

Symmetry: 1. Find the centroid 2. Draw the line along with the track of spiral

Movement: 1. Find the centroid of the spiral 2. Find the base element 3. Analyze the scale and rotate direction of base elements, then sketch the base elements along the spiral track.

Rhino Exercises

Help Info.

Creating Curves

Rhino Exercises 3D Surface – 1 Rail Sweep

Rhino Exercises 3D Surface – 2 Rails Sweep

Rhino Exercises

Pipe Lines

My 3D Model

Process of paper model 1:

The first model is a kind of movement that the small pieces move to different position to create a spiral.

1. Cut several strips of paper and fold them into the shape like a moon.

2. Prepare an A4 size of paper as the base.

3. Stick all the pieces together from small to big and then make a shape of spiral on the base paper.

Process of paper model 2 1. Cut different size of strips of paper 2. Fold all the paper into a water drops shape 3. Stick them together by following the whole shape of spiral In this model, the random size of water drops can be stick higher or lower progressively.

My digital model

Emerging form 2

This is the overall form of my emerging model. I tried to make the overall shape of a rise spiral which get smaller progressively. Then I used nicking tool to carve lines lightly on the surface of spiral. The space between lines is equal. In this model, the space emerged on the spiral itself. The spiral could be hung on the arm or carried on the hand. It's a 1:1 scale model.

Front Side

Top View

Back Side

Left Side

The plasticine model:

This is the overall form of my emerging model. I followed my paper model to make random size of pieces of water drops. Then I tried to connect those pieces together. The small side of those pieces should be gathered in one point. This model similar to the shape of my paper model but it doesn't follow the spiral shape. It could be hung on the arm or carried on the hand as well. It's a 1:1 scale model. I want to make it like a circular arc shape which consist of random sizes of separate pieces.

Front Side

Top View

Right Side

Left Side

The 1:5 scale model This is a 1:5 scale model. It could be divided in two parts (left and right). To make the plasticine like a shape of circular arc and then use nicking tool to carve the lines on the surface. After making both of two parts, I connect their small side together to make a shape like bow tie. This model totally different from my paper model, my idea is to think about how the model could fit in the body. It could be hung on the shoulder like a collar.

Top View

Left Side

Front Side

Right Side

Effects of light Light could influence the ambience and feeling, diverse use of light could make different appearance of object. If the light is bright, the lantern will be looked more tridimensional because the contrast between shadow and brightness is more obvious. And we could see the light gradual change of the lantern. The dark light will make lantern seem blurring and gentle.

The light use of this architecture is interesting. It used many small lamp bulbs to decorate the house and pool. I like the effects made by those kind of bulbs which build a gentle ambience and warm feeling. In addition, the bulbs are regulated in a moderate light level which makes people feel relax and comfortable as well.

My sketch...

My idea to create the effect is to use moderate or dark lighting to light inside each of piece. Then the surrounding of model will be dark and blurring but the inside is bright. This kind of light is not glaring which could make the model seem soft and comfortable.

Virtual envs-Ideation-Module 1  

this is the virtual environment journal

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