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KARINA/CARINAH/CORRINA Journal Entry #5 Ariel Peevy

This is she.. I saw this girl, passed her by, then realized I had to turn back around and run to catch her. I was leaving class on a dreary, cold day with gross weather and an atmosphere that screamed “blah”. Something about this girl stood out amongst the grey. She was super sweet and flattered when I stopped her and posed willingly. Besides her fairy-like demeanor, it was her sense of style that caught my eye. She radiated “nostalgic hip kid” in simple black leggings and boots with an oversized faded denim coat. Instead of a predictable big, medium-wash denim jacket, her outerwear was light and acid-faded, a successful nod to the 80’s. Then from underneath peeked a babypink fitted shirt that perfectly matched her babypink hair, cut into straight bangs like a Japanese pop star. Her cartoonish pastel hair, cozy -kawaii ensemble, and skillfully thickened brows and liner made her the most interesting stranger of my day, though I’m not certain how to spell her name…

Ifs journal #5  
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