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Mixing with Plaid by Ariel Peevy Entry #4: Men’s trend (Weeks 7 and 8)

Plaid + Insert Pattern Here • Plaid is a timeless fashion classic for men and women alike, but the twist of pairing it with another pattern is a bold move that not every guy can pull off

Not Your Average Joe… The kind of guy who mixes patterns, especially using plaid, is sure to have some distinctive characteristics. He’ll most likely look something like this: • • • • • • • •

16-30 years old single lives in large, urban environment very financially stable very culturally aware risk-taker trendsetter eclectic/unconventional tastes and views

Real Life Example Name: “Alex Simmons” What does he think: “I like it” Why does he like it: “I usually just wear plaid…”

My Verdict • I love the trend of pattern-mixing when done right • I often take part myself • It can work for men or women • Pattern-mixing allows room for creative selfexpression that much of menswear neglects • If mixed too severely and not chosen wisely, this trend has the potential to look silly, bizarre, or clown-like

Journal #4  
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