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Photo-­‐shoot Call  Sheet   Crea&ve  Director:  Ariel  Betancourt    


Date &  Location   ì  Date:  Monday,  December  7   ì  Loca&on  one:  SCAD  top  parking  deck  1600  

Peachtree St  NW  

ì  Loca&on two:  LiGle  5  points  (we  will  carpool  to  

second loca&on)  

Call Times   ì  Call  Times:  11:00  AM  models  arrive  makeup/hair  

ready, ouNits  are  selected  

ì  12:00-­‐2:00 PM  Shoot  at  first  loca&on   ì  2:30-­‐4:30  PM  Shoot  at  second  loca&on   ì  Wrap  Time:  Approximately  5:00  PM  or  6:00  PM  at  

the latest  

Makeup ì  Models  must  arrive  at  11:00  

AM sharp  at  the  top  of  the   SCAD  parking  deck  with   natural  hair/makeup  ready.  

ì  Cesar Casquete  is  a  makeup  

ar&st at  Belk-­‐  he  will  be   there  to  help  touch  up   makeup  and  make  sure   everyone’s  hair  looks   pris&ne.    

Styling: Female   ì  Models  will  need  to  bring  5  

ouNits with  them  to  be   selected  from  for  2  total   ouNits.  One  will  be  bright   colors  and  the  other  will  be   more  monotone  to  make  the   belts  pop.  Bring  a  variety  of   dresses,  skirts,  tops,  suit   tops,  heels,  etc.  

Styling: Male   ì  Male  models  need  to  bring  a  

variety of  un-­‐paGerned   casual  shirts,  collared  shirts,   pants,  jeans,  suit  tops,   shoes.  Also  if  you  have  a   skateboard  of  any  kind  of   spor&ng  gear  bring  that  as   props.  

Female Models  

Aurora Juarez  

Grace Welsh  

Female Models  

Alissa Froid  

Charlene Deaver  

Female Models  

Zoe Theodocion  

Sabrina L  

Male Models  

Jay Wink  

Alex West  

Male Models  

Cesar Casquete  +  Also  MUA  

Arlos Luque  

Location 1:  SCAD  skyline   Top  of  Parking  garage-­‐  skyline  of  Atlanta  

Location 2:  Little  5  points   Surrounding  area  and  graffi&  tunnel  

Photographer 1:  Rob  Loughran   Commercial,  clean,  great  ligh&ng  techniques  

Photographer 2:  Kasia  Elzbieta  Luzny     Crea&ve,  fashion,  edgy  

Photographer 3:  Ian  Smith   Fashion,  art,  edge  

Props Balloons,  skyline,  umbrella    

Themes Fun,  young,  lifestyle  mixed  with  fashion  

Questions? ì  Contact  Ariel  Betancourt,  Crea&ve  Director  and  


ì  828 275  6431   ì   ì    

C4 Belts Photoshoot Call Sheet  

All of the details and creative direction for the C4 Belts shoot

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