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Dear MCP candidate, First of all, congratulations for a brave decision. It is inevitably uncertain, scary, but also inspiring and excited. Exactly one year ago, I was about to take my flight from Beijing to Portugal. Sitting in the boarding hall alone, I’ve started to have a gut feeling that I will go for a decision, to apply for the one and only important role in my beloved organization. This simple believe brought me throughout the journey – “It’s our decisions that make who we are today,” and “Make the best of it!” These are the 2 sentences that I want to share with you for the journey ahead. It’s ok to feel confused, but don’t hesitate. Find the one thing that you firmly believe. Demonstrate it. It would be the loudest words you can speak. Best wishes, Lily Gu Special thanks to MC Dragon team 15/16: Anup Mohan, Smile Han, Allen Chen, David Zhu, Ginger Zhao, Amanda Zhang, Vien Zhou, Stephen Chen, Renee Jiang, Yang Shuang, Carnival Ding, George Chen, Marc Liu, Luther Liu. --For this amazing year together. “Lead the change, make it real.”

One page summary of your entire application. Please highlight your goal and key strategies.

Create your own biography to share with us WHO YOU ARE. You have only one limitation - one page! An example on how a bio can be structured, please check out the following link. David Polly, CEO of The Momentum Project (http://

3 Endorsement letters from within AIESEC in Mainland of China (2015 LCP only); 2 Endorsement letters from another AIESEC entities (MCP or above) 2 Endorsement letters from an external/alumni (people who left AIESEC before Jan 2015)

maximum 2 pages with your picture, relevant education and working (in AIESEC and non-AIESEC) experiences.

The pdf should be maximum 17 pages. Minimum font size = Helvetica/Georgia size 10.

You have 1 page and all your creativity to propose what is the biggest question that lies in front of AIESEC in Mainland of China today and give an answer to it. You have the license to change the system, to challenge any paradigms and unleash the potential of the organization.

Belbin Test & MBTI Result.

7 mins CREATIVE Introduction Video that can best represent yourself and AIESEC in MoC (Please upload to Youtube or Youku and provide the link).

Each Candidate must submit the application package named as 1516_MoC_MCP_Applicatio n_Name

Application Deadline 23:59 2016.01.03 GMT+8

Application Screening & Candidates Announcement The DEADLINE for submitting your application package is 23:59, 3rd of January 2016 (GMT +8) No late application will be accepted.

If you have any questions concerning the applications or the application process please contact Lily Gu(MCP 1516) or Amanda Zhang (Election manager) by sending your email to or

The Application Package needs to be sent to

You can create your own design (graphic style and color usage). Make sure you create a separate file for all requirements needed. We will be expecting 14 PDF files and 1 video: Executive summary, Biography, CV, 7 endorsement letters, Belbin test, MBTI, Answers to the application questionnaire and Blank Page Challenge.

MCPc-LCP Online Talk

MCP Election: Executive Summary

MCP Election & Announcement

a. Who are you? What motivates you in life? b. What is your motivation to stand up for AIESEC in

Mainland of China MCP 2016-17 What do you want to take out of this experience?

a. What are your top 3 strengths? How do you think



b. c. d.

your key strengths can add value to the role you are applying for? What are your top 3 weaknesses? How will they affect the role you are applying for? Rank the three fields (e.g. areas, functions, expertise) in which you have the most experience and describe

Please share an experience that you achieve with a team in the past year, with measurable goal and clarify how the team works with you to achieve the success. What is your key role in this experience? What could you have done better in this experience? How would your MC team, your NST and your LC EB describe you on your team role, your key contribution? What are the key expectations towards MC team 16-17? (less than 3 points) What will be the possible challenges you will foresee in MC team? What would be your unique contribution?

a. Why AIESEC exists? What role should AIESEC play in

today’s world? b. What make AIESEC unique in Mainland of China? c. Why AIESEC in Mainland of China needs a 10 years’ vision? What is the external and internal relevance of the 10 years’ vision? d. What do you see AIESEC and AIESEC MoC can be to achieve AIESEC 2020?

a. How will you evaluate the development path of AIESEC globally and in Mainland of China in the past 5 years? What are the key reasons for success and failures? b. Please evaluate the internal and external environment of AIESEC in MoC. What are the key opportunities and key challenges they bring? How can we capitalize on opportunities and deal with challenges? (Please consider external environment and AIESEC global network when looking at external environment)

a. What are the three most important responsibilities of the MCP role and why you think you are the best candidate to fulfill those responsibilities?

a. How will you position term 16-17 in the development path of AIESEC in MoC? b. What is your ideal picture/vision for MoC in 16-17? What are the goals and key milestones to achieve that? c. What are your key focus areas and key strategies, and focus program (if you have) in term 2016-2017? d. What is your MC team structure to achieve that? (add NST structure if needed)

a. ELD product • What will be the changes that will leverage the volume & customer experience of AIESEC MoC ELD programs (oGIP, iGIP, iGCDP, oGCDP, TXP) during the 16-17 term? How are those connected with external trends& market needs? • How do you see the implementation of new business model will impact on the way we operate ELD products?

b. Marketing & PR • How do you position AIESEC to different customers and key stakeholders? • How do you see marketing function’s role in national and local level under the trend of new customer flow? • What would be the priority for MoC in 16-17 to work on PR perspective? c. Business development • What are the key resources BD function should bring to AIESEC in MoC? How can it contribute to organization development? d. Finance • What will be your principle in managing financial resources of AIESEC MoC? What would be your key investment in 16-17? • Analysis current program profit margin, and give suggestions on pricing model of the program you see challenges. e. Legal & governance • What are the key challenges for AIESEC in MoC in MC and LC level for legality? And what is your corresponding solution in 16-17 and in long term? • Evaluate the current state of governance in AIESEC in MoC. How should we evolve to ensure organization sustainable growth?

f. IT infrastructure • What are the key focus areas of IM in national level? What is the HR structure that can support in national and local level?

g. Entity development • Please evaluate the current expansion model of AIESEC in MoC (including EDM, membership criteria, EI management, etc.) What is the direction you want to set and how does it link to MoC’s long-term plan? • How can MC ensure fast strategy implementation & good communication when having so many LC/EIs? • What is the ideal & unique role/positioning of MC, NST & LC ensure sustainable development of the organization? What are the gap we currently have and how can we change it? h. Internal communication • What is your strategy to drive fast communication inside of organization? • What culture do you want to drive in MoC 16-17 generation? How? i. Global network • Please evaluate AIESEC in MoC’s current role and contributions in the global plenary. • What initiatives is AIESEC in MoC going to take within AP or Global plenary in term 14/15? What are the investments you will make with these initiatives (e.g. finance, HR)? @Designed by Aria Xia AIESEC MoC MarComm NST 15/16

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