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Introduction........................................................................ 3 Poem "let me be" by Arianne Gonzalez.............................. 4 Short story " Mysterious School" by Arianne Gonzalez .. 9 Memoir " I am still afraid of monsters" by Arianne......... 10 Poem " Im grateful" by Arianne Gonzalez........................ 11 Love Poem "love me" by Arianne Gonzalez...................... 12 Play Plot............................................................................... 13 Poem to my mom "She was" by Arianne Gonzalez............ 8 Epic Hero text....................................................................... 9

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Travel Writting.................................................................... 11

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Introduction My name is Arianne, i was born in april 18 2002 in Acapulco Gro. My family is formed by my mom, my dad and my sister, I also have to dogs. I am from Acapulco, Ive always lived their, except for the time i lived in new york. I love Acapulco, i think its so beautiful. A very important person for me is my sister because we do everything together, my best trips have been with her. I am a very shy but a the same time funny person, I have a passion for makeup and photography, since i was little my mom used to let me her camera to take pictures of our trips and special ocasions, taking pictures for me is so relaxing and fun and its better when i get to photograph new places that i visit. Believing in god its something that my mom has always though me and im so grateful that i had the chance to get to know him because his just the most important thing that i have.   Another thing is that i think that Mexico is so beautiful, its culture, music and food makes it the best country in the world. I love my family and friends and i am very fortunate to have them near me because they are amazing.

Leave me this time be happy, nothing has happened to anyone happens only that I am happy walking, sleeping or writing.

"let me be"

What am i going to do, im happy. I am more innumerable that the grass in the prairies, I feel the skin like a rough tree and the water below, the birds above, the sea like a ring on my waist, made of bread and stone the earth the air sings like a guitar. leave me today to be alone be happy, with all or without all, be happy with the grass and the sand, be happy with air and earth, be happy, with you, be happy.  

The mysterious School It was her first day at Cedars International School. Sheila was in the 2nd grade. She missed her old school and was quite sure that she was going to hate this new place. At lunch break, Junie and Pam, two girls from her class introduced themselves to her. They took her to a tree that stood at the corner of the playground. “Would you like to come to the Hole of Mysteries with us?" Pam asked her. “Hole of Mysteries! Where’s that?" Sheila asked astonished. Near the tree was a hole, covered with hay and sticks. “This is the Hole of Mysteries," said Junie.  “Come on, let’s jump into the hole," said Pam. Holding each other’s hands, Pam, Sheila and Junie jumped inside. The hole became darker as they went deeper and deeper.

The mysterious School Then all of a sudden it became bright. Lighted candles were everywhere. Sheila was frightened. Seeing her, Pam laughed. Junie pointed out to a rabbit lighting a candle. "That is Binkie the rabbit," said Pam. “She plans all our adventures." “Hi Binkie!" said Junie. “This is Sheila, our new friend. Do you have a mysterious adventure for us today in the mysterious school? " Binkie smiled and said, “Hi Sheila, welcome to the Hole of Mysteries. Sorry girls, I only have a tiny adventure for you. It’s not easy, mind you. You have to be very alert as it’s to do with sounds. Be aware of he who can talk. Now follow me. You have to find your way out." Binkie went ahead. The girls followed her. They came to a small room. Binkie had vanished. Once they got inside, the doors locked automatically. There were three animals in the room: a cat, a dog and a fish (inside a bowl). They could hear loud grunts from outside.

The mysterious School “I think there’s a monster nearby," said Sheila, frightened. “We have to take the help of these animals to get out!" whispered Junie. “Or else we will have to stay here for ever," said Pam. “How do we find our way out?" asked Sheila, feeling quite nervous. “Let’s think hard!" said Junie. “I think I know!" said Pam. “Remember Binkie told us to be aware of ‘he who can talk’. I think one of these animals can talk." "But which one?" asked Sheila. “Let’s find out," said Junie. “Did you notice what the animals were doing when we got here? The cat was shaking its head and scratching itself.

The mysterious School The fish was waving its tail and the dog was thumping its tail. I feel it must be either the dog or the fish. Let’s find out. " Pam went up to the fish and said, “Can you help us?" The fish did not seem to have heard her and continued to wave its tail in the water. Then Sheila went up to the dog and said, “What’s your name?" “Spike," replied the dog. “If you are looking for the exit, I can help you." “Can you really talk?" the girls asked the dog. “Yes I can," said the dog. “Now press hard against the door and chant ‘Ashanti’ three times. When the door opens run fast until you reach the top. Don’t look back ever!" The three thanked the dog and as soon as they chanted ‘Ashanti’ thrice, the door opened.

The mysterious School They ran up the dark path, stopping only when they reached up, at the beginning of the tunnel. “Hey, we made it!" shouted Pam in excitement as they found back themselves in the mysterious school playground. “But what about the animals?" asked Sheila. “They are in there, perhaps helping Binkie plan our next adventure!" “Wow!" said Sheila. “I think I’m going to have a great time at Cedars!" The bell rang just then and the trio returned to their class in the mysterious school.

I am grateful to you, For reading what I have to say. I am grateful to you, For understanding and seeing The beauty that my words possess.

Im grateful

I am Grateful for you, Because you inspire, you keep going. I am Grateful for you, Because you keep me smiling. I am Grateful to you, because you let my world into your  own. I am Grateful to you,  Hoping that I inspire you. I am truly Grateful to you, for you, of you, because you inspire me to keep going.. And I'm only just beginning.

One thing I ask of you... Love me for who I am and be true. Love me as a fish loves the sea, how the bird loves to sing. Love me as a bee loves its honey, as an angel love his wings.  Love me and hold me tight as you tell me everything is all right.  Love me and guard me with all your might as you hold me near at night.  Love me as I lay a kiss upon your lips, as the heart in my chest flips

love me


Betty Anne Waters' life revolves around her brother, who is now in jail for murder. Despite Kenny's knack for getting in trouble, they have always been close. After the murder, Kenny is initially brought in for questioning by Sergeant Nancy Taylor, but released. Two years later, based on new testimony from two witnesses, Kenny is arrested and tried. The evidence presented at Kenny's trial is entirely circumstantial, but he is convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole. The three main witnesses against him are Sergeant Taylor, his ex-wife Brenda, and ex-girlfriend Roseanna. Three years later, Betty Anne lives with her husband, Rick and two sons, Richard and Ben. She is frantic that she has not heard from Kenny, who calls her every week from prison, and finally discovers that he tried to commit suicide. Betty Anne decides to go back to school and become a lawyer so she can exonerate him, but her husband is skeptical and unsupportive, and eventually they split up. As Betty Anne struggles with being a working mother attending law school, flashbacks reveal that her mother was callous and uncaring, forcing Kenny and Betty Anne to fend for themselves. The two were very close, but frequently got into trouble, and were eventually taken away from their mother and sent to separate foster homes. Betty Anne continues to visit Kenny in prison, working in a bar while going to school, but her busy schedule causes her to miss a planned outing with her sons, who decide they would be better off living with their father. Struggling in school, demoralized and exhausted, Betty Anne stops going to classes, until a friend from school, Abra, comes to her house and prods her to just get up, get dressed, and get back to class.

she is obsesd with the idea of getting her brother out of jail. She stopped livng her life and focuses on studying. She is always in bad mood and she is very ensitive   

obsesd with the idea of getting her brother out of jail. She stopped livng her life and focuses on studying. She is always in bad mood and she is very ensitive  

the idea of getting her brother out of jail. She stopped  livng her life and focuses on studying. She is always in bad mood and she is very ensitive  


I watched my Mom fill out an application. I looked at the line that asks about past professions. I thought to myself, that space is too small To write down what she's been, to cover it all. She was a nurse when I fell and scraped my knee. She was a maid when I didn't wipe my feet. She was a designer when my clothes didn't match. She was a tailor when my pants needed a patch. She was a teacher when I asked a question. She was a priest when I had a confession. She was a psychiatrist when I came home crying. She was a preacher when I got caught lying. She was a singer when she sung me to sleep.  She was a lifeguard when she said the water's too deep. There are many more, yet the best one to me, She was a best friend and mine forever she'll be 


I was hiding behind a wall. Enemies were firing from everywhere. Many of my fellow soldiers were already dead and the remaining men were falling in front of my eyes. With each fall I was losing courage. Then came a time where I had to decide whether to go forward and complete the mission given to me by the army to save my fellowmen who were now prisoner of war or to decline the orders and run away. This was the time to decide and I decided. I regained my courage. I wanted to face my son like a hero not like coward. For me it would be better to die then to run away. I came forward of that wall, fired furiously and ran towards the enemy. This was the time where all the lessons learnt in army are to be forgotten and believe in you. Believe in what you can do, believe in what you deserve and believe in your destiny.

After killing many of the strangers who are now my enemies because of no purpose, I captured one of the soldiers of other force. “Where are they?” I was panting heavily while talking. “Who?” he was panting more heavily than me may be because of fear of death. “Prisoners of war.” He directed the way to me. When I was walking with him I realised that from my army only I was left in the scenario. I had to rescue as fast as possible before the reinforcement of enemy’s army and rejoin my force that was waiting outside. He took me to the stairs which leads underground. “Down there you will find what you want. Please release me now?” he begged me.

I did what he begged and this was my mistake, big mistake. I proceeded downwards, slowly and steadily. My gun was ready to fire at any moment. Suddenly I felt a foul smell, smell of dead humans. My heart was pounding heavily. Was the people for whom I did all this were dead? Was my mission failed? Now I was at the bottom, I searched for my men. Frankly I was searching for their bodies. I had no hope of seeing them alive. Suddenly someone tightly hold me from behind. I struggled and kicked him between legs. I turned and about to shoot but stopped. His uniform resembles to ours. Oh my god he was one of the fellow army men. He told me where other POW were and how they were fighting underground and killing the enemies. I found around 15 of our army men. We, without any plan just hiding and running towards the gate outside of which a helicopter was waiting to rescue us.

Travel Writting

The experience of traveling to Frankfurt was impressive, I could never have imagined how big the prize-giving and everything else would be. The first day was the day in which we most interacted with the Argentines and it was great, they were very nice. If I had to choose a moment of the whole trip, I would be unable. Everything was great, until the last moment. At first we did not talk to the Argentine students, it was a bit uncomfortable. But when we ate together in the German newspaper, we started talking to Guadalupe and Wanda. On Tuesday afternoon when we arrived at the hotel we talked to Santos and Renzo, who are just as nice as the girls. When we went to school, Rosi and I did not really know what to do. Marielle, the girl who accompanied us, actually spoke very little Spanish and we almost did not understand each other, but she still showed us around the school and put us in a couple of classes to see how they worked there. All this experience has helped me a lot to see how the studies are in other countries, both in Germany (when we went to school), and in Argentina (when the Argentines told us things about their schools). I have realized that everything is very different from how it is here in Spain. In short, I think this trip has taught me a lot, besides, I had a great time and I made some very good friends

On Sunday, which was the outward journey, it was impressive because I had never ridden a plane and it seemed fantastic. In addition, I saw for the first time the Argentines who won the prize and I thought they were very nice, although we had not talked much yet. The next day was the awards ceremony. I was very impressed, because I thought there were going to be fewer people, that they were going to give less importance to the contest, and there I realized that in reality the work we did as a team was very important and that people cared. After the event, we went to the most important newspaper in Germany, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, which I did not think could be so different from ours. The buildings were separated, but joined by a bridge that I liked very much, and I found it very original. We ate in the newspaper dining room, where I already had a relationship with the Argentineans and they seemed very nice and I liked them very much. In the afternoon we were with the Argentines in the hotel, where we made more relationship with the boys.

We also went to Hungen to see a school, and we went by train. I did not know that they existed on a double floor, and I was surprised. We met a student who knew Spanish, and she taught us the school, which by the way was huge. It had eleven buildings, large courtyards and it was fantastic. Then we were interviewed by German journalists and they took pictures of us. We ate at a restaurant that caught my attention. It was beautiful and also had inflatables inside to play. In the afternoon we went to visit a little Frankfurt, which is a huge city, and had everything. What caught my attention was seeing so many tall buildings and shops that all gave the same building where there were giant escalators. We had more time in the afternoon, and we took advantage of it to be with the Argentines and to know each other more, since it was the last day and we had dinner together again. The truth is that I really enjoyed being with them because we learned things from Argentina and the problems there are ... Wednesday was already for the return trip. I did not feel like going back to Spain, since for me it has been an unforgettable experience.

Conclusion This digital magazine is the representation of all the work that i did during the school year. I learned so much with all this writtngs and really enjoy it making them, although it was hard to do them because you needed a lot of imagination and i dont have a lot of imagination. I also usually don't write my travels or poems because i don't express myself like that but defnitely i will start writing because it a good idea to write about the thing that you like o the thing that you live or had liven. The class of literature was a knew thing for me because i didn't had it in my past years and i really liked it because you get to know the history of literature and big writers that marked the world with their amazing writing, like shakespeare, i thank my teacher for all the information she taught me during this hole year of school.

thank  you

Digital magazine  

digital magazine for literature

Digital magazine  

digital magazine for literature