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The Adventure begins… The adventure began on a Wednesday morning bright and early. I set out for Ecuador, a cute country in South America. La aventura comenzó un miércoles por la mañana temprano y brillante. Me puse de Ecuador, un país lindo en América del Sur.

The team has six guys and six girls. That is how we became the #ecuadozen

Old Town Quito…

We got to see some of Quito’s history here/today. We visited the Church of the Society of Jesus. It was absolutely/very beautiful.

Zip Lining in Mindo‌ The Harnessed Beast‌

Zip lining through the trees was scary and fun (at the same time). After screaming through the first one, it got easier. There were thirteen different lines. That was too many. (Insert video or photo segment here)

This day was about trying new things, even if they are scary.

Meet the Family‌ My family and I went many places. The view from La Panicilla.

My and my sister Naty.

We went to Teliferico.

Mi madre Paty y mi hermana Naty.

Stumbled upon a church. A little present from my EcuaFamily.

Corfu. This is the bakery that has stolen my heart. I love chocolate.

Everyday there are so many.

I learned never buy just one.

In Otavalo I learned how to Haggle.

My classmates and I also had lunch at a beautiful diner on dock.

Lunch was great

But the pictures were better

In Cotopaxi I climbed for my life.

En Ingles...Por favor  
En Ingles...Por favor  

25 days in Ecuador