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Arianna Carboni A - Z Project Research &


IV words After analyzing the four words, I decided to use one. Nostalgia wed me to

o This word all

n from a get inspiratio emes. of th great number


Negative space



Content I came up with the idea of creating an advert by thinking about things related to nostalgia. The first words that came up were: time youth aging warmth classical music soft childhood change evolution velvet bouncy


My initial idea was to make a film advertisem

ent to promote a nce studio for elder ly people.


After several ideas that came to min

d, I realized that i wanted to take

this advert to a wider audience. Therefore, also changing the product. I focused on skin prod ucts.

Audience Women of all ages. People looking for a brand that offers a wide range of products. People with sensitive skin. People with dry skin. People who take care of themselves and their beauty.

Ispiration ISPIRATION. The following videos really helped me gain inspiration for my advert. I was particularly interested in the details

and the impact music makes on images. For example in the Magnum 5 Senses advert the so und plays a cr ucial ro le.

Magnum 5 senses By Br uno Aveillan Lightness & Gravity By ittig Gunnar W

Ideas ELASTIC BAND. My second attempt was to use an elastic band. The idea was to imitate the effect of the writings on balloons. I wanted to illustrate the effect of a cream that would avoid loss of elasticity. This would have been represented through a series of phrases that would by screen not get deformed when stretched. Iwas told printing technicians that this idea wouldn’t have been successfull.

Ideas II LATEX. The first attempt was to create colored

surfaces made with the latex, to recall skin elasticity.

Final idea CLAY & TEMPERA. After further brain storming I was very interested on the effect of dry skin. I was finally satisfied by the effect of clay on skin since it would

Once the latex dried I wasn’t happy with the outcome as it was too fragile and not very elastic.

capture the texture of dry skin. I also chose to cover the clay with white tempera to be able to represent the beauty of a greek statue. My intention was to recreate a visualy strong sureal representation of the process of dry skin and therefore be able to immediatly catch the audience ‘s attention.

Testing clay and tempera on my sk yn

Direction tor. For this project I decided I would take the role of an art direc

This is because I decided how the shoot would look, what equipment I would use, the model and the storyline. Finally, I also chose the name


d with a sound design

g. I then collaborate brand I am advertisin

of the of the brand I am advertising. I then collaborated with a sound designer go to Dan Reverse.

Filming I I decided to use a medium I had never used before: moving image. This is because I was very attracted by the potential of communicating through such a medium. I found it to be the best way to convey my message I initially planned to shoot in a studio for two hours. I was very pleased

with the final results .

Filming II However the time I had was not sufficent to be able to convey what I wanted. Therefore I re-organized a five

hours shoot where I focused much more on

the image

quality during the shooting. The reason why I had to shoot the advert again was because I didn't take into consideration that the make up would take so long.

Editing This project has allowed to learn how to communicate with a different medium. Having never chosen moving image as my medium before

essential skill as well as allowed me to learn this

the techniques involved

and the time management. I also learnt how to use editing softwares like Final Cut Pro 7 and Colours.

Identity I came up with this brand identity by combining two words together : cuticle and cute. Th e en

glish word cuticle comes from

the Greek which means skin. I therefore decided to combine the words to make a brand name that would be both clever and simple to understand.

A-Z Project  

The brief consisted in choosing one word and finding out all its possible meanings and connotations. I chose the word NOSTALGIA and I decide...

A-Z Project  

The brief consisted in choosing one word and finding out all its possible meanings and connotations. I chose the word NOSTALGIA and I decide...