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Shaku chairs

winning entry for seating design competition

This group* project was the winning entry of a competition organized within my undergraduate department. Focused on recycling, the goal was to design seats for 300 people for the JapanJuppun open air cinematic experience. Using Japanese measurement (shaku) and a roll of recycled material, we designed squared units that could be assembled together in order to create different-shaped seats‌

Light and comfortable, these fiberglass chairs were easily stackable for the public to move around freely. The event was hosted by the Japanese embassy in the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground (Chelsea College of Art & Design).

*Claire Chenut, Marie Exer, Jenny Hill, Sharrareh Samangani, Anya Sokolskaya and Theresa Williams

Competition winning entry I Event hosted by the Japanese embassy I 2008

Film screening I Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, Chelsea College of Art &

Design, London, UK Use of hand power tools, woodshop machines I Photoshop, inDesign

Ariane van dievoet portfolio shaku