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His deep voice grows measured as he talks about the 然而,提到喀麥隆的政治動盪時,他低沉的聲線顯 political instability in his native Cameroon, a nation rife 得特別有分寸。那是他的祖國,數十年來在專制統治之 with corruption. After authorities took his outspoken 下,腐敗橫行。他的家庭敢於對社會公義的議題發聲, brother, Ndassi fled to Hong Kong in 2006 to seek asylum. 但在他的兄弟被當局捉拿後, Ndassi擔心自己的安全, The 45-year-old had to put his artistic career on 遂於2006年逃到香港尋求庇護。 hold when he arrived in Hong Kong, where he was held 剛來到香港時,這位45歲的藝術家必須將他的 for two months at Tai Lam Correctional Institution in 藝 術 工 作 束 之 高 閣 。 在 他 的 庇 護 申 請 被 處 理 期 間 , Tuen Mun while authorities processed his application. 他 被 扣 留 在 屯 門 的 大 欖 懲 教 所 , 「 我 開 始 萌 生 在 尋 “I started developing the 求庇護者當中創造藝術的 idea of creating art around 念頭,我認為這是讓他們 asylum seekers, as I saw it as 處理壓力的一種方法。」 a way for them to deal with 在被扣留期間,很多尋求 "I always want to let stress,” Ndassi says, referring 庇護者都必須面對長久的 people know that we are to the uncertainty that many 未知。 the same, even though we asylum seekers face. 這個想法持續在他的 In 2012, Ndassi started 腦 海 中 醞 釀 , 到 了 2012 have different skin colour.” an African drum group at 年,Ndassi在香港難民聯會 the Refugee Union to serve 成立了一個非洲鼓小組, 「我想讓人們知道,我們是 as a form of "drum therapy," 提供「擊鼓治療」,「你 一樣的,即使我們的 the artist explains. “The 打鼓越多,就能釋放出越 more you beat on a drum, 多能量。我嘗試向人們解 膚色不同。」 the more energy you release. 釋打鼓有甚麼作用,以及 I try to explain to people how 怎樣幫助你平衡生活。」 drums can help, how they – Kaze Ndassi 同年, Ndassi成立了混 can balance your life.” 合 敲 擊 樂 隊 Afritude 。 這 That same year, Ndassi 個現已易名為Afritude Plus started fusion percussion Kaze Arts的藝團,共有八 band, Afritude. Now known as Afritudeband Plus Kaze 名來自非洲的成員。 Ndassi渴望團結不同文化的人,在 Arts, the group has eight members from all over Africa. 這個理想的驅使下,Ndassi還在2014年創辦了One Love Ndassi also created the One Love Community in 2014 – a Community,舉行以音樂、食物和創意活動為主題的社 series of gatherings, which revolve around music, food, 區聚會。 and creative engagement. 在個人藝術創作方面, Ndassi從 2015年開始展出他 As for his own artwork, Ndassi first began exhibiting 的多媒體裝置藝術。在致力於滅貧和個人發展的非政府 in 2015. The NAVTI Foundation, an NGO focused on 組織NAVTI基金會贊助下,Ndassi在中環藝穗會舉辦了 poverty alleviation and self-development, sponsored a 長達一個月的個人展覽,「我的大部分作品都是關於團 month-long solo exhibition at the Fringe Club in Central. 結、和諧和自然。我想讓人們知道,我們是一樣的,即 “Most of my artwork is about unity, harmony, and nature. 使我們的膚色不同。」 I always want to let people know that we are the same, even 時至今日, Ndassi已經是一位有三個孩子的已婚父 though we have different skin colour.” 親,也是香港創作圈中的知名成員,「你創作藝術的時 Today, the married father of three is a prominent 候,白色、黑色和紅色是不一樣的。但當你將它們放在 member of the Hong Kong creative community. "When 一起,它們的差異就會帶出畫作的美麗。混合顏色能創 you make art, the white, the black, and the red are not the 造魔法,人類亦然。」 same. But when you put them together, their differences bring out the beauty of the painting. Mixing the colours Learn more 詳情請看 creates magic. Us humans, we are the same.” 48