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The successful bumpy road.

Table of Contents Title Page………………………………. 1 Table Of Contents……………………. 2 Prologue…………………………………. 3 A Mysterious Place……………………… 4 Always Say Never……………………….. 5 Beautiful Experiences…………………… 6 Flash Back………………………………... 7 How To……………………………………. 8 Unfinished Sentences………………….... 9 Likes/Dislikes……………………………..10 memorable Event……………………......11 Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse…………...12 Personal Metaphor……………………....13 Remembering The Child………….…….14 Room Sweet Room……………………...15 Symbolic Recipe…………………………16 Synetics…………………………………...17 Telling Tales……………………………...18 Whats In A Name?.................................19 Are You Hungry?...................................20 Cheer Yourself Up!................................21 My List Of Lists…………………………..22 Look Who I Look Up To………………...23 On Medium Sized Suit Case……………24 Personal Alphabet…………...…………..25 Sensory Images……………...…………..26 Metaphorical Definitions………...………27 Extended Metaphors…………………….28 Personal Symbol…………………..…….29 Visually Speaking………………..………30 A Day In Life………….…………………..31 Remeber In Some Things Present….....32 As Time Goes Bye Bye…………………33 The Perfect Present….………………….34 The Door………………….………………35 Advice To The Young…………………...36 Futures/Fantasie And Fact…………......40 These Words Belong To Me……………41 Examine Life……..……………………….42 Valuable Lessons…..…………………....43 In Other Words………..………………….44 Picture This…………...…………………..45 Color Your World…………..…………….46

Lessons I Learn After It Was Too Late..47 Who Am I?.............................................48 Ekphrasis…………………………………49 Deck Of 52……………………………….50 A Quality Personality…………………….51 Map Of Life……………….………………52 Metamorphosis…………………………...53 Where I’m From………………………….54 Annual Report……..……………………..55 Epilogue…………………………………..56


Hi my name is Ariana Flores, I am seventeen years old. I am a senior at George Washington High School and I was assigned to do a fifty page auto-biography about me. In this auto-biography you will learn so many various things about my life. You will learn about my littlest pet peeve to my biggest mistake. You will read in between the cracks that a lot of people don’t know about. This is the one time I opened up my whole life to someone, and I am pretty proud to share it with you. The title of my auto-biography is “The successful bumpy road”. I made this my title because it perfectly explains this whole project. This project allowed me to look back at my future and then look at my present. It turns out that my past was a pretty bumpy road, but it just led me to a better future. Throughout my life I had so much struggles, but I am still standing here strong. This topic is such a great topic to use for something about me.

A MYSTERIOUS PLACE I do not know of many mysterious places, so I will make up one. You see there is this house down the street it looks really old and abandoned. You could tell that people have not lived there for centuries. It really stands out because it is the biggest two story house on the block. The people that lived there were probably rich because the house was gated and everything. In front of the house there is a huge yard that looked like it was used for gardening. When you look at the house, it looks really scary and you would not want to go in it. The windows are all broken and the doors were all gone, it shows that people tried to go in there before. From the way it looks, it looks like the Haunted Mansion but worse. When you pass by it all you hear are the sounds of crows, and creaking wood. People have said that they have seen lights or people in the house. The story was said to be that a family once lived there, but they were very strange. The family would never talk to people, when they go into town they just look at you and nod. The children would go to school but they would never play with other children. When they went to school they looked scared and traumatized. Sometimes they would follow some students around school. There were reports made that the kids followed this one kid home. Then one day there was so much yelling and screaming from their house. The next thing you know you hear a loud bang and then it was quiet. The stories say that the children killed the parents, because they were psychotic. Some people believe it, and some people dont. All I know is that when I pass by the house I get a strange vibe. I believe the stories, especially when I hear peoples experiences.There was one story that a little boy went inside the gate to get his ball, and he never came back. The little brother said that he saw the house eat the older brother and spat out the ball. Well maybe not that story, but when you hear stories that they felt someone behind them while they were there.

ALWAYS SAY NEVER 1. Never want to eat peas. 2. Never want to read the scarlet letter. 3. Never want to watch the muppets. 4. Never listen to what does the fox say. 5. Never want to do the cinnamon challenge. 6. Never want to ride in a car full of stinky people. 7. Never eat a full bag of chips before a game. 8. Never answer back to my mom. 9. Never watch uncle grandpa. 10. Never go to Philippines without enough money. 11. Never leave the car on for and hour and a half. 12. Never sleep for a whole day. 13. Never drink cooking wine. 14. Never turn in your library book super late. 15. Never eat celery. 16. Never sleep in class that you have friends with. 17. Never watch a scary movie by myself. 18. Never drive while you are sleeping. 19. Never leave stuff lying around. 20. Never leave your charger at home. 21. Never sit between two strangers on an airplane ride. 22. Never shove your finger into a syringe. 23. Never shave your legs super fast. 24. Never write your name with sunscreen. 25. Never go to the vietnam market place again.

BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCES 1. Making it to the Guam Soccer National Team. I never felt so happy that I accomplished something, because my life long dream finally came true. 2.Going to DisneyLand. This was the day that brought my inner kid out, and from that moment on i realized that there will always be a place that I can be a kid. 3.My little brother Koa was born. I finally got a little brother on that day, and it was that day i found my partner in crime. 4.Me saving my own goal from going in. My adrenaline was rushing trying to not make it in, once I stopped it I cried because I was so happy. 5.Going to prom. Prom was such a beautiful night for me, because I spent it with my boyfriend and friends, and what’s not to love about that? 6.My tata’s frist death anniversary ceremony. It was such a beautiful ceremony, and a great time for my family and I to remember that my tata is looking down on us. 7. Seeing my mom get married. She has been through so many relationships that once I saw her on that altar smiling, I could not help but just cry. 8.Getting my drivers license. I was so happy when I finally got it, because I felt like an adult, and that just made me even more excited. 9.Going on the boat ride. I went on a boat ride with my family, and just being with them and seeing the beautiful view was just amazing. 10. Playing with bamboo sticks and making them toys with my friends. I loved seeing this because nowadays we are always on our electronics, and witnessing it just reminded me of when I was a kid.

FLASHBACK Having special powers would be so awesome, especially powers that can take you back in time. If I had those powers I would go back in time all the time. There are so many memories I would like to relive, and some I would like to change. There is one specific thing I would go back for, because it changed my whole life. I would go back to July 2008, because in that month my tata got into an accident. He did not pass away right then and there, he was in the hospital for the longest time trying to stay alive. If I could go back, I would make sure they do not take that road, or do not even get into the car. The reason I want to go back and change it is because after he passed away, everything fell apart. Our family was not the same, its like he was our glue. Ever since he passed away some of my aunties and uncles will not even talk to eachother. I know that everyone has to go at some point, I just wish he spent a little bit more time with us first. If I could go back and relive any day I could, I would relive the day I went to Vietnam for my soccer trip. It was such a good day, plus it was the first time I went off island without my parents. It was such an amazing experience. I remember I was so happy at the airport that I kept telling my mom, “ Bye I am going to miss you!.� I think that was the day where I felt that I was capable of doing stuff on my own. I felt that knowing I am going without my parents, helped me mature a little bit. Once I stepped on the plane my body was super jumpy, that I could not sleep When we arrived in Korea I just felt like i was in a different world, and at this moment on I realized that I wanted to travel when i was older. So basically i would want to relive this day, because this is the day that made me realize a lot of stuff, and also made me experience a whole new life. The other day I would go back and change, is May 13, 2014. I still remember that day so clear because that was such a stupid day. That was the say we challenged Guam High for soccer. We played such a hard game, went to overtime, then went to three rounds of a shootout. The final call was that we won the game, and everyone agreed to it. The next day they told us that we did not win, and that we would have to do a rematch shootout. I thought that it was not right,they should have just stuck to their decision. So we redid the whole shootout and we lost, we just lost to a bunch of babies. So if I could relive that day, I would make sure we make a goal right away, so we would not have to go through all that hassle, just to lose.

HOW TO‌. Everybody thinks soccer is a very tiring sport, which it is. So today I am going to tell you how to survive soccer practice. First thing you have to do is go buy a gallon of water. You may want to spill out the water that comes in it, because it taste like tap water. After that you fill up your gallon, and you drink that throughout the whole day. The thing is you have to drink half way before practice starts. The other important part to surviving practice, is to have a good breakfast and lunch. Eating those good meals will help you not to gas out on the field. Pre-practice tradition, is the key to having a good practice. The things you do before soccer practice affects how practice is gonna be for you. So my tip to you, is just relax and enjoy the time you are not in the hot sun. You may want to go find the nearest bench or comfiest place you can find and rest. The other thing you can do is play little games with your teammates. You can play truth or dare, baseball, baby if you love...etc. I am sure you will be hungry, you can have a little snack so your stomach is not growling. The thing just not to do is to be in a bad mood before practice, or else you will not have a good practice. The walk or ride to practice may help you a little. The thing is do not run down to the field, you either walk slowly down or squeeze you and your teammates into one car. The most important thing is just to make it down safely to the field without hurting yourselves. Also do not forget to use the restroom before you go to practice because there is no restrooms available. When you get to the field, take your time getting ready, no need to rush because they will start without you. Practice is where you show your coach that you deserve to play in the games so you have to try hard. When they start doing the warm up laps, do not give up. This is what the coaches look for to see if you are pushing yourself hard enough. The hardest part is doing sprints, so when it comes to that push yourself your hardest. As soon as it gets to the resting area you go as slow as you want just do not walk. Walking will just slow you down and ruin your pace. So what you have to do is get a set pace and stick with it. The trick is to breathe normally too, do not breathe heavy. Breathe through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. The method of breathing will help you run better. After the warm up, put your hands above your head so you do not pass out, leaning over might cause you to do that. While you are cooling down, you should be already stretching, stretch really good. Never, I repeat never take stretching lighty. Stretching will help prevent you from pulling any muscles, so stretch really well. After you stretch you should have a water break, when you drink do not drink too fast, because the cold rush of the drink may cause you to pass out also. You will be doing various types of drills throughout the whole practice, so all you have to do is try your best. Give it your all and show them that you deserve to play in the games. Well I think i have given you all the ways to survive soccer practice, because the rest is really common sense. If you follow all of these, I think you will make it through at least for the first practice.

INCOMPLETE SENTENCES -I usually worry about my family and friends. I worry about them a lot because they mean the world to me. If anything ever happened to them I would not know what to do for a while. Especially when it comes to my boyfriend and my brother if I do not hear from them I get paranoid. I just have to know my family and friends are safe and sound. -I feel angry when I do not get my way. I really hate it especially when it is something I really want. Once I hear that the answer is “NO”, I get very mad and start throwing an attitude. You can say I am sort of selfish, but everyone is like that sometimes. I really try not to give attitude when it happens, but it is such a habit for me already. -I’m moody when I have my period. When I have my period it is like I am so bi-polar. At first I am very happy, then something happens, then I am super sad. When this happens any little thing just triggers it, and that’s the end of it. Sometimes I am not even on my period but I get super moody just because I can. -I’m happiest when I am spending time with my family. Nothing is better than sitting around the table and telling stories with your family. All the happy energy and the laughter just make you happy. It also has to do with the fact that i am surrounded by the people I love the most. I can never recall a time where I was sad after talking to my family. -I feel confident when people tell me I am doing it right. I am the type of person that likes to ask if I am doing it right. If they say that I am doing it right, then I feel good about myself and keep on going. On the other hand if they tell me I am not doing it right, i just give up. Once I know I can do it, I just will keep on going. -I feel frustrated when I do not get things right the first couple of times. I really do not have a lot of patience, especially when it comes to things that deal with art. Art really frustrates me because I am not artistic at all. The fact that I just do not get it the first time irritates me. I am the type of person that will practically cry if I can not get it right. -I feel depressed when I lose an important game. Soccer games are really important to me, they practically mean the world to me. When we lose that kind of game, my heart just breaks. It practically feels like I have broken up with someone, it hurts. It usually last for two days then it stops, just the feeling of knowing it is all over kills me. -I feel comfortable when I am in my pajamas while laying down in my bed. At that moment I feel like I am laying on a cloud. Being in my pajamas makes me feel so relaxed and I do not have to worry about it hurting me or being uncomfortable. The cherry topper is if the aircon is on full blast, so I am not sweating. Once I am sweating I can not sleep at all, it is just so uncomfortable. -I feel nervous when I meet new people. I get nervous because I am scared they will not like me, especially if they are people that you want to like you. When I am nervous I just keep to myself and act all shy. When they start acting you know meeting a new person kind of routine,I get even more nervous. Sometimes it gets to the point where I just want them to stop talking to me. -I feel sentimental when I write letters to people. I love writing letters to people, that is the best way for me to get sentimental. I love how I get to pour out all of the feelings that I have for that person. I can get lovey dovey and puppy love all at one time.

LIKES/DISLIKES LIST Likes: 1. I like YogurtLand 2. I like playing soccer. 3. I like watching Walking Dead. 4. I like hanging out with my friends. 5. I like singing just to make people mad. 6. I like Channing Tatum. 7. I like cooking. 8. I like tomatoes. 9. I like rollercoasters. 10. I like loginisa. 11. I like Zayn Malik. 12. I like ice tea. 13. I like Disney movies. 14. I like One Direction. 15. I like minions. Dislike: 1. I dislike peanut butter. 2. I dislike people walking slow in the hallways. 3. I dislike slow electronics. 4. I dislike messy things. 5. I dislike rude people. 6. I dislike having pimples. 7. I dislike girly girl stuff. 8. I dislike waking up early on weekends . 9. I dislike sharing a room with my sister. 10. I dislike having migranes. 11. I dislike hair in the drains. 12. I dislike peas. 13. I dislike being in crowded rooms. 14. I dislike it when my phone is about to die. 15. I dislike when people are super lazy

MEMORABLE EVENT The one memorable event I am going to remember is prom. Prom was a really special event to me. The struggle of shopping for it is really hard. My dress was the hardest thing to find, because I waited till the last minute. I did the same thing at my last prom, so it was sort of easier. I searched forever looking for a dress, and then I finally found the perfect one. The dress I got was a long, red, ruffled, $248 dress. My dad was not very happy about the price but he got it. After we got the dress, looking for everything else was pretty easy. Once we started shopping I could feel all the butterflies in my stomach. From that moment on I knew that prom would be a beautiful memory. The day finally came and I could not wait to get ready. The first thing I did was get my hair done, then got my make up and the last thing i did was get ready. When I was getting ready I felt like I was a princess. The most funniest part of getting ready was putting on my dress. I was already scared I could not fit my dress, because I knew that i had gained weight. While putting it on I was sucking everything in, but it still did not to zip up. I wanted to cry for a little bit, because that is the only thing I could wear. Eventually my mom knew what to do so it zipped up, but it was still tight. On my way to prom, I took a lot of pit stops to take pictures with my family. The look on their faces, reminded me about how fast i was growing up. I could tell that they wanted to cry and that just made the night even more special. Throughout that whole ride I got so nervous, that I kept getting mad at my boyfriend. We got to the hotel and I knew once I stepped into that room I was going to have the time of my life.When we got there I could tell my boyfriend was not comfortable with being in the same room with seniors. I tried to reassure him just to let loose, because it is going to be a fun night. Seeing everyone walk in dressed so fancy, was just beautiful. The smile on everyones face was just something to remember. The first thing we did was eat, I did not like the food at all. I was so disappointed because we paid that much money, and the food sucked. Well at the same time the night was not even about the food, it was all about the experience. Just being there with my boyfriend was wonderful, there is no one I would rather have spent it with anybody else. Taking our prom pictures was the funniest part, because we just were not ready for formal pictures that night. We could not figure out what pose we wanted to do, because he was so much shorter than me. After that we moved on to the photobooth, we are honestly so weird because we always have the funkiest pictures. This night was the night of the start of my collection of photobooth pictures with him. Prom was an alright event, but after prom was even better. This was the highlight of my night, being with my friends was just awesome. I loved that I finally got to spend the night with my bestfriends. We had so much fun, that we did not even get that much sleep. We had the whole gossiping session, and it was too funny. From gossiping from running around the hotel room, because we are trying to keep away from each other. Even having to share a bed with my “twin�, was a pain in the butt. She kept tossing and turning so much, so technically I got even less sleep than everyone else. This night was definitely one of the best nights of my senior year. I am so grateful for all the people that made that night possible. This is a night I will always replay in my head.


The reason I was late for school was because I had to fight for my life . First of all I woke up in the middle of the ocean surrounded by sharks. So I fought them off and swam to the shore as fast as I could. I was so cold and hungry, that I ran all the way to my nana's house. When I got there she had food, so I sat down and ate with her. Later I got a phone call saying , "I finally found you." then the house blew up. Then I had to fight ninjas all morning long. After that I went home to shower and get my stuff for school. I was so refreshed that I decided to get a bubbly shake first, then go to school. See I told you I had to fight for my life, you try doing all of that and be at school on time.

PERSONAL METAPHORS Animal: I am a giraffe, because I am tall, skinny and slow. Article of clothing: Day of the week: I am a monday, because I'm am so groggy. Food: I am noodles because I slip and fall so much +Color: I am orange because I brighten up people's day. Movie: I am a walk to remember because no matter how Bad I get hurt I end up happy in the end. Fragrance: Building: I am the Leaning Tower of Pisa, because no matter how far I am going down I still can hold my ground and stand strong. Plant: I am a sunflower because I am tall, and as people say I brighten up the day. Musical Instrument: I am a trumpet because I am very loud and at times hard to figure me out. Geometric Shape: Piece of furniture: I am a bed because no matter what people can always come to me for comfort. I will always be there for someone, especially when they are not having the best of days. Song: Television character: I am Spongebob because I have so much imagination, and I am always laughing. Cartoon or Comic Character: Appliance or Machinery: I am a oven because I get hot tempered at times. An when I get really hot I say or do things that are not good. Natural Phenomenon : I am the Bermuda Triangle because every time I have something important I end up just losing it. Word:

REMEMBERING THE CHILD The most important person that was there from the beginning was my mom. My mom has been there ever since I was little. I decided that if anyone would be interviewed about me growing up, it would be her. She said her favorite memory of me is when I just started playing soccer. I did not want to play soccer at first, but she put me in anyways. She said that I was the most shyest person on the team, but once it was game time I was so ready to play. She remembers when they gave me my uniform, I was super excited to get it. She said that the day of my first game i was super excited, but I was still shy. I did not want to go on the field at first, but eventually did. As soon as the game started I played my heart out, and I even scored a goal. I was so excited that I scored a goal, but the thing was I scored it in my own goal. My mom said that I was super happy,and that she can not forget how my face was up til now. She said i did not even realized what I had just done, that is why it was so funny. My face looked like I was the happiest person alive. Meanwhile a lot of people said I was a naughty girl, I do not believe them. I have so many good memories about when I was a little kid. I remember that one time I got a new barbie car, and my mom thought it was funny to take out the batteries. I kept trying to turn it on, but it did not work so I started crying. Once I started crying, they just laughed at me so hard. Ever since that moment, I thought they were the meanest people alive. I was also told to be a very curious kid. When I was five years old I saw my cousin shave, and I thought that it was cool. I looked down at my legs, and I thought it was hairy, so I decided to be like my cousin and shave it. This was my first time shaving so I really did not know what I was doing. All I remember was that I pressed the razor really hard, then I screamed and saw blood. When my cousin came in and saw that I have cut myself from shaving she just started laughing so much. I was also a spoiled brat, because in order for me to stop crying they had to give me ice keke. My family is such a mean family, like there was another time where i almost drowned because of my cousin. I was sitting perfectly fine next to the jacuzzi and she decided to kick me in. I almost drowned, if it was not for my stepmom jumping in and saving me. Another stupid thing they did to me was try to make me slip and die. They thought it was a funny idea to put me on skates and make me skate across the whole house while it had wet floors. I could not stop slipping and falling, I think I almost flipped about two times. All these events explain why I was a cry baby, because they were always hurting me. I will never forget how they made my childhood so remarkable thanks to them.


My room, is also a room I share with my sister.Once you walk into my room the first thing you think is, “ Wow there is a lot of stuff in here.” The first thing you notice in my room is the color of my walls. My walls are blue on one side and yellow on the other. The reason why we picked it is because my sisters favorite color is blue, and we had to compromise on a nicer color since my favorite color is orange. Later you notice the pink designs on the wall, that was all my moms idea. My mom wanted us to be super girly so she decided that “we” wanted pink designs. Then on the walls are beautiful pictures of the Glee cast and One Direction. We have these posters up because we love them so much, you can say we are fans. The rest of the wall is covered by shelves filled with trophies.The trophies are put high up there to symbolize that we have reached the top to earn that. We have four shelves covered in it so we try not to put up anymore decoration. Our beds are shaped like an L, we decided on having two twin size beds instead of one big one. We did not want to share at all, because we would fight all the time.The funny thing is that half of my sisters bed is in the closest. It is in the closet, because we have no closet doors. We took out the closet doors because it was broken already, so we just made it part of the room too. In the closest my sister gets one side and I get the other, we separate it by a hanger thing. We have a lot of stuff that we make sure it is separate, like our clothes and shoes. Our dressers are on the opposite sides of each other.Our shoes are not even combined too, we put it under our beds.The half carpeted floor is not our style of choice, its because there is cracked tile underneath it. We were playing one day and we dropped something on the ground and the tile just cracked, so that made our mark. I hate girly stuff so you know my mom picked it out which is our pink curtains. Those curtains are really ugly, so that practically does not describe me.The smell we use is pomegranate mango spray, which those two fruits are our favorite fruits. Well we had two rooms, one at my moms house and one at my dads house. The house at my dads house is pretty much the same way except we have different shelves that we take small colored baskets and color code our stuff. We also have a bunk bed instead, we still have it because that is the bed my tata bought us. That bed reminds us of how our tata loved us so much he bought us all this stuff. The

other thing is that we have a couch in there too, its in there so when people come over they can sit down there instead of my bed.

SYMBOLIC RECIPE 10 cups of loudness 10 tablespoons of impatience . 4 tablespoons of kindness . 3 quarts of knowledge. 4 teaspoons of moodiness 5cups of respect . 5 ounces funniness 3 cups of awesomeness 8 cups of love 10cups of laziness 10 cups of talkitiveness . Step 1 :First you take add 10 cups of laziness, 10 cups of talkitiveness, 4 teaspoons of moodiness, 10 tablespoons of impatientneess, and 10 cups of loudness to a mixing bowl. we are seperating the light ingredients from the heavy ingredients. Step 2 : Get another bowl and add the light ingredients, starting with 4 tablespoons of kindness, 5 cups of respect, 5 ounces of funniness, 3 cups of awesomeness, and 8 cups of love. Step 3 : Whisk it together and take the light ingredients and put it in a blender. Once it is done start slowly adding the heavy ingredients into it. Step 4 : After it is done pour it in a pan, and bake it at 450 for 1 hour.

SYNETICS -What is wiser? a pen or a pencil? A pencil is wiser because you are able to write down something and if you make a mistake you can erase it. The point is it is not permanent, so you can always change your decision. You can dwell on it for a while and if you change your mind then you can change it. -Which is more suspenseful? rain or snow? Snow is more suspenseful than rain because when snow falls you get so excited to play with it after. While the snow is falling you can not wait for enough snow to stop falling so you can have enough to play with. On the other hand watching rain fall is not that exciting. -What is more trustworthy? history or literature? History is more trustworthy because it has happened already. Knowing that it has happened already it helps you with your mistakes. Being there to help you with your mistakes makes you a trustworthy thing. -which is happier? music or art? Music is happier, because it makes you jump and dance around. Music has the beat where it makes your soul happy. Music can bring the best out of you, and just make you happy. Art can not really do that,, sometimes art is super boring that all you can do is just stare at it. -which is easier to close? a road or a map? A road is way easier to close than a map., because all you have to do is put cones down and its closed. Yes you have to reroute traffic, but it is still way easier than closing a map. Closing a map is so hard, because you can never get it right, you always have to unfold it and fold it back up. -which is more useful? a friend or an enemy? A friend is more useful, because a friend will always be there for you. Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on or need something done they will do it for you. A friend will also run stick by your side through it all not like an enemy. -which cost more? a home or a house? A home cost more because you want to make it your own. since you want to make it her own, you want to decorate and personalize it. All that decorating is going to cost you money. When you have a home you want to make sure you feel like your heart is happy there, so you will do anything no matter what the cost is. -which is more fearful? new or old? New is more fearful because it is brand new to you. If it is something new as in a new change, then it is a pretty scary thing to do. If it is like an item brand new it also is still scary, because you do not want to damage it. -which has less charm? A signature or an autograph? A signature has less charm because you write your signature for everything. So it is not very special to see a signature. Not like an autograph, it has so much more significance because it is very often someone gets one. -which is easier to teach? a question or an answer? An answer is easier to teach because well it is already an answer. An answer can be explained so many ways.


Family time is always the best time, especially when we are telling stories. I have so many stories that I do not know where to start. I will start with my favorite one, which was about my Auntie Annette. The kids were all playing outside while some of the adults were cleaning inside. We were all having a good time, especially when my mom’s boyfriend brought out is blow dart gun. Us kids were so amazed by it so we asked him to show us what it does. On the other hand my Auntie Annette was afraid of it. Since she was making a whole deal about it my mom’s boyfriend started pretending to shoot it at her. She started screaming and hiding behind people, but once she stood still the unexpected happened. My mom’s boyfriend blew the thing not knowing that there was a dart in there, and shot my auntie on the side of her eye. My auntie started crying and every time she moved her eye, it really hurt. My mom’s boyfriend started panicking because my grandma was there and he was afraid of what she is going to say. They took her to the hospital, and the doctor said it was very minor. This story is really sad because my auntie got her but at the same time really hilarious. My second favorite family story is when my brother knocked his tooth out. It was during the summer when my whole family spent everyday with each other. We borrowed one of my uncles inflatable pools, and we set it up the back of the house. We had so much fun it , but we wanted to have more fun. My uncle decided to take my grandpa’s truck and reverse it close to the pool. We tried jumping out of it with the tailgate closed, but it did not work so we put it down.We had so much fun jumping off the truck into the pool, but it got tiring. My brother wanted to rest, so he sat on the tailgate just relaxing. He decide he wanted to get up, but while he was doing that he kneed his mouth. He touched his mouth and started freaking out because his tooth was missing. All he could say was “ My tooth, my tooth. Where is my tooth?” He kept searching around looking like a lost puppy trying to find his tooth. The look on his face was super hilarious, it was such a candid shot. My third favorite one was when my family went to one of my soccer games. I was still young at this time and every little thing embarrassed me. So this one game everybody wanted to watch my game, so I said alright. I was running a little late so I told them just to drop me in the front and meet me inside. So my game started and all of a sudden I heard these people yelling saying “GO Ariana.” The worst thing happened next, I saw my neighbors wearing the tightest clothes ever and my mom’s boyfriends hair was so ugly. I tried to make them be quiet but every time I did that they just kept getting louder and louder. I thought I was going t o die right then and there.After the game I was so mad at them, so I walked away from them. You thought the yelling and cheering was bad enough, no they started yelling “ We are Ariana’s family!” That is one of the things I will never forget and they will never let go.

WHATS IN A NAME? My name is a one of a kind name, at least to me it is. I love my name and I would not change it for the world. My theory is that if you yell it out and it sounds great then it is a perfect name, and I guess that is why they chose it. Anyways,my full name is Ariana Francis Gamboa Flores, and each name here has a meaning to me. Ariana was not my original name, they wanted to name me sort of after my mother. My name was supposed to be Audrianna, and I am thankful it is not. My mom and I look the same, people already think we are sisters. Imagine if we had a name that was a like, they would probably get us mixed up. I also think that Ariana has a great meaning, because it comes from Mariana which reminds me of the Mariana Islands. My name being that always has a piece of home no matter where I go.My middle name is my favorite name, I think I would rather be called Francis than Ariana anyday. As you can see my name is not spelled the original girl way should be, it is actually spelled the male way. The reason for that is that I was born on the same day as my tata and his name was Francisco. My parents decided then to name me after him, but shorter and more appropriate for a girl. I am so thankful that they named me that because every time I see or hear it, it puts a smile on my face. Gamboa does not really mean much to me, except that it is my moms maiden name. At the same time this name is still super important to me, without it my name would not be complete. Every time someone forgets to put down or say Gamboa I get so mad, so that does mean it is still important. My last name is a common last name on Guam, you hear Flores everywhere you go. Flores is an actual word in Chamorro, it means flower. I grew up hearing my name in Chamorro class, and everytime someone would hear it they always smile and give me a look. My name being an actual Chamorro word, tells the world who I am. I will never be ashamed of my name, I will always tell the world who I am. I have so many nicknames, from Ana, Ari, Ar, Arnana, Nana, and Chubakka. I love my nicknames with all my heart. I hate how some of them sound, but I still accept it and answer to it. My favorite one though is Ana, I love it because it still comes from my original name. I also like it because it sounds so cute when everybody says it. My least favorite name is Chubakka, I got that nickname from my sister. The only reason why I got it is because I am hairy, and it reminded her of Chubakka. The word got around fast, because it went from my sister to my boyfriend, to my teammate, and then to my whole team. Eversince then my name will and forever will be Chubakka till the day that I die. A name is just not a name, your name is a piece of you. Never be ashamed of it, because that is who you are.

Are You Hungry? My favorite food is gelato. Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream. It was derived from the Latin “gelatus� which means frozen. In American English the word commonly refers to varieties of ice cream in a traditional Italian style. Gelato is a soft type of ice cream containing a relatively small amount of air. The sugar content is homemade gelato. In traditional ice cream is balanced with water content to act as an anti-freeze to prevent it from freezing solid. In The United States there is no standard of definition for gelato set forth by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, as there is for ice cream. Depending on the recipe and the person making it, dairy based gelato contains 16-24% of sugar. Most ice cream in the U.S. contains 12-16% sugar. Gelato is made with milk, cream, various sugars and flavorings such as fresh fruit and nut purees. Gelato in Italy, must have at least 3.5% butterfat with no upper limit established. The mixture for gelato is typically prepared using a hot process first where the sugar needs to dissolve while base is heated to 85 degrees Celsius, completing a pasteurization program. I really love gelato, I get it like almost every other weekend. I love how it is so creamy. The best time to eat it for me is when I just finished eating a big meal. It feels so light, and creamy. I do not really care for ice cream because I do not like milk. Milk makes my stomach turn and hurt, that is why I like gelato. The best place to get the gelato is the place in Tumon, I am not too sure what the name is. Basically gelato is the best thing ever made, I just wish everyone likes It like me.

Cheer Yourself up! 

Watching movies with Channing Tatum in it.

Spending time with my boyfriend.

Listening to Glee music.

Playing soccer

Messing around with my siblings.

Seeing people’s faces when I sing super loud and ugly.

My bff’s weird voice notes and videos.

When my boyfriend sings super ugly.

Playing games with my family.

Going to the beach and swimming like a mermaid.

Getting lots and lots of money.

Getting a whole bunch of food.

Looking at funny vines.

Looking at pictures of my boyfriend and i.

Watching she’s the man.

Eating at churasscos

Getting all fancy and dressing up.

When I make fun of my brother and sister.

When I see that my car has a full tank of gas.

When I receive so much orange things.

Having bbqs at my aunties house in Yona.

Hearing people call me ArianaFrancis.

Babysitting my cousin Zaiden.

MY OWN LIST OF LISTS People who have influenced me…. 1. My cousin Jodeen 2. My coach Kris 3. My auntie Lisa 4. My cousin Johanna 5. My brother koa 6. My teacher Mr. E Places that make me happy 1. The soccer field 2. The beach 3. My room 4. Church 5. My family ranch 6. My mama crinas house Places I would like to go.. 1. Paris 2. Florida 3. London 4. Australia 5. Washington D.C 6. New York Things in people which I dislike… 1. Bad attitude 2. Bad breath 3. Bad personality 4. If they are stubborn 5. If they are a liar 6. If they smell Things in people which I like.. 1. Happy attitude. 2. Outgoing personality 3. They are approachable 4. They have a great smile 5. An honest person 6. When they are open to others. Things that worry me.. 1. Final grades. 2. Not hearing from my friends and family

3. Dropping my phone 4. My nightmares actually cooing true 5. My friends or family getting hurt 6. Me not succeeding. Things I would like to know how to do… 1. Play football 2. Drive a standard vehicle 3. Draw 4. Sing 5. Speak a different language 6. Make good pickled mango Things that have moved me 1. My trip to saipan 2. My confirmation retreat. 3. my 4. my 5. my 6. my ideas that intrigue me…. 1.f 2.d 3.f 4.g 5.f 6.g My personal favorite… 1. boy is my boyfriend. 2. Song is just the way you are 3. Tv show is walking dead 4. Color is orange 5. Drink is apple c2 6. Shirt is my pink hurley shirt


One person that inspired me is Jessica Ox. She is the first pilot to fly a plane using nothing but her feet. She was born without hands. Having to live like this I can imagine that it is really tough. I am sure that it was a struggle, but she proved the world wrong. She showed us that we can do anything if we set our minds to it. Flying a plane period is hard enough, imagine with your feet. This example here shows that you can do anything even though you have a really tough condition. Another person that inspires me is Barack Obama. He inspires me because he went out of his way to run for something that probably been impossible. Being the first black president is really tough, because you are the first one. He shows me that it is okay to take chances and just go for it. Taking chances is a major risk, but it is one we all go to take. Rosa Parks is also one person that really inspired me. She is an African American woman that got arrested because she wouldn’t give up her seat. She inspired me to stand my ground, and whatever you do not give up. She taught me that we are all equal in one way, so why cant we fight for our right.


The things I would pack in my medium sized suitcase are three pairs of clothes. These three pairs of clothes will take me a far way at least till I find new ones. The next thing I would take are all my pictures. I would not want to leave it behind because there are so much memories attached to that. The thing I would also take for sure is my toothbrush, I need to brush my teeth before I go anywhere or do anything. My toothbrush is a total need, without it I do not think I could get anywhere. The next thing that I will take are all the things that are precious to me. It would be a total shame if I just left it there. All my memories and everything will be lost. I also have to make sure my phone charger, because how else am I going to talk to anyone. My zorie is also another important thing to bring. I am a proud Chamorro and leaving without it just seems like a disgrace.

PERSONAL ALPHABET A-Awkward B-Beautiful C- Complex DE-Energetic F-Fast G- Gifted H- Humble I-Intelligent J- Joyful K-Known L-Lively M- Moody N- Nice O- Original P- Playful Q-Quick R-Reliable S- Secretive T-Tough U-Useful V-Visible W-Weird XY-Young Z-

SENSORY IMAGES One of my favorite times was when my family and I wen to the beach.

Taste: Ice cold drinks Wonderful bbq

See: The waves crashing on the reef The children playing

Hear: Dogs barking Water splashing everywhere

Touch: Soft sand Cold water

Smell: The food being cooked Sunblock

METAPHORICAL DEFINITIONS 1. Patience is a tiny snail 2. Happiness is meaty bbq. 3. Anger is an erupting volcano. 4. Irritation is the sound of a bug flying around. 5. Knowledge is an owl. 6. Joy is the smell of fresh popcorn. 7. Amazement is fireworks shooting up in the air. 8. Scared is a black shadow. 9. Love is the warmth in your heart. 10. Success is a golden trophy.

EXTENDED METAPHORS The reason I would be Monday is because I am so groggy. Monday is a very dreadful and irritating day. Most of the time I am like that, like my mom says I am always irritated. Nobody likes Monday, and sometimes people do not like the way I act. When you don’t make your Monday the best of it, of course it is going to be bad. That is the same with me when I don’t make my attitude the best, I don’t have a very good attitude. The reason why I am a A walk to remember is because I am strong. In that movie it shows us that no matter what is happening to her, she doesn’t give up. I have had so much problems in my life that I can relate to it. All these problems taught me to just accept it and move on with my life. I have also learned that some people can change from your troubles. The reason why I am the leaning tower of pisa, is because I may start falling but I stand my ground. My troubles taught me to stand my ground, and stand up for what I believe in. So many times I almost get knocked down but then I say no it’s not right. People may not like it but for me it really works. The reason why I am the Bermuda Triangle is that most of the things that come to me I lose. It never fells someone makes me borrow something, but I always misplace it. I search and search but they never seem to appear. The only time I find it, is when I do not need it. When I need it, it is nowhere to be found. The reason why I am Spongebob, is that we both have big imaginations. If you give me an opportunity to make up a story, I would give you a story to remember. When it comes to my imagination I can make up anything. The same as SpongBob I am always laughing, no matter how funny it is. I can laugh at the stupidest joke, to the most hilarious joke ever.

PERSONAL SYMBOL The one thing that symbolizes me is my birthstone necklace. It symbolizes me not only because that is my birthstone, but it has a lot of meaning to it. It is my favorite necklace to wear because it is almost orange. Even though it is a very light orange I still love it. The stone itself represents my birth month, but I think it means a little more. You see my stepdad got me it, together with a ring and a set of earrings. He only got that maybe two years into the relationship with my mom. At first I thought he was just trying to kiss up to us but he wasn’t. The reason why he got it is because he loved us like his own children. I wear it like almost all the time, that if I see it on anyone else it just says “ Ariana”. This necklace is basically just like me, it has been through so much. It got lost in my bag, at the beach, in my room, in my car, and many more places. In time it ends of finding its way back to me. It also seems like every time the chain gets broken the pendant never comes off. It feels like that I was meant to have it. Since it feels that way, I make a part of me and never let it go.


A DAY IN THE LIFE Once there was a girl named Ariana, and she was so excited to finally play soccer. She was very excited because it was her senior year and she was determined to win. Her and her team kept practicing and practicing, for their upcoming pre-season game. The day finally came and she was so excited to play already. Throughout the whole day she kept preparing herself, mentally and physically. Mentally, she told herself that she could do it if she tried hard enough. Physically, she gave up so much junk and sweets, and ate really healthy. In that pre-season game, it was sort of like a tournament. On their first game they challenged St.Johns and her coach started her, but then took her out like 15 minutes into the game and never put her back in. She was sort of sad, but she let it go. The second game they challenged Harvest and her coach didn’t put her in. Ariana was super sad, she told herself that if he puts her in she will not play as hard. The third game they challenged Academy, her coach finally put her and she didn’t play hard, but she played awesome. They won 1st place, and they were so happy, and they couldn’t stop celebrating. Ariana was sort of depressed because she didn’t feel like she did anything to help them. She was just shocked that her coach didn’t play her as much, because he usually does. This was a very upsetting day for Ariana, but she picked her head up and got over it. This game made her learn that she needs to work harder and prove to her coach that she deserves to play.

REMEMBERANCE OF THINGS PRESENT I am really enjoying my life now and I would not change it for a thing. On a regular school day I get up and I go to school. During school, I hang out with my friends and boyfriend. At this time I really think it is important to hang out with my friends, because we are all going to grow up and move on. I want to spend as much time with them because they mean so much to me and I don’t want to let it pass. After school I go with my family to go do errands or just stay with them and do nothing. I think that this is super important because the people that are always going to be there are your family. No matter how bad you mess up they are always by your side. The one thing I like doing, is hanging out at my boyfriend’s house. Going there makes me so happy because his family treats me like one of their one. Basically his family is like my family, and I love that. When soccer season was going on I loved spending time with my team. My team made me smile, because of how stupid they were. I loved them, they made my senior year one to remember. So far throughout my whole life playing soccer, they are my favorite team. So many people say that I don’t have a life, but I actually do. My friends and family are my life. My friends get mad that I am always with my family and I don’t spend time with them. I always tell them that my family means everything to me, and if they don’t like that then that’s their fault.


-Traveling all over the world. I would want to travel the world, and see everything before I get settled into anything. I want to be able to do this before I have my own kids, so when I do have them, I can just concentrate on only them. Traveling the world has been my dream ever since I was little and I hope one day I can fulfill it. -Finish college. I always wanted to finish college, because I have a fear of not getting a good job. When I do not get a good job, I may not be able to make the life I want it to be. College will be tough, but I am really determined to finish it, to make my life better. -Get the job of my dreams. I do not want a job that I will not like. I cannot imagine the rest of my life being miserable because I hate my job. I also don’t want to be spending my whole life searching for that job, I want to decide so I can enjoy my life. -Open up my small food service business. Ever since I was little I always wanted to open up a small restaurant. I have been taking classes that deal with culinary arts, and I can actually apply them to my dream. I wouldn’t want a full restaurant, but just a tiny one. -Getting married. This is not really a goal, but I wouldn’t mind getting married before 35. I would want to, so I can start my little family, and just be settled down with my life already.

THE PERFECT PRESENT The perfect present for me would be PATICENCE. I really need patience, because I have very little of it. Ever since I was little I had very little patience for a lot of things. Up till now, I haven’t gotten it and I wish I do. The things that I am very impatient with are arts and crafts stuff. I am not really artistic so when it does not come out nice, I get very irritated. The one thing that I don’t have patience for is when things take forever. I do not understand why things take forever especially when it is very easy. I just like to stand there and make it known that I am irritated, so they can hurry up. I really don’t understand why it take so long, once I get it I am so nice and calm. The other thing I don’t have patience for is when I don’t get things right the first time. When I don’t get it right the first time, I get super mad. When I keep on trying and trying though, I get mad I just get it. Everybody knows that I don’t have patience, and they still give me the jobs that need the most patience. This would definitely be the best gift I can ever get, I think it would make my life so much better.


When I walk out the door I want to run and yell through the halls. When I see all my friends I just want to yell and scream in their face. The next thing that I want to do is go to the student parking lot and put up every ones window wipers. Then I want to go to my best friends car and saran wrap it. After that I will take wrapping paper and wrap her car with that too. The one thing I will do to top it off is put a ribbon on the top of it. When I walk out the door I don’t want to do my usual thing. I don’t want to walk through the hallways like a normal person. I don’t want to meet my friends at the same place over and over again. I don’t want to go in my car and just leave, I want to have some sort of adventure. I don’t want to make my senior year boring. The one thing I don’t want to do is do nothing, I don’t want to have any regrets.

ADVICE TO THE YOUNG The one thing I wish I didn’t wish for was growing up. I think growing up is very overrated for us. Take it from me, because I have experienced it in a very bad way. Ever since I was younger I always wanted to be an adult. I thought it was super fun to be one, and it was easier than being a kid. I hated being a kid especially when I got disciplined. I wanted to be in charge and I wanted to make my own decisions. Even when I was younger I would hang out more with the adults than the kids. I really regret wishing for this, because now that I am older I don’t like it. I hate making my own decisions, and being in charge. It is definitely not fun, I wish I was still a kid. I am only seventeen and I wish I was in my kindergarten class again. There are times that I have so much on my plate that I want to cry, and there is nothing much you can do about it. Being an adult sucks, so enjoy being a kid and have fun. You will have the rest of your life to be an adult, but only have eighteen years to be a kid. You don’t want to be like me and regretting not enjoying my time. You think it is only me that thinks that? No, a lot of people agree with me about it. Take it from people that have experienced it already, who better to ask that the original people.


I have so many dreams, that I hope I get to fulfill them. In ten years I will be relaxing in my pool, outside my big house. My house will be located in Barrigada Heights. The reason why I have that big house is because I will be a lawyer. I will be married to the prince of my dreams and have one daughter. I will be a successful woman, owning a restaurant and hotdog stand. I will be making so much money, that I get to buy anything I want. Sometimes dreams don’t come true, and we have to settle for what we have. In reality, I will probably just getting my first actual job as being a nurse. I will probably not have a modern size house, without a pool. My restaurant will be in the planning business, but I will have my hot dog stand. I will be saving up money for my restaurant, and my house. I will be starting on my little family with my husband. The difference between the two, is that in fantasy paragraph I am very successful at a young age. Usually people aren’t that successful till like their early thirties or late thirties. My reality may seem like it could be real, but at the same time not really real. I am a very indecisive, and I might just change the thing I want right then and there. My realistic things might change also, maybe will be lower standards. In order to fulfill my fantasy dream, I would have to focus really hard and work really hard to get to where I want.

THESE WORDS BELONG TO ME Mellifluous: Smooth Dulcet: Sweet Ebullient: Enthusiastic Quiescence: Peace Bliss: Extreme happiness Cynosure: Love Kalon: Beauty that is inside Fetching: Pretty Talisman: A good luck charm Furtive: Sneaky


Good Funny


Easy with kids

Bad temper


Takes anger on others





Book Smart



Not – street smart


Easily annoyed

Passionate about things


Courageous Young At heart Outgoing Respectful


I picked this picture because it shows that the ocean can be very beautiful and sometimes empty.

The ocean is pretty Sometimes it makes me feel silly.

I want to be free Like those fishes in the sea.

Cant there really be more? Beyond the shore.

The sand in between my toes. Can not wait to see my bros.

VALUABLE LESSONS 1. Don’t give your mom attitude. One day you will need her, and she will not be there because you were rude to her. 2. Don’t ever take things lightly. You never want to let it go because one day you will not have it. 3. Money is not your friend. Money is very evil, money cause you so much problems. 4. The truth will set you free. Always tell the truth, because you will eventually get caught up in your lies. 5. Listen to your heart. If you don’t listen to your heart, you will probably do the wrong thing. 6. Cherish the things you have now. Some things you have will not always be there, so cherish it. 7. Believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, you will always have low self-esteem. 8. Forgive those who done you wrong. You don’t need those people in your life and holding a grudge is not good. 9. Always smile. Don’t ever stop smiling because in order to have a good day you need to smile. 10. Family is always first. Never forget about your family, they will always be there when nobody is there.

IN OTHER WORDS -Love is blind. It will take forever your mind. What you think is love, is truly not. You need to elevate your mind. -Eve - We should all start to live before we get old. Fear is stupid so are regrets. -I live to succeed. Not to please you or anyone else. -Marilyn Monroe -Jesus Christ can save your life. -Ill stay with you even if everybody else is leaving. -Jesus -The only way to have a friend is to be one. -Ralph Waldo Emerson -One day you will do things for me that you hate. That is what it means to love family. -Jonathan Safran Foer -Family is the most important thing in the world. -Princess Diane -Relationships last long not because they’re destined to last long. Relationships last long because two brave people made a choice to keep it, fight for it, and to work for it.

-Be true to your work, your word, and your friend. Henry David Thomas

PICTURE THIS This picture is a really nice picture, and it means a lot to me. Its saying like you guys are always in things together. When you are in a family you always do things together. When you are a family, you match with each other and be cute. In this picture it shows that they are happy sharing laughs and jumping for joy. This picture really represents togetherness, and being as one. Holding hands represents that they will never leave each other. It also shows that they will never leave each others side.

COLOR YOUR WORLD Colors make everything look very pretty, without them the world would be dull. They can make designs to make everything more beautiful. One thing that reminds us about the colors is the rainbow. Every time I see the rainbow I always think of those beautiful colors. Without colors, the world would be lifeless. Colors bring things to life. Colors are all around us, so take time to look and appreciate it.

-Pastel colors are the best colors to wear anytime of the day, because they go with any occasion - Dark colors (blue, purple, black, gray) are the best to wear on rainy days. - The most popular colors to wear to a fancy thing is red, black, white and blue. -The colors that are beautiful for eyes are, blue, green, hazel, and grey. -Bright colors are good to wear at night so it is easy to see you.

LESSONS I LEARNED AFTER IT WAS TOO LATE One really hard lesson I learned is don’t take things for granted. Basically don’t take things lightly. Never ever take things like it is going to be always given to you. Sometimes you have to work for things in order to get it. Sometimes you have to work hard to appreciate things. People don’t appreciate things, and it bites them in the butt. Appreciate everything you get, especially when it is from your parents. Your parents sometimes don’t have a lot but they bend backwards for you. Another reason why you shouldn’t take things for granted, because other people don’t have what you have. There are people out there that don’t have anything, and you are crying about only having one. You should be thankful for at least having something. At times, you think it is not fair but you have just remember that there is the less fortunate. The things that you have may not always be there. The people in life, will come and go. The things that you take for granted may not always be there for you. When they go away from you it doesn’t feel good, and if you appreciate it more maybe it will not hurt as much. Everyone has their feelings on different things, and I learned the hard way. I learned a very hard way by losing a loved one. When I was in middle school, my tata passed away, and it was devastating. Before he died, and I would go to his house, I would mostly pay more attention to the tv than him. Every Sunday it was like that, I would just amen him and then turn on the tv. I never fully understood how much he meant to me, because I was still young. The most I really spent time with him is when he gave me stuff or did stuff for me. When he passed away, I was so sad because I lost something so dear in my life. I didn’t know what to say except I am so sorry I didn’t spend time with you. I was so mad with myself because I paid more attention to something that doesn’t mean anything to me over something that means the world to me. In the end who did so much stuff for me, who was there by my side. Ever since that

day I am trying my best to spend time with the people I love, and appreciate all that they do for me. One day they will be gone, and there is nothing we can do about it. I always say to myself, we are getting older, but do not forget they are getting older too.

WHO AM I ? -I am a daughter and as a daughter I have to respect and obey my mother. The most beautiful time of being a daughter is when my mom got married. Being a daughter taught me to appreciate more things. -I am a student and as a student I work super hard to get my work done. I stayed up late so many nights trying to do my work so I could get a good education. -I am a sister and being a sister it is very challenging. I am the oldest and it is hard trying to be the role model and always doing the right thing. Being a sister taught me to help other people out. -I am a soccer player and as a soccer player I had to be a leader. Being a leader is not hard especially when you may not know what you are doing. You think you always have to be right and that is correct but at the same time, you have faults also. -I am a girlfriend and being one has taught me a lot. I taught me not to be selfish, and to care for someone so much. Being a girlfriend is also not easy you have to adjust to a lot of stuff.

DECK OF 52 1. Yes, I did my homework. 2. I do not have homework. 3.Yes I did feed the dogs. 4.Yes his parents will be there. 5.No boys I promise. 6. Yes I will be safe. 7. We are just friends. 8.She started it. 9.Yes I took out the trash. 10. I am talking to my friend. 11.Everybody failed to. 12.I do not feel good to go to school. 13.Yes i finished cleaning my room. 14. I will do it when i come back.. 15. I am going to study. 16.I will be at my friends house tonight. 17.No alcohol I promise. 18. We broke up. 19. I do not have a boyfriend. 20. But everyone else is going. 21. I dont know. 22.I did not do it. 23.My brother did it. 24.I do not like him. 25.I need to use the restroom first. 26. Yes ill behave.

27.I will not ask for anything. 28.I already did that. 29.Yes i washed the dishes. 30.My phone isnt working. 31. I never got your call. 32.Thats not mine. 33.We still have more time. 34. We did not get it yet. 35.Can I have money? 36.I did not break it. 37.I am cleaning my room. 38.I am going to my friends house. 39. I am doing it for a group project. 40. Its not real. 41.I told you last week. 42.I am at work. 43.Ill be home in 5 minutes. 44.It is not what it looks like. 45.Its all girls that will be there. 46. Ill do it later. 47.Mom Iwas sleeping. 48. Yes mom I understand. 49.Can I borrow the car? 50.I need money for school. 51. My friend has it ill give it back later. 52.You can trust me.



WHERE I AM FROM I am from a little tiny island located in the Pacific Ocean called Guam. Guam is a very hot place to live, because we are right under the equator. I was born at the hospital in the village of Tamuning. I am originally from the village of Mangilao, but I consider myself from Barrigada. When I just turned 1 we moved from Mangilao to Barrigada when my sister was born. Barrigada is my home, and I am proud to be part of it. Barrigada was a big part of my childhood, I have so many memories from there. Like when we lived there, it was the first time we got a puppy. It was the first time for a lot of things for me. I am really an island girl, and if I was from anywhere else I think that I would be totally different. Being raised on an island helped me be a better person I think. Comparing myself from state siders, I am actually pretty well raised. One thing that represents where I am from is, the big mango tree that never sprouts. When people ask where I am from and where I live they know exactly where I was talking about. There are so many things I did in that house that really make me who I am today

ANNUAL REPORT I was a very mean person like a few years ago, like someone you wouldn’t want to talk to. I would give everybody attitude all the time, I did not care who you were. Once someone got me irritated then that was it, my irritated mood was switched on and there is no way to turn it off. I would be rude to people, like just yell at them even though they did nothing wrong. I was also very selfish at this time, I did not care about how people felt. I always got in trouble for it and I did not really care. Every time people would try to correct me I would not listen to them at all. I thought that this was the life I was living, I thought if I wanted to be the boss I had to be like that. There was an end to all of that madness, because my mom hated it. Now I am a very different person, but at times you still can see it. I learned that everything is not about , me and once I figured it out my life was so much better. Now most of the time I put other people’s needs before mine. I didn’t know how good it felt to help others out until now. I stopped yelling and being rude to people. When I started doing that, it relieved so much stress from me. This felt like a load was just taken off my back, because people started liking me. The attitude is till much very on, that is one thing I did not change. I know for sure that did not change because I do it every day. My mom gets irritated by it so much, and I hate it, but it is really hard to stop.


In this portfolio, you may have found out that I am person that is made up with so much things. You will find out that I can be a very compassionate person, but a very mean person if it comes to that. You will find out that I am a very family oriented person, and that they are my life. In this portfolio you may hear me talk about soccer a lot, and if you take a wild guess, you can tell I am a soccer player. You could also tell that I am a very outgoing person, and that I can be friends with anyone. In this portfolio you will learn so much things about me, but did you really learn stuff about me? The thing is when it comes to be you have to beyond the surface and look deep down. I am the type of person that you can not figure out right away. You may think you can figure me out, but there are things that you have to wrap your head around. You need to think what I have been through to know me. Sometimes it just takes a little reading plus a little thinking and you are perfectly fine. Basically I am a very nice and cool person once you get to know me.

All about me  

An auto-biography about me, Ariana Flores.