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Ariana DeBaltz HANDBAGS FALL 2016

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Background………………………………………...…1 Executive Summary…………………………………..2 Vision Statement……………………………….….....2 Mission Statement……………………………….…..2 Social Responsibility………………………………....2 Customer Profile……………………………………..3 Customer Narrative………………………………..…4,5 Inspiration……………………………………………..6 Group Overview…………………………………..….7-9 Classification Plan…………………………...............10 Master Page……………………………….……….…11 Cost Sheet…………………………………………....12-21 Line Sheet…………………………………………..…22,23 Brand Identity……………………………………..….24 Retail Partner………………………………………....25 Production Calendar……………………………..….26-27 Purchase Order………………………………..……..28 Sales Projection by Item………………………….…29 Sales Projection Master Page……………….……...30 Floor Plans………………………………….…………31 Marketing Plan……………………………………….32-34 Press Kit…………………………………………….…35-42 Bibliography………………………………………….43

1 Background                                

Rebecca Minkoff is an industry leader in modern, luxury handbags that is accessible to young women and celebrities equally. The global lifestyle brand can be seen in over 900 stores worldwide. The brand is based off of contemporary, but edgy designs and has been nothing by immensely successful. The brand also offers accessories, jewelry, apparel, and footwear. My brand extension for Rebecca Minkoff will be a laptop bag line for women. It will focus on reaching out to new demographics with the new prices that will be offered. Though Rebecca Minkoff does not lack into reaching the business market, they do lack in laptop bags that will be compatible to the everyday businesswoman. The targeted consumer is female, 20-30 years old, working professional, on-trend, and has an income of $50k+.


Executive Summary

The concept of this collection is laptop bags. This collection will allow women of all styles to arrive to work in style. It targets a wide spectrum of business-like customers and accommodates to those on a lower budget. This collection will make each and every woman feel fortunate and chic. The color palette will consist of a wide range of fall colors, with leather and suede to compliment the line.

Vision Statement

By 2017, the laptop bag collection will be in over 100 retailers throughout the USA, accessorizing the world, one bag at a time. Going to work has never been so fashionable and effortless.

Mission Statement An industry leader in accessible luxury handbags, accessories, footwear and apparel, Rebecca Minkoff’s playful and subtly edgy designs provides seamless utility, which is the foundation of the brand aesthetic.

Social Responsibility

Once a year, Rebecca Minkoff will sell limited edition laptop bags for half price with all proceeds benefiting The National Eating Disorder Association.

3 Customer Profile Segmentation Types/Bases Geographical Segmentation

Region City Size Population Density Climate

Northeast 100,000+ Urban Cold

Demographic Segmentation

Age Gender Household Size Income Occupation Education

20-30 Female 2 $50,000+ Varies Varies

Sociocultural Segmentation

Culture Subculture Religion National Origin Race Social Class


Marital Status Psychographics

Varies Varies Varies Middle/ Upper class Married Achievers

Effective & Cognitive Segmentation

Degree of Knowledge Benefits sought Attitude

Novice Prestige Positive

Behavioral Segmentation

Brand loyalty Store loyalty Usage rate User status Payment Method Media Usage Usage Situation

Divided Undivided Medium Current user Credit Card Magazines Work

4 Customer Narrative

As soon as 25-year-old Giovanna Sabatini wakes up in her New York City loft in the morning, she goes to the gym for her hour-long cycling class. She then showers and gets ready at the gym, putting on her clothes for work. She wears trendy, but sophisticated attire with her hair down in subtle beach waves and a full face of makeup. When she’s done, she gets into her brand new 2016 black G-class SUV that was given to her by her boyfriend, Tony, for her 25th birthday. She arrives at Starbucks for a grande white chocolate mocha with skim milk and no whip cream before going into the office overlooking the city at the Saks Fifth Avenue headquarters as their women’s apparel buyer where she makes an annual income of $75,000. She recently got the job as a buyer, as she was an assistant buyer for two years, and before that recently graduated with her Bachelors Degree in Fashion Business at Columbia College in Chicago. After a 9-hour workday, she goes home to her two golden retrievers, Chanel and Dolce. She takes them out for a walk/run. Soon after she gets back, Tony comes home from the firm he works at and they go next door to her parent’s house for

5 Customer Narrative dinner. Giovanna and her mother take turns making dinner and they share meals together every night. As a result of being 100% Italian, embracing the Italian culture, and being an only child, she and her family are very close knit. Giovanna’s parent’s are from Cosenza, Italy and came to this country when they were 20 years old. Once finishing dinner and going back to their loft, she settles down on the couch with her boyfriend, Dolce, and Chanel to either watch Project Runway, Mad Men, or E! News, which are their favorite shows. After her shows end, Giovanna settles into bed with her laptop to make her daily blog entries. After blogging and surfing the web for the news, she turns in for the night in preparation to do everything all over in the morning. Her blog is about the latest fashion trends, makeup trends, the newest designers, etc. She loves makeup, so she’s always looking for the best products to use. She also loves socializing with her friend group. Going out on the weekends to grab a martini and dinner with her boyfriend, Tony, and their friends is always something she looks forward to. Another hobby of hers is designing clothes. She would never want to make a profession out of it, but it is something she does on her free time. Exercise and healthy eating play major roles in her life. She doesn’t smoke, but drinks on occasion. Shopping is a dangerous habit she wants to break. If she could, she would go shopping every day of the week. Always keeping up with the news is very important to her. She and her family are Catholics and attend mass every Sunday.                





Group Overview  




8 Group Overview

9 Group Overview

10 Classification Plan

1. Year 1 2 3 4

2016 2017 2018 2019

2. Season 1 2 3 4

Fall Winter Spring Summer

3. Class 1


4. Sub Class 1 Laptop Bag 1. Shoulder bag 2. Messenger bag 3. Satchel 4. Tote 6. Fabrication 1 Suede 2 Leather

5. Color 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Mustard Winter Green Cobalt Blue Black Burgundy Nude Dark Brown White Multi

6. Fabrication 1 Suede 2 Leather 7. Size 1 2 3

Medium Large Extra Large

11 Master Page Shoulder laptop Bag- #1113913 - Laptop Bag- (Mustard and Burgundy) Shoulder Laptop Bag- #1114922- Two-tone Leather Laptop Bag- (Cobalt blue and Nude) Messenger Bag- #1112921- Washed Leather Laptop Bag- (Black and Leather) Satchel Crossbody Bag- #1113413- Suede Laptop Bag- (Black) Shopper Tote- #1114912- Suede Laptop Bag- (Green, Burgundy, and nude) ColorBlock Tote- #1114923- Leather Laptop Bag- (Green, brown, nude, burgundy) Crossbody Satchel- #1113911- Suede Laptop Bag- (Cobalt blue and Tan) Oversized Tote- #1111923- Leather Laptop bag- (Burgundy and Dark brown) Crossbody Envelope Messenger bag- #1112921- Leather laptop bag- (Burgundy and nude) Oversized Shoulder Bag- #1111212- Suede Laptop Bag- (Winter green)











22 Line Sheets

23 Line Sheets

24 Brand Identity Brand Identity   Luxurious   Chic   Fresh     Selling  Appeal   The  Rebecca  Minkoff  laptop  bag  line  is  a  luxurious  must-­‐have  line.   The  quality  and  the  appearance  of  the  products  is  what  attract  the   consumers  in.  Rebecca  Minkoff  is  known  for  her  long-­‐standing  quality   products,  and  this  line  certainly  does  not  dissatisfy  that  reputation.  It   holds  true  to  its  trusting  consumers  by  providing  them  the  best  of  the   best.  The  prices  vary  within  this  line  and  that  is  what  sets  this  line  apart   and  makes  our  consumers  want  to  stop  what  they’re  doing  and  buy  our   products.         Quality     Class     Sophisticated     Distinct  Characteristics:       There  are  numerous  characteristics  that  set  our  laptop  bag  line   apart  from  any  other  competing  line.  The  first  characteristic  would  be   the  actual  appearance  of  these  bags  because  they  give  a  luxurious  and   stylish  vibe  that  is  attractive  to  the  majority.  There  is  an  exclusive   quality  to  the  bags  using  expensive  fabrics,  such  as  leather  and  suede.   The  bags  are  not  only  exclusive  to  professional  women;  they  can   accommodate  anyone  since  they  do  not  only  appear  to  be  laptop  bags,   but  instead,  trendy,  chic  laptop  bags.       Fabrics   Function   Logo  

25 Retail Partner   

For more than 100 years, Nordstrom has been serving consumers around the states. With 322 stores in 39 states and Canada, Nordstrom is the leading fashion specialty retailer. They also serve 96 countries from their Nordstrom website. Partnering with Nordstrom, will give the line just enough exposure that it needs to take sales to the next level. This store gives the line the opportunity to showcase itself to a broader range of consumers. Nordstrom, Chicago, Illinois Nordstrom, New York City, New York Nordstrom, Los Angeles, California

26 Fashion Merchandising Planning Calendar Season/Year: Fall 2016 Month


Step 1  

Research trends,   industry  &   desires  of   consumer

In-Store Delivery: August 2016







Step 2  

Begin design   develop-­‐ ment    

Step 3  

Step 4  

Assem ble &   create   swatch   sample s    

Mood board  &   thought   of   collection  

Step 5  

Step 6  

Orders enliste d  &   produc tion   begins    

Major producti-­‐ on  

Major produc t-­‐ion  

Step 7  

Step 8  

Step 9  



Cut tickets,   line   edits   Shipping   period  

Step 10  

Shipping continued  

Step 11  

Step 12  

Report s shippi ng   phase    

Set-­‐up store  

Step 13  

Track merch.   sold  &   organize   &  plan  for   next   season   Aug.  











29 Sales Projection by Item

30 Sales Projection Master Page

1. Introductory Beginning on Hand Sales Ending on Hand 2. Maintenance Beginning on Hand Sales Ending on Hand 3. Clearance Beginning on Hand Sales Ending on Hand                  

123 58 65

65 21 44

46 28 18

31 Floor Plans  

32 Marketing Plan: Introduction Phase

$53,766*40% = $21,506.40

Objective: To draw in more customers and increase brand awareness through this new line of laptop bags using social media and word-ofmouth mediums. Strategy: Nordstrom will advertise the brand with magazine ads, a twitter hash tag, through their app, and a Facebook page. Surveys will be offered to take, and in return, the customer will get to view and buy anything from the collection a day before. Tactic: There will be an invite-only launch party on August 14, 2016 at 7pm to promote the brand. It will be free. Appetizers and cocktails will be served. This party will be located at the three Nordstrom locations the collection will be sold at. Control Method: Customers will be having a relaxing evening with friends while previewing the collection and enjoying appetizers and cocktails. At the end of the party, customers will leave the party with a gift bag filled with goodies and a $50 gift card to buy anything from the collection.

33 Marketing Plan: Maintenance Phase         $53,766* 20% = $10,753.20

Objective: To increase sales and give customers the desire to continue coming back. Strategy: With each sale, customers will receive a free cosmetic bag when they purchase a laptop bag. Tactic: The cosmetic bag is a $50 value and is filled with two bracelets and a necklace. Doing this, it gives customers a desire to continue to buy things and it will make a better experience for them to keep them coming back. Control Method: Customers are only eligible for the cosmetic bag free of purchase when they buy a laptop bag from the Fall 2016 laptop bag collection.

34 Marketing Plan: Clearance Phase    

$53,766* 20% = $10,753.20

Objective: To draw in different customers with different demographics and to reduce inventory. Strategy: To provide a private sale giving out discount codes through all social media accounts, such as, our Instagram page, Twitter and Facebook profile, and our Rebecca Minkoff app to reach out to all demographics. Tactic: The discount codes will differ from 15% to 50% off select items. These promotions will run for a maximum of three daysAugust 25-August 28, 2016. Control Method: Most of the coupon codes will be 15-30% off, except 50, 50% off coupons distributed.

35 Press Kit Press Release Purpose: This press release is being composed to inform all Rebecca Minkoff customers, fashion forward sophisticates, and anyone who has not heard of the Rebecca Minkoff brand, about the new laptop bag line being released. Audience: The audience is female business professionals between the ages of 20-30 years old, who have an income of 50K or more, and are fashion forward. This press release can be sent to all major fashion magazines, such as, Marie Claire, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Women’s Wear Daily, etc. Who is going to read this? People who are social media savvy, read magazines regularly, who love and follow the brand, love fashion, and people looking to be chic and trendy in the business world. What is my relationship to the reader? There is no relation to the reader. This is only intended to create more awareness of the brand and the new line.

36 Press Kit Press Release continued‌ Format: A press release would be the ideal approach sending out this important information. Results: 1. I want the reader to have a desire to attend the event and know what this event is specifically for. 2. I want the reader to know where it will take place, what time the event is at, whom it is for, and when it will be. 3. I want the reader to know that this is an invite-only event and that it is free of charge. What actions do I want to result from this communication? I want there to be a great turnout, I want the customers to have an enjoyable time and also take note of the highquality products that are sophisticated yet still affordable.

37 Contact Information: Rebecca Minkoff 16 W 22nd Street New York, New York, 10010 (212) 677-7829 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, August 5th, 2016 “Rebecca Minkoff presents: Commuting to work in style” New York, New York, September 6, 2016- Rebecca Minkoff will be releasing their newest brand extension, Laptop bags. The collection will be sold exclusively in their Nordstrom locations: Nordstrom, Chicago, Illinois, Nordstrom, New York City, New York, Nordstrom, Los Angeles, California. This line is sophisticated with a bit of an edgy touch. The quality of the products is one of the main components that make the line stand out from the rest. Each of the three Nordstrom stores will have an exclusive, free of charge launch event to showcase the new line a week before it will be sold in stores. Rebecca Minkoff has a well-known reputation, as a prosperous global lifestyle brand that serves to every woman’s needs selling accessories, jewelry, apparel, and footwear. This newest line will help maintain that reputation by giving customers a new, chic, affordable way to travel to work.

PRESS and STORE BUYERS: please email for accreditation. Include name, title of attendees, company name, telephone, and email address. It will be confirmed by email: info@rebeccaminkoff or by fax: (212) 677-7829. EDITORS: High-resolution photos are available upon request.

Designer Biography


Rebecca Minkoff was 18 years old when she moved to New York to pursue her passion to become a designer. She founded the Rebecca Minkoff Company in 2001 shortly after opening a small apparel line. She designed the “Morning After Bag� in 2005. With this being such a sensation, she became a lot more concentrated on designing bags. Later in 2009, she transitioned back to apparel design while still designing bags. She has always anticipated having a relationship with her customers and that it the sole reason she has become the #1 independent accessories designer in the United States. Rebecca Minkoff is a contemporary, fashion forward brand that appeals to many demographics. The brand offers footwear, apparel, accessories, and jewelry. Her subtle, edgy designs are what draw the consumers in. Rebecca Minkoff intends to extend her line into a complete global lifestyle brand. She is an iconic and influential designer many people in the fashion industry look up to.

39 Press Case-Mate Announces Collaboration with Fashion Designer Rebecca Minkoff – Case- stylized cases for smartphones and tablets, announces an exclusive collaboration with global lifestyle brand and fashion designer, Rebecca Minkoff, to launch a new collection of mobile accessories and tech wearables in Fall 2014. Renowned throughout the fashion industry as a leader in accessible luxury handbags, accessories, footwear and apparel, Rebecca Minkoff’s signature designs can be spotted around the world on young women and celebrities alike. Thoughtfully curated for the fashion forward girl-on-the-go, this exclusive collection of tech accessories and wearables by Case-Mate will feature Minkoff’s modern-chic designs, including her trademark studs, playful prints and edgy hardware. “We are really looking forward to making the Rebecca Minkoff brand accessible in new channels, and especially in the growing wearables and portable power categories.” said designer Rebecca Minkoff. “CaseMate’s focus on style, dedication to fine detail and success in the mobile accessories market has made them the perfect partner to launch this new collection.” “As we look to the future of the mobile accessories market, designer brands are becoming a big influence,” said Shashi Reddy, Founder and CEO at Case-Mate. “In addition to smartphone cases and fashion accessories, designer jewelry and wearables are perfectly aligned to bring some exciting new products to the category. Considering her success and growth as a global fashion designer, we are thrilled to be working with Rebecca Minkoff and we feel that this new partnership will allow the Case-Mate and Rebecca Minkoff brands to reach an untapped segment of consumers that are looking to merge fashion with technology.” Availability The Case-Mate & Rebecca Minkoff collection of smartphone and tablet cases, portable power and wearable tech bracelets is launching in Fall 2014 at Nordstrom, followed by select carrier stores and retailers, and About Case-Mate Case-Mate is the leader in design of fashion-forward accessories for mobile technology and tablets. Since 2006, the company has helped consumers express their individual style with products that protect, adorn and enhance their mobile devices. Case-Mate's team of technology, design and fashion aficionados have created an extensive repertoire of mobile and tablet cases right for any style and every occasion. See what inspires us at About Rebecca Minkoff Rebecca Minkoff is a privately held company with a national and international presence. As passionate about connecting with her consumers, as she is design, Rebecca Minkoff has quickly grown to become a leading lifestyle brand in the United States. Rebecca Minkoff has come to define modern-chic style with her women’s ready to wear, accessories and footwear collections. To see the latest from the Rebecca Minkoff collection, please visit Case-Mate Media Contact - Peter Castellino,

40 Press Rebecca Minkoff Unveils First Flagship Store and Introduces Immersive Retail Experience for NextGeneration Shoppers

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Rebecca Minkoff unveils the brand’s first Flagship location, debuting an immersive shopping experience and Connected Store developed in partnership with eBay Inc. Located in SoHo, New York City (96 Greene Street) the store is the vision of Co-founder and CEO Uri Minkoff, whose goal was to showcase never-before-seen retail technology that merges the online and physical shopping experience through the lens of Rebecca Minkoff, to specifically cater to NextGeneration shoppers. Designed by local firm Rawlins Calderone, the New York City Flagship merges the warmth of Minkoff’s Southern California youth with the modern, architectural atmosphere of her day-to-day NYC life. Bleached wood and a light interior reflect the soft elements of Minkoff’s SoCal roots, while concrete accents and a pyramid wall call to mind the setting of downtown Manhattan. The palette of soft beiges and clean whites

create a neutral canvas so that the colorful hues for which Minkoff is known can shine through. The pyramid wall is a modern rendering of Minkoff’s signature studding, an iconic symbol of the brand’s edgy yet romantic persona. “As a brand that’s always been considered on the forefront of the convergence between fashion and technology, we knew we needed to capture that same groundbreaking innovation when it came to building our retail stores. In that vein, the goal for us was to pave the way for a new kind of retail experience that seamlessly merges the online and offline experiences. To begin, as the shopper starts to browse the store, she’ll immediately be immersed in a totally interactive experience that’s never been seen before in the traditional retail environment. With the touch of a screen, she’ll be able to shop looks from our 'connected wall' from where her desired color and size will be sent to a fitting room that’s equipped with RFID technology and custom lighting options… without (figuratively) lifting a finger.” – Uri Minkoff, CEO The New York store marks the opening of Rebecca Minkoff’s first flagship location; a retail hub where customers can experience the most advanced and cutting edge technology at the forefront of retail innovation -- all in a space that brings the designer’s aesthetic to life. “As a woman, I felt there was a lot missing from retail stores that I wanted to offer my customer. There are pain points in the shopping experience in traditional retail that I wanted to address. I wanted to have our store stylists be my voice and continue the conversation with our shoppers in the same direct line of communication I have with them online. More than anything, though, I wanted the experience to be easy… like being able to ask an associate for another size by simply touching the screen on our dressing room’s 'magic mirror.' – Rebecca Minkoff, Creative Director Highlights of the store include a “connected wall” where users can view and select their preferred looks, personalized fitting rooms, a mobile app and a new responsive design m-commerce site (built with Blue Acorn). Together, these aspects allow the shopper to enjoy a uniquely hands-free experience in three steps: 1. Check-in upon arrival: Through the Rebecca Minkoff mobile app, a shopper can check-in to the store upon arrival which prompts the shopper’s personal profile to be carried across Rebecca Minkoff store channels – helping store associates provide a more personal, customized experience. 2. Browse the Connected Glass shopping wall: A mirrored, physical manifestation of the Rebecca Minkoff online experience. A shopper can select “send to my room” to initiate a 1:1 styling session. A shopper can also order her own beverage directly from the wall, to help her enjoy the space as she begins her shopping experience. 3. Interactive fitting rooms: A touch screen mirror automatically recognizes items in the

room, through RFID tagged products and unique RFID fitting room technology, identifying other sizes and colors that are available in the store. If the shopper needs a different size, a simple touch of the mirror submits the request to a store associate. This unique utilization of RFID technology, gives the store a 100% accurate inventory count and location, easing both stylist and consumer discovery awareness. Being able to add in e-commerce and UGC photography, recommendations, product details and soon ratings and reviews, give the best of the online world into the offline shopping experience. Best of all, a shopper can save her fitting room session for later review in an online Rebecca Minkoff experience. “The SoHo store represents the millennial woman and was designed through the lens of Rebecca Minkoff, who personally identifies with this customer. We see a woman who either wants to shop as efficient as possible on the one-hand, or wants to truly have VIP experience on the other. This store has been built with technological efficiencies to help her achieve either of those goals. We wanted to create the ideal shopping experience for this generation of women, and to connect with the customer in a way that fits in to her busy lifestyle, while also maintaining the hands-on gratification that only brick and mortar stores can offer.” – Uri Minkoff Following New York, Rebecca Minkoff is slated to open two additional stores using this retail model in San Francisco (also opening in late November 2014) and Los Angeles (opening in early 2015). For additional information, please visit To download high-res images of the store, please visit To download high-res images of celebrities at the store, please visit Contacts: Rebecca Minkoff Brienne Katz, 212-677-7829

43 Bibliography

- - n/Rebecca-Minkoff-Unveils-Flagship-Store-IntroducesImmersive - e_CaseMate_Rebecca_Minkoff.pdf -

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